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  • How to charm a man - Gemini
  • What you need to know to keep a man - Gemini

Oh, these men ... Twins charming, effervescent restless, who just can not not like it, they can fall in love with anyone. They are so much spontaneity, charm and fascinating unpredictability! Well, how else? In Gemini is dozing a few individuals at a time. And some of them had to wake up, it is impossible to predict. Each person shows up when she pleases, without asking anyone or anything regardless. They pretty much, at times dramatically, different from each other.

All individuals have different requirements and different interests. Here's how to win a man's twin, if today he prim intellectual, tomorrow - a reckless boy, the next day - bohemian romantic and so on? Try to please each of these types of ... It is difficult, of course. But it is possible. Here we are now and look for a way to buy a Gemini man-all without a trace.

How to charm a man - Gemini

In general, Gemini is committed to finding ever new impressions and emotional experiences. So he amorous that to our advantage. However, this fleeting infatuation, then, fascinated by the Gemini will be insufficient to hope for a serious relationship with him. But first, the main thing - to cause him concern. With the rest then we will investigate. To do this, we need to put in order their appearance to look simply stunning. Gemini is sure to attract. Of all people, and it is something past the beautiful woman will not work! Be sure to let some compliment or joke. It was then that we have picked up on it and kryuchochek ...

But do not assume that twins with this hook does not frustrate. After all, he had as many personalities! One caught, and the other will turn. First we need a spectacular seducer, and the second took a sweet shy. But you never know who will be the object of sympathy Twin tomorrow? He likes to flirt, flirt but this - no more than an entertaining game. How long are interested in such a man can only be a very interesting interlocutor. It will arouse their feelings than even the most exquisite beauty.

Gemini is impossible to win any charm abyss, no virtuoso sex. Yes, for a while he will enjoy and charm and sex, but if the chat with a girl will not find her twin will grow cold. And look for a fly, which can be something interesting to talk and argue. In addition, it pulls to the ladies, I love adventures and surprises. Therefore, immediately spot the Gemini appearance - that's not all. If we fail to convince him that adventure - our credo, and we can not speculate on various topics, he was "on the spot" rises quickly. So we are developing erudition and try to discover a passion for all sorts of adventures.

I must say that the feelings of the Twins do not differ stability. So just to let him show off by pretending who we really are not, will not succeed. If after a year or two, we get tired of the endless disputes and adventures and we cherish peace, twin wash off. Well, he can not live otherwise, and that's it! So, before trying to conquer this restless type, it is necessary to think well - and we endure this pace of life? Maybe better to look for someone poflegmatichney? After Gemini will have all the time something intriguing. It is capable of not every woman.

In general, the male twin had never entirely given to the young ladies. He seemed to lend themselves to a certain period, the duration of which can not be predicted. Therefore not even dream about, to lay their hands on this carminative completely. No tight rein will not help. Twin freedom. To keep it close, you need to let him be himself.

Let him do what he wants. Will you give a man his girlfriend's twin, hold much more than trying to rein in wayward this type by means of threats or accusations. This flyer can not be locked in a cage. As soon as he feels that the girl wants to limit his freedom immediately uliznёt from it as far as possible. And then did not catch, no catch!

Well, we have not lost the desire to link their fate with that wild, not amenable to taming Sivkov Bourke? If not, then let's talk about how to behave, lest he rode away from us.

 how to win a man twin

What you need to know to keep a man - Gemini

To the twins as little as possible had thoughts of escape, and even did not arise at all, it is necessary that it has always been interesting to us. This means that you have to constantly talk to him at all, even a purely male threads. No, it is not necessary in this case to understand boxing, football, hockey. It will be enough just to do hearken to the words of the interlocutor's face and paste relevant to what he incessantly pops replicas. Yes, even to pretend that we admire enormously flexible mind of the interlocutor and the depth of his knowledge.

Men born under other signs, sometimes you can bind to itself, intentionally awakened them to jealousy. With the Twins this number does not pass. They are jealous, but extremely proud and touchy. And if we deliberately begin to pay too much attention to someone else, our favorite can easily switch to any attractive lady. And do not go back to the original position have never been. Because men Gemini can not stand when they are ignored.

Make a Man, born under the sign of the zodiac, you can worry a bit for a while stopping to meet with him. Gemini is likely to get bored and will speculate about what are the reasons for the disappearance of his girlfriend. And if you then suddenly appear and mumble something unintelligible about the reasons for his disappearance, expressing the joy of the meeting, he certainly lost the desire to ride in different places alone. But this trick will be a success only if Gemini has already become accustomed to the presence of women in his life. Otherwise there is a risk that her disappearance he or will not notice or will accept, as a matter of course.

In general, a man needs a woman's twin self, able to do without the support of a strong hand. Support he simply can not be. Therefore, it is not necessary to strain his requests for help in dealing with some even minor problems. Even if the twins and will be able to help, self-treatment of this kind he really did not like it. And because she could not do herself, and because it seems Gemini attempt to tie his wings.

Gemini does not like to be advised. Therefore it is not necessary to climb them with instructions and sharply express their opinion on the decision of a question. In Gemini you can not put pressure on something insisting. They still go its own way, while holding their offense. A man of this type will never go according to anyone's requirement. Rather, it does the opposite. This, in principle, possible to use on his hand. If a woman is wise to achieve something, it is just the opposite would be to give advice on their goals. As a result, Gemini will make exactly what she wants.

Hoping to create a strong alliance with a man of this sign, it should be noted that he had in his head a hundred ideas a minute. And he immediately rushes to implement them. Hoping that at least one of his plan, he will bring to the end, is not necessary. This is unlikely to happen. I do not blame then chosen this. Not that it is extremely offended. Because ideas arise only as a reflex attempt to avoid boredom and monotony. To realize all of their lives in the Twin simply can not. This requires a completely different, solid and stubborn, is not peculiar to such a changeable and unpredictable sign of the zodiac. And it must be understood.

The twins can not be secretive or dispassionate. He must feel that he is trusted and did not conceal. Only in this way can be attached to the Gemini girl. Because it will find a friend with whom you can talk about everything. Sneak in others it is alarming and repulsive. Gemini and he is always honest, and requires the same from others. However, it did not attract as many confidential talks much debate. A bribe is not so much romantic tenderness woman as her ability to be witty, unconventional thinking.

With regard to intimate aspects of life, it is here to captivate the Gemini, the young lady will have to be resourceful fantazёrkoy. These men sickened by the monotony in sex. Although they do not put the bed to the fore in a relationship, but still give it considerable importance. And the Twins prefer to give the initiative in love games partner. A woman who receives it, but still meets their requirements intellectually, they are unlikely to want to ever lose. Well, of course, if it will not infringe on personal freedom.

From the Twins do not expect enthusiastic displays of emotion and sentimentality. Neither one nor the other is not peculiar to representatives of this sign. The feelings they hold in themselves and believe that their demonstration is illegal. From the perspective of the men of this sign, so do only weaklings. In addition, they fear that a woman could use such a sincerity in their order. And cause him suffering. Twins general hate dishonest gain even the slightest of its manifestations. They want generous attitude does not imply absolutely no benefit.

In general, the male twin tries to avoid overwhelming feelings, because it is associated with a lack of freedom. But most importantly for the people of this sign - Independence! Therefore, as soon as it comes to serious relationships, Gemini immediately or turns everything into a joke, or stops talking and goes himself. It is not necessary because such experience of his behavior. Let everything goes by itself. If we elect understand that met the one close to where you want to be as long as possible, he had to say about this. But only time will tell. More coming from him is not necessary.

So what you need to man-Gemini decided what he wants to see us in a life partner? It is necessary to possess such qualities as:

  • Wild imagination;
  • Cheerful adventurism;
  • Good ingenuity;
  • Sense of humor;
  • The ability to think outside the box;
  • Developed intellect;
  • Communication;
  • Immediacy behavior.

In a word, the Twins need a woman that will never be bored. Yes, sometimes not easy to be an interesting conversationalist him, if the conversation is unknown to us on the subject. But the man of the sign is important not knowing the young ladies in this or that issue, and its ability to capture the essence of the problem. If we do not have this quality, then you should try to know as much as possible. And then the difficulties in communicating with your loved ones will be reduced to a minimum.

Of course, to keep the Twin, one interesting dialogue is not enough. Always remember - in any case, can not tolerate even a hint of a proprietary attitude toward him. As soon as he feels there is hidden in an unknown direction. Therefore, his pathological love of freedom should be accepted. However, this has its positive side. Gemini does not restrict the freedom-loving and freedom of others. Therefore, we too can do what pleases. Within certain limits, of course.

In fact, men of this sign may well make his girlfriend happy. They are not important social status of women, its financial situation and habits. Gemini pays little attention to the reputation of his girlfriend, on her attitude to family responsibilities and on how much it spends money. The main thing - that the girl was smart, not stupid, easy to lift and respect his and others' freedom.

In general, if we are unpredictable and will be able to present the man's twin surprises, the chances to win it we have. And if we add to this the presence of a constant game of imagination, a developed intelligence and flexibility of mind, the chances increase threefold. Because then you can immediately respond to the emotional and spiritual changes in the individual favorite and adjust to them. Variability - an integral character trait of the twins. Change it very difficult. It is better to try to become either a volatile or become a condescending "mummy", goodbye my little boy loved his excessive love of freedom and unpredictable behavior. And then everything about what we dream will come true.

 The man - Gemini: how to win his heart

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