how to surprise her husband in bed


  • Method one: quickie
  • Method two: erotic cleaning
  • Method three: Star of the East
  • Method Four: unusual food
  • Method five: a variety of poses and ways to love

It would seem that long ago you made love almost every day and sometimes several times a day, and now suddenly find yourself thinking, trying to remember when was the last time? Husband increasingly prefer to get comfortable in front of the TV with a bottle of beer, rather than take the initiative and do you have sex? And you, what must be confessed, is not particularly burning desire for such a process. What's happening? What had happened to the erstwhile passion? The answer is very simple: it swallowed up the habit, routine and banal laziness. Do not worry, this does not mean that your relationship of love has disappeared. No, it was time to change something, to give a sense of some urgency and to return to you both former passion.

And this is not so difficult, especially as we are willing to give a lot of examples of how to refresh the long marital relationship. The best way is a romantic getaway or a weekend in a secluded spot, with no children, friends, and other distractions. But this opportunity is not for everyone and not always. Do not despair, because in addition to this there are many other ways to fill the emotional personal and intimate areas of life, for example, you can try to surprise her husband in bed. That is to do something different, unusual and therefore it is very intriguing and interesting. Tips on how to implement it, are presented to your attention in this article.

Method one: quickie

Making love without so-called foreplay in the form of kisses and caresses like a fragment from a brutal movie. If your sex life never took place in this scenario, then it's time to play it. The initiative must be completely in your hands, so act boldly and aggressively. For example, meet her husband after work in the home a short dress to wear on bare and nice-smelling body. During the dinner, make sure that the spouse you have noticed the lack of underwear. Be sure to follow the reaction from his side in the form of a phrase or gesture. Now it's your turn: to indulge in languid eyes, sit down on my knees to her husband, or if it is against the wall, walk up close and let him feel the warmth of your body.

Do not rush immediately directed toward the bedroom - stay in the kitchen, for quick sex, backed by the new situation, certainly want to repeat again. Do not wait for further action on the part of a spouse, because today you will surprise him. Sami remove her clothes and get rid of her beloved. Have sex on the desk, windowsill or a washing machine, just to the selected location to remind familiar surroundings. In the process of undressing say that ready for love right now that you are turned on by the whole terrible situation that you want her husband immediately and without preliminaries, and so on. You may need to have time to become an actress, but the result of this behavior will bring joy to his wife, and both of you will be able to enjoy new sensations in love. But do not overdo it, because the obvious falsity easy to distinguish.

It is well known that many men somehow want to have sex immediately after waking up. Your husband is no exception? Then try to surprise him, not simply yielding to the entreaties or losing persistence, and take the initiative on their own. Waking up, do not rush to jump up and rush to the kitchen. Instead, wake up my husband kisses, gentle touches and unambiguous hints. To his surprise modestly potupte eye and continue this game. When a man understands the seriousness of your intentions, then I am happy to support it, and bring to a logical ending. This will allow both of you to start the day well, which will be attended by pleasant memories and that it is likely, in the evening it's your turn to be surprised pleasantly.

 to surprise her husband in bed

Method two: erotic cleaning

Of course, a rare day off every average family do without mandatory household chores: cooking, cleaning, washing and so on. And what prevents you to turn all this into an interesting game with sexual overtones? If you have kids, send them a couple of days to his grandmother, and tell your husband on the eve of themselves that are going on Saturday to arrange a spring cleaning and waiting on him for help. He's probably hard to breathe, but it will only increase the intrigue. Start the morning of the day not in the traditional robe and beautiful lingerie. You can also tie an apron. This will create an unusual image of erotic and sexy maid. Surprised by the question of her husband or a deaf ear, or briefly said: "It's hot! ".

Now get to work: coffee cook, cook breakfast, wipe dust, Vacuum and so on. At the same time do not forget to take all sorts of seductive pose, demonstrating her body with the best side. Surely timid husband surprised a few minutes later replaced solicitations leave the cleaning and do more enjoyable things. Do not settle immediately for the species poupryamtes, inflamed his imagination and desire. But you know the measure, because the spouse may "burn out."

Method three: Star of the East

Again, I would like to remind about the proper way of seduction - a striptease. But! The triviality of such actions can be successfully brighten Eastern accent. To do this, you will need to master the basic elements of dance Muslim houris - priestesses of love and pleasure. And buy a nice suit with a colorful Arabic elements. But the most important thing is that you have to get rid of the embarrassment, if hitherto present in your intimate relationship with her husband.

Some women considered themselves unattractive and fat, shy of the figure and prefer to have sex, or under the covers or in the dark. God forbid, the spouse will notice its flaws and grow cold to her! Many wives who behave this way are often not even aware of the fact that by doing so make a man believe in the loss of its former appeal.

There are women who, fearing to spoil your hair, make-up or mash a new blouse, men are not allowed to once again touch him. Those wives who from childhood were taught that sex - is a sinful activity, with age start to show by their behavior that lovemaking they are not interested. Is it any wonder that men run away from such women. After all, they are the first to appreciate their wives kindness and sincerity, and eventually face a sham.

Therefore, take into service only positive life examples and do not represent the inaccessibility do not show disgust and avoids unnecessary modesty. Remember that it is confident in his own irresistibility helps not to lose interest in the eyes of the one person who has lived a certain number of years together. And if for this you need to learn belly dance, feel free to Decide upon a similar experiment, the more he will have favorable effect on your figure.

Just imagine: a tired husband returns from work, not expecting any surprises from the usual evening in front of TV, but instead of his house, you meet - a mysterious and passionate Oriental woman. Undressing, bathed in a fragrant bath, feed something delicious from our own hands and entertain the dance of passion. The surprise and novelty of sensations are guaranteed to you both!

You do not want the East? Choose for yourself the other way: the nurses, boss or young nymphet with seductive forms. The main thing is that it suits you and looked sexy and funny. If you possess a certain boldness, visit a sex shop. Perhaps the range of products for adults give you some idea of ​​what exactly can surprise and please her husband in bed.

 to surprise her husband in bed

Method Four: unusual food

Borsch, steak and fried potatoes - a satisfying menu, but, you see, usually up to mouth. If this or something like this dinner every day you meet her husband from work, do not expect enthusiasm. Most likely, your spouse, in the end, think about your poor imagination, and this alarm bell. So let's change tactics. At leisure, take up the study of dishes, which include products with aphrodisiacs. This will not only surprise the wife of gourmet food, but also allow him to look at you in a new way. Prepare husband seafood dinner or entertain a delicious dessert made of chocolate, bananas and strawberries, and enjoy a drink before going to bed of ginger and honey.

The fact that aphrodisiacs contained in such foods, it can strengthen the sexual desire and awaken the dormant passion, especially with regular use of them in the diet. But try not to overfeed the spouse, unless you want to, instead of a passionate night he simply fell asleep as soon as his head touched the pillow. You will be able to surprise even the wife of the usual scrambled eggs for breakfast, submitting her to bed with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice and warm croissant. If you're in this seductively licking her lips and show their rounded shapes at the neckline silk peignoir, the husband surely thank you for showing imagination and great food in a definite manner.

You can choose another way. By the time the husband set up the apartment on the floor small candles so that they were a road leading from the threshold to the bed. The bedroom offers light dinner, put a dish with fruit and sweets. Sami is also located on a bed in a luxury lingerie with bright makeup, taking particularly seductive pose. The background to this case may well be a good erotic movie. Barely crossed the threshold of the apartment, the spouse has to be surprised.

But do not give up at once his desire to love you, prolong exciting game in seduction. Tie her husband's eyes and feed him using his hands and lips. But do not articulate what exactly are going to treat in one time or another - even guess himself, focusing only on their own taste of the association. This "blindness" really sharpens the senses, so do not rush to remove the blindfold spouse, pat it and let fondle himself. So you only inflame and arouse interest in giving play to his imagination.

Method five: a variety of poses and ways to love

Often, existing for a long time married couples partners for some reason forget how diverse and emotional they had premarital sex. Of course, it is promoted by sleeping in the next bedroom, children, fatigue, personal problems and so on. Simply put, lovemaking lose the original meaning to give each other pleasure and become a normal way to relieve stress. Well, almost like the need to eat to satisfy hunger, or sleep to feel rested.

Can this change? Of course, yes. Only, again, not without some effort on your part. We are sure that you know all about sex? Take the time to argue and look-ka in the notorious "Kama Sutra." Described there postures and techniques of sex certainly will awaken your imagination and create a plan for the next night of love. And it could be the beginning of a romantic dinner with beautiful light dishes such as cheese plate with grapes and salad with seafood. The perfect complement serve chilled wine or champagne - it will allow you to relax and tune in to a nice wave.

The atmosphere of romance will help create flickering candles and good music. Buy specially for this night erotic lingerie is best to choose a color that before her husband did not see you. No harm will be beautiful and fresh bed. It is these attributes will cause both of you desire to make love slowly and carefully. If we manage to send their children to the grandparents, then you do not have to contain their emotions at bay to be heard by them. After kissing transition to a more frank affection, and ask his wife to try new poses. Do not hesitate, act with confidence, do not be afraid, if something does not work, or even cause a laugh. It is not demonstrations, and a night of love with near and dear to her husband, who knows everything about you, but is not averse to discover something new.

Even if none of the above methods to surprise husband you will not want to include the imagination, you may well be able to invent something of their own. Hit one person lived a long time, it is not so difficult, because you already know what he likes. Sometimes it is enough simply to try to remember what exactly was your lovemaking at the beginning of the relationship, and to revive them again. Do you want to change? Take the first step, and my husband just do not back down, and happily go to a meeting, pleasantly surprised by your sincerity.

Do not forget to pay attention to their appearance, always worry about the smoothness of the skin, clean hair and so on. If necessary, sign up for fitness. This will allow you to feel more confident. Beautiful erotic underwear should be bought not only Valentine's Day and March 8, but just in the mood to have something to surprise. Banal Council to remain a mystery for her husband at any time of life, oddly enough, gives a good result. So do not let life turn you into troubles troubled woman of indeterminate age. Stay blooming and beautiful as the first day of our acquaintance with her husband. And then he will always have a reason to wonder and amaze you.

 How to surprise her husband in bed: correct methods of seduction

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