male orgasm

Features female orgasm today are interested in almost all mankind. They discuss various women's magazines, working on them pundits, talk about them thoughtfully amateurs. Everyone already knows that such a notorious point G, and can be distinguished from the clitoral orgasm vaginal orgasm. At the same time the male orgasm somehow remains on the sidelines. Like, why talk about it? What is really easier to obtain it because the men, unlike women, special efforts were made not required. However, with the male orgasm it is not so easy as it seems at first glance. And now we see why.

Features of orgasm in men

First a little anatomy. If women contribute the highest peak of pleasure clitoris and vagina, the male orgasm are responsible for directly penis, prostate and testes. The process consists of a male orgasm:

  • Phase excitation, in which the blood rushes to the penis, an erection occurs, the testicles are lifted and increase in size. Quickens the heartbeat, swollen nipples;
  • Stages of a further increase in the penis and testicles, and their full lift. The head of the penis can become crimson;
  • Step orgasm in which sperm is ejected from the duct. It is accompanied by blurred consciousness of men;
  • Stages of loss of erection, in which the testicles descend and scrotum relaxed.

What we're talking about all this? And besides, to understand that for normal men, unlike women, simultaneous multiple orgasms almost impossible. Just as impossible and orgasm ejecting semen. If this happens, it is quite possible to be classified as pathological. However, some men can pretend to orgasm, and then eject the sperm will not. How to distinguish these malingerers? In that case, they continue after orgasm intercourse or more ready for it, we can assume that the partner - the porch. Because the stronger sex, to really experience the peak of pleasure, need rest to recuperate. And after a normal erection orgasm usually subsides almost immediately.

However, there is a technique of male multiple orgasm. But for her, we will not talk, and talk better about what factors affect the strength and intensity of the male orgasm.

 male orgasm

Bright orgasm in men

We still argue about the brightness of female orgasms, totally forgetting that our dear men do not always feel the same sexual intercourse pleasure. Sometimes it is stunning, and sometimes - yes, exactly - listless, barely perceptible. And then like a man performs duty in bed, not dipped in a sea of ​​pleasure. In this case, you should not be offended favorite, considering that it is cold, or dreams of someone else. Just this is the feature of male orgasm - even upon the occurrence of ejaculation may be weak and short-lived.

On the strength and power of the male orgasm is influenced by many factors. Dear can perenervnichal, tired, to be on their toes ... But you never know what else! Today's rapid life is not always conducive to obtaining the full pleasure of sex. Nevertheless, there are certain methods by which you can make our intimate lives of the highest quality. What kind of tricks?

  1. Abstinence. Male orgasm after long abstinence becomes especially intense and bright. So do not demand that their favorite part of sex. It is better to flirt with him as if from a distance, not allowing himself to get too close. You can, for example, to talk about their sexual desires by phone or ICQ accidentally expose them to the thigh or breast, dressing for work, seems to be inadvertently hurt his hip in a public place and so on. In short, the teasing, but only just. Grain sown in a man of desire over time will grow into a powerful, bright orgasm. It should be remembered that excessive abstinence is harmful because it can cause problems with erection and ejaculation;
  2. Pulling final intercourse. For men, the prelude is no less important than for women. Her length affects the strength of the male orgasm. To create a good basis for this, the woman should start with sensual, slow strokes back partner, then go to the gentle caresses nipples, neck, and others. Excellent help to delay the final and short breaks in sexual intercourse, and sex in a pose "rider." Foster bright male orgasm penis squeezing his hand at the moment when ejaculation seems inevitable;
  3. Spontaneous sex. Sex without further ado could not be more contributes to the manifestation of the male animal instinct. Suddenly provoke a man on a sex is possible anywhere: in the elevator, on the threshold of his apartment, which he had just step over, he returned to work in a train compartment and so on. If the man himself is the instigator of spontaneous sex, women would be appropriate to have a little resistance at first. Representatives of the stronger sex like to win, and victory over the link between the woman and the male orgasm is the bright line.

 Appliances male multiple orgasm

In addition to all these techniques, there are some rules that enhance the brightness of orgasm in men. Rule one: in its offensive in any way be distracted favorite. Whatever happens in this moment, someone enters the room or start an earthquake, an orgasm still happen. Stop it impossible. Another thing is how it will be qualitative and stunning. Therefore, you should not do during the supreme bliss partner something unexpected and sharp - it hurt him to reach the highest peak of pleasure.

The second rule for a stunning male orgasm: this time the Lady should focus all their attention on a man's penis. When the excitement reaches its peak, the main and almost the only erogenous zone in men is the penis. To orgasm was qualitative, with his approach a man instinctively chooses a pose conducive to the best stimulation of the penis and most dense compression. His mates to learn that it is desirable to reduce the vaginal muscles. If she repeats such reductions during sexual intercourse, especially when the male orgasm, the partner seems as if his penis is compressed by hand.

Rule three: to man was a special feeling in the moments of peak pleasure, the woman is desirable to pay more attention to its specific erogenous zones. Of course, that these areas need to know. Each representative of the stronger sex they own. Most of them are the testicles, which gives a gentle stroking men untold pleasure. Sometimes special nipples are erogenous zone, neck, earlobe. Some men are very excited when the Lady sucking his fingers.

Rule Four: very deep male orgasm is usually the one in which the Lady also received exceptional satisfaction. I must say that this rule does not always work, but in most cases - exactly. In general buzz that gets a man to have sex, is directly related to satisfaction of his ego. That is why many of the stronger sex is very important orgasm partner. Ego should be pretty - it coped with its task, causing a woman to convulse of pleasure. In this attitude toward sex has a negative side: when a woman is, for whatever reason, can not have an orgasm, sexual intercourse for her partner becomes a torment. To avoid this, from time to time the Lady must take the initiative to give the man a break.

The peculiarity of the male orgasm is more vivid and that they depend on the mood and on the environment. At that moment a man becomes completely defenseless. If the situation is not conducive to full transparency, an orgasm or not be complete, or do not come at all. And when a man before intercourse suffered stress or he, for example, problems at work, the normal sex often can not imagine. What really is an orgasm if the stress glans becomes dry and painful!

In general, the behavior of many men during orgasm bright specific. Most of them are frantically shakes and groans, but some growl, bite, cry and even swearing loudly. No wonder - the orgasm reveals the deep emotions that, in the absence of mind control, splashes out. Women should not be afraid of such a burst of feelings. He suggests that the partner is currently indescribably good. It is necessary only when it is the male orgasm, stronger pressed to his beloved that he could fully enjoy this, as discussed earlier in Russia, "a miracle marvelous, marvelous divom."

 The male orgasm. Features male sensuality

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 How to seduce a man

Some people believe that the soul of man is reflected in his eyes, and you can define the character of the voice and intonation. It turns out, is important not only the appearance of man, but also as a sound intonation and timbre of his voice. Arrogant, cold, they can push. Warm, friendly - on the contrary, to draw. This fact can be actively used when communicating with men. Yes, they love the eyes, however, and the voice of women also attach great importance. If we know how to seduce a man voice, we will be able to seduce him. Even if our appearance does not quite match the taste of the man. It is no accident that the stronger sex like phone sex. The main thing - to know what should be the tone in a particular case.

Women's tone of voice and its modulation may make a man melt. But they can make him wish that lady numb. We think that the tone of voice is given to us by nature, and it will not change? This is not quite true. Each of us has a voice range, and we can control it. One has only to want to seduce a man. Let's see how our voices are on the stronger sex.

Female voice. The effect on men

Most of the men are of the opinion that all sounds sexier low, velvety feminine voice. Seduce a man a woman, having a voice, quite easily. Lady with hemmed velvet timbre is perceived as a self-sufficient, self-confident person. It seems to be unavailable. What normal man would want her to win?

Very exciting male voice breathy. Binding word with light sighs, she can talk about anything. Young man listening to her speech, any nonsense accept with enthusiasm. After all, breathing is a sign of sexual interest in a woman in a man.

Many men are impressed and high, shrill female voice, because it is associated with youth. He especially attracts those of boys who like to play the father's role in the relationship. However, if a woman is too high, shrill voice, he pushes everyone, without exception, men.

It's hard to win a man and a loud, sharp voice, which sounds metal. He gives the impression that the owner of this voice tends to prevail and wishes to command. How to seduce a man's voice mandative, subordinates? Is he an inveterate sissy and looking for a woman needed to support themselves.

Enchant the true representative of the stronger sex appropriate tone of voice can almost every woman. Do not think that since by nature is not given, so is not given. Our voice changing regular exercise and attention to intonation. What can you do to seduce men speech?

How to make a seductive voice

In order to make our voice for magnetic male does not necessarily have excellent vocal. As we have said, it is possible to make sex with the help of constant training. For a start, we write the speech on tape and listen to how it sounds. Then, try to determine what needs to change in our voice and manner of speaking. The voice can be heard, or uncertainty, we too often make unnecessary pauses? These fuzzy, ingratiating tone? The voice is the metal? All this is not suitable for seducing men and with it must be fought.

Let's take a look and listen to the news presenter leads. Then we find in a newspaper or online any article and read it aloud, re-recording on tape. Compare your own speech with the speech presenter. There are significant differences? Again, we recite an article on the recorder again compare. Repeat this exercise as long as our manner of speech will not be the most similar to the style of driving. Then you can try to record his speech in various intonations and with a different mood. Recorded? And now listen to and choose the record, where our voice is soft and penetrating. Then we practice, repeating several times a day some phrases in the same tone and pace and with the same modulation.

Now imagine that we're trying to seduce a man date. Make your voice is warmer, velvety, tender. To do this, remove the tightness in it. It usually takes place after a person drinks a bit of alcohol. If we know this condition, remember it. If not, do the following exercise. Put a hand on your stomach sticks out his tongue and breathe so that during inhalation air enters the stomach. Repeat this exercise as long as it gives them a feeling remember.

Then we try to say something in a deep breath. No need to speak loudly. Suffice distinct and well audible whisper that then do a little louder. Words need to articulate clearly, in a measured pace. Fast stupid it can knock interlocutor confused, and that when a man seducing us to anything. Male sex attracted smooth, with a slight gasp, she said. It is desirable that in her voice more and present hoarseness.

We train every day, trying to make the tone of voice the most sexy. To find the right tone, you can represent yourself in the morning and gently purring cat ten minutes. It is not necessary, making the voice of sex, breaking it. The main thing is that we learn to speak with sensual, passionate intonation. Then seduce men hear not words, but the melody of our phrases. Chatting with him to sincerely expressive, putting soul into every word. Fake it pushes and strains.

 how to seduce a man

Here are a few techniques, reliably operating in the man's imagination:

  • Speaking in a whisper and half-whisper. Such speech is associated in the minds of men from the intima. And to seduce a man, something he whispering, quite easily;
  • Isolation particularly significant words pauses. Men listen attentively women just over twenty seconds. Pause again help to attract their attention;
  • Warm, smiling like intonation. It is at seducing men perceived as sexual;
  • Inspired by a conversation. Inspiration in a conversation demonstrates the interest of women by men;
  • Relaxed body. Looseness makes voice soft, gentle, enveloping.

Communicating with a man, do not make unnecessary, unjustified intervals of silence. So they work, our favorite, during the break in the conversation is lost. Men's thinking is inherent in following logic. The sudden silence of women contributes to this thinking disorder and chaos. As a result, all of our efforts to seduce men can go awry. This is especially true of our first meeting.

Talk to the man on the first date

The seduction of men on the first date, there are some nuances. So, if we want to seduce a strong man does not hurt to look gentle, a little helpless. Emphasize our insecurity will help calm, measured voice melody. In a speech to the presence of undesirable harsh words and phrases. We try to make it possible more vivid, emotional and fresh. And when we seduce men weak and accommodating, as appropriate, on the contrary, to emphasize self-reliance. The voice may well slip power notes in question - some superiority. Too far, of course, not worth it. So we do not seduce a man and scared. But to demonstrate his self-sufficiency is necessary.

Getting seduced men, pay attention to your body language. It should match the tone of voice and melody voices. A very active and looks ridiculous dramatically gesticulating woman talking charmingly-sexy. Equally obvious disharmony distasteful and contrary to the rules of seduction men.

Speaking on the first date with a man dreams, do not talk about their problems and prevent the emergence of voice plaintive and pleading tone. They usually irritate men. Negative effect on their consciousness and excessive voice assertiveness, coupled with aggression. How to seduce a man in the conversation? Better often soft and intimate to say compliments. Already some of the stronger sex do not get tired to listen!

Anyway, let's be smaller on the first date talk. And if you say something, you pronounce each word intimate, gently, gently beckoning. Let our voice awakens in man the desire to cuddle, not a desire to understand the meaning of what was said. Logical effort of mind extinguish a surge of emotion. Do we want this? We will argue later, after seduce a man of dreams. And on the first date to hear any more, eyeing, we appreciate. Who knows, maybe this is not our prince.

Our or ours, and training of voice and speech is always useful to us. Velvet and soft, and it will help in their personal lives and in the professional sphere. With a beautiful voice, we can not just seduce a man, but to create a good career. So let's give him more attention, train, adjust, modulate. And then the whole world will be in our pocket!

 How to seduce a man

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