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  • How to attract the attention of men - Scorpio
  • How to conquer the Scorpion finally

Male - Scorpio - arbitrary nature, purposeful, extraordinary and very resistant. All it takes decisions independently, often completely ignoring at the same time with the opinion of others. He is a leader and a warrior, able to throw himself into the battle when the rest of it seems self-defeating. Scorpions are not defeated in anything. This passionate, prone to excess, people capable of cruelty. But they are very sensual, so it is usually popular with the opposite sex. Many young women are trying to flirt with the men of this sign, not realizing that it is - a real play with fire. This fact will certainly be taken into account when we think about how to win a man Scorpio. What is it so dangerous and how to conduct myself with him, so as not to burn and not burn?

How to attract the attention of men - Scorpio

Generally Scorpio seems outwardly impassive, little interest in the sensual aspects of human life. But it's just a mask. In fact, the woman he is very, very attracted to. Male Scorpions inherently rake, capable of a violent but short-lived passion. They just like the weaker sex in general, and too long to give preference to one of its representative Scorpions can not. They are willing to love all. But destiny bind only to that would be worth it.

Scorpio may seem too thrilled by some young lady, will give her a lot of attention, and even talk about their amazing feeling. But this does not mean that it is he wants to make his life's companion. Just for the current period is the girl stand out from the others. And to stand out is a snap. It is enough to make it clear to the man-scorpion, that they are interested in. No, of course, it needs to look good, be well-groomed, stylish, erudite. "Blue Stockings' Man of the mark does not attract.

Do not bribe a man and woman, without end taldychaschie his love and glorifying the merits of the elect. He himself appreciates good and does not need someone's praises, which is perceived as an attempt to flattery. And flattery, oddly enough, this type of narcissistic can not stand. He prefers to deal with honest and principled women able to defend their own opinion. These qualities in a girl give birth to such a degree of Scorpio, he can even lose control of himself.

Reflecting on how to win a man - Scorpio, we must remember that he was very temperamental. And if we came this Lovelace's liking, he would not wait for better times, and drag to bed almost immediately after they met. However, aggressive sexy women are not attracted to Scorpio. He needs a woman and seductive, and modest at the same time. That is one in which the virtues of foreign guessed irrepressible, overflowing sensuality.

In short, to seriously interested in Scorpio, you have effectively, but not defiantly look to be able to maintain a conversation and to be extremely sexy. By a woman he did not pass. Will one small thing - to show Scorpio masterclass in bed. And then he obaldeete and feel in the seventh heaven. To feel something feel, but a declaration of love and make a marriage proposal did not hurry. Because even if the Scorpio and loses some of the young ladies head, then very soon it is, set up on the spot and begins to evaluate the situation calmly. Roman Romanov and family on one sex and not create an emotional outburst. Scorpio in this respect a man of sense. And to conquer his heart should be carefully and diligently.

 Scorpion man how to win

How to conquer the Scorpion finally

If Scorpio Woman spends a lot of time, this is no small talks about his interest in her. He looks closely, estimates, weighs the pros and cons, and ever so will make some conclusion. To this conclusion was in our favor, we must correct their behavior. Male Scorpio is very meticulously evaluates the quality of female candidates for a wife. In order not to disappoint him, it should be noted that he is jealous. As soon as he noticed that the girl was with someone flirting or flirting, he immediately put a cross on it. Although he may recklessly care for other ladies. But - that allowed the man, the woman is not allowed! This is the position of the Scorpion.

It is corrosive with respect to the character traits of future life partner type searches only woman with a faithful heart. He can start a light affair with anyone, but it seriously never will contact frivolous and unreliable flirt, surrounded by fans. Scorpio, like most men, hunter, but to compete with someone he did not intend. In his snare and so a lot of production.

This man must be sure that the beloved is always honest with him. What it can rely in all in any situation. So never, under any circumstances Scorpio can not fool even in small things. As soon as he noticed a woman in a drop of pretense or concealment immediately lose her confidence. Return it will be very difficult. Without the confidence of the Scorpion lasting relationship with him is possible.

With this man need to be sincere and at the same time a little bit mysterious. It should be intriguing, awakening a desire to unravel the mystery that is in girlfriend. To this end, over the slightly lift the veil on this secret, casual mentioning it in conversation, and then again to lower. Scorpio curious and will want to know what there is behind that curtain, hidden. Such behavior is always desirable to adhere to the young lady. And then he continued interest in her beloved provided.

The woman, intending to conquer the Scorpion for many years, should understand that he is looking for not only a favorite, but also a companion, a friend. Men of this sign need one that will share their passions and inclinations. Well, if you do not share, then at least it will be at least a little to understand them. So we learn what interested our favorite, and we try to study the subject as much as possible. Whether it's breeding rabbits, political economy or nuclear physics. Even if we did not interested in something from which he catches the buzz, we diligently. If we are able to maintain a conversation with Scorpio on his beloved subject, it just oshaleet. Still would! It turns out that his girlfriend is interested in the same, and not just interested in, but also a versed!

A girl who aspires to be close to the Scorpio, to be strong and extraordinary kind. With him will have to fight more than once, and you have to be a worthy opponent. But the cold, too rational person a man of this sign draws. He needs femininity, warmth, sensitivity and attention. These qualities Scorpio will appreciate. However, mean not filed. He was not used to show someone that he was impressed, and what is not.

In order to win the love of a man of this sign of the zodiac, you must be a kind person. He believes in his own uniqueness and bind the life of mediocrity. This means that she has to think outside the box, to behave unusually, want something trivial. And do not be afraid to shock specificity. Scorpio is indifferent to what they say about him and think. And demands the same from his lady. It should be in no way similar to other women. Let her actions affect public statements, puzzling, confusing. But Scorpio, they will bring a lot of fun.

So, in order to completely conquer the Scorpion, it is necessary to:

  • Read amazing sex occupation requiring creativity;
  • Do not be afraid to be put into the water, not knowing where the ford;
  • To be able to overcome obstacles;
  • To be able to defend their opinions;
  • Do not depend on the opinions of others;
  • To be different.

If we agree with all these points, then the cause! But it should be borne in mind that the life of a man Scorpio will not be easy. It will have to take such what is, with all the habits and requirements. A Scorpio - brawler who believes that love and hate are inseparable. He scolded rather than tell a compliment. The alliance with him is full of violent, sometimes painful experiences. Unpredictable events, and kept changing the plans, wild situation - all this will have to go through. But love is not afraid of any storm! And for her, you can go through a lot.

 How to win a man - Scorpio

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 Male lion how to win


  • How to charm a man - Leo
  • How to win a man's heart - Leo

The man born under the sign of Leo - a man of courage, strong, characterized by constancy. He had a noble, generous heart and sympathetic soul. Leo royally condescending to others and is willing to provide protection to all who need it. He is friendly, generous, charming, but very proud. To live without the attention to his own person, he can not. He needed the admiration of the crowd. That is why representatives of this sign usually surrounded by a mass of fans, with whom they are able to be gallant, attentive and romantic. And like the question of how to win the man - lion, it should be solved easily. By and large, the way it is. One side. On the other hand ... Well, let's order.

How to charm a man - Leo

The man - lion really the king of nature. Confident in himself and his abilities, he always strives to become master of the situation. He needs the worship of others, so Leo loves to happen in humans. And to show off in front of women and all love it! Life without a novel representative of the mark - not a life. Therefore, to catch him in their networks easy. However, the lady, which draw the attention of Leo, to be truly Lioness-queen - refined thoroughbred, noble. And Leo adores her.

If the girl is not able to look and behave like a regal lady, a representative of the sign, it is unlikely to be interested seriously. Perhaps it will be a girl gallant and polite, but nothing more. Simpleton-and vulgar flirtatious girls are not attracted to him at all. Leo is looking for a woman with a pure soul, a good heart and manners of the aristocracy. He craves admiration and wants his lionesses also admired. Therefore chooses girlfriend delicate, impressionable, sentimental, but at the same time majestic lady.

Woman having a good chance for a while to take a place on the throne beside the Lion does not have to be a beauty. The main thing - the elegance, well-groomed, holёnost. After all, it is destined to become a kind of brand for their man, his business card and some showcase. Leo prefers to show off in front of people and wishes to fit his fiancee image. "Grey mouse", even having an excellent pedigree, he does not need.

One that meets these requirements, Leo will have all kinds of honors. He will care for the girl, like a queen, showering her with flowers and gifts, sing praises. As long as it looks presentable. It is necessary to prevent the young lady negligence in clothing, hairstyle, manners, a man of this sign it immediately disappointed. His Lioness should always be on top! Therefore march to salons and boutiques, another rally from the podium in a few minutes! There is no time or bad you feel? But who cares?

In short, if we set out to conquer the lion, you need to forget about illnesses, no matter the mood, fatigue. And be prepared for the fact that the favorite will pull us in society, even at high temperature or after a hard day's work. While requiring that we do not always just look stunning, but also were able to conquer surrounding its extraordinary charm and sparkling wit. That's it. No, Leo knows how to be attentive and caring! But if a woman, for whatever reasons, suddenly made a splash in his environment becomes harsh. He must see the stun and delight in people's eyes when talking to her arm. Otherwise, place the throne becomes vacant.

Leo tends to always be a cut above the others and wants to have it all, including a woman, were impeccable. He is confident in his own importance, and each compliments, made his beloved, praising perceives as his own person. It should be complementary to the royal grandeur of Lion and be the jewel in its crown. A stone that are not supposed to fade. He was always befitting shine. Well, at least when Leo get into the crown of the head.

I must say that the need for external splendor Leo explains his subconscious desire to gloss over as the negative traits of his personality. In fact, male lions are often not very confident, but arrogant people. And ambition requires constant praise. And if Leo is a woman, which she admires them all the time, and makes others admire, he would do everything for her that he could. But Leo - poseur. His worship before his princess does not mean that he feels for her deep feelings. It's just a great rehearsed role Leo can play with lots of princesses. Just to match his royal status so cavalier looked on with enthusiasm.

In short, if we are pleased to place near the throne of Leo, relax, thinking himself the queen, is not necessary. Chances are that the favorite just chose another decoration. Quite possible. that in time he will need another, then another and another ... And so as long as he does not consider that the collection emphasizes its exclusivity gadgets collected. It lacks only the latest, most expensive jewelry - a companion for life. How to become a jewel?

 how to win a man a lion

How to win a man's heart - Leo

Like all the people on the ground, the men - Lions, of course, have disadvantages. They too believe in the infallibility of his own opinion, which is often subjective. But if Leo expressed his opinion about something, then it is so! Whether we like it or not like it, argue with it not worth it. He would not accept someone else's view on this or that question. If we do not agree with the position of a loved one, so be it. Eventually, this world are different perspective. And they do not necessarily have to match even the couple.

Leo is extremely jealous and says the woman of his property. It should belong to him with all your heart and body. Therefore, meeting with a man of this sign, we must always be above suspicion. He would not tolerate not only flirting, and even friendships with other men. Leo will follow closely behind it. And if you notice something damning, at best, threw a dressing down. At worst, he decides that the queen would be different. Compromising same could be anything. Lion male suspect is able to participate in the slightest delay, lost in thought, absently his girlfriend. He needed all her attention every minute. Only such behavior a man waiting for this sign on the chosen one. And only this he sees his wife.

In short, to become the wife of Leo, you have to be always on top. It is not easy. But it's worth it!

 Man - Lion: how to win his love

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