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We are all accustomed to, that excites men open or tight clothing, high bust, small waist, steep hips, long legs and so on. We are doing our best to be sexy by browsing the articles on this topic, learn to properly walk, talk, gesticulate. And as if all turns out. Young people sometimes successfully excited. And sometimes they look at us indifferent eyes, sometimes bringing it to despair. What is it something ?! So much effort, and all in vain! And it is this. It turns out that what is usually presented as a particularly disturbing imagination and the blood of male factor justifies itself not always. Not because they are primitive, our men, all as one, lit up at the sight of long legs, deep cleavage and sexy underwear. Many of them get turned completely other things. What actually seems tempting these finicky members of the stronger sex?

What seems particularly to men sex? Sexologists, exploring the male half of humanity for excitability, made a lot of unexpected discoveries. It turns out that many of our young people and does not seem very sexy:

Face and hair

The absence of female cosmetics. Why is that? Yes, because, first, under the makeup is difficult to see how she looks in reality. And secondly, passionately kissing a person made up the ladies is not very nice. Then rubbed on lipstick and powder! That is why our men do not like when we overdo with makeup;

Smudge makeup. According to a strong half of mankind, he said that the woman has spent a stormy night. A mascara under her eyes - evidence of enduring passion until dawn. There was no time then, before going to work, brush up! Sexologists claim that men perceive the lady with the stale make-up as an insatiable lover, had just risen from bed. So, my dear, do not spend a lot of time to perfect makeup. Mascara smeared? And so come down!

Regrowth of hair dyed before. It should be the same !!! You vozishsya hair, trying to keep them always look luxurious and well-groomed, and they regrowth Give! Well, here's how to understand this? Yes, everything is very simple. Men guards apparently flawless throughout a woman. Too, it resembles a mannequin. But when the ladies present in the exterior light negligence as unpainted regrown hair roots, it becomes alive. And similar to the "bad girl", which is so eager to get to know!

Wrinkles. Yes, men excite our wrinkles! We have something to fight them by all means, get frustrated when those pesky wrinkles appear. And representatives of the stronger sex from them, you see, baldeyut! They believe that the lines indicate not so much about age, but about the rich sexual experience of women. And very much want to see how he is rich! There are no words ... Especially now the wrinkles start, or what?


Soft plump tummy. That's how it is. We, therefore, puffing on simulators, hard pumping the muscles in the abdomen, and sitting due to this terrible diets. And it means that a small tummy Give! It turns out that this is not "overweight" and "charming tum", which makes a woman a natural, soft and cozy. And besides, the ladies often with graceful forms of forced men from complexes because of their own non-ideal shape. So cute pyshechki, stop torturing yourself diets. Hail cakes, buns, fried potatoes and cakes!

Streamers. How often do they give us with serious internal suffering! It turns out that these flour vain. Because men find their natural manifestation. If stretch marks and more are in the intimate parts of the body, they generally give birth to the stronger sex. After all, access to them is allowed only to those who rendered special trust;

Small breasts. Ironically, but not all men are obsessed with big bust. Many more attracted small breasts, which always seems to be evidence of a resilient youth and health representatives of the weaker sex. What excites a man to a woman more than the signs of youth, freshness and vitality?

 that excites a man


A phone call from grabbing too much ladies. Not everyone, of course, because sometimes when he was drunk person can tell a takoooy !!! After such a call is not only close to it, but just do not want to meet. But when a woman after a corporate party or a bachelorette party murcit thickly into the phone: "Mmmilly I tttaaak sosskuchilaaas! "It ignites. Once it is, even when drunk, remember that you need to call your man, then love. And then, it can be an extremely unfettered in bed. Especially in such a state;

A good appetite and healthy habits. According to men, a lady for a romantic dinner is not to be limited to salads, dessert and a glass of dry wine. Let her eat and drink as much as you want, is not bothered on what the surrounding think. This shows the confidence of women in yourself and that sex, it can be as insatiable as a table;

Promenading barefoot woman. Here we are tormented here, walking for several hours on high heels, and they bare Give! No shoes with heels really sexy. But it looks more formal and aggressive. As for bare feet, they are also a hint of nudity, and it kind of promise, and a symbol of helplessness. And then, if she allows herself to walk barefoot, so foreign to her fanatical adherence to the rules of propriety. This fact is very stimulates the development of male sexual fantasies;

Light stupidity. Silly, confused flapping her eyelashes at a time when they ask basic questions, sexier than an intellectual-know-all. So says many men. Intellectual frightening and annoying, silly as it seems more simple, intimate, affordable. In society, it is possible to relax. And in a society with ever-clever need to prove their intellectual worth. There can be no driving!

The ability to freely find a common language with children friends or relatives. Pretty strange stimulus, is not it? Well, we know how to talk and play with other people's children, so what? And here sexuality? It was found that very and. In this case, it is called the ancient instinct of procreation, that is, in fact, and is the primary source of sexual relations. Easy Women in the treatment of children makes this instinct to run amok. He is like the man says: "This female is a good mother! What do you look? Grab it and drag in a cave! "


Convenient everyday underwear. Yes, many men have it everyday underwear made of cotton or synthetics! Instead of lace panties and bra, which we put on in order to tempt the favorite. And here he is not offended because of sex, you know, we had planned in advance. It's boring. Now, if a woman was dressed in ordinary clothes, then yes! Then to get that sex is not provided, but suddenly there was due to irresistible men;

The old gym shorts and a baggy T-shirt. Just think about it! And that instead of a luxury translucent negligee! Well, here's how to understand these men? Everything is explained simply. Babydoll good in romantic period of the early relationship. When to start routine, to the forefront comfort. And he means comfortable clothing that says that a woman feels calm, relaxed. It turns out, is our state of men seems very tempting;

Tight-fitting jeans and skirts with a low waist. We somehow believe that wearing such things can only woman with a beautiful figure. Dudka. A strong half of humanity thinks otherwise. Men are very impressed by the folds of the female body hanging over the jeans. A little extra padding, you know, look at this dress is very juicy and awakens mortgaged the very nature of desire.

Well, that excites men, we understand a little. Now let's see what they consider non-sexual.

 stimulating massage man

Non-sexual women from the perspective of men

So, what pushes many of the stronger sex to women?

  1. Too bleached hair in the dark skin color. No, blondes some men still as loved. The enthusiasm they did not cause a snowy hair color, which (no brainer), can not be natural. But it would still all right. But when the unnaturally white hair combined with dark skin from tanning ... There is already that all men, blazing with passion, will begin to take shape in the stack, one can hardly expect;
  2. Created with the help of building a mane of hair. Here's the thing. And we think it's great. And it is building up her hair, hoping for a spectacular success with the opposite sex. He, the floor, jumping with joy and not thinking. Because men sink to a natural, considering its sense. Artificial Beauty them will not start;
  3. Feigned stupidity. Yes, our men Silly seem sexy. But when these are in reality. And when some glamorous girl starts hard to portray the likeness Ellochka-ogress - this is too much. Why suddenly this way has become quite popular among today's girls - is unclear. Introduced in his life and expounded a blatantly, in all probability, some misogynist. After all, in fact the stronger sex prefers a fairly intelligent women. A "Ellochek man-eating" his representatives called hens;
  4. Excessive thinness. Who and when he decided that the model's appearance is the standard of beauty? Is it possible to call the beautiful ladies flat with protruding ribs and stick-thin handles five-year child? So where did this passion to lose weight before the terrible condition? Rather, it has created a desire to get on the podium and the thirst for glory. But the podium is not rubber, hard of losing weight can not fit. And these women's sexual shade can be only in terms of perverts. Because the symmetry and leanness - not the same thing. Symmetry - a harmonious lines and the presence of rounded shapes. A angular knees and protruding bones slim, by definition, can not be;
  5. Long artificial nails. It's a miracle it seems pretty nice and convenient, because you need to grow your own nails long and tedious. A not necessary, it is! Because strong factory floor of a beautiful female handles with neat nogotochkami instead of nozhepodobnyh claws. Just try, make such nails exciting massage man, yeah! Not for long, and to cut him to pieces;
  6. Too plump lips. Today, full lips became downright hit time. We are increasing the size of their ugly to all sorts of different ways, believing that the opposite sex this is crazy. Certainly not ... Men are too protruding mouth associated with ... Well, of course, with nothing. It seems that it's sexy. But a rare representative of the stronger sex decides that this is already happening with hundreds of men. No, it is something out of it would be, perhaps, too, he refused. But kissing lipped lady somehow did not like.

So then, dear women. We're sharpens, vyleplivaya of yourself or a supermodel sex - bomb. And our dear do not need it. Well, how can we not be indignant? So much effort, time and money spent. And all for nothing. But maybe it's for the better? It can be less tense, trying to inspire someone. Well, let's rebuild. No options.

 What excites men: amazing facts

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