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About sex today and talk and write a lot. We got the opportunity to learn about and intimate sphere of life as much as possible and learn all sorts of sexual wisdom. However, quality sex turns out we have not always. The reasons for dissatisfaction with the act of intimacy abound. But it turns out, the most common of them are our sexual habits. They, birthmarks, prevent people from getting the maximum pleasure from sex. Often we just do not understand that this or that manner of behavior in bed, in fact, destroys the very meaning of sexual intercourse. Here, let's see, what habits may initially have to minimize even the possibility of high-quality sex.

Bad habits in sex

We are not going to talk about what women and men portray an orgasm when sex turns to the wall and fall asleep will not do. This has already been said a lot. We talk about those unpleasant moments of intimacy that is not usually voiced by partners, for fear of offending each other. What is the point?

  1. The desire to make sex beautiful. Who and when he decided that sex must necessarily be beautiful, is not known. However, the desire to make the sexual act like a theatrical performance seen in many of us. What for? Who needs these pictures postures simulated passion, languid breaths? After all, sex - not frank movie, and the audience is not here. A partner is hardly impressed when a woman portraying unearthly pleasure, unnatural moans and bends mannered. Beautiful can only sex, delivering both a real pleasure;
  2. Too serious attitude to sex. This demeanor is expressed primarily in the careful preliminary preparation and diligence to provide for every detail of human intercourse. Such people do not accept spontaneity. They know exactly how and when things should happen and before you go to bed, carefully choosing clothes for a long time to create the appropriate atmosphere. If suddenly thought out in advance in a situation occurs - a failure - everything. Better Sex excluded. Even if he did happen, it will be sluggish, tense and unsatisfactory;
  3. Verbosity. Some women, and men too, have a habit of every move in the bed to accompany the words. "Kiss here ... there ... Stroke And you so well? And so? "- Similar to a monologue like a lesson in anatomy. It distracts from the process, to focus on the causes of certain actions and completely kills passion. Especially when invested in the sexual manipulation of the human soul when he hears: "Not so! Well, not the same! ". After this phrase is rarely one has no desire;
  4. The obsession with cleanliness. We are not talking about hygiene. It is certainly needed. This refers to the habit of immediately after the act of love to jump up and run into the shower. Well, that's more like a man to caress the body of his beloved, to tell her sweet words, and she dashed off to wash ... Is he so disgusted with the woman, and sex for her - something dirty? The same thing happens if there is a shower sazu partner. One gets the impression that it relates to the body of his partner with some disgust. I must say that habit immediately go to the bathroom after sex is for many of us. We attach little importance to the fact that it looks a little insulting. And for good reason. Because such a demeanor can hurt a loved one. To avoid this, it is better to lie down a little in his arms, or to shower together;
  5. Selfishness. There are women who, enjoying the fondling partner, do not show any activity in sex. This to them seems to be quality sex men are not satisfied. They try a vengeance, excel as best they can, and in return get nothing. Lady is no effort to make your loved something pleasant. Similarly, often behave as men. There are instances that use women only for their own pleasure. They absolutely do not care what she is excited that she was tired to do a blowjob, she does not like this or that position. The main thing - their own feelings. Of course, with such a one-sided attitude to quality sex intimacy impossible;
  6. Excessive shyness. In fact, this peculiar habit of mostly women. But both men, it happens too. In principle, modesty in bed for the first night with a new partner even appropriate. But when a man after hundreds of such nights are still shy to have sex with the light and refuses to change the position, it is already beginning to strain. It is normal if a girl does not allow herself to undress in the presence of his beloved. But strangely enough, when more than a year lived with her husband a woman takes off her clothes, hiding in the dark under a blanket. Education plays a role there, the fear to openly show whether your body - does not matter. In any case, this behavior indicates zakompleksovannosti man and looks like distrust partner;
  7. Habit distracted during intercourse. I must say it is very bad, but quite a common habit. Someone might suddenly interested in what goes on TV. Someone at the wrong time to ask when my mother arrives. Someone suddenly remembered that the work needs to be early tomorrow, and so on. What kind of sex quality in this case can be discussed if disconnected from the outside world does not work? All the same sex - no morning exercises, during which you can think of anything. It requires complete relaxation and the liberation of consciousness from all the problems. It is impossible to enjoy the caresses and reflect on what paint to paint the ceiling in the kitchen;
  8. Sexual affection as a means of manipulation. There are ladies, enjoying a draconian methods in the intimate life. Offended at her husband - will lie in bed a corpse. You want something out of him - to please the faithful begins to swing. Such sexual blackmail is not just unpleasant. It is unfair and against the man, and in relation to itself. Because a real rush of pleasure in sex can be achieved only with the full confidence of the partners and the presence of a sincere desire to close. If no such desire, no pretense does not cause the body to break the passion.

Well, this is a sample list of habits that prevent us from enjoying the full measure intima. They, of course, much more. We took as an example the most common. How to be with them, with these harmful habits, and how to achieve high-quality sex?

 how to achieve high-quality sex

What to do with harmful sexual habits?

What can be done with harmful sexual habits? In the first place - to pay attention to them. We tend to believe that they are doing wrong. No, but what else? After all, that's just a movie show! And my mother said ...

Movies and mother - this, of course, the authorities. You can watch movies frank, it is possible to listen to my mother. But his own intimate life does not let any kinoshtampy or parent guidance.

Sex - this area in which every detail plays a big role. And at first glance insignificant Circuits can spoil all the feeling of intimacy. Well, when this "Circuits" is always present, and the general desire to kill sex. Therefore it is necessary to take a day and analyze their sexual behavior. And suddenly there something wrong? What if your favorite did not start when we are under him shrieking obscenities good mannered and squirm? And suddenly that humility, which kept telling my mother, did not excite expensive and pushes? And a lot more any "what if."

If they show up, we must try to get rid of the sticky manner. Otherwise, we should not dream about the full and vibrant sex.

 High-quality sex and bad habits

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 how to get an orgasm


  • The nuances of the female orgasm
  • Adjusts to intimacy
  • Behavior in bed

Today sex is already liberated from all kinds of frames and taboos. Nowadays you can not only know a lot about sex, but also to learn his craft, learning virtuoso sexual techniques in a particular position and engaging learning more and more ways to get an orgasm. However, this had little effect on the advancement of women's sexuality. Almost every second woman can be said dejectedly: "I can not understand what was happening, but I did not get an orgasm! "

A situation where a dozen sexual intercourse is only one woman brings true satisfaction, familiar to many of us. This, of course, not happy. Intercourse with a man I would like to enjoy and forget about everything. If it does not cause any feelings, it becomes almost a duty. Lying down every once in bed with her husband thought, "Hurry it ended" - an unenviable prospect. What to do?

Strictly speaking, the female orgasm - a delicate matter, and some had no reference. So the statement "I can not get an orgasm" is not always absolutely correct. On what should be an orgasm, speak and write badly, forgetting that we are all unique. Someone at this point, it may well be really taking off into the clouds. And someone during intimacy with her husband just fine. The main thing - the process that occurs during sexual intercourse, was very enjoyable. Otherwise, it actually turns into duty. And in order to have sex with her husband or boyfriend she has become a welcome and certainly led to a bright orgasm (which also happens and multiple!), It is necessary to prepare. How to do it? This is what we are now and talk, if you do not mind.

The nuances of the female orgasm

It seems to be an axiom that really sensual sex can only be with the person you love. On the closeness with him dream all the time, her dreams, her effort to ... What is there to talk about how to get an orgasm? Yes is the favorite only to touch, and you're in heaven, and you do not care in what it does pose! But there it was. It happens so that the beloved one was tired to touch, and the heavens niskolechko no closer. And she starts not to be upset, to portray during sex unearthly bliss, delight, and hooting groaning. Fortunately, detailed lessons of "Ahan" full swing today demonstrated on television at any time of day or night.

Why is this happening? Because we, the women, the creation of the complex. This man can reach orgasm during every sexual act in almost any environment, and absolutely in any position. We also did not work: Give us a specific attitude to sex and are located to him the situation, and not in every position we feel attractive, and this is so important. Otherwise, the peak of bliss may well turn into a chimera. Well, imagine: what if the road suddenly wanted sex in the woods. Spruce needles are pricked, mosquitoes atrocities ... How can you relax ?! Before orgasm you here? Does not work! Whether it home, warm, clean sheets on ... However, without the need to set up and clean sheets, coupled with proper setting will not help.

Intimate life - it's not routine duties that like it or not, and perform necessary. Its essence lies not only in procreation. Good sex is able to give a moment of true happiness, to update, to inspire, so just calm down, at last! And if you're tired, problems zamorochennye about what inspiring sex can be said? Yes, during that same sex with her husband think not about the act, and that the sooner it was over. About orgasm did not even think about - and so it goes. And any girl would agree with you: it is possible to understand - the whole day when cool, like a squirrel in a wheel, then there can be no "big and pure love!"

Acquaintances, our dear women? Familiar. And, unfortunately, many. It's good? Not at all. What good is that if we are deprived of the possibility of psychological and physiological recovery with the help of sex? Well, let's say, you can restore the mind and body, while working out, devoting himself to the cause, distracted by hobbies and so on. And how to be dissatisfied with her husband? Will still prove their worth in another man's bed. And if so, then soup Believing in these beds ...

In a word, we must understand that the situation must be corrected, and in the name of himself and to save the relationship. What should I do? In the first place we should all learn to adjust to sex. After all, it depends on our mood maximum bodily comfort during sex with her husband.

 how to get an orgasm

Adjusts to intimacy

Yes, I had a hard day, yes, I want to crawl into bed and sleep. But there is already waiting hungry for love and affection faithful! He did not explain that she was tired, and today is going to hug the pillow only. Inflates. How to make and it was to please, and we are happy? In this regard, all in the hands of women. Let's start with the fact that we are almost always suspect in advance that we will have to wait for a bed, not only theft, but also heated spouse. We must prepare ourselves in advance to a correct perception of this fact, and not in the evening to give too much attention to the daily household chores.

In other words, talking to himself: "All the damn! "- And customize to sex, who are willing to devote a large amount of time. Complete sex abhors fuss. Therefore, leave alone an easy mess in the house (no girl has died from what is left until tomorrow unwashed dishes or unmade dust), we find time for rest and relaxation, sit down in a chair with a cup of tea and read some love affair.

Do not twist the sponge, believing that it is Pulp Fiction. To create it, to awaken our dormant libido. And it should be stir up, or half his life will mutter under his breath: "spouse something good, he orgasm during every act, that's it and I want all the time! And I do that if I in any position can not have an orgasm? "

Not perceive ladies' novels? Well, if so, replace them with those that are not particularly abhorrent exquisite taste - beautiful erotic magazine or a good movie with a stunningly sexy main character. Sexologists argue that rather trite "strawberry" is able to bring even one hundred percent aesthetes. What to speak of fine erotica! If no suitable collections, revered for the overall development of any sex-guide. It, too, is almost imperceptible, but quite effectively sets up a wave of sex. Who knows, maybe you're just the girl who after watching erotic film is put so that it is able to experience even multiple orgasms!

Revered-seeing? Now we go to the bathroom, climb into the warm water and a gentle touch on the skin of a blowing fragrant gel. At the same time include the imagination, imagining that so we caress the beloved. After the bath, are wrapped in soft fluffy bathrobe or towel, come to admire the reflection of the mirror, and there, delighting in what there is "sweet, sexy, but just amazing" girl. To feel the excitement, you have to love your body, and not to neglect them. Ignoring the needs of the physical body is unacceptable. It eventually will result in diseases and other troubles.

Frigidity and thus healthy women almost never happens. Our cold is due to sexual attraction asleep, wake up is - the problem is not so much a man as the most representative of the fairer sex. We all somehow feel sometimes slight excitement. Only sometimes do not realize that it makes itself felt our libido.

We will check their condition and determine, in what period of the day - morning, evening, night, afternoon - our tone rises. It was at this time a chance to get maximum satisfaction from the vicinity is quite large. Low sexual potential can significantly increase if you follow their desires. Suddenly there was a sharp urge to cuddle up to a loved early morning or right in the middle of dinner? Do not restrain yourself, presses, freeze in this position and to give the waves of passion! And let the whole world wait ...

If the libido is sleeping too soundly, and even hear him snuffling hard, you can enjoy proximity to some good wine. It will help to relax and sharpen sensibility. However, all these methods are not enough effective, unless we learn to put off thinking about the problems later. What kind of pleasure intima may be involved, if at the time you are in a piquant position, your head spinning thinking about the possibility of thrashing heads or what to cook for dinner?

Generally, in order to be at the top of bliss, it is better not to rush enjoying the main goal of intimacy. We tend to think that in order to experience the bright orgasm, you need a great sexual desire. However, this is not true. A powerful multiple orgasms can be experienced even without a strong pre-excitation, quite unexpectedly. It happens and vice versa - a foretaste of the coming rapture of unprecedented closeness eventually ends in disappointment.

In the first case the situation is explained by the absence of the problem to get an orgasm. In the second - on the contrary, its presence. Waiting for a miracle creates internal tension that interferes with this miracle come true. Why strain? We relax and give your body caresses. Let bliss as you like and as much as necessary. He knows better, when you come into ecstasy and whether to experience multiple orgasms.

Of course, the only one in the mood for great sex regular orgasms is not enough. We must also train yourself to emancipation in bed, allowing you to experiment with the sensations in a particular pose. How to do it?

 get an orgasm

Behavior in bed

In general, we are talking now about the sexual relationship of partners who love and trust each other. If a girl just wants to bind the man via sex, these arguments lose their meaning. Here sexual contact is reduced only to a virtuoso technique. Naturally, the quality of this process in the absence of the emotional component is uncertain. There he is, as a rule, well thought-out scheme, and orgasm more simulated than actually occurs. However, it does not cause significant discomfort in women, because it to such an outcome intercourse ready.

Our interpretation concerns not indifferent to her man of the fairer sex. Those who complete intimacy with him I would like to, but not beyond. The most common reason for this situation - zakompleksovannost preventing women liberated, relax and give their feeling of complete freedom. Often, such a restraint is due to conviction in imperfection of the body, skin, hair, and so on. After all, many of us believe that men during sex, and only to those involved that stared at his partner, especially when it is at a disadvantage to its appearance position.

This is not true. No, they certainly see the image of the woman, but perceive it comprehensively, without focusing on the details. The man in bed is much more than a form of hip woman worried about the state of its own members. And then, if those hips do not like it, and in the bed it would not be. So do not be embarrassed that perfect figure. My favorite is always a woman - and obesity, and pronounced cellulite - remains the most coveted.

Another reason for the lack of orgasm - an attempt to behave during sexual intercourse according to prevailing sexual stereotypes. Like, in the bed need to be rampant, because men are such passionate and wild cats like. Nothing like this. In our life today lacks extreme. Sick of it the stronger sex sometimes I want to relax in the gentle embrace of women. We struggled depict agitated tiger, from which the poor man wants to hide under the bed.

No, if you suddenly happen that the desire to actually blow up the brain - excellent! Who would not like it if a favorite in bed completely lost his head and throws Fortelle, which was also present, it was difficult. But in this case the fact of orgasm is not discussed. Is it or not, is already irrelevant. All compensate passion.

But when we are lying in a languid posture, hard to play the role of ladies too hot blood, artistically portraying multiple orgasms - annoying. Firstly, because we reduce the chances of a real orgasm because of the constant voltage. Second, because a man like a sexual marathon one can not sustain. What's that, a disqualification in bed by men can not tolerate. She gets in a blow to the ego and the psyche. The consequences of such attacks are unpredictable. It is possible, even, that the favorite will begin to perceive the dormitory as a torture chamber. So throw out the pretense. From him nothing but trouble.

But we should not go to the other extreme and to behave in bed too passive. In order to get maximum enjoyment, you need to move as much as possible. I do not want? Nothing wrong. It should start to lift towards the man thighs, and then it will be a reflex. Our body is well able to respond to affection and knows how best to do it. We give him his freedom. Let enjoys arbitrary.

It does not hesitate to suggest a favorite, where we have the most erogenous towns. Today, experts in the field of sex talk a lot about how to get a vaginal orgasm. However, to focus on it not worth it. In fact, only one-third of the fairer sex climax vaginal way. The rest of the experiences mainly clitoral orgasm. Not all men are aware of our features. In order to become a mutual enjoyment of sex, the partner must be entered in the course of the case. Feel free to explain in words? Well, show gestures, men such movements instantly noticed and fixed in memory.

Additional stimulants peak intercourse act sounds. Hot breath, shouts, groans, words of love are extremely factories and spur emotions. There are couples get great pleasure from indecent phrases uttered aloud. You can try this option. Oddly enough, but the obscenity able to drive in the bed in sexy rage even suffering their refined aesthetes.

Rise to the top of the world is connected not only with the physical body. It depends on our emotional state, which should correspond to the time. Otherwise, the path to the top is long and endless. How to send your emotions in the proper direction of the situation? We turn imagination and imagine the seductive scene. Someone probably said things like indecent and unworthy self-respecting woman. Nothing like this. Savory fantasy common to all without exception. This is a natural property of the psyche, which is equivalent to the suppression of the suppression of natural needs. Let imagination live, because we do not impose them outsiders. In addition, they contribute to the activity of the brain, making it more susceptible to excitation.

Generally, the female orgasm is dependent on many factors. For example, with low muscle tone of the vagina difficult for them to respond to the excitement and start the process of higher pleasures. Muscles need to exercise regularly, and then for the voluptuous cuts they do not need long-term stimulation.

An important role in the issue of orgasm plays breath. Often, feeling the approach of the magnificent moments, we will automatically restrain the breath. And thereby reduce to a minimum the fun. Because in order to orgasm was bright, you need a lot of oxygen. This means that breathing before he comes, we must quickly and deeply.

Finally, many couples find that orgasm has to be simultaneous. Synchronicity, of course, very nice, but do not close its purpose is. Let the feelings be free, uncontrolled mind. The only way to achieve true happiness, giving a waterfall of sensations your partner.

Well, perhaps that's all. Of course, these recommendations do not guarantee increasing the activity of our libido. But in any case, they allow many women are less likely to say: "Do not get me to orgasm! "After learning about the virtues of sex with someone you love firsthand, we will not dream about macho hang around in the kitchen and wait when this insatiable husband calm down. Instead, we try to get to bed as quickly as possible, because there is such a miracle! And then, when this "miracle" quite snoring, asleep, happily nestle his warm side. "