erotic dreams

Perhaps, almost all women at least sometimes, but dream erotic dreams. And sex in these dreams often occur not with her beloved husband. The proximity of a dream can happen to a colleague, friend, any celebrity, if not quite a stranger. Sometimes I wake up, we are even ashamed of that dream. Well, that's how it was possible, and even if in a dream, is to prevent, for example, with your boss or a friend? After all, in reality and in thought nothing like this!

In fact, the erotic dreams does not mean that we are sexually attracted to any particular person. Although it is, of course, also happens. In general, an erotic dream enables us to understand exactly what a loving relationship is preferable for us and what problems we have in reality exist. And understanding them allows us to understand your own body and your own aspirations.

Let's see what dream erotic dreams of one kind or another.

What is sex in a dream?

If our dreams for the sex partner is the one who in reality in his bed, we did not even think to see, it is an occasion to think about. In all likelihood, the reality in something does not suit us, but for some reason we do not want it to take note of. It is human nature to hide from some of the problems that, if you look, greatly complicate his life. Erotic dreams often act as a clear demonstration of these problems and the subconscious desire to be free from the burden of their decisions.

Sex in the dream can be anything. But more often it develops in five, the most common, scenarios. It:

  1. Sex with the ex-partner (former friend, ex-husband).

    This dream usually discourage us - we still do not forget the former ?! If it happens on a regular basis and is not repeated, it is not necessary to attach much importance to the dream. Most likely, it's just manifested itself, our memory of the past. And with the current life dream I have nothing to do. Then, when the dream frequently, it is more significant. Especially if we often see in real life, his long-time lover. However, this does not mean that we still have him any feelings (if we do not love him still, of course). Maybe we just can not forgive the former man past grievances or there are still unresolved problems with it.

    In general, sex in a dream with partners from the past associated with the desires that have been associated with these partners. Thus, the proximity of the dream with her ex-husband could mean the desire for a happy family life. A man who was not our husband - the dream of freedom by the family routine or exemption from boring work. And so on;

  2. Erotic dreams with your partner-celebrity.

    All of us are usually a little bit in love with some famous man. Therefore, these dreams usually are like the epitome of our secret desires. But they may also mean that we have not yet found the man of her dreams, the dreams and the subconscious in a way replaces it with celebrities. In addition, such dreams sometimes show our personality and the desire to be different from others. Or the desire to have something that is not available to us;

  3. Sex in the dream with someone who is unpleasant to us in life.

    Love relationships in the dream with those who we, in fact, the rejection does not mean that we are secretly attracted to this man. Most likely, it does have some qualities that we do not have, but want to have them. Perhaps, in spite of the hostility we still in something I want to look like a sexual partner's dream, even if it sickens. Therefore, you should consider what it does have is that we would like to have in himself.

    In addition to these dreams, if, for example, sex in them comes with a nasty colleague, can testify to the boring, boredom, that in his personal life that is not right;

  4. Sex with another woman.

    Erotic dreams of this kind, many women an easy cause panic. They are afraid that such dreams indicate latent lesbian tendencies. In fact, it is very rare. Apparently, a woman with whom we have sex in a dream, makes us the envy of either their professional achievements or appearance, communication skills, the ability to get out of the difficult situation ... and we would like in some issues to be like her. Such dreams may be, moreover, mean that your beloved man we exercise little attention, affection and care;

  5. Sex with a stranger.

    Typically, this is a very pleasant dreams in which sex gives quite a lot of fun. They usually mean that we have a rich imagination, and we tend to look for adventure. Often this kind of dreams see tired from the routine of everyday life of women. Rather, they want a stunning novelty, but changing something is not possible. Psychologists tend to think that these women have a good sense of humor.

    If you dream of sex with a stranger is happening in front of other people, it is the inner anxiety and restlessness. They may be due to a quarrel with her beloved man in real life, or some fear, including fear of intimacy;

  6. Erotic dreams in which a woman is in a man's body.

    Usually these dreams see those who want to experience that same feeling during sex man. After all, the representatives of the stronger sex dating only get a very different impression. And many of us very curious to know what it is in reality.

The area of ​​our dreams, in general, is a mystery. One thing is clear - the dreams often show or compensate for something that we do not have in real life. Erotic dreams - is no exception. Of course, if they see a lone, long time do not enter into an intimate relationship women dream is likely to talk about sexual dissatisfaction. And when these dreams regularly occur in the family or having a permanent partner of the fairer sex, it is worth considering - why? The reasons they are often some problems in real life. At the same time, one way or another, sex in a dream - a kind of gift. So let's enjoy it will secure the intima and not from complexes because of the fact that we allowed ourselves to dream too much!

 Erotic dreams. What do they dream of?

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 point g


  • The battle for the point G
  • How to find a magic point g

Location of the point g on the body of a woman - the topic discussed no less hot than the mystery of the Bermuda Triangle. What lasts decades this endless debate: Is there a point in fact, or is it a baseless fabrication. An army of men, proudly sticking out his chest and boast the ability to bring women to orgasm a madman, stimulating this magical spot. He also echoed by the representative of the female sex, assuring that they receive heavenly bliss through the point g on the body. But scientists have for a long time studied the body of a woman, shrug, saying that no such point does not exist, it's all fiction and folly.

The battle for the point G

In 1950, the German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg revealed to the world his discovery: it turns out, in a woman's vagina there is an extraordinary point of g, which is encouraging, it is possible to bring your partner to orgasm fabulous. Clusters of nerve fibers located on the front wall of the vagina - this is the place spoken of Grafenberg. Since then, it took many years, and women all over the world with anxiety and hope in his body sought the notorious point, hoping to experience the cosmic pleasure. Someone these searches were unsuccessful, while others, to my shame and horror, so did not find it a wonderful, exciting place.

Over 62 years have passed since the fateful discovery, produced numerous books, journal articles, and even training films with detailed instructions for finding and managing this point of enjoyment. It is believed that the size of the point ji vary on the size of a coin to desyatikopeechnoy five-ruble coin. However, despite the rather bold size, to find the point G is far from everything. In recent years, more and more pundits engage seriously study this "fun buttons" come to the conclusion that there is no point ji not exist in nature.

In early 2010, British scientists responsibly stated that their many years of research in the field of women's sexuality have put an end to the question of the reality of the point g. In their view, the existence of a secret place in a woman's vagina that could give her an unusual pleasure - nothing more than a myth! They urged women not fooling "the vain hope" for a wonderful treat. This brazen statement provoked a wave of protest by French scientists. They vehemently argued the opposite: there is a point g, more - about 60% of French women have long and successfully use it! "You just do not know how to find it! "- He grinned French counterparts over the prim British.

Those who do not remain in debt and had a large-scale study, which involved nearly two thousand women, all of whom were twins. The British wisely reasoned that since the point ji there have one girl, then, based on the generality of the genotype will be a point and her sister. But the mysterious "button" could find itself with only a few, and that only those who because of their erudition knew of its existence. The same beauty that is not interested in such reading matter, no miracle at the point, no matter how beat, so did not find.

The French have once again raised the British laugh, joined by scientists from Italy and the US. They were all convinced that there is little point g in most physically healthy women. Moreover, the Italian professor of endocrinology, a specialist in the study of sexual dysfunctions Emmanuel Giannini, has developed a special scanning device designed to accurately detect the presence of the point G on the body of women. Although she found a total of 20 women who volunteered to undergo such a test, the result is still encouraged: the point was found as much pleasure in 9 women!

The Americans have gone further: they offer all interested girls and women increase the area of ​​the point ji artificially! Total of $ 1,500 to the anterior vaginal wall is injected with a special solution designed to obtain enormous pleasure during intimacy. And let, according to American doctors, prick the short duration effect, but the effect of it - simply stunning. Women's sexuality is multiplied, allowing the ladies to feel unheard sensation. Now, among the modern women on the other side of the ocean is fashionable not only to increase the lips and breasts, and "pump" their own vagina injections to point g.

 Point G

How to find a magic point g

It does not matter whether you believe in the existence of a mysterious point - in any case, it is worth trying to find it and to test the theory of Mr. Graferberga personally. It is believed that it is located on the front wall of the vagina to a depth of about 3 cm. Find it needs at the moment, when you are completely calm and relaxed. For example, after a great sex vaginal wall are particularly sensitive, and the chances of finding a magic point increase manifold.

The most convenient way to start search "button fun" together with a partner: lying on your back, bend your knees and let the man enter her fingers in your private parts. Absolutely it is useful to stimulate the clitoris at the same time, so you'll experience double the fun from the process. As soon as the G point is found, the partner should gently press on it. At this time the muscles in your vagina will shrink - as it occurs during orgasm. At such moments, the woman feels with what incomparable pleasure.

On the other hand, point G, you can try your own search. Nothing prevents you plunge your fingers into the vagina and to move them in search of a magical place. To process was enjoyable, do it in the bathroom or in the shower - there your body will be relaxed and ready to receive pleasure. Perhaps, at first your feelings may not be very pleasant, in this case it is necessary to change the rhythm of the finger movement and pressure. After a while you will feel a great pleasure from experiencing sensations.

So there is a point g in fact, or is it just a fabulous myth designed to completely confuse the puzzled women? As always, the truth is somewhere in the middle. Although none of the scientists could not prove the existence of this point on the body of a woman, but one hundred percent of its absence has not yet been confirmed. So feel free to experiment with your body and looking for a new source of pleasure. Who knows, maybe, you have a wonderful point ji not only exists, but is ready to give you a heavenly delight!

 Point g: Fact or Fiction

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