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  • General recommendations
  • Choosing a training regime
  • Where should I train?
  • General rules of the race
  • Work hand and body position
  • Working feet
  • How quickly learn the technique?

To understand how to properly run, should study in detail the features of approaches to the development of training programs. Running is useful because when overcoming large distances work all muscles of the body. The positive effect of exercise on the heart have, as well as the unit of the musculoskeletal system. As a result, it optimizes the operation of the nervous system, metabolic processes are activated, ventilation is performed, the blood is enriched with oxygen to burn fat. How correctly to start running?

The basis of any training - the right way to workout.

The task - to warm up the body. If you do not, then the first 10 minutes of running will certainly go on heating, while the calories burned will not. But the main danger - more likely to injure your muscles. Therefore, it is important to complete the exercises before the race, known to all of the school curriculum.

Warm-up does not take much time, but with the help of the effect of exercise increases significantly. It is not necessary to overload yourself to a run, but the package should be sufficient so that the muscles warmed up. Start better with circular motions knees poluprisedany and jumps and attacks to finish the legs back and sides.
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General recommendations

To understand how to start running, it is recommended to use breathing technique. That it reveals the basic principles of training. The most common mistake - holding your breath. And it should be free. The technique is simple. Every 4 steps breathe in, then through step 4 - an exhalation. Breathe in through the nose is made, and exhale through the mouth. It is important that breathing was rhythmic.

How many beats per minute the heart produces it depends on the overall condition of the body. The pulse should be monitored. The optimum number of strokes is calculated by a simple formula. It is necessary to subtract 220 from your age and multiply the resulting number by a factor of 0, 6. This is the lower limit of the allowable number of strokes. The upper limit is calculated using the same formula, only the coefficient taken equal to 0, 8. If the number of strokes over the settlement, the body works hard. If less, the training is not effective. It is important to consider all the recommendations when running, while health problems will not be. The correct approach to the sport - the key to long life.

Novice runners is recommended to buy a special device to measure heart rate. Then you can record readings before and after the run, as well as control how many beats per minute makes the heart during exercise. If the pulse rate after a stop over at the start recorded more than 60%, the load should be reduced. The same can be done also in the case when the pulse is not restored within 30 minutes.

Learning how to run - half the battle. Shoes can cause the development of diseases associated with back and leg joints. If after a jogging felt pain in the feet, it is the first sign that the shoes are not suitable for such training. Shoes should not be free. It is better if the sole is thick, made of a soft resilient material. It is recommended to choose shoes that are tagged with the inscription «running». Last but not least, how to sew clothes. It should not hamper the movement, it has to be cut free. The material is lightweight, quick-drying. You should not wear synthetic clothes for training. The body may appear sweating, possible allergic reactions.

 warm-up before a run
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Choosing a training regime

Do you want to lose weight faster? The result depends not only on how many rounds overcome, but also the mode. If you practice enough, you should start to jog for 20 minutes without stopping. The tempo has to be such that there was no discomfort. Runnings should be done regularly, at least two times a week. Initially, tiredness, but after some time the body gets used, and each subsequent exercise becomes easier. Subsequently, the muscles begin to require regular jogging. The distance should be increased gradually. How much exercise should last? The minimum time is 40 minutes, and the maximum - 1 hour. To properly run, it is necessary to pay attention to the body's response. There was a pain? It is better to finish the workout.

How to run to lose weight: For starters, it turns out to work, they are encouraged to consult with specialists. Often recommended interval mode. Its essence is that the rate varies depending on the distance covered: walking is replaced by jogging, jog on the "crazy" pace, and so on. D. This approach is the best, as the fat is dissolved at the time when the body is loaded with the maximum. How long such training depends on the individual. However, interval mode is not recommended for people suffering from heart failure.

Jogging ineffective, because at the moment this is only jogging burns glycogen. He recovers quickly. If the interval of the regime has to give up, the workout should last at least 40 minutes. Only after this time the body begins to actively burn fat. There are forces that want to lose weight faster? Select the interval mode. It is believed that after the training the body for some time continue to burn fat.
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Where should I train?

It is better if the training is carried out in the fresh air, because while jogging lungs ventilated. They all fall steadily inhale, because forbidden to run near the highway. It is better if the track is located in a park, field, park or forest. The coating must be dirt, but not asphalt or concrete. If it is impossible to find such a place, it is better to buy a treadmill. It is a good shock absorption, you can choose a convenient width and length. The rate should be adjusted as functions of running mode selection.

Few know how to run to lose weight, you need to choose the best time to practice. Best morning jog. Make it should be from 6:30 to 7:30. We know that in this time the body takes great exercise. However, there are other peaks of activity: from 11 to 12 h .; from 16 to 18 hours. If the main goal - to lose weight, it is best to run in the evening. After all, during the day the body most of the energy spent, it is easier to burn fat reserves. Lose happen? Requires only maintain weight? It is better to move on the morning jog. It is more useful.

 the general rules of the race
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General rules of the race

Properly trained, you can start only in the case if you do not ignore the recommendations of experts. Be sure to drink plenty of water. The body displays the intense liquid, it must be recharged. To do this, every 5 minutes mouth moistened with water. Not superfluous for these purposes will be the preparation of a special drink for athletes. The recipe is simple: To 1 liter of water to dissolve 3 teaspoons of fructose. A good alternative would be normal and water subjected to filtration. How much fluid you should drink depends on the distance and the individual characteristics of the organism. He will tell you how much water it needs.

Correct running is only possible on an empty stomach. You can eat two hours before your workout. After the run is carried out special exercises for breathing. It is important to remember that physicians should endorse such an approach to the improvement of the body. There are a number of contraindications. Reject the run must not only people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, and those with diagnosed problems with the musculoskeletal system, malfunction of the respiratory system, varicose veins, and even poor vision. It is necessary to consult a doctor, and if a positive recommendation should be adjusted diet.
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Work hand and body position

So how to run does not mean just to breathe correctly, consider the features of the hands. It depends on them the movement of the legs. Beginners often when running holding hands around the chest or on the contrary they are working intensively. However, the motion should not be sweeping, as is often done girl. Waving his hands to the side, a man unwittingly changes the position of the feet that knocks the breath makes it difficult to move.

During jogging the shoulder belt should be relaxed, arms close to the body, they do not sit back and not "scattered" on the sides like a rope. Brush a little collected in a fist, but the tension in his hands should not be. Arms bent at the elbow, a sharp angle. They should work along the body back and forth, but not too intense, focusing on tempo runs. When Mahe brush located at the back of the body at the bottom of the rib cage. When Mahe forward they rise up to the midline of the chest. The faster work with your hands, the faster will be to overcome the distance. However, an important role in training and playing posture.

You can not stoop, lift up the shoulders, lean forward, as a result of shorter step, there is a possibility of falling. The head should not look down, look should be directed to them. Do not be "clamped", is necessary to exclude excess stress, strain, only those muscles that are involved in the training, the other relaxed. And do not run during the bounce, or energy spent on jumps, not to overcome the distance.

 jogging outdoors
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Working feet

To understand how to run properly, you must understand, from what phase is running. First - pushing. Then the body goes into flight. Next landing. During the phase of flight distance is eliminated. Running should be a straight line, the hip should not wobble, the feet do not have to throw in hand. Landing should be only on the basis of fingers, feet, while a little bend in the knees. Once the base of the fingers touched the ground, the heel is lowered. Must wake up the entire surface of the foot, but not the toe.

This technique allows for depreciation, which reduces the risk of injury. Landing on the heel causes a shock wave, resulting in the whole body is shaking. That's right - the toe touch the ground first and only then the heel. So used dampening properties, these human nature. After landing, the foot is placed under the body, not on the side of the center of gravity. If the foot is thrown forward, the runner literally "bumps" on it. This greatly hinders the movement makes the tough training. Landing on the heel and toe throwing forward - the main mistakes beginners.

Once the foot is taken body weight, followed by a new phase - pushing. Stop at this time actively working by increasing thrust. After pushing back leg bent at the knee, is carried forward and down. It is important to remember that the foot touches the ground when carrying legs over. If you happen to touch the end of the transfer foot forward, then the runner stumbles or begin shuffling along the ground. By following these simple tips you will easily understand how to run you.

Do not hard to beat the foot on the ground. Correct movement noiseless. Otherwise spent an enormous amount of energy wasted. Each step into another smoothly, like a runner slides on the track. Steps in this should not be long, it is better if they are frequent. If the distance is long, 3 steps per second - that is necessary. Speed ​​does not depend on the length of the step, and the force with which push is made.

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How quickly learn the technique?

To better understand how to land on the toe, you should make exercise: Runner stands straight, his hands folded, begins running in place. He landed on the toe, feet pounding the earth not. At the site needs to be done at a pace of 20 steps running, followed by a very slow progress. Gradually built up speed, thus it is necessary to make sure that the landing was carried out on the toe with a subsequent transition to the heel. The foot is not thrown forward, the foot is put under him, made a push. All movements monolithic, uniform, without unnecessary movements. Proper technique works with his hands and feet, as well as the correct position of the body - that's what you need when running.

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