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  • Features of preparation for sex
  • How do you know that in the prelude to sex everything is going perfectly?
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What is a prelude to sex? It's kind of overture, helping partners tune into full perception of sexual intercourse. Therefore, a good foreplay is very important in the intimate life. Her lack of influence and power of orgasms, and the quality of sexual intercourse in general. Unfortunately, we do not always take into account this fact and often reduce sex to rapid copulation. And then wonder why sex has ceased to give pleasure and orgasm has turned into short bursts of pleasure? It's all about foreplay, we either ignore or do everything in haste, anyhow, depriving themselves of the opportunity of enjoyment of sex. What should be the ideal preparation for sex?

Features of preparation for sex

We have said that for quality, unforgettable intercourse requires a good prelude. As if we were not eager to, the preliminary preparations for the intima must not be forgotten. The bulk of women without it just does not get full satisfaction. And to do without long, slow prelude to sex in this case is impossible. The time spent on it, not only helps increase the pleasure, but also strengthens the couple's relationship. After all, a good prelude partners makes the most open to each other and strengthen their mutual trust.

In general, the prelude is kissing, touching and stroking partner in the most excitable zones. In order to make it as effective as possible, the man and woman should not hesitate to talk about what they like and what does not. Otherwise worthy prelude to sex would be nullified. If they are attentive to the needs of partner, sex begins to satisfy both fully and brings an unforgettable experience.

Pleasing and receive mutual pleasure to partners desired, using endless possibilities own imagination. The main objective of the prelude to sex - slow incitement of desire and anticipation of a long fun. So initially you want to crawl caresses the genital area and other erogenous zones delight each other. The female body is replete with such zones, but with the male body is more complicated. Especially in men usually excitable nipples, buttocks area, back and crotch. Attentive mates during foreplay should be gently touching these particular places on the body of a loved one.

I must say that despite the fact that the preparation is a prelude to sexual intercourse, it does not have to end with a full sexual intercourse. Using techniques of foreplay couple can just relax, imagine creating an intimate atmosphere, and get a lot of pleasure from foreplay. To find out exactly what affection gives the greatest pleasure to the partner, the man and woman have to watch each other and find out how each of them fondles himself. A man, as a more daring, is the first to take the initiative, and a woman must be discarded shyness and "turn on" natural curiosity.

These observations are not only possible to obtain information about the most sensitive erogenous zones to each other, but also very excited. The desire to caress partner, to touch him, stroking, licking occurs by itself. Playful, gentle biting, tickling feather male body, the tip of the hair or a piece of silk contributes to all the growing excitement and usually enjoy the stronger sex.

The prelude to sex to experiment, looking for such erogenous zones on the body of the partner, whose existence he had never suspected. For example, you can pay more attention to the neck, abdomen, ears, thighs, places behind the knees, inner thighs and the back surface of the calf. And see how gently caressing these towns like a man.

Women also have to show your partner those areas which touch gives her great pleasure, and encouraging him with exclamations and words of affection while these zones. Particularly sensitive for many of us is the skin of the abdomen, quickly responds to the touch of language. In general, women tend to need more than emotional stimulation than physical. Therefore, gentle foreplay for them especially important. It helps to fully trust the man and allows you to enjoy more mutual contact to the intercourse. In other words, the first touch of the man must be preceded and gentle whisper words of love.

As for the men, a good foreplay before sex helps them acquire new sexual experiences and develop the ability to control their intimate impulses, not to move from fondling to sexual contact directly on the first call his "friend." Mutual satisfaction with the preparations for the sex creates a greater degree of intimacy, two lifts relations to a new level. Helping each other horny and masturbating in the open, the partners are fully exempt from any complexes and begin to trust one another, infinitely. Do not be ashamed of self-satisfaction. It allows partners to know each other's preferences and find the best ways of mutual gratification. Not necessarily, masturbating, bring themselves to orgasm. It is enough to put himself in the stage of high excitement.

 Preparations for the first sex

How do you know that in the prelude to sex everything is going perfectly?

One can understand the reaction of the partner and their own feelings. Of course, to a prelude to sex was quality, you need to forget all the worries and problems to fully concentrate on the sensations of his own body, the body of the partner and his breathing. We must try to tune in to the man, slowly caressing his erogenous zones and not forgetting the words of love. I must say that the stronger sex in preparation for sexual intercourse almost do not react to expressions like "I love you so much! You - my most favorite person, my only, my dear ... "and so on. But when the Lady says, what is your favorite member of the beautiful and strong, and she loves it, men are crazy.

Of course, in a prelude to sex to avoid doing bad things for the partner and not let it prevent this to yourself. Otherwise, no decent intercourse fail. And in general - to the act could not be reached. If a foreplay all is well, it is desirable to move on to intercourse when the already unbearable. Then it will be able to raise to the top of bliss. And orgasm is extremely strong and bright.

Prelude can begin - with light biting and tender kisses - anywhere, even at the bus stop. Slowly warming up to each other long before they find themselves in bed, the partners are able to simply explosive sex. The main thing - to caress each other gently, tenderly and gently, slowly stirring up and not allowing their actions something unpleasant for the partner. And then the prelude neotёmlemoy become part of an unusual and always want sex.

 proper preparation for sex

How to prepare for the first sex

If you have not lost your virginity and you are waiting for the first night of love, to the preparations for the first sex should be approached with the utmost seriousness. After all, how everything will be, will depend on your continued with the physical love. So do not let things drift. A little planning and a lot of love will do the trick. Your goal should be to create as much as possible romantic situation. Especially if it is not just the first sex, and your wedding night, which should be remembered to you for life. Our little guide should help you with this:

  • Create a romantic mood for each other

    Sex without romance is quickly becoming a dull affair. This is especially important in such an exciting day as your wedding. You have to do everything possible to the thought of the coming night was breathtaking, even if you are tired of this long and eventful a holiday.

  • Express your love, find a way to show her husband how happy you are

    Hugs, kisses and a gentle whisper in your ear might make him feel on the seventh heaven, and the husband also tried to show you my love.

  • And, you can put a pillow under her husband's love letter

    You write the message touches him deeply, and he will be especially gentle with you. Men do not always know how to enter into a romantic mood on their own, so sometimes is to help them.

  • Do everything in advance

    After the wedding ceremony and a celebratory feast you may be too tired to provide all the little things that will help create a romantic atmosphere in your bedroom. Therefore, take care of this in advance, or ask someone to whom do you trust to help you. It would be good if in the bedroom stood a chilled champagne and two glasses on the floor rose petals and burning some candles ... Well, or that you yourself come up to the situation in the room where you Retire, was as much as possible romantic. Do not forget about underwear for a night's sleep. And if they forget about him - not very scary, nudity in bed with her beloved husband is very nice!

  • Prepare your body for sexual pleasure

    Many of the girls are in fear for their first sex because they fear impending pain. That fear is exaggerated; pain experienced by no means all, and pain are never intense, especially if the body is pre "warmed up" caresses. Just take the time to take a prelude as much as possible, until you feel that you are ready to reunite with her husband. To further minimize the discomfort, use a special grease.

  • Set a code of conduct in bed

    Think about your wedding night as the first night of the entire future of your sex life. From the outset, your sexual relationship should be open and comfortable with each other. You have to understand that they must take responsibility for their own sexual pleasure. Your husband is not a mind reader, and he can not guess without your tips, what you like and what - not. Also, if you're embarrassed to hide and clamped, then you will not get a good prelude to sex and you do not get a real pleasure.

Sex, like most important things for a happy life is to constantly strive to improve and improve. If you do not be lazy and show imagination, making pleasant surprises to each other, use of sex toys or role-playing sex games, to create a romantic mood, and often speak frankly to each other about their desires, even after many years of marriage sex will remain for you a welcome and exciting.

 Preparation for sex: the subtleties of love

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