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Of course, sex - it's great; but did you know that an active sex life can greatly improve our health? If you ask the experts, they will call a lot of examples, of which becomes obvious benefit of sex for all women. What exactly does this mean?

Double "bonus": nice and helpful

The benefits of sex goes far beyond the bedroom. It turns out that she's so multifaceted, that we do not always able to imagine it. We women have a lot in common: we love to deliver the excitement desserts, adore sale at your favorite store, and all of us would not mind to look and feel younger and healthier.

Many of us are so obsessed with improving his appearance that we are investing a fortune in stocks, placed on the shelves of our dressing table and bathroom, as well as visits to gyms, doctors, nutritionists, healers ... But all we need to find wonderful tools that will give us a smooth skin, healthy, shiny hair, getting rid of the pain and just generally make us feel terrific - it's just a regular sex!

Yes this is true. The use of sex to the health and preservation of young people of both sexes are scientifically proven. We give several examples where not only fun, but also to use sex for a woman can be very significant:

  1. Sex helps to lose weight

    Of course, we should not neglect the training in the gym; if you regularly do, for example, on the treadmill, then engaged in further. But do not forget that sex is also considered a good exercise! Making love burn 70 to 150 calories per half hour. This is comparable with other types of physical activities such as yoga (114 calories per half hour), dancing (129 calories) or a brisk walk (153 calories) .And while you get an extra "bonus": sex helps your muscles to always be in a good tone . Sexual arousal and orgasm release the hormone testosterone, which is essential for building and maintaining bone and muscle tissue of women.

  2. Sex helps maintain the health of your heart

    By the way, if we talk about the benefits of sex, on the strengthening and improvement of the cardiovascular system are worth mentioning among the first. You probably know that heart disease have now become the number one killer. A healthy diet and maintaining low cholesterol levels in the blood - the shortest way to a healthy heart. And sex - is the load, which increases the heart rate and force of blood flow, heart muscle training and sosudy.Spetsialisty found that having sex twice or more a week reduced the risk of heart attack by half.

  3. Sex improves night's sleep

    What do you do when you can not sleep? If the tea of ​​chamomile or any other means you are no longer valid, you can help sex. Especially if sleep problems you are having because of increased anxiety or because of stress. Deep relaxation, which usually follows the orgasm in women, helps to fall asleep quickly and soundly. Many argue that love meet after their sleep is deeper and more refreshing.

  4. Sex is able to strengthen your immune system

    Despite our concerns about the possible attack of influenza viruses and colds, fight with them can be a waste of time. Surprisingly, the "event", which you will spend in the bedroom, can be much more effective, because it can significantly boost your immune system!

    American immunologists argue that people who have sex once or twice a week show a thirty percent higher than the level of the antibody immunoglobulin A, which is known to strengthen the immune system. Thus, to create for themselves in the cold season ritual: First, wash your hands often to remove germs with them, and secondly, often assign dating her husband in the bedroom.

  5. Sex can improve your mental health

    What is the fastest way to improve mood, overcome depression and kill causeless alarm? The answer is simple: having sex. Of course, now we mean relationship between people who love each other. Intimacy helps reduce cortisol levels (a hormone which is involved in the development of stress), and thereby reducing the likelihood of high blood pressure, gastric acid level and occurrence of hyperglycemia.

    Sex relieves stress and depression snizhet and especially fast this is happening just at women. But stress is a killer for both sexes. Speaking about the benefits of sex in dealing with stress and depression, we refer to this as a scientifically proven fact. Ejaculation Men promotes the development of their brain chemicals that allow him to experience a feeling of happiness. And for women who take a man's sperm, seminal fluid acts as a natural antidepressant and helps get rid of stress. People prone to depression, usually have sex very often. It's a trap, do not fall into it!

  6. Sex can relieve pain

    Hurry change the phrase, "No, dear, do not today! I have a headache "to this:" Honey, let's today? And then I have a headache! "The doctors explain that there is a real link between sex and pain relief. Because sexual arousal and orgasm in the body produces a hormone, oxytocin, which in turn leads to the release of endorphins. The latter have a chemical structure similar to morphine and are natural

    Thus, sex acts as a potent analgesic. And you can easily and quickly get rid of the pain, without the need to run to the drugstore and spend there a lot of money on expensive drugs. Why, when there is a more affordable and enjoyable way to get rid of the pain?

     the benefits of sex

  7. Sex helps to solve a problem with the bladder, is common among women

    This may sound strange, but experts say that lovemaking can really minimize incontinence. Experts recommend that women have long to do Kegel exercises (pelvic floor muscle tension), not only during the day and during urination, and during sex.

    These exercises will not only help enhance the fun, but also to strengthen the muscles, lethargy, which contributes to urinary incontinence. Sex itself also strengthens the muscles of the pelvic floor. Therefore, use a pleasant and useful activity for the solution of their problems.

  8. Love will give you healthy skin

    Does sex make women more beautiful and young? I do not doubt! During sex, your body produces a hormone called DHEA, which is not only able to help strengthen your immune system and decrease depression, but also runs the processes that cause your skin to rejuvenate and literally blossom. So is it worth spending money on pricey creams, if all you need is your own body? You just need to help him!

  9. Sex reduces the risk of breast cancer in women who have never given birth

    Studies have shown that the more a woman increases the frequency of sex, the more it reduces the risk of this terrible disease.

  10. Sex helps to distract from problems and feel happy

    It elevates mood, increases optimism and positive outlook on life. Of course, sex can not cure your problem, but it can change your attitude towards them. And where only often involved in "dancing" in the horizontal plane of the women come from strength to solve many problems ?!

  11. Sex and follow him an orgasm you can replace many drugs in the medicine cabinet

    We have already said that sex is able to get rid of headaches and protect you from colds and flu. And he can relieve nasal congestion, because it can be called a natural antihistamine. Sex can even help combat hay fever and asthma. Once you frolic under the covers, the release of the hormone stimulates the formation of new neurons in the part of the brain responsible for the sense of smell, and you start to smell better. Generally, after sex amplify all of your senses, including taste receptor activation.

    Sex can also help protect your teeth. It is provided when a woman takes a man's sperm. It contains minerals such as zinc and calcium that inhibit tooth decay. A selenium - component also present in the semen - can provide protection against cancer.

  12. Sex can just be your fountain of youth!

    To extend the life and increase vitality, you have quite a lot to deal with intima. Of course, especially true for men. Guys who are experiencing the culmination of sex twice a week, fifty percent lower chance of mortality than those who have an orgasm happens once a month. But women should not forget about the benefits of sex in the extension of the duration of his life.

  13. Sex causes that menses become more regular and less painful

    This is possible due to the fact that during sexual contact, and upon the occurrence of orgasm prevents stagnation of blood in the organs located in the pelvis. Women who rarely engaged in sex, too often patients of gynecological departments of hospitals.

  14. Sex increases the trust between the partners and reinforces the feeling of love

    The closeness between men and women is improved as they explore the bodies and desires of each other. With regular sexual intercourse is enhanced libido in both men and women - to make love more often, the more likely there will be a sexual desire.

After successful completion of both act in the body is released "happiness hormone" - oxytocin. This not only makes them euphoric, but also increases the desire to touch each other, hugging. Oxytocin, which is produced by the pituitary gland, you can still call the hormone of love and affection. The higher levels of oxytocin in a woman, the more she feels the care partner and an emotional connection with him, becoming in response to a caring and loving towards him. And the stronger becomes stronger attachment lovers.

For many people the feeling that they are loved, resulting in increased self-esteem and self-confidence. When you all right in bed, it's all right for you and in other aspects of life. So it takes on the health of love, to always feel good. The main thing - that was the desire, which is dependent primarily on the period of the menstrual cycle. "Blame" in this are the same hormones. By the way, some hormonal contraceptives alter female and block ovulation. That is why many of them have reduced sexual interest in the opposite sex. In this case it is better to consult your gynecologist and change a contraceptive.

 the use of sex

Full life, full sex

As a child, many of us said that the relations between the sexes - it is something from which we must stay away, or at least, never say 'about it. " Sensuality is an innate part of our existence, and girls are taught to drown her. By the time we become mature enough to start a sexual relationship, in our minds is firmly rooted idea that we should be "a good girl" and gives rise to the thought complexes and restraint. And this is very sad, because sexual pleasure, as we found out today, gives a great emotional and physical support to our body.

Fortunately, there is never too late to learn from the health benefits of sex. And for those women whose menopause, finally came the happy age, when you can enjoy sex without fear of becoming pregnant. And whoever you are - a young girl or a venerable lady - it's time for you to take your own libido and sex to see not only a source of pleasure, but also an opportunity to get the health benefits!

 The use of sex to the health and mental well-being woman

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