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  • Basic rules of racing at night
  • Proper running technique

Running is great for stress relief, stress accumulated during the working day, and health promotion. Especially notable advantage of running in the evening. But we need to know how to run around in the evenings. It is necessary to schedule workouts 2-4 times a week based on their workload.
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Basic rules of racing at night

  1. The best time for jogging is a gap of 19 to 22 hours, when there are active biorhythms. An hour after a light dinner, you can begin to engage.
  2. The first thing you need to warm up the body and disperse the blood. Be sure to run a little bit to do razminku.Mozhno walk briskly. Warm-up is useful for the cardiovascular system, it gradually increases the heart rate. If this is not done, and immediately begin to run, it can cause serious heart problems in the future. A set of exercises is determined individually.
  3. By the time run should take about 20-30 minutes at a slow pace or the light, because the body is already preparing for bed and heavy loads are not necessary.
  4. Be sure to breathe through the nose during the run, and if you breathe so hard already, then jog slowly is complete, moving to calm a step to restore the heartbeat.
  5. To make up for lost fluids need to bring a bottle of drinking water.
  6. After jogging need to take a shower, which relaxes the muscles and restore strength.

As a rule, after the first training sore muscles. This indicates netrenirovannosti and manifests itself in the first days after jogging. Engage need to systematically, or good will. Over time, as the muscles get used, the load should be increased.

In order to achieve the maximum effect from the evening jogging, it is advisable to alternate slow and fast phase, that is to start slow and gradually moving to fast and finish slow phase.

 proper running technique
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Proper running technique

Before the start of training you must be sure to familiarize yourself with the proper running technique, to avoid unnecessary load on the spine and joints. To do this:

  1. Avoiding sharp fluctuations up and down, as in this case, the load increases.
  2. The feet should be when running parallel to each other, but between the toes assume a small angle. In this formulation, stop rocking from side to side will be minimal.
  3. During the foot hits the ground it should be a little tense and evenly distribute the load.
  4. Step should be neither long nor short, it is determined during training. Short steps will not give the necessary tone muscles and increase the likelihood of long injury because landing on straight legs.
  5. Posture necessarily have to be correct, that is, back straight and your head straight. Elbows bent at right angles, hands a little tense.
  6. Breathing should be free, easy, without delay. Beginners should learn the correct breathing technique, that is to breathe stomach (diaphragm) and not feeding. Get used to this need to breath when walking, gradually moving into a run. Breathing should be done every two steps. And when practice is over, every 3-4 pitch. Especially when it is running in the winter need to breathe through the nose, so as not to catch a cold. There is still breathing technique through the mouth and the nose-mouth. The right is considered to breathing through the nose, then the body gets plenty of oxygen, but it can move gradually from inhaling through the nose and exhaling through your mouth.

Particular attention should be paid to food, which must be balanced by the number of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. If you are waiting on the running weight loss, it is necessary to monitor the consumed and calories burned.

As a general rule, difficult to plan your evening workout because of the busy schedule. But do not miss classes for nothing. They must be systematic in order to achieve the best results.

 Features a correct running in the evening

 the right race in the morning


  • The basic rules of running in the morning
  • Technicians proper running
  • If you are very shy

Everyone knows that running is very useful. In addition to cheerfulness, elastic body, tempered the body and spirit, jogging will give you much more: they improve health and prolong youth. Is not this what every woman seeks? Run at any time, but the best way to do this is in the morning, because the run really invigorates the body and gives energy. And it's much the right person is in the morning to get a charge for the day than at night, when the body, on the contrary, need to relax before bedtime. You can run at any age, at any time of the year.   The main thing - to know how to run in the mornings, that this process has brought pleasure and benefit.

As you can see, running - a great start in the morning. The main arguments in favor of running for women include: jogging strengthens the muscles and ligaments, causing you to get strong and resilient body; Running clears the body of toxins (especially those who smoke, abuse alcohol); Running improves circulation, making healthy complexion and skin smooth and taut; Running burns calories - you become slim and toned, getting rid of excess weight.

 workout in the morning before the run
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The basic rules of running in the morning

In order to get maximum results, you need to run properly. There are some rules, principles of good races, following which you will make the process more efficient and enjoyable for yourself.

So, the very first rule - tune in and not to retreat. When you sweet sleep and see some wonderful dream and then the bell rang the alarm, first instinct is likely to turn over and rearrange time on the alarm clock. Then you look out the window, and on the street rain (or snow or heat - does not matter), and at home - warm bed and a blanket. Rather, the idea that today is not the best day for running, further strengthened in your mind. You even try to find an excuse and find, not even one! But it is better to firmly decide for yourself that you will not back down and remember you for what it's all started.

Rule number two - the time most suitable for jogging. It is believed that it is best to run from 6 to 8 o'clock in the morning. And actually it's very good, because, as a rule, the working day for most people begins at 9 o'clock, and if you wake up at 6.00 - 6.30, quietly you can manage and run, and the procedure itself lead, even a cup of coffee to drink and on the job at the same time not to be late.

Rule three - run only on an empty stomach. As with any other class sport, the best pre-workout nothing to eat. In addition, in the case of a run it will help more actively burning calories and weight normalization, if you have such problems. Yes, and it will be easier to run on an empty stomach, rather than on the full.

Rule Four - to know where to run. That this point the inhabitants of the cities often have problems. If you live near the forest, park or similar landing area, then you are very lucky, because the best and most useful running - in nature. On the one hand, running, you do not breathe exhaust fumes of cars, and on the other, on the nature of running more interesting: you can change the route, to overcome any obstacle (whether it be a tree or a ditch littered). Also for beginners will be an advantage that there will be people around - you will not be ashamed that run somehow "wrong". If you are very lucky, and you live somewhere in the city center, try a run in the park or choose the road, where there is very active movement of cars.

Rule Five - clothing and footwear. It is very important that you feel comfortable in the clothes in which you run. Whether it be a simple or proprietary equipment. It is important that shoes and clothes were your size, so you are not distracted by what you something presses or presses.

 proper running technique
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Technicians proper running

Separately dwell on how to properly run, because this is also very much depends. Firstly, we must understand that the beginning of classes in any sport for a man who had an active lifestyle not led - is always stress and shock. So you need to give your body time to get used to the new strain. If you follow certain rules, it is much easier and faster to accustom your body to run and start to get pleasure from the process.

First, it is important to do - prepare the body for future changes. For example, you decide that you will run in the mornings. Fine, but do not need to run to the date of the decision. And the next day also. Start with less: a charge in the morning or if you have a bike and the weather permits, a short biking. Work out a week or so, and then proceed to run.

The second rule, which is important to follow - increase the load gradually. We are talking about several points. Firstly, when you go out, do not start to run straight from the entrance. This is a big mistake many: the body has not yet woke up and for him it will be a huge stress. Therefore, the first step 100m walk. You can start a leisurely pace, gradually accelerating it to move smoothly in the run. The same should be done when you complete a run: the last 100 m must be passed back from running to walking, gradually reducing the pace.

Then it comes to the rate and duration of your races. At first, it is not necessary to emulate the professional runners on the course, and "tear itself light." Start with a comfortable tempo for yourself (most likely, it will be jogging) and duration (the first race, you will not longer than 15 minutes - and that's fine).

It should be understood that all the ailments that you will experience are not dangerous and they need just to survive, and not paying attention to them. At first, you will likely be very difficult to tickle and sore throat, stabbing at his side, his eyes are watery, runny nose irrepressible will, the heart will jump out of the throat. This is especially true for women who are overweight or have not engaged in sports, as well as those who smoke, eat junk food, drink alcohol. Such people are the majority - because life in metropolitan areas are often harmful to our health, rather than vice versa.

And finally, the last proper running technique - in spite of all ailments, in no way does not stop. It is only necessary to run forward and stop when your jogging is finished on time. If you follow this rule, you will soon notice that you began to run faster and longer (even a couple of minutes, but it is an indicator of progress) and the body of your recovering from a load much faster, so that the entrance you walk into has a steady pulse and breathing, full of vitality and energy.

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If you are very shy

As we have said, for beginners there is a problem: they think they are doing something, or worst of all look terrible, and associates just do that look at them and condemn or laugh. Believe me, this is not so. In fact, people do not care for one another, especially when they are engaged in some kind of their job.

If these arguments have not comforted and you are still very shy and can not overcome yourself, there are several ways to handle this: first, you can not run at the stadium or the waterfront, where there is always a lot of people, and in the park, or forest, if possible. There may also be people, of course, but you will be able to choose the route, turn off on a deserted trail.

Second, you can turn on the player and run the music. On the one hand, your favorite tunes (just be sure to choose the energetic, that there was no incentive to move to a peaceful step) will help you escape in the same pace, and on the other hand, you yourself do not notice as "leave to the music" and cease to pay attention to others.

Third, you can run with a friend. That helps a lot. On the one hand, it is good if you need an extra incentive to get out from under a warm blanket, and on the other, it will help to transcend the barrier of uncertainty and hesitation. Owning a dog is even better: you can run from four-legged friend - both of you it will only benefit.

 Running in the morning to prolong youth, beauty and health