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Men - Fish - sensitive, very sensitive dreamers, living in an illusory world. Secretive and mysterious, they often do not know themselves what they want from this life. Indecisive, Pisces tend to doubt everything and rarely take any reasonable steps independently. What for? They know how to be happy in almost any circumstances, have a number of lovely woman, whether ... Pisces do not need much. There is a piece of bread on the table - and enough.

Therefore, they rarely take the initiative. Mistimed wave will carry in water spaces - excellent! No - too well. Poshlёpaem in shallow water. All this also applies to relations with the weaker sex. If you catch a fish any grip fisherwoman - so be it. No one picked up on the hook - sports in the wild. Therefore, solution of the problem, how to win a man - fish, is not particularly difficult. However, there are some nuances in it.

How to charm a man - Fish

Usually men born under the sign of Pisces, different softness, gentleness and friendliness. They seem to be very honest, so real sympathy of others. Fish can not stand loneliness and always strive to be among the people. Extremely charming, sociable, they enjoy success with women. Themselves try not to fall in love - Fish scare strong feelings that create chaos in their fantasy world that exists on its, nobody knows the rules.

In fact, fish perfectly able to splurge. What do they think, and that is stored in the shower, no one knows. Spiritually frail, these men often suffer from emotional tension. In this state they become very sensitive and can not adequately respond to the most trifling question or phrase.

Girls who liked the man - fish, you should consider this a feature of the psyche. If he suddenly became withdrawn, or left a suddenly lost his temper for no reason - it is better to leave the guy alone. He needs a rest. Otherwise it may happen quarrel. And to establish the relationship after it will have the most. Because Pisces anyway - whether these relationships, whether. They will manage without them.

By and large, with Pisces around the need to take the initiative in their hands. And acquaintance with this man, and further communication with him - it all depends on the woman. He was indecisive, prone to doubt and another's influence. Do not waste time flirtation with that person. It is unlikely that he will pay attention to such behavior. For Pisces thing to be understood. Therefore, the best way to please them is the ability to listen, maintain a conversation while exercising and warm friendliness.

Catch a fish on the hook rather easily. Just start a conversation on any philosophical topic. Fish do not feed bread, give only speculate about the nature of existence and the mystical influence on society. And to a man of this sign swallowed the hook deeper, just a hint of his fateful meeting and its karmic motivated. He would catch hold of these phrases and begin to think about them and so, and commercials. We will only send the fish on the right path. He willingly set foot on it, if you act gently and delicately.

When dealing with a man of this sign, you need to learn how to instantly capture the mood swings of his. The inner world of fish is very mobile and vulnerable. It can not be altered. Therefore, a woman who intends to conquer the man - fish should be fine feeling, impressionable, romantic. She should be able to guess the impulses of the soul of the elect, and to treat them with care, understanding. Otherwise the fish float away into the open sea. Rudeness, prizёmlёnnosti, excessive pragmatism, it can not stand.

Oh well. We have learned to understand the man-fish, and care for his inner world, with interest discussed with him the books of Madame Blavatsky and parapsychology ... Does this mean that the fish is firmly stuck in our networks and we can celebrate a victory? Not at all. In order to win this final bachelor, not enough to be just sublime, subtle sense of nature. What is needed more?

 how to win a man a fish

What should be the companion of a man's life - Pisces

Ideal man, born under the sign of Pisces - the delicate, tender, tolerant, and at the same time reliable and strong woman. It must be quite a sober look at the surrounding reality with dignity and be able to come out of the most difficult situations. Fish may not be for anyone protection and support. They do not orient themselves in the real world, and if the pressure will rush to fight with some of its problems are unlikely to benefit. Recognizing this, the fish are looking for marriage Woman initiative, enterprising, self-confident. This strong-willed character in it should be combined with femininity and lyricism.

As for intimate relations, here in the fish a few specific preferences. They are attracted by the active and adventurous Lady with a bit sadistic. However, these tendencies have to be only occasionally, more playing the role of the temperamental, sensual dreamer. Because the representatives of this sign can not stand women for whom physical intimacy is more important than the spiritual side of relationships. Pisces believe that true love should not depend on carnal lust. They do not belong to the type of men who are primarily attracted by sex. These people prefer to have a physical merger took place only after their vote will give heart.

Men born under this sign, you can not criticize. And not because they have too sore ego. Just fish and do not believe in their own infallibility. And if we add fuel to the fire, pointing to the shortcomings of their self-esteem generally fall below nowhere. Hardly after that you can expect from a Man-fish at least some attention or action. He just will go to, thinking that is not worthy to be someone's partner in life, as too bad for the world.

Fish need constant confirmation of its own relevance and significance. Above them you can not make fun or ironic. A woman who wants to be close to such a man all his life, you should try to instill in him a sense of security. But the open domination over him and his life is unacceptable. Yet he is a man. Domination must be tactful, understanding actions.

In general, in order to bind the man-fish, you need to prove their initiative and ability to solve problems. But you need to prove it, not when to some question he could handle alone. Demonstrate your own resourcefulness and efficiency lady should be in dealing with situations that cause a man difficulty. This should be easy, and even fun, so as not to scare the fish of your hard drive and not to offend a hint of inconsistency.

In short, in order to win the heart of the man-fish, the girl must be a romantic, delicate feelings, delicate and at the same time, determination, perseverance and initiative. In no case it can not be the sharpness of judgment, rude, tactless, inability to overcome difficulties and reluctance to help solve complicated issues. This will destroy the trust so impressionable man, and he will go into his own world for a long time. Perhaps even permanently.

I must say that even if a woman does not meet the ideal bachelor, born under the sign of Pisces, he can still marry her. Suffice it to the lady at the right time to persevere. People of this sign malleable and suggestible. They are able to see the man the way he wants to look. So catch the fish in their nets can be pragmatic and devoid of spirituality, lady. But is it worth? The big question.

 Male - Pisces: how to win his love

 how to win a man of Aquarius


  • How to captivate a man - Aquarius
  • How to achieve the love of the man - Aquarius

Male - Aquarius - a man very romantic, headstrong and curious. This is an active, sociable rather idealist, living by its laws. He is truthful, open, friendly, very sociable and do not tolerate lies and hypocrisy. And with all this practically alone. Actually, the reason lies in the solitude Aquarius. He can not long maintain a close relationship with someone else. Love and friendship for the man - Aquarius - abstract concepts.

He loves everyone and everything - his friends. Aquarius is committed to peace and not to a specific person. However, the fight for a just cause - not for him. This strange little man lives in his own dimension. He is not a fighter. He is an observer. That is why the woman hard with representatives of this sign. It is difficult to understand what is going on in his mind, what he seeks, what dreams. It seems to be loved. And like not. Here's how to win a man-of Aquarius, if it is mysterious and unpredictable? Well, well, look for the answer to this question.

How to captivate a man - Aquarius

In general, men love - Aquarius - a source of unusual and somewhat uncomfortable experience. He would gladly have reacted to it as an interesting experiment, but feelings do not allow to think logically. It inhibits Aquarius. Fall in love, it hardens, it becomes dull and tries to get rid of this uncomfortable condition by all means. After falling into a similar trap a couple of times this catchy tipchik utmost to avoid it. Therefore, it does not involve any kind of showy girl nor her sex appeal, nor the wonderful character. No, he is not against short-term or non-binding ties with a charming young lady. But there is next to them, while there is at least some interest. And then, not really bothered, parted without regret.

Of course, in order to initially attract the attention of Aquarius, you need to look good. Still, he was a normal man, indifferent to female beauty. And he is unlikely priglyanёtsya faceless creature with clumsy awkward haircut and ridiculous attire. However, with regard to clothing, by it the men of this sign of a special relationship.

Their little worried stylish, tasteful, fashionable clothes on the girl. Quite the contrary. If she dressed up in a suit of the last century, or pinned to his hat with a feather, it is for men of Aquarius will be more significant than a dress from the latest collection Lagerfeld. Because intrigue. Aquarius is extremely curious and will want to know of any such considerations lady equipped in this way.

In order to keep beside him then that elusive man enough to just keep warm his curiosity. That is, at every meeting to be a new, unique, mysterious. Behave too have in accordance with the manner contrary to the rules of conduct in society. You can flirt recklessly, stick with tricky questions of strangers, try to sit there, where you would normally do not sit, is not the place to clap ... In a word, to do something that is not very accepted. Well, in the limits of decency, of course. The main thing - to make a very strong impression of Aquarius his outrageous. If it is struck, it will not go anywhere until it is completely see through a girlfriend. Such is this nature.

If you fancy ladies do not run out, and it will overwhelm the Aquarius again and again, he is sure to try to conquer it. Just to see what kind of a curious bird such and how to handle it. That was then, and should bring to bear all their feminine charm, while being independent and relaxed. Not bad sometimes disappear for a while, giving Aquarius clear that he - more than the entire light in the window.

And at the same time hinting that feelings for this man still is. But not directly, but indirectly. Like, there's something they have only some - sympathy, friendliness, love - is unclear.

To win the Aquarius, you must be a challenge for him. He will want to respond to this challenge. She should try to always remain incomprehensible and inaccessible. Then the men of Aquarius interest in it will grow with each passing day. But this is only the interest. To such a man came to the conclusion that it is this unique person - his fate, you need something else.

 how to win Aquarius man

How to achieve the love of the man - Aquarius

Even if a woman makes a tremendous interest in Aquarius, his feelings can sleep soundly. Representatives of this sign respond to the real world is more logically than emotionally. So they reflexively protected against shocks. No, man - Aquarius is not insensitive oaf. It is responsive and capable of compassion. As for love, it lies somewhere in the most secluded corners of his soul. While Aquarius can love. And not even once. But it is passing, leaving virtually no trace of his mental state. A profound sense in Aquarius can wake up only when he sees the girl's true friend.

A friend of Aquarius equivalent comrades. Even sometimes it should not allow ourselves to whims, to bring to Aquarius unjustified claims to show some tolerance. For any other young lady of his antics have treated with condescending calm. Otherwise, he lost his temper, and relationships can significantly deteriorate. This does not mean that women have to completely give up their own ambitions and desires. You need to get their friendliness, gentleness, tact. Aquarius will go on concessions, and any problem will be solved world.

Generally very impressed Aquarius romantic, friendly girl with a sense of dignity. It seduces independence in everything - in the judgments in the actions, in the relationship. Aquarians pay tribute to the love for freedom in others and faithfully guarded their freedom. The one that is going to become a companion of life of such a man, you should initially make him understand that she needed a sincere disinterested friendship. And to behave as though to Aquarius feels a friendly sympathy. And if suddenly it will go about sex, talk about it with a slight disdain. I like her, and it never occurs to avoid sex with this man. Say, friendship and B are incompatible! It is unlikely that such a position of Aquarius girls will not touch. He does not look like the temperamental hero love story, but the man is a man.

I must say that sex is for the representatives of this sign - it is the fifth. So count on the fact that Aquarius can be a maddening virtuoso sex, it is not necessary. No, he will not refuse him, of course. But especially bother searching for the Lady will not. It happens sex with a pretty special - well, not going to happen - too bad. Aquarius quite satisfy rare or non-binding communications. However, neither the temperament of the young ladies, nor her experience of his man of this sign do not care. The woman he needs as an individual, not as a sexual object. If happened, then why not? Physiology-a ... Let the partner enjoys. Oh, and he with her.

In general, the Aquarius like a sorority, but is it even the most seductive charmer in a friendly way. So jealous of this man and his roll hysteria on this issue is pointless. And safe to do the same. Aquarius can not seriously offended and buck. It did not come from someone of the female friends to enter into a relationship just because it requires sexual instinct. Aquarius is needed first and foremost spiritual contact. Interesting dialogue, common hobbies, disputes and arguments on any topic for him is much more important than the sex class.

If the girl so much want to hint to him that she would like something more than just friendship, one can say with bitterness that none of the men could not make her happy. So, true love does not exist ... And so eager to was! Aquarius - an idealist, and certainly want to convince her otherwise. And here the main thing - do not drop a clanger! The bird flies into the cell itself.

Aquarius like a creative look to any questions, so we need to stick to the image of man, free from the traditional conventions. Of course, this does not mean that we should deny all moral dogma and do whatever they want. Just express a bold proposition, but behave quite liberated. And to have everything on their own, different from the existing view. And this point of view, that will not be too much to contradict the position of Aquarius. Otherwise, it will start to get irritated and argue over every little thing. This is undesirable.

In short, to win the Aquarius, you must be an independent idealist with a rich and moving emotional world. He does not need a home Klux or too thirsty lady. Aquarius wants to be first friend for a life partner, and then her lover. He is sincere and loyal to his woman. And waiting for the same from her. As an outstanding personality, Aquarius is looking for the same stand-out from the crowd Woman. Perhaps, next to him is not so easy - this strange kind of wayward and likes to lecture. But he will never betray, humiliate and not leave in the lurch.

 How to win a man - Aquarius

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