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  • What is the sex appeal?
  • Develop internal Sexuality
  • We develop the physiological sexuality

Sex appeal, sex appeal ... Well, what a normal woman does not want it she had a kind of internal charm, deadly influencing the strong half of humanity? Sure, each of us exclaim: "I want to be the most beautiful girl, maddening of all men! "We run the salons, buy a stunning clothes are recorded in clubs, struggling to become sexy and ... nothing happens. Men still look at us with empty eyes, go crazy with some unremarkable simpleton. Why ?! How to become a sexual woman not only in bed, but just in everyday life? Where is she hiding this mysterious sex appeal?

What is the sex appeal?

Sex appeal - this is not a character trait that can be developed. And it is not a physical quality that can be corrected, pump up, embellish. Sex appeal - it is something elusive, inexplicable, desirable, but not every one of us, unfortunately, given by nature. Moreover, the lack of sex appeal at all observed everywhere. Why else would we have to dress in the calling clothes, flirting, ogle these stubborn men, trying to push them to the activity? Which, actually, is a male pre-emptive right.

Well, let's leave the rights of half of mankind alone. In the end, it's up to them, use them or not. It is better to think about how to behave in order to have an incredibly wanted the man who we like. How to become sexy and more attractive to him? Well, here's how to attract his attention? Ask a cigarette, to pretend that need a man's help, to walk in front of him, swinging her hips provocatively, sit sexy arched and his legs in the leg? Of course it is possible. However, all these things women often fail. And it is not because men are impenetrable or something do not understand. All they understand our razlyubeznye. Just kind of do not notice so awkward and compulsive sexual appeal. Why is that? Yes, everything is very simple.

First, a woman may not like. Well, do not say it directly, then: "Leave me alone, my dear, you are not attracted to me?" This allowed us to sniff and send away those who do not like. And they, by virtue of a civilized education is not necessary. Secondly, even knowing that the sexy woman throws a challenge, men are often afraid to accept it. It is we, the naive, thinking that guy is incredibly nice to run on a date with a beautiful girl, to drive us out to restaurants, to try to shine with wit and more. And for him all this extra trouble, stress, problems, waste time and money - and no more. If we are not hooked so that the brain is turned off, the sexual instinct raged and make you forget about everything. Besides us, of course. And for this we need that? Correctly. To do that we have a stronger sex appeal.

No, you can, of course, put on a dress with a deep neckline and obsessive man show all their feminine charms, openly ogle. Such shifts are often triggered. But not for long. The men quickly lose interest in a woman with artificial sex appeal. But if sex appeal natural, he is able to chain a man to a woman forever. Even if she does not possess the intelligence and has no special external advantages. Next to such a woman most intelligent man suddenly becomes stupid, the most daring - timid, very shy - smeleet most miserly become generous and so on.

But what if nature has not granted such means power over members of the stronger sex? Always portray the sexy lady and suffer when you throw another admirer? Or even put on a cross and grab that arm podvernёtsya? Not at all. Natural sexuality in itself can develop. How? That's what we are, and we'll talk.

 how to become a sexy woman

Develop internal Sexuality

So we have said that the true sex appeal has nothing to do with overly revealing clothing, handsome features, shape hips, size of the bust and long legs. One may imitate the gait and mannerisms of any film star, but without natural sexuality, we will not as attractive to the stronger sex like it. Sexuality can not simulate real. But is it possible. To do this, you first need to get rid of some of the stereotypes imposed by society and remember that:

  1. Men hate absolutely stupid women. No, we can not understand some things, that's fine. But to be frank, we have the right not stupid;
  2. Men do not like the notorious on how they look, mannered women. They love the girls sincere, organic and spontaneous;
  3. Men do not like women who are committed to the generally accepted social norms. That is, anyone who is struggling to look gracious. Like, me and the guys to the bulb, and sex does not interest me.

That last point is very important in the development of our natural sexuality. Yes, social norms say that to behave decently and in every way to hide their sexuality. Say, are not important in a woman's body. That may be true, but practice proves more. Chastity does not mean indifference to sex. This chastity - is a kind of sexual mystery that most want to reveal. It implies a certain looseness in the behavior of the girl, her ability to think and act individually.

If such a woman would please her boyfriend understand that when dealing with him in her sexy fire breaks out, the guy nesdobrovat. He falls in love crazy. It's so flattering - to know that you supersamets one whose existence is extremely ons that a female! In fact, sex appeal lies in the ability of women to make it clear to the man that she was ready for him to transcend social norms. Men appreciate it very much.

To develop this line, let's think - and how we would have behaved in the belief that this one does not know? And once reshimsya such behavior on everyone's mind. And do not care about the opinions of others! In the end, it's our life. No, of course, running naked through the streets is not necessary, because it is fraught with troubles. But behave more relaxed very worthwhile. And if someone does not like it, then let it bother him. But not us.

Well, on the inner side of sexuality, we talked. We now turn to the outside, and learn how to become sex by using specific techniques.

 how to become sexier

We develop the physiological sexuality

The physiological side of our natural sexuality implies a potent pheromones. What are pheromones? These are sexually arousing material, which picks up the smell of the opposite sex. He does not feel like the usual smells, and almost imperceptible. Pheromones affect the perception of the erotic partner. Each of us they own, specific, and enjoy a certain type of men.

In order to make stronger effect of pheromones, it is necessary:

  1. Break free from the emotional and physical terminals using psycho;
  2. Sports and always be in good physical condition;
  3. Healthy food.

Proper nutrition means eating and lack of inadmissibility extensive dinner. Hard diet it does not include. You just need a reasonable moderation. If the presence of a genetic predisposition to be overweight - do not worry. Just to excess weight is not going wild at dinner you can drink a glass of kefir. Chubby women with strong pheromones, men are no less popular than thin persons. And their sex appeal is often much more attractive than a woman plaguing yourself diets.

As for sports, there can also be not particularly zealous, exposing themselves to severe physical stress. Suffice it to the gym, jogging, aerobics. Trained body has powerful pheromones.

The most important thing is how to become the most sexy girl - it psychotraining. This includes spiritual development, meditation, the ability to transform negative emotions into positive energy and so on. We can not on their own? Visit the psychoanalyst, read up, even let us pray. All this relates to the mental hygiene, which gives incredible results.

Regular psychotraining promotes physical and intellectual potential, develop intuition and improve memory. Good intuition will make us more successful, and success will inspire confidence. In the eyes will shine on the move - looseness, grace and exceptional appeal. Lost melancholy and depression, joy of being repressed. Pheromones, and together, and sexual appeal will begin their solemn ceremonial procession. And all the men, losing his head, will fall at our feet!

We act and we will win!

 How to become a sexy woman

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 female frigidity

Until recently, sex in our country, and not only in our country, did not exist. Valid are only short-term sexual acts for the purpose of fertilization. The area that was taboo, talking about her except that were shyly and whisper, posture allowed mostly "workers and peasants". That is the mission. In connection with the sexual taboo female frigidity was not considered something transcendent and even welcomed. Like, worthless woman to be sexy. It is indecent and antisocial. This debauchery.

I must say that the fruits of such an approach to female sexuality, and we are reaping today. Not only that, until now, many are looking at her as a sexual promiscuity. The legacy of this approach to become truly ubiquitous female frigidity, which has a rather psychological reasons than physiological. But we are not about how to cure female frigidity. Let's talk a little bit about its origins and how you can asexual woman to destroy her marriage. If you try.

When frigidity - Law

Actually, originally frigid women start to produce old Europe. In ancient Greece and Rome women's sexuality welcomed. Even the great ladies with great pleasure participated in orgies and bacchanalia, and no one had not occurred to regard them as depraved or loose. Over Europe also once vital taint of corruption. But over time, he weathered Europe pulled the tight corset antisexual and attitude toward the behavior of women in the bed began to reach senility.

For example, prim Englishwoman in the intima stick to the rules - do not move and do not emit any sounds. Orgasm ?! Yes, in any case! After all, it shows the perversity ladies! It is immoral! It's embarrassing, finally!

One of the British women even wrote a treatise with tips on how to behave in bed a true lady. It turns out that a true lady should allow her husband to two short-term sexual encounter in a week. And it is only in the first month of marriage. In the future, these intercourse should occur less and less. Otherwise, man, you see, will be corrupt, and it is unacceptable.

In his opus, this Mrs. seksonenavistnitsa urges wives constantly simulate sickness and headaches and whine, argue and bicker with her husband in the evenings. In order to discourage him any desire to molest her. Moreover, the wise wife should be inventive in this regard and every effort to reduce the quality and quantity of sexual intercourse.

Tips treatise often reached cretinism. For example, good Mrs. encouraged his wife after she put on her nightgown, go to bed, turn off the light and lay quiet as a mouse. After lusting sex faithful enters the room, and will touch on their way to the bed, she should make no sound. What if he stumbles, shmyaknetsya and hit hard? Here it will not razlyubeznomu to sex! Well, if you still gets to his little wife and vzberёtsya on it, it shall lie like a log. And do not even give him kiss her on the lips. Only on the cheek.

Needless to say that the women who followed this advice, eventually made their neuroses, psychoses, and other most unpleasant disease. And it certainly was not a spoiled family life. One way or another, but the treaty has done a lot of troubles.

So the Soviet Union, where sex was not, is not a pioneer in this regard. But our women from this no easier. Because decades of "no sex" Auca to this day. On the twenty-first century, and sexual delusions does not become smaller. One of them - a female frigidity. In fact, a truly frigid women quite a bit, and this is due to frigidity some diseases to be treated. It is likely that onaya is just a genetic memory of the inadmissibility of the female orgasm, or the influence of prudish upbringing in the family. In any case, if a woman does not get pleasure from sex is unnatural. And with that we have to somehow fight, because in the full sense of female frigidity does not exist. Because low-quality sex life is abhorrent nature, destroys family ties and deprive spouses full of happiness.

So, my dear woman, if we do not want sex is strictly and always go to a specialist and think along with him, why and what we do with it. You should not deprive yourself of the joys of life. Especially because they are not so, these pleasures, we have a lot. Here, let's see what to do with family relationships in our cold bed.

 female frigidity does not exist

Frigidity in women and the family

According to the statistics, in our country a little less than half of the women are cold in the intimate life. Because of this, one-third of marriages end in divorce. Divorced women to marry again, and again make their husbands infrequent and unsatisfied. Yes, they are able to love and are able to make their men happy. But when it comes to bed ... Moreover, women do not have orgasms, are often irritable. And then the family could prevail hell.

The coldness of his wife in sex affects the psyche of her husband. He blames everything himself, believing that he can not initiate his beloved and bring her pleasure. The man starts to doubt whether his wife loved. He was nervous, he falls into depression, become moody and less active. Reducing sexual transmission of disgust of his wife to have sex could provoke her husband a bunch of diseases. As a result, he will either impotent or will leave her for another woman.

The strange thing about all this is that sometimes frigidity in women disappears when you change the partner. This means that there was something wrong in the marriage relationship. Maybe blame the monotony of sexual life, perhaps - illiteracy first sexual intercourse. Anyway, this must be fought. Diversify sex, to see a specialist if the variety does not help, and so on. It is often due to the woman's coldness fall, in general, a good family who already have children. And suffer from it all - both children and adults.

But even if they do not break, the couple away from each other, and have simply live side by side as close and at the same time distant people. Can we call this a full-fledged family? With a stretch. Conclusion: The women's coldness in bed is necessary to root out. Otherwise, it will make mischief, that if in time to take action, it would cost a family party without destroying the happiness of the couple. Izzhivaema frigidity, and it should be overcome by all means.

Finally, as an epilogue - some of the most common misconceptions bedding that can destroy a man fully with the desire for sex.

How to fight off the desire for sex in men

  • Do not give your partner a couple of days to finish. Mol, then orgasm will be brighter. Will not. Because, first, it hurt. Secondly, it is fraught with serious diseases. Orgasm can be pulled over a sexual intercourse, but can not exclude it entirely;
  • Do in bed that you think is right, regardless of the wishes of the partner. And if he is hurt or simply do not like it? Then sex for a poor man becomes a torture;
  • Simulate rapid orgasm, no matter how was the process of sex, while squeal good mate something like: "Well, eat me, my tiger! "It is impossible. Do not eat. Just scared and excited to be done;
  • During intercourse, swear like a drunken cobbler. In fact, many men it's exciting if done naturally. And when it's trying to do fake prim young lady, the man does not want to have anything.
 Women's frigidity. Myth or reality?

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