Beauty woman in the modern world is largely based not on the nature of data, and the skilful work of stylists, beauticians and trainers fitness centers. When representatives of the stronger sex have the time and opportunity to visit the experts, it is a pleasure to be given into the hands of professionals. Still, not every woman can afford to take the time to visit, such as the gym. Then come to the aid of elliptical trainers, ustanalivaemye apartment. Their price is compared with the cost of subscription to a sports club and not so high. The only difference is a major one-time expenditure of money. But trainers can buy cheaper than they are in the sports shops of any city. Shopping via the Internet can save up to 40% of women.

Profitable investment can bring the desired results after a week of classes. For example, people who have problems with excess weight bikes are recommended. Work helps them to get rid of a few centimeters at the waist and thighs in two weeks of intensive training. By the principle of action on the woman's body elliptical trainers can be compared with the effect of massage for athletes. Then there are the study of the deep muscles of the body, and cardio and rational consumption of energy and strength.

 Who needs to buy elliptical trainers and exercise bikes

Sometimes, elliptical trainers are set even in the offices of large companies in the communities where collaborators are women. For the beautiful half of humanity like no other exercise required to maintain excellent body shape. In order to buy fitness equipment, you can not even leave the room. Suffice it to order delivery on the World Wide Web, and elliptical trainers in a few hours will be in the apartment of a woman.

Before booking a sports trainer, is to consider where it will be placed in the room. For example, the bikes can be installed in a hallway or living room. There, they will not be distracted from the owner of sleep and rest. If the apartment is limited in space, then the perfect solution would be installing it on the balcony. That is before you buy fitness equipment, you need to soberly assess their strength not only to practice it, but also the possibility to position it in the room. Then purchase will be a joyous occasion not only for women, but also its guests. Installed in apartments bikes are a great way of spending time with his girlfriend, who have come to visit. It is also a fun entertainment on a rainy day the whole family. Competitions in speed can make the holiday brighter and healthier. And after a heavy load can always be glad that you are home.

 Who needs to buy elliptical trainers and exercise bikes

 exercise bike for the press

Many of us not only in summer but also in any other time of the year goes on vacation at the beach, to the pool and refreshing cocktails with paper umbrellas. But there is the eternal problem - imperfect figure. Women have always fought, are fighting and will fight with him; Fortunately, over the years of intense struggle the most effective methods yet been found. One of the most effective ways to quickly achieve a thin waist and flat stomach is exercise "bicycle". It does not require any auxiliary items such as step platform or feetball very simple in execution and regular practice is very efficient.

 regular exercise bike for the press

How to do the exercise "bike"

In order to complete the exercise for the press "bicycle", it is necessary to lie on the floor or a special mat so that the waist and tightly against the horizontal surface, his hands clasped in an ordinary lock, the most "open" make elbows and palms behind your head. Neck have to be relaxed, it is not necessary to strain. The following raise your legs, your thighs are perpendicular to the body, and the tibia is strictly parallel to the floor, and how to "blow away" the stomach, most flattened abdominal muscles. Here is the basic position.

Trying to press the lower back as close as possible to the floor, begin to "pedal". Take it as slowly as possible, imagining that the abdominal muscles is a brick. Do not arch your back. Make sure to keep your feet did not fall, and not rise waist. Try to relax the muscles of the face and neck.

This is the most simple exercise. Perform two to five approaches, while within each approach twist "bicycle" in different directions. For once, you must perform ten or fifteen full speed. This option makes sense to carry out the exercises, if you do not have any physical training - you can do it regularly three to four times a week for a month and then move on to the more complex version.

If you are in good physical shape and feel the need to complicate the exercise, adding load the abdominal muscles, the "pedal" the most slowly severing blades off the floor, twisting and work out in such a way to touch the left elbow right knee and vice versa. This waist under any circumstances should not come off the floor. After each lifting housing back into the base position. This exercise will be even more effective if in the process of implementation of the right to breathe - twisting should occur in the exhale, return to basic position - on the breath. Remember the slower you are doing the exercise "bike", the greater the load on the abdominal muscles. Advanced version, moreover, is working well obliques, forming a beautiful relief.

During the exercise "bike" should try to avoid the most common mistakes:

  1. Lifting and twisting the body, not help himself with his hands and do not reduce the elbows; the movement must go from the abdominal muscles, not your back. In the latter case greatly increases the load on the neck, which can lead to injury.
  2. During the change of the legs is not necessary to rock the pelvis. This will significantly reduce the load on the muscles of the press and will be idle.
  3. Do not hurry, the meaning of this exercise in exploring the muscles, and at too high a speed of execution in the case enters the inertia. And it means that your press is not working fully.

Of course, no matter how effective was the "bicycle", one of this exercise is not enough. Besides, and this is the main problem that many people have started to engage diligently, quickly lose enthusiasm when the results have to wait even a little long. Our body - a complex system, subject to certain laws. To earn the adjustment mechanisms of muscle, the body must be given time. Exercise "bicycle" really effective and simple, the main thing - to be patient and do it correctly.

Make yourself a detailed schedule of classes, select a comfortable time for you - you need to give this exercise fifteen minutes. With the habit is very difficult to force yourself to do exercises in the morning, in addition to not really awakened the body is largely stress. Recent research experts have shown that morning load are not as useful as it is accepted to think about them. Therefore, to take care of your body take the time in the afternoon. Perform each exercise "bicycle" three or four times a week, and the results will please you soon.

 Effective exercise for the press

 home fitness slimming


  • Features fitness house: the pros and cons
  • Shells for training
  • Fitness classes at home: fat burning workout
  • Features cardio

Fitness is one of the most effective methods of maintaining excellent shape. It allows you to make the body more flexible and movement - graceful and smooth. Will shape the muscle mass and enhance overall health. However, not everyone today can afford to use the fitness center.

The reasons for this can be weight: financial difficulties (it is well known that the services of a qualified coach and the subscription price is not cheap), inconvenient location of the fitness club, or simply a lack of time. It is in such cases are designed whole complexes, allowing to carry out exercises at home.

Features fitness house: the pros and cons

Of course, exercise for weight loss, performed in a specially equipped room, so even with the additional consultation coach will bring more benefit, but - with the right approach and the right - the same effect can be achieved at home. Cheapness - this is perhaps the main advantage of home fitness. You do not need to spend money on expensive tickets - if you calculate, it can be concluded that it is easier to buy some home exercise equipment, rather than an annual subscription.

In addition, the home fitness saves time, which is especially important for those people whose day is fully loaded, and make time to visit the fitness center is not obtained. You can do the exercises when you want, without thinking about the cost of the missed classes on subscription you no offsets. And if you - a resident of the metropolis, it is, among other things, you save on travel.

And, of course, it is no less important comfort. That house you can relax like nowhere else, and do the exercises without thinking about their clothes and appearance, and not paying attention to the people around them. Recalls the endless queues to training apparatus and the shower did not even have to - you are home free from all these inconveniences.

Well, about the shortcomings, which are also available. Fitness at home for people who do not doubt the strength of his will and well motivated - they are clearly and consistently perform the required exercises without suffering workout the next day. If you know that you will not do the exercises with sufficient effectiveness yourself, in your case it is better to stay in the classroom at a health club - house training is not for you.

 fitness slimming home

Shells for training

If you choose to do fitness at home, do not rush to the store to shop simulators - first you need some equipment. First of all you need space. Scroll to practice one room that features a had a few meters.

Do not forget that you need to perform the exercises in tracksuits, because the tissue from which they are made, allows your body to breathe. The same applies to special shoes - buy good running shoes to feel as comfortable as possible.

From the purchase of equipment and ammunition Sports mat. In addition, when you perform exercises to lose weight at home, you may need a bench or chair. Dumbbells, balls, weights and will not be superfluous. And even then, when you understand what muscles need elaboration on what to look for, you can buy one or two professional trainers - as in the initial stage, it is not necessary.

Fitness classes at home: fat burning workout

If you are looking to lose weight, then you need to pay attention to some fat burning workouts that involve a complex effect on the body. We encourage you to pay attention to the following high-intensity exercise, which will allow you to "sculpt" the perfect body. So, in order.

The first - a little warm-up. To do this, cross your arms in front of you and start to breed them back. Now do mahi and smooth circular movements straightened arms. At the end of warm-up stand on bent legs, and one of them aside. At the foot, which is bent slightly podpruzhinte. These simple exercises will warm the body well.

Now a complex exercise. Please note that the following exercise for weight loss is recommended to ten times, without interruption for a break and rest. Suffice it to three workouts per week. For the first useful exercise dumbbell - take them into two hands. Now, perform squats and do not forget, crouching, lifting his hands up. You need to sit down on the breath, and exhale - rise.

Now therefore stand at close range while lying on the stage and slowly lift one arm (still with dumbbells), then press it to the waist. Return to starting position. Do exercise alternately left, then right hand. It is the second exercise. To make a third become straight, with your feet together. Lean forward and in turn raise first one, then the other leg without bending the knee and holding the line.

For the fourth exercise dumbbell handy again. Lie on your back and hold his hand in front of him with a dumbbell. The legs bend at the knees. The other hand you need to put on your stomach - you should feel the press. Rise to take the position of sitting without dropping arm with dumbbell. Another exercise is to lose weight, effective to perform at home - jumping ahead. Every once jump farther.

And in the end - jumping rope. It would seem very simple, but incredibly useful exercise. During these jumps all muscles of the body are active, the operating condition. This is one of the best cardio for weight loss, about which more will be discussed in detail.

 Fitness home exercise for weight loss

Features cardio

Considering the home fitness slimming, it is worth remembering and about cardio and figure out where such training can give a maximum effect and how it is necessary to carry out such an exercise. Practice shows that the best time for cardio is considered the morning, and carry out such exercises are useful immediately after strength training.

If we are talking about a morning aerobics, its advantage is obvious - the load on an empty stomach will lead to a maximum flow rate of sugar in the blood, and after that activated and fat. Immediately after waking index low blood sugar because the body almost immediately starts to burn fat. By training at home or in the air in the morning, you perform exercises with great benefit to the body. If such a regular aerobics, all biorhythms and processes in your body bounce back: you will see how to improve sleep and how easily you will tolerate stressful situations.

Aerobic exercise - something without which can not be good fitness at home. Cardio activates secretion of growth hormone, and it was he, as you know, the most powerful fat burner of all that you can imagine. When you perform aerobic exercise immediately after strength training, fat tissue is destroyed faster and more efficiently. This is due to the fact that the fat molecules in contact with the bloodstream immediately to the liver, and it is here that they are destroyed.

Considering the fitness and aerobics as a means for weight loss, it is important to clarify a few points. Training should be done when you yourself feel great - not mistreat your body. Choose the right time, when your powers are activated - if in the morning you find it hard to climb out of bed, it is best to move the training for the evening. And do not forget the elemental diet, the rules of which are described below.

If you eat immediately before exercise, in the course of employment, you do not burn fat, you need to get rid of them, and carbohydrates, has just arrived with food. Naturally, you need to remember about the right diet. Make it the most useful: cereals, fruits, vegetables, light soups, dairy products - all this will benefit everyone losing weight. Only when you treat with attention to his own body and health, you can achieve great results and fitness you do this will definitely help.

 Fitness at home for weight loss: Tips to improve the effectiveness of training