cybersex is cheating

Previously, our men had to settle for porn. And lately fans of "strawberries" received new and better opportunities to meet their needs. The network has a sex chat and online conferences. Oh, what ineffable luck for those who previously only watched orgies! Because now the participants of these orgies, and you can still communicate. And, therefore, directly involved in the process. They are a good, but in women, a new occasion for experience. It is now not only a pious and hears and sees his partner. As it does not pay attention? What to do? Sex on the Internet - this is cheating or not?

What is sex on the internet?

In fact, sex on the Internet is a kind of a specific type of pornography. The peculiarity of it is that the level of candor virtual partner's dependent on how much it will pay customers-goers. This means that the hobby spicy spouse, except that it strongly irritates his wife, also a devastated family budget. Sometimes men spend fortunes, going over accounts of virtual temptresses. Representatives of the stronger sex just lose his head, falling under their influence. Still would! Network babe performs every whim of the client, as long as he paid.

However, man is not necessarily a woman buying online. You can just make acquaintance with some not so shy a lady and keep her intimate correspondence. Very comfortably! And do not go to the left, and his wife does not know. For the time being. And I can never guess when to be cautious. Well, even if it catches what's wrong with that? Average entertainment, and only ...

This reasoning men. After all, for them it is a betrayal of the only real physical contact. And if it does not, then, and there is no adultery. Just think, frank correspondence with some special! After all, this is not a meeting in real life! That's the way it is. Here are just a bulk of women put up with such a stance does not want her lover. Because for them, betrayal - not only physical, but also emotional contact with the wife of another lady. Never mind that the Internet is impossible to pinpoint a person's appearance. Perhaps this lady really looks extremely repulsive. All the same, faithful, thinking about it, is naughty scenes and plants. It's enough.

So who is right? We can assume that sex on the Internet - cheating or not? And whether, if a man is carried away by them, to take some action? Anyway, are there online infidelity?

 Sex online cheating

Can we consider cybersex cheating?

Generally, with a passion sex on the internet everything is not easy. If the spouses have recently observed tensions and disruptions in the intimate life, this enthusiasm is understandable. The man is just trying to make up for domestic demand in close contact with the female sex. While a network of beauty and interlocutor of sex chats it did not bind, such behavior can hardly be considered a complete betrayal. However, if family relationships over time, stabilize and her intimate life does not get better, virtual affection men may well develop into real ones. Now that would really change.

But often reasons for the increased interest in her husband's sex is different. If a man has quite a great experience of family life, he usually wants some variety. A truly change his wife, he is unwilling or afraid. Excellent yield in this case is the Internet. In principle, nothing to talk about hobbies men as a complete change can hardly be. And women in particular worry about it not worth it, as long as they do not become a substitute for normal family life. But the situation is still better to keep under control. After all, sometimes even what starts as a friendly chatter of men with some pleasant conversationalist, could escalate into something more serious.

According to sexologists, the majority of men are addicted to intimal network because of boredom or lack of interest in his wife's sex life together. At the same time they continue to love your mate as before. It often happens that after a long dialogue with your virtual sex passion men have a desire to meet her in real life. And who knows what the outcome of such a meeting, if it happens. Maybe mutual disappointment. And perhaps stormy novel, ultimately contributing to the disintegration of the family. Since then behave woman if she found out that her lover carried away too spicy communication in the network? There are several options.

Sex on the Internet and dependence. What to do?

If a man constantly sticking in the sex chat, spending a lot of money - this is not just a hobby, but a real addiction. It is possible to say that cheating here at all to do with it. As well he might lose his head from gambling. This is especially the mental apparatus of the people who can not just say to yourself, "Stop. Enough! ".

The signs of this dependence are:

  1. The loss of a critical assessment of what is happening and a sense of reality;
  2. Spending on sex chats large excess amount of income amounts of money;
  3. The emergence of debt and the willingness to get money by any means;
  4. Full or partial destruction of the system of values ​​in life;
  5. Reduction of communication in the real world and its replacement by an intimate communication on the Internet;
  6. Loss of interest in life outside the sex chat, depression.

If such signs in her husband there, his wife should sound the alarm: without the help of specialists can not do here. And it is necessary to refer to them without delay the case indefinitely. Because it is possible that people at some of the sex chat came under the impact of psycho. This applies to some very advanced live porn sites, which after several days of dialogue with some of the young men begins maiden natural insanity.

When the situation with her husband and porn chat rooms is similar to that described in the first place it is necessary to close access to the cash and valuables. And then seek the help of professionals. Shame man and you can not blame him - he is sick! And certainly not happy about his own addiction. And then, something pushed him to the same cyber-sex? Perhaps it was the coldness of the second half or her excessive demands? She stopped to give him enough attention and give affection. Here's what he found to satisfy their need for love. So there is a fault in the incident and the woman.

Start hanging out in chat rooms sex a man can and because of problems at work. He can not accept the reality and realize in full and hiding from it online. Virtual sex perfectly removes guilt to close for lack of money and inability to earn as much as you need for family well-being. Moreover, it allows the mind to relax the strain, if there is no other way. This reason hobbies Sex on the Internet is also a good breeding ground for the abuse.

Generally, if your spouse never watched porn or watching rare, but now he began to get involved in them, and even got into the porn chat rooms, is worried. Alarmed needed and when it is too long, oblivious to his surroundings, is overwritten with any network lady. And correspondence, this is not business. Rather, blagovernomu something missing. Maybe it's the lack of sexual diversity, and maybe even love. How to behave in this case?

 Internet infidelity

Sex on the Internet for a variety, or from a lack of love?

If favorite dug into sex chats or became too intimate to talk online with a lady, it is not necessary to immediately arrange a debriefing and roll jealousy. It is better to try to distract her husband from this lesson, affection and tenderness and come up with some new elements of intimacy.

You can, for example, offer sex spouse to fix the process in the video and try to make it similar to what is shown in porn films. It is advisable to try to still be bold enough in their fantasies, to wear erotic lingerie and sex toys to use. If the home environment does not allow such liberties can be removed beautiful room in a hotel or a sauna.

Another good way to pull out from the clutches of the faithful virtual sex - with his consent to have his sex page on the Internet. Of course, access to it should be closed. And then, putting on this page own candid photos, chat online with her husband. Let leave comments for photos and cover joint on-line conference. The benefit of this method is obvious: the family budget intact, marital sex, and adopt a new attractive form.

If the husband wants sex with two women, but the second bed to let the Lady really do not want, you can perform a dual role. Choose two completely different clothing - leather erotic suit and evening dress business suit and a transparent shirt and so on. And then for an intimate night for her husband to come in two forms, and behave in accordance with each of them.

Of course, all of these options should be treated as a game. And use them only if assured that all favorite perceive correctly. And this happens only when the complete openness between the spouses. If you do not, risk inventing sex games, not worth it. It may be shocking to her husband and to push him away for long. In this case, you just have to understand that the man in the soul. Because any human passion is a way to fill the emptiness inside and remove the barrier between themselves and the outside world. It is often something that we take for the attack, is actually protected. And the fact that we believe in people's behavior outrageous, in fact, there is a way to cover the vulnerable and bright soul.

In short, noticing that there was a beloved penchant for sex on the Internet, a woman should try to be understanding and tact. No need to immediately write it in the category of libertines and perverts or blame the Internet changes. Most of all, he needs more affection and love. After all, the world is ruled by love!

 Sex on the Internet - it is cheating or not?

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