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The man born under the sign of Taurus - the person as a whole rather peaceful, balanced and very charming. He's emotional, romantic and generally has success with many ladies. Taurus is light in communication, perceptive and able to intuitively guess the desire of women. It is great to care, and that is able to win the heart of even the most selective and capricious lady. But thus far, each of these ladies can settle in the heart of the Taurus. Always surrounded by a whole host of lovers in his girls, he seems to each of them feels sympathy.

Basically, the way it is - Taurus refers to the entire female gender with respect. However, he can calmly hold with some nice special evening and even night and then to behave when meeting with her, like a good friend, nothing more. To win a Taurus man-must be skillfully. He was not tempted to trivial tricks of female seduction, flirting candid, catchy appearance. No, the proposal to flirt Taurus happy to answer! And then deviates and goes about his business. How to win the heart of the wayward and discerning men?

How to please Taurus

Before set itself the aim to conquer the Taurus, take note: it is very perceptive and can be just a few hours to determine what actually is the one or the other girl. Like all men, Taurus, of course, pay attention primarily on the appearance of a woman. It should be bright, well-kept, modern, but not garish and vulgar. Taurus generally have a delicate taste and are able to distinguish between natural beauty and charm of even a very clever forgery.

However, even if the girl is incredibly beautiful by nature and very charming, it still can not be sure that the Taurus is sure to cater to its network. He is cautious and much more interested in the inner world of a woman than her appearance. And losing interest even to the most luxurious beauty if her low intellect and scanty spiritual essence. And in this case the intelligence is in second place after spirituality. And Taurus is not convinced that the lady meets its requirements, the final choice, he will not.

In short, in order to seriously interested in a man of this sign of the zodiac, it is necessary to have a whole bag of virtues. He loves interviewees able to keep the conversation on various topics, and women with everything on their own point of view. However, if even a very clever, very sophisticated lady commercialism, hateful or indifferent to others, Taurus will try to stay away from her. His weakness - soft, friendly, sociable and friendly girl with a good sense of humor.

If we have such qualities, we certainly privlechёm attention Taurus. But little draw! More attention needs to be and hold. How? Well, the important thing is not to show Taurus that we like. To pretend that the other men no less interesting. Oh, Taurus does not like being ignored! He would try to conquer a woman, it will begin to seek by all means, take care, look for special arrangement. In order to bind it tighter, good will pokapriznichat occasionally refusing to see him. Let's nervous and he tries to win the heart of the Shrew. Do not be afraid that the Taurus dropped his hands - Taurus is incredibly stubborn and will seek its extreme persistence. If we also find ourselves sensual and sexy, it does not leave you alone for anything in the world.

Well, we have kept the Taurus beside him. And now he marry?

 how to win a man calf

Taurus, sex and family

Taurus - family man, a loving home comfort and rest in the circle of his close .  But marry a Taurus is not so easy .  He first convinced that the girl - a reliable companion of life, a good hostess knows how to cook well and suit him in bed .  In addition, the wife must be Taurus is also a great friend to whom you can rely on in all .  Basically, the virtuoso cook can learn .  Other bull also be not very difficult .  But please him in bed ... A romantic, even sentimental in communication, sex Taurus can be unexpectedly demanding and incredibly inventive .  He - a great visionary and tireless lover of diversity .  And sexy Taurus over the years has become increasingly sophisticated and flames .  Therefore, intending to marry him, we must be prepared for the fact that after a year, and ten years later he may want sex in all variations anywhere and anytime .  And it will be necessary to give .  Otherwise, this bull ozvereet and become unmanageable .

By and large, Taurus is able to create a sense of a woman's physical and emotional stability, reliability and security of a full. And this despite the fact that he was not too fond of work. Well, somehow manage to men that mark comfortably build a life of her family, not particularly straining! Only demand from them should not be a special luxury. Taurus to excess and do not tend to hate when my wife insists on these excesses. If this happens, likely a huge scandal, or even a complete rupture of relations.

Taurus need quiet, unpretentious woman who is able to create a serene atmosphere in the house. With ecstatic fiery lady is unlikely to bind their lives, as if she had no attracted. It is possible that the male essence of Taurus is flattered that such a great person nearby. But the essence of human emotions this volcano will not accept. And Taurus, even if it is very painful, sooner or later part with too nervous young lady. And she prefers to let the less catchy, but balanced and fairly quiet girl.

Generally, in order to Taurus had a great desire to visit us the registrar, it is necessary to learn to control himself. Unpredictability and spoiled women give birth to it, but at the same time confusing. Taurus is lost, does not know how to behave and starts to get angry. Is it worth it to note that the friend pays attention to the other men, and even rage - the owner of the Taurus and jealous. And if the woman will constantly provoke the emergence of such feelings, he will part with it. As hard as it may given.

In order to conquer the Taurus, it is necessary to demonstrate the ability to comply with and be submissive. In the family, he will not tolerate matriarchy. Taurus sure leading to marriage should be only a man. And to intervene in its affairs, to criticize them and to challenge any decision should not be his wife. And one that will teach, grumble, continually challenging the action of her husband, Taurus is able even to hate. However, it is nowhere. For a man of this sign can be relied upon. Before proceeding to the settlement of the issue, he will carefully examine it from all sides, weighing all the "pros" and "cons". And it does everything wrong. Well, if you make a mistake, and even (who does not make mistakes?), It is better to avoid conflict, do not tell him about it directly, but rather tactfully hint.

Taurus can not do anything to ban something or ordering. Such communication, coupled with criticism - a great way to make a bullfight, where the role of toreodora get a woman. It is unlikely that she would have liked - so enraged bull that will only ulepёtyvat headlong. Therefore, if we want to create a good family with Taurus, we will not bring it to the white-hot moralizing and requirements. He knows what to do and how. Will not it? Well, let! Himself and correct.

And if we still let us continue to put pressure on the Taurus, criticizing him and insisting on his own, he purposely begin to act differently. In order to make a man of this sign to do what we need, it should approve and promote. And little by little, so delicately, pushing for appropriate action. The main thing to Taurus thought if that's his choice. And then it can be to achieve all that only pleases. In short, the wife of Taurus have to be very skillful diplomat. Otherwise, a strong and happy marriage with him is not guaranteed.

Generally Taurus is not likely to change if there is peace in the family so smoothly. However, when they do not feel the support of his half, then we can bounce back to the left and find yourself a lady-outlet. Yes, and not just one. Taurus is not able to maintain a deep love for that which is eternally dissatisfied with his actions and decisions of the trust. Next to a woman he stiffens, guards, and stands ready to defend themselves. In such a condition, of course, is not to love. But if you appreciate Taurus, often praise and rejoice in his success, he will be ready to collect the stars from the sky.

In general, if we set out to conquer the Taurus man and marry him, it is necessary to take into account the fact that he will be subjected to regular checks us. Marriage to him is so important and serious thing that Taurus will not dare to marry, until you are sure that she meets all of its requirements. It will provoke a girlfriend, artificially creating any circumstances. And watch the actions of the young lady and her reactions to certain acts. Taurus is going to create a family for life, not for a year or two. So be sure beloved.

A man of this sign will try to do everything to get to the most secret corners of the soul of women. It will be returned to her version of treason and will provide an opportunity to use their money. Left alone in front of some kind of problem and begin to behave provocatively. Check its ability to be the mistress of the house, and cooking skills. Force to help in some men's case and look at how the young lady herself, in this case will lead. Will both caring and dismissive, and attentive, and rough and gentle, and indifferent. And it shall come to operate as long as it is satisfied that recognized the woman from all sides. And if Taurus has decided that it suits him, he is sure the young lady was dragged to the registrar when she did not expect.

 How to conquer the Taurus-man

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