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The man born under the sign of Capricorn - a man discreet, serious, thorough. It is practical, industrious and differs purposefulness. Many Capricorns closed impression, not prone to strong emotional impulses of the people. Most often it is a mask that hides under a thin feels vulnerable soul. In fact, men of this sign of the zodiac are capable of deep affection and strong feelings. That's just to show their vulnerability, they are not going to.

This closeness creates a lot of difficulties the girls thought about how to win a man-of Capricorn. Even if he is keen on a certain young lady seriously, this is unlikely to be much of the external cold. So try to figure it out here, that's what ... Whether you love or just hang out. How to behave in a girl in love with a man-of Capricorn? Patiently wait for the time when he deigns to offer his hand and heart? Or, most take the bull by the horns? And how to make something so desire, happen?

How to captivate a man - Capricorn

The most important thing for the girls fall in love with a male Capricorn - not imposed on him. Just to make it clear that the young man interested in their exclusivity and the mind. And then be patient and wait. If Capricorn stayed close, so something we also attract. However, you should not relax. Representatives of this sign are more demanding of the one chosen to live. Most of them are trying to find practical, confident individuals capable and have the woman he loved, a friend and colleague at the same time.

Capricorn does not attract lofty exalted person. He needs a realistic business-like, which is not afraid of everyday life and, if necessary, will take up any job. This man annoying tearful sentimental ladies who everywhere need help. Impulsive, overly emotional, unbalanced, dependent and too outspoken, he'll get round. At the heart of Capricorn can claim only a quiet, sensitive, brave woman. It is desirable also that it has already achieved success in life, but it does not boast of his achievements.

As for the exterior of the girls, then it should not be too garish. Man Capricorn is much more appreciative of the intelligence and internal quality. Spectacular, sexy babes, surrounded by a crowd of admirers, his push. To draw attention to this cold-looking phlegmatic type may only noble simplicity and humility, coupled with dignity and intelligence. Therefore, if we are accustomed to flirt recklessly, we leave this habit. Frivolous poskakushki Capricorns are not needed. Learn self-restraint, gentleness, subtlety. It is not easy when the irrepressible nature. But the goal is attainable if the desire to be great with Capricorn.

To interest a young person born under this sign, you must be a lady in anything he does not give in, but not exceeding. Want to attract the attention of men, Capricorn - professional success, or the desire for it. He respects wishing to make a career, purposeful, valuing women themselves. If the girl is ready to abandon himself and his goals for the sake of love, it loses all meaning for Capricorn. Lifemate, he sees only one that is able to be self-sufficient, and always, under all circumstances.

Such are the extraordinary requirements show these men to the one they want to see from a close. We belong to this type of women or of all the efforts to create a similar image and attracted the attention of Capricorn? Great! Now let's see how to behave in order to conquer it completely.

 how to win a man of Capricorn

How to win the heart of Capricorn

In order to permanently settle in the heart of Capricorn, it is necessary after meeting with him at all times to encourage the manifestation of his masculinity. Suppose he does so as it sees fit. It is not necessary to challenge decisions of men and criticize his actions. Any good it will not. It is better to often express admiration for his choice in some way, and the ability to overcome any difficulties.

Even if the choice is not very pleasant, and the difficulties sometimes injected into a stupor of Capricorn. Nothing wrong. The main thing that he felt that his support. This is one of the most important moments of the conquest of Capricorn. After all, as we have said, he is looking for a woman who will be a friend and companion.

This praise should always be sincere Capricorns. They are very well feel the falsehood and hypocrisy and hate them with all my heart. Therefore, if we do not believe any of their actions deserve, better to remain silent. Because Capricorn lies certainly feel, and criticism can mortally offended. And then return it to the location will be very difficult. Well, in the end, we are all people, and people make mistakes. And then, as you know, learn from your mistakes. Capricorn - intelligent man, he knows how to draw conclusions. If you do something wrong, then he himself and correct.

It is sincere, truthful people who even in the head does not fit that you can live by different rules. And if Capricorn says that a woman says one thing, think another, and making a third, he immediately put a cross on it. He must fully trust his beloved, in order to be able to someone fully open. Capricorn does not know how to show their feelings. It gives him considerable internal discomfort, which can only eliminate the Lady allowing emotionally liberated.

In fact, Capricorns - people multifaceted. Therefore, it is desirable that we, too, have been sufficiently developed in many ways, man. For an interesting dialogue with the guy this zodiac sign should be a lot to know and be able to. If this is not observed - learn, learn and learn again. We read all sorts of books, develop some skills, try to grasp some science ... In short, we try to become more sophisticated and advanced. Otherwise Capricorn pretty quickly lose interest in us.

In general, this type of man needs a woman ambitious economic possessing business acumen. At the same time it should be quite sexy. I must say that rely on the fact that you can buy Capricorn virtuoso sex, it is not necessary. Yes, he will appreciate a good sex, but only just. A truly excites these men only that to which they have deep feelings. Capricorns - not playboys, perceive the weaker sex as a set of amusing toys. They need a serious relationship.

When communicating with Capricorn should not complain about any problems. The man born under this sign can not stand whining and complains about any troubles. He is trying to overcome life's obstacles on their own and experiencing setbacks in silence. And he wants his life partner behaved the same way. Perhaps this is not the right approach to the weaker sex - women need to utter, when you feel heavy. But these are Capricorns, what can you do! In the end, when absolutely unbearable, you can complain to her friend or relatives. A favorite though remains in the dark. It will be better this way.

In order to conquer the Capricorn, you must have all the characteristics described above. He never offer his hand and heart girl in something they were not appropriate. This type of nagging will analyze everything she said and evaluate everything that does. He checks and financial situation of the young ladies, and her state of health, and the social status of her family. Capricorn has to make sure that girls are motivated by love, not mercenary considerations. He must be confident in your future with this woman in order to be able to make plans and implement them.

And one more thing. Capricorn marry only a girl, which his intellectual ability to arrange. It is not enough to show your erudition in the early days of dating, and then try to adhere to itself the man only the appearance and behavior of a particular manner. No, young lady looks for Capricorn too, of course, important. However, it is in the background after the intelligence. For a beautiful, but not very intelligent young lady, he will sooner or later will grow cold.

Therefore, trying to conquer the Capricorn will have to constantly work on his mental and spiritual development. Incidentally, this is a great option to outdo leggy beauties for women who consider themselves not very nice! When communicating with Capricorn they will look much more attractive either not very smart raskrasavitsa if possess quite high intelligence.

Conclusion: Capricorn can win by showing him that we are stubborn, noble, ambitious, businesslike, and has a good brain. Then he will certainly wish to associate with us and their destiny will be a faithful companion of life for years to come.

 How to Win the Capricorn male

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 how to win a man Archer


  • What is the nature of men - Sagittarius
  • How to please a man - Sagittarius
  • How to win a man's heart - Sagittarius

Men born under the sign of Sagittarius are usually restless, humorist and instigators. They love the noisy companies, which generally tend to be leaders. It is very curious people who are interested in almost everything. Restless carminative, Sagittarians are extremely charming and attracted the attention of many persons of the opposite sex. So the question is how to win the man-of Sagittarius, is determined not so simple. But if we has managed to fall in love with this sparkling and extraordinary type, what to do ... We'll have to try! To start to define what the basic character traits distinguish Streltsov from representatives of other characters.

What is the nature of men - Sagittarius

Sagittarians can not stand the monotonous predictability of events. They constantly strive to change impressions, so loves to travel. If a guy born under this sign of the zodiac, there is no opportunity to wander through the world, he would find himself a hobby that will allow to fill life with new emotions and bright events.

I must say that Sagittarians do not take the scope of generally accepted morality. Standards of conduct they set for themselves, so sometimes their actions can shock others. However, Sagittarius is of little concern. They are not willing to outrageous. Just live as you want, and find it very worthy cause. However, men of this sign yet know the measure and hardly dare ever go in their actions all the permissible limits. They are too honorable for that. All that can Archers - spit on some moral standards set out in a given society. No, no pants on the street, he would not be running, of course! But come, quite embarrassed, without a jacket and tie on some solid technique may well.

In general, the majority of men have very Streltsov heightened sense of justice. They rush to the defense of the weak often to the detriment of their own calm, well-being or health. And does this Sagittarius, not for good attitude towards themselves, gain or popularity. Just otherwise it can not.

Of course, not all those who are born under this sign have similar qualities. There are among them, and weak-willed, indecisive, unreliable people, which if nothing can not be relied upon. There Archers, egotistical, and Sagittarians misanthropic. But, fortunately, they are not so much. And hardly a man of character of this kind may cause some deep feelings. Therefore, to talk about how to win a man-of Sagittarius with a predominance of a negative type, we will not. Let's talk about what you can win the heart of the noble, cheerful and charming bachelor, born under this sign.

 how to win a man Archer

How to please a man - Sagittarius

In general, male Sagittarius with respect to the opposite sex is not much different from other men. Just like everyone else, he first drew attention to the bright, unusual, well-groomed ladies who know how to present yourself well in any environment. But the girl, who are interested in Sagittarius, shall, in addition to the spectacular appearance, be sure to have more sense of humor and communication skills. Fantazёrka, mischievous optimist and soon won his heart than cold haughty beauty. Sagittarians love ladies with whom to communicate easily. However, they eschew inveterate argumentative and prone to constant discussion of any problems give. Although unbearably bored with those, who does not talk about.

Before thinking about how to build a lasting relationship with Sagittarius, should define the task, and are we ready for the troubled, full of surprises life. The guy with the type of character would not sit still or lie for hours on the couch watching TV. He needs society and change of impressions, so Sagittarius will ever run for some activities, somewhere to go or leave. And it needs to be there. Otherwise the "holy place" will not remain empty for a long time.

If we agree on perpetual motion, then go! It is desirable to often take the initiative in their own hands - to drag Sagittarius for a walk, hiking, theater, club and so on. The main thing - not to insist on frequent and duty to retreat in a quiet place. Young people born under this sign, serene environment for a long time could not bear.

But that is not all. In order to really like Sagittarius, not enough to be a fidget, like him. A truly does not know this Ptah peace can bind only to a female yoke, the ability to demonstrate their independence. If we give Sagittarius understand that he - not only in this world, it is certainly hooked. Sagittarians are extremely proud and would not allow the girl taken away from them by the nose. Of course, we should not go too far and turn the tail left and right. We need time to understand natyanuvshemu bow hunter that still we are ready to go for the favorite in the fire and water. Otherwise, he decides that the one for whom he is being chased, frivolous and superficial. And in the end will give heart to someone else.

How to prevent this?

 Sagittarius man how to win

How to win a man's heart - Sagittarius

Generally Sagittarians are ready for a long serious relationship only with the like-minded, able to understand and feel deeply. Attempts to change a man of this sign, the rejection of his habits, proclivities to limit freedom - a guarantee that once Sagittarius disappear, even without saying goodbye. Though we possess the most stunning appearance in the world. The wives of Sagittarius will take a close in spirit girl. And with the long-legged and busty beauties that do not have impressed his inner qualities, it will only be entertained.

Therefore, whether we like, do not like you what fascinated favorite, will have to take this hobby. Like fishing it? Learning to dig worms. Well, at least not to wince, looking at them. Cavalier love horses? We are trying to learn horse riding or, at worst, sticks out there, as he prances in the saddle. Can not a man without our constant traveling? We go with him or let go meekly into the next journey. The main here is not to resist, not to criticize, not to object. Freedom-loving nature of Sagittarius does not accept this and begin to fight back.

With regard to initiatives in developing relations, the men who belong to this sign of the zodiac, you must feel that she is always in their hands. Some pressure from the women, they will not be tolerated, even if, in principle, agree with its insistent demand. Sagittarius important interior comfort and a feeling of warmth that appears when dealing with a friend. They can not just buy some delicious lunches and dinners and sterile cleanliness in the house. More significant Sagittarius finds understanding and separation of the young lady's interests. With their presence, he agreed to eat anything and not notice the dirty dishes piled in the sink for a third day.

In order to keep this kind of love a man, you should remember - with it you can not be too picky and serious. Clarification of relationships, jealousy, some demands, threats, criticism Streltsov brought to rabies. The result of this behavior with the men of this sign will be disastrous. It is better to take as big friendly children, trying to translate a joke any, even like and boorish antics. And if peace is established in the relationship so smoothly.

By and large, bachelor-Sagittarius need life partner, supporting the power of his inner fire. Pessimistic or too modest girls are not able to meet this requirement. Next to them are beginning to rush Sagittarians, toil and sooner or later break out at will. So people need to realize its extraordinary potential, or they can just break down and die. Sagittarius no time to talk about impermanence of all earthly things, and about the tragic aspects of life. They rush forward, and the one that decided to be there will have to learn to keep up. Otherwise, the chosen one and trail get cold. Therefore, we try to adhere to the philosophical and optimistic view of the world and foment, when necessary, a flame of passion.

Strong friendships and stormy romance with Sagittarius ensured when there are common interests with them, and based on the understanding of spiritual connection. But do not forget about physical attraction. Sagittarians are the type of passionate men and are ideal for seduction. Their over-excite a woman, independent, capable of sudden, unceremonious and funny acts and remarks. Too well-behaved persons of this sign do not like. So do not try to inspire Sagittarius propriety of conduct and good manners. This is not a good boy who needs a well-educated girl. But not with the manners of a bully inveterate gangster. Sagittarius just need a gushing life. He's looking for a girl natural, frank, active, capable of playful flirting.

The surest way to conquer such a man - be spontaneous, mobile, curious, witty and quite ambitious. But at the same time constantly make fun of him, or is other people do not. Sagittarius may not like the ratio of girls to others, and it dissociates itself from it impenetrable wall. It would be better to find in the world around him that something amusing (wood, dog, cat, bird) and share what they saw with his companion.

For Sagittarius is very important that women take their friends and girlfriends. Friendship, they are very kind and give it almost the first place in human relationships. And if we want to win the heart of Sagittarius, in any case, can not avoid the negative replica directed towards his family. On the contrary, one should try to cultivate a good attitude to each of them by all means. Because Sagittarius soon parted with the girl than with those with whom his ties of friendship.

Finally, the last moment. In order to bind a man of this sign of the zodiac, the young lady is necessary to give him the opportunity to take care of themselves. Sagittarians love to be the guardians and protectors of the woman he loved and hate when it tries to play the role of mother. Therefore, they can be completely free to ask for help in any matter. For Sagittarius have no greater joy than gratitude in the eyes of the girl! It immediately becomes a mother, and perhaps the most charming in the world. And if we even begin to persuade her and Sagittarius, that it can carry out any of our dream, that make it the most happy person and very loyal and reliable partner in life.

 How to win a man - Sagittarius

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