complexes in sex

Complexes in sex - something common, and we can say quite mundane. There are both men and women. Many are not even aware that their behavior in the bed is based on the complexes, and practiced it all his life. However, especially bad in this is nothing, if sex is a pleasure to both partners and falls into the category of pathologies. Often, however, these systems contribute to disruption of sexual desire, orgasm and prevent obtaining a spoiled life.

Causes of different complexes in sex. Here to you and the impact of stereotypes and religious dogma, and especially education, and interpret a certain style of sexual behavior, culture, and more. One way or another, but they appear to live just a block and often bizarre or change the quality of sexual relations. What kind of beast this - sexual complexes?

Common female sexual complexes

In general, sexual complexes can be described as conscious and unconscious emotions that influence sexual behavior. Sometimes we do not realize that behave in bed, in accordance with some complex, interfering get real pleasure from sex. And sometimes it becomes a tool for real orgasm. Let's try to determine whether we have some complex and if there is, think about how it affects the sexual relationship. So, what have complexes of girls in sex ...

  1. Complex Pallas Athena. Girls with similar complex psychologically identify with men. The intima is manifested as a need for dominance over the partner. If your partner used to dominate in sex itself, it creates a lot of problems. And when your partner is infantile, the features of Pallas Athena in a woman it is usually very popular. And sex with him would be just perfect;
  2. Alice in Wonderland. It's quite a dangerous complex manifested in girls, existing in a fantasy world. Dangerous it is the fact that girls are looking for partners, set up their imagination. And get full satisfaction from sex is only the case if a man meets invented image. But since this is usually the image is far from reality, manages to find it is not always. The discrepancy between reality and fantasy can lead to frigidity and even mental disorders;
  3. Amazon. This complex is based on contempt for the male sex, and all its advantages. Men in this case considered as a means of reproduction, no more. Therefore, in pairs Amazon girl with no special techniques that increase the quality of sexual intercourse, do not apply. And much pleasure from sex do not receive, because it does not consider it necessary to receive it. I must say that the young lady with a similar set of sometimes prone to lesbianism. Contact with a woman can give them a real pleasure;
  4. Complex Diana. It is a cult of innocence, a kind of mania chastity, haunting Woman everywhere. Even if she has had sexual intercourse, this mania remains and makes the act during sex inactive and stay cold. These ladies can maintain a devotion to the cult of chastity for life. Depriving himself and his chosen possibility of full sex, they destroy the basis of mutual happiness. And often remain alone;
  5. The complex of a victim. This complex develops in women who are in varying degrees, have experienced sexual violence. Some of them, having low self-esteem, denies the possibility of high-quality sex at all and tries to avoid it. Someone subconsciously trying to repeat in bed makes the situation of violence and partner to behave aggressively. And enjoy sex only when he agrees to predatory sexual behavior;
  6. Cinderella Complex. This is a girl with a passive lifestyle, waiting for her prince charming. For sex they need only an unusual and very beautiful partner. The rest of them are not satisfied, and seem to be boring. Of course, the probability of meeting with Prince Charming rather small. And in bed such wonderful young men do not always appear on top. So girls Cinderella may, in the end, did not disclose his sexuality ever;
  7. Cain complex. Girls with similar complex tend to change their sexual partner, testing after this strong feeling of guilt. Actually, infidelity them for sexual gratification is not so necessary. Young ladies with a bit masochist Cain complex, requiring everlasting remorse. Their suits tensions and the constant feeling of danger of exposure. However, most often it is not realized;
  8. Castration complex. This complex is a subconscious experiences of women, due to their lack of members. Sexually, they tend to dominate over men, often overstating their demands so that the partner could not satisfy them. It is a kind of rebellion against the stronger sex, the desire for power over him and revenge for its long secondary in the society. Generally, the castration complex is a consequence of emancipation, and often contributes to the development of a woman's lesbian tendencies;
  9. Complex Clytemnestra. Girls with similar complex with hostility, and sometimes even hatred belong to their sexual partners, thus suppressing its own eroticism. In bed, they are cold and inactive, even before intercourse involuntarily excited and wanted sex. Clytemnestra The complex is also a kind of protest against male violence and dictate;
  10. Complex Kopyushka. It is expressed in passive woman in bed and its complete subordination partner. At the same time her intellect and will remain completely normal. Lack of initiative in sex due to a lack of faith in the girls that she could be sexually attractive;
  11. Messalina complex. Features Messalina inherent to women, confident in the fact that men like a passionate, excitable person with increased sexual tone. These girls are trying to behave during sexual intercourse in accordance with the way nymphomaniacs and often place high demands on your partner. In fact, very erotic, they do not always. And demonstration of heightened sexuality - or game, or an attempt to awaken a sensuality and sexuality;
  12. The complex of Xanthippe. This complex is manifested in addiction to a sterile cleanliness and order. Girls with different features Xanthippe puritanical behavior in sex and do not allow spontaneity and diversity. In their view, the sexual act must take place on the same scenario, be planned in advance and carried out only on clean sheets. Somewhere they are right, but this attitude to sex is usually minimizes the sensual relationship;
  13. The complex Knight and libertine. Girls having such complexes in sex, in men looking for both knights and libertines. Knights courageous, able to protect, inspire confidence and sense and safety. Libertines temperamental, very sexy, impulsive. If the partner that combines the features of both other is sex life with him turns into a paradise. If not, she may meet with the "knight" and to look for a bed "libertine." In the future, this behavior is commonly practiced in the family life. "Knight" - a husband, "libertine" - a lover;
  14. Complex Titania. This complex is like a complex of Alice in Wonderland and Cinderella complex. It is inherent in women, painted in your mind the image of the perfect man by analogy with movies heroes or literary characters. These movie heroes and characters are present in the sexual fantasies. And in the process of sexual intercourse is a woman that has sex with her imaginary ideal. If your partner is trying to somehow break the illusion, it is rejected and shall be punished;
  15. The complex of Tristan and Isolde. It is based on the effect of the forbidden fruit, and combines sexuality and guilt for her. Inherent in this complex usually erotic girls with puritanical upbringing. At the same time they have sex and fun, and the blame for the violation of the moral prohibition. I must say that such a cocktail of sensations enhances erotic pleasure and contributes to a resounding climax. But only when sexual intercourse occurs without an officially registered marriage. In family life, sex loses its appeal. He ceases to be taboo, and stimulating bright orgasm guilt disappears;
  16. Complex Quasimodo. This complex is formed by the girls in childhood and is a painful attitude to their real or perceived disability. Women of this type are convinced that they have a repelling external data and can not be sexually attractive. Quasimodo complex manifested in two ways. In one case, he can make a girl closed, fearful, aloof sexual contact. In another, on the contrary, it becomes too active and change partners as gloves. The frequent change of partners is explained by the desire to prove the girls themselves and others that it is sexually attractive and desirable;
  17. The complex culture of the West. Such a complex, usually girls is realized or not realized in part. It is a mechanized attitude toward sex and the denial of his sensual components. It expressed complex in that the quality of sexual intercourse increased by improving his technique. Emotions partner thus completely ignored, and love in general is not taken into account. Girls with similar complex in bed aggressive and sexual relations do not recognize no morality. They can exchange partners to experiment with group sex, homosexual relationships, and so on.

By and large, almost all the special facilities described do not cause sexual dysfunction. And with the right approach to them either disappear or create the background for the development of eroticism. Why bother about how to overcome the complex in sex, it is not necessary. We only need to find a suitable partner, and sex becomes a full and desirable.

 Complexes in sex. What to do with them?

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