What women like men scorpions

The theory of the love compatibility between women and men based on their zodiac signs have long been used to enter into the most favorable alliances among royal and noble persons, but ordinary commoners were not available. Such knowledge were considered secret and intimate, so they could hold only your favorites. In the last century, information about the compatibility of the zodiac is now available to all people without exception, and has gained enough popularity. However, most people born under the sign of one or another, there are some general principles for the selection of the second half, which can be carefully studied to understand how a man can be a particular interest.

Male Scorpions among all the other guys who were born under other signs, are most attractive for the majority of the fairer sex by his innate charisma, strong character, mystery and sex appeal unchanged.

In doing so, the Scorpions are very demanding in choosing a life partner, though at first it may seem that they are building a romantic relationship is not very seriously. As a rule, bravado and a certain coldness of these men hiding excessive sensitivity and emotionality, however, to know the many facets of their personality will be possible only to the woman that will fully meet its numerous criteria.

 what women like scorpions

What women are attracted to men Scorpions

So let's take a closer look, what women like men born under the zodiac sign so controversial.


One of the main characteristics of a woman, a man able to interest-Scorpio, honesty and the ability to maximize sincerely express their emotions. The fact is that all of the Scorpions are very thin feel any falseness and react to it negatively, so try to form their own circle of contacts of these people, who are used to bluntly say what they think. It would seem that such an excessive honesty without a shadow of coquetry is not quite appropriate for ladies who want to attract the attention of men, but only those women really like a scorpion.

The men, who were lucky enough to be born under the sign of Scorpio, very well developed intuition, and some have even been quite pronounced tendency to certain psychic abilities, which, however, often only successful tandem innate craving for psychoanalysis. These abilities allow Scorpios in seconds to determine dishonesty, and if they see that a woman was lying to them, then immediately lose all interest in her.

If you dare, and will communicate with Scorpio as if in front of you is a good friend you have not seen (that is, most sincerely, with interest and without unnecessary antics), it will soon be happy to notice that the man Scorpio started provide you with unequivocal signs of attention. At the same time it does not matter what words you utter, and what to tell because Scorpios appreciate honesty above all the speeches, and only then their meaning. However, this does not mean that you can talk any nonsense, who climb into your head (silly women Scorpions do not really favor), but carefully selected in advance of subject and even more so to think through the course of the conversation in any case not worth it.

The only theme, strongly advised to talk to a representative of that mark - is the story of his past romantic relationships, as all, without exception, the Scorpions have a pronounced possessiveness, and such conversations may simply scare them. In addition, the discussion is too explicit in the first stages of communication can cause rapid loss of interest on the part of Scorpio, because most of them do not accept the excessive availability of women. For the rest, the most direct expression of their feelings and thoughts Scorpions are welcome, so you should forget about the different women's "tricks" to say everything as you think, and generally behave in natural ways.

Beautiful and elegant

Scorpions appreciate grooming and charm, so often choose elegant and stylish women, as if descended from the pages of magazines of a century ago. However, external beauty, weight, age, and other such settings are not for men Scorpions absolutely no value. These men, in contrast to the other zodiac signs, often well versed in fashion, various cosmetic products and all sorts of tricks that women use to enhance their visual appeal. That's why they appreciate the ability of women to take advantage of all this intelligently, emphasizing all the best features of their appearance.

However, no matter what tricks you use, without a certain charm domestic interest-man Scorpion is almost impossible, because it draws attention, first of all, to a certain internal content of this or that woman, and then to its expression in terms of symptoms.

It is worth noting that the majority of male Scorpios always choose his life partner sufficiently mature and seasoned life experiences of women. In addition, they sincerely believe that a truly beautiful can only be a grown woman who has lost a raid youthful naivete and a certain angularity, inherent to many girls. So even guys Scorpio often hardly interested in their peers, preferring ladies older and more adult at all possible to meet a very unusual pair, consisting of the young men of Scorpio and attractive mature woman, which suits his age almost mother.

Thus, we can conclude that women who like men-scorpions, can relate completely to any age group and any of even quite ordinary appearance, but they must be able to present themselves in the best possible way, to be well-groomed, dressed quite elegantly and literally glow from within the special inner beauty that Scorpios know how to feel pretty good.

Slightly mysterious

Most men Scorpio appreciates the presence of a mystery, and even mystery in a woman, they want to see their constant companion of life. It would seem that such a desire is completely contrary to the need for a woman, this dream Scorpio sincerity, but in practice things are a little different. So what would an honest woman or surrounded Scorpio, he in any case, will choose the ones in which most harmoniously sincerity and ability to keep back for yourself any fines, unable to significantly influence the development of romantic relationships, but giving their hostess a certain share of mystery and charm.

However, this does not mean that a woman who wants to please the Scorpio should withhold from him my passion, character traits and habits, rather it is about young women's tricks, which men do not necessarily know. For example, from a male Scorpion is not necessary to hide his age, but about how much you weigh and whether you have natural hair color, it does not necessarily know. It is also completely unnecessary, and even daunting for Scorpio may be information about your not quite "right" and pleasant for prying eyes everyday habits.

However, the fear that a man Scorpio accidentally finds out about you something icky, it is not necessary, just competently present themselves, as if by chance "dropping" their minor negative traits and habits, as well as lapping the barely noticeable veil of mystery .

 What women like men scorpions tips


Male Scorpions are one of the most pronounced among the owners of all existing signs of the zodiac. This feature makes them well-known jealous capable suspect your other half of treason at the slightest sign of her interest in any other representative of the stronger sex, her reluctance to spend with your loved Scorpio all the free time, and any other "suspicious", in his view, the behavior .

That is why such men like women truly devoted to them, and ready to prove his love every second. However, this does not mean you have to become just a "complement" of such a man, as an excessive obsession, sentimentality and sensitivity are able to bring them out of balance. That is, it can be concluded that the Scorpions prefer women who can show the power of their feelings and dedication while remaining bright self-sufficient individuals.

Those women who dare to betray the trust of the Scorpion, and deliver him not to be envied, because such men never forgive the offense and do not forget any of their transgressions of the second half. And if some moments of conflict associated with conventional lapping characters, male Scorpios can still understand and accept, betrayal and lies is their immediate signal to end the relationship, no matter what, even the strongest feelings.

However, to finish a novel Scorpio can easily and quickly - he would certainly try to cause his beloved as much suffering, so for revenge inflicted insult and insult his dignity. Such vindictiveness, to some extent explained by the disposition of a scorpion, in whose honor and was named the unpredictable, but very attractive zodiac sign. As you know, Scorpion "treats" a deadly bite anyone who breaks the boundaries of its territory or encroach on their freedom.

That man, born under the sign of the zodiac, does not forgive the slightest betrayal, so that a woman who wants to be his constant companion of life, even in the mind should not allow the possibility of cheating his favorite. Thus he Scorpio reacts negatively when my girlfriend suddenly begins to be jealous of him, because he believes that no one can doubt the depth and sincerity of his feelings, which, in his opinion, it shows in every detail. Such an assumption many men Scorpions far from the truth, because they really are dipped into a loving relationship with his head and give the favorite of all himself, so that a woman who wants to really be interested in Scorpio and be his constant companion of life, it is best not only to give him a reason for jealousy, but most do not be jealous of him.

 what women like scorpions tips


Without exception, all male Scorpios are very passionate and carried about personalities, which, of course, is most evident in intimate relationships. Such men often do not mind to have an affair for one night, which, of course, very upset women they attract. However, if short-term bonds of sexually active women, in principle, does not have to Scorpions great value, to build long-term relationships based on mutual feelings, like men need a really passionate and liberated woman who is ready for the intima at any time. This lady Scorpio should dominate in sexual relationships, but always with joy and enthusiasm to accept any, even the most incredible offers.

A woman who wants to attract a male Scorpio, it should be remembered that the intimate side of the relationship is for him very important. And if for the majority of men born under other signs, sex life eventually becomes not the most important component of a stable relationship with a particular woman, for the Scorpions intimate joy will always be perhaps the most important indicator of success and harmony loving union.

These characteristics do not mean fickleness and passion exclusively carnal side of the relationship, how to think first. The fact that male Scorpios believe physical contact important way to express their feelings, and if the woman will not be a proper interest in intimate relations, Scorpio think that he told her simply did not like it and it does not feel to it no feelings. At the same time to convince these men the reverse is practically impossible due to their excessive innate stubbornness, so that a woman who sincerely wants to win the attention of men of Scorpio necessarily should have a passionate temperament and give sensual side of relationships is very important.

Quite a lot of the attention men pay Scorpions gaming side of sexual relations, which manifests itself not only for their role in various sexual games, but in the previous process of seducing him and conquering women. Scorpio likes women who take the initiative themselves, but do it very gently and subtly, then immediately convey "the reins" to his hand. So men like intimate games with the prosecution and light coercion in which they should always play a dominant role.

However, in no case should not be afraid of such inclinations Scorpions as causing any harm to the woman or her delivering the slightest discomfort in intimate relationships is completely unacceptable for him. That is why such men are looking for women who are ready to accept his passionate temperament and fully support it.

According to traditional astrological canons, man Scorpio most suitable woman, born under the sign of Capricorn, Virgo, Cancer or Pisces. These are the fair sex are much more likely to really be interested in Scorpio and cause him reciprocal feelings. However, this does not mean that women are other signs of the zodiac can not try your luck with a man Scorpio; they just have to exert a little more effort to please him.

Thus, the tandem of the men with a female Scorpio is one of the most "explosive" combination of representatives of the various characters. Most often, such alliances exist as fleeting romances, because the long-term relationship two Scorpion simply can not get along together. However, if a woman learn at least a little to give to his beloved Scorpio and become softer, they can be happy in the long-term relationship or even marriage.

Good chance to interest-man Scorpion there are also women who were born under the sign of Gemini, Aries or Taurus. Some women like the duality of nature and the associated unpredictable behavior usually impressed by a scorpion, but for the construction of any stable relationship in such tandems both partners need to make considerable efforts.

Remember, to win the attention of men of Scorpio, in principle, not so difficult, but hold his interest for anything like a long time is problematic. If you initially set up a passionate brief affair without any obligation to Scorpio, you can use the whole arsenal of femininity and sensuality, and thus fast enough to interest him. If you, on the contrary, wants to build a man-Scorpio long serious relationship or even create a strong family with him, then you should prepare for a hard enough job of capturing not only the mind but also the heart of the Scorpion.

However, whatever difficulties encountered at such a difficult journey to conquer a man born under such a passionate and controversial sign of the zodiac, always remember that you end up with one of the most loyal and sensitive life partner who will delight you with its bright senses than one year.

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