sex in a woman's life

What do you mean sex in a woman's life? As if we were there or fended off the question, saying that for us sex does not play a role, it is not. And the young ladies, and the ladies at the age he needs, even if this fact is not recognized them or not realized. Because it is a source of vitality, and regulating mood and behavior, and human health. By nature man received a great gift - he can use this source, in contrast to animals, not only for procreation. With it, the person touches the mystery of the formula of happiness of all. And he feels part of the universe that loves, supports, consoles ...

In short, the role of sex in a woman's life is no less to its role in the lives of men. And maybe even more. Because it not only fills the weaker sex positive energy, but also makes it younger and more attractive. It would seem, then we are supposed to feel stronger than men, sexual desire. However, most often for some reason it turns out the opposite. What happens with the female libido and why this is happening?

Why do women have weak libido

Some people believe that for the majority of the daughters of Eve (unlike her sons) sex is not a very important part of happiness. But like it should not be! Because both women and men are the same stage of sexual development. This means that the desire to intercourse in both sexes should be equal. Well ... Certainly not! Number of female headaches occurring at a time when her husband turns desire exceeds the total number of such pain in all of humanity. Why the weak half of it in the reproductive age so often suffer from migraines?

Frankly, all the reasons vybryki female libido still remain a mystery. We can say only one thing: a very large role in the increase or decrease of sexual desire is the level of hormones. But they - not the only culprits of what is happening. Acting on our libido is not only physical, but also hereditary, age and psychological factors.

In general, the formation of the quality of women's sexual desire starts as early as adolescence. It was then in the mind of a young girl imprinted basic features of an ideal sexual partner. Correcting its image occurs throughout life. And it can dramatically change the original idea of ​​the ideal because of some strong stress and trauma. And with it will change and the power of sexual attraction. And this occurs in the downward and upward.

Of great importance in the development of female libido is the first sexual intercourse. It is important that it went less smoothly. If the guy is rude or too incompetent, she is unlikely to get from sex at least some pleasure. As a result, the first sex she will not very pleasant memories. And they will turn off your drive as long as the young woman appears who knows a lot about caresses her perfect partner. Well, if such would not be the true sexual pleasure she can never know.

I must say that the sexy woman is significantly different from male sexuality. In the weaker sex in it dominates the emotional component of the libido, have a strong - saline. That is, the ladies more than their partners, need to drive the kind words, gentle touching, kissing. If all this is not enough, the woman usually does not get full satisfaction from the vicinity. As a result, it gradually loses interest in it. And then before the intima she often begins to "headache."

Incidentally, the headache. In many cases, the ladies are very rarely gets an orgasm, it really is the place to be. Lack of regular sexual release a negative effect on the psyche, causing the most headaches, irritability, short temper, depression, and other pesky phenomenon. Of course, a woman with such a condition is rarely in a good mood. And it can be very bad for her personal life. Men do not endure eternally cranky, do not appreciate the sex friends. At best, they simply move away, at worst - are unwound home.

Well, we now like to understand that after all the sex in women's lives means a lot. How to make it quite full and prevent the suppression of libido own for years to come?

How to awaken a desire for sex

In fact, women's sexual desire and should not always be the same. For example, when women are ovulating, her desire sex jumps to the peak. These days, men should be considered holidays - the Lady becomes very sexy and gets an orgasm much faster. Yes, sometimes more than once. And then a woman's sex craving is somewhat reduced. She had not wanted to frequent proximity and may even abandon it, inventing, for instance, that a headache. In principle, this is normal. And the issues are resolved. Just with tenderness and kindness come to the poor girl-martyr, and her headache as the arm lift. However, not all men are, unfortunately, it is understood, demanding sex right this minute here, period. Well, then, you have to tell! And at the same time show your favorite erogenous zones.

Each of us are individual erogenous zones. And this or that area is particularly sensitive at a certain mental attitude. Because in order for a woman to get real pleasure from sex, you must participate in the intima, not only her body but also the inner essence. And the essence of it is not very sensitive to the physical affection and gentle to him, that our men are so often forgotten to whisper in your ear. No, to reach the peak of pleasure is necessary, of course, not every pair. But only two can know that it is necessary that the sexual act took part not only the body but the soul - words whether the sounds you imagination ... and connect them, not just mechanically excite each other erogenous zones without taking into attention to emotions.

Well, what to do if an orgasm, even with the most skillful caresses the man still did not come? We must learn from him. In general, an orgasm is usually a reaction to the stimulation of the clitoris and the point G. Few women can experience it if there is no such stimulation. For the rest of the normal sexual act with the introduction of only the penis into the vagina can cause except that only the psychological satisfaction. Yes, and then not always. But if during sex, men do not forget about the most sensitive spot on the body of the Lady, she was sure to be on top of the world. And rather quickly, if the young lady will concentrate on the sensations in their erogenous zones.

Female orgasm and its strength depends on whether a woman can fully relax in bed. If during the next present anxiety, fear, tension - nothing good is likely to come from sex is not. In order to get from him emotional and physical pleasure, needed psychological comfort. Powerful barrier to orgasm is a feeling of resentment to a partner, the hostility towards him. In short, the relationship between a man and a woman and her ability to forget the existing problems play an important role as a sexual act. Of course, this question is not so easy to solve. Not every one of us can take here and disconnect from the negative thoughts and emotions. But you need to work on it. For their own sake. Do not get yourself? Referring to the expert. Let help.

 sex life of women and men

Practising intimate muscles

In order to learn to listen to your body and get it to enjoy sex, you can do the training of intimate muscles by the method of the American gynecologist Arnold Kegel. It's very simple exercises, the bulk of the exercise which does not need a separate room or in the allocation of time for them. It consists in the alternation of contraction and relaxation of the muscles of the vagina at regular intervals. Variations of these alternations a lot, so every woman can choose the most suitable variant of it. But one of the improved methods Kegel exercises, which is necessary to carry out at home:

  1. Charging starts with the fact that the passage of the room, raising his knees. Socks stretched. Hands relaxed, lowered along the body. Doing so sixty steps. More then sixty steps, in which the foot before lowering the knee toward allot;
  2. Lie on your back. The legs bend at the knees and pulled up to his chest. Exhale sharply, squeezing the intimate muscles. Return to the starting position. Inhale. Repeat twenty times;
  3. In a standing position takes a deep breath nose. At the same time we squeeze the muscles of the vagina, draw in the abdomen and hold the breath for a few minutes. Slowly exhale. Perform five times. Then repeat the exercise, but instead of retracting the abdomen make an issue of it;
  4. Lie on your back. Legs bent at the knees. Feet flat on the floor. Raise your pelvis, hips deployed in hand, intimate muscles tense. In this position, hold for about five seconds. We carry out fifteen times;
  5. Put feet wider than shoulder width. Socks turned out. Crouch, breathing and squeezing intimate muscles. Quickly returns to its original position, breathing. Repeat fifteen - twenty times;
  6. We went on all fours. Arches his back; we also pelvis forward, straining the muscles of the vagina. Stand so within five seconds. Then flex the back, pelvis serve back a little, intimate muscles tense. Repeat this exercise ten times, allowing the muscles to rest when you change positions.

Kegel exercises addition there are a number of complexes of exercises, which would produce an orgasm. For example, one of such complexes is as follows:

  1.   We sit on the floor. Legs stretched, closed. The back is tilted back slightly. Hands on the floor do not abut. Maintain balance and squeeze your buttocks. We count to ten and relax the buttocks. Doing it five - six times. Then spreads her legs and repeat the exercise;
  2. The standing position is clamped between the buttocks of a coin. We go with her back straight and trying to keep the coin as long as possible has not fallen;
  3. This exercise should be done with a partner. With all his strength to stretch the muscles of the vagina. A man tries to enter it. Gradually, the muscles relax when his penis enters. Once he enters completely, lightly squeeze the muscles, count to five, and again they relax.

If we really want to ensure that sexual relationships bring joy, exercise should be done regularly. And as often as possible. No time? Well, it'll just alternate compression and unclamping muscles, doing some chores. It's not difficult! And it is extremely useful. Because sex - part of life, part of the convergence of male and female forces and happy coexistence of the sexes.

At the same time, trying to get an orgasm, it is necessary to take into account that it can be different and not always achieved. Each of us has its own peculiarities. Someone is more prone to the physiological pleasure, and someone - to the emotional. Sometimes an orgasm is very bright, sometimes it is quite pale. But it can get almost all healthy women. It is necessary only to want. A wish is very desirable! Because we are not the means to meet the needs of men. We - equal with them participants intercourse, which should bring pleasure to both partners. And if we love her man, the orgasm will be the biggest gift for him. So why deprive yourself and loved this wonderful opportunity? The world is multi-faceted and colorful. Do not make it monotonous and dull. We must always remember that the sex lives of women - one of the brightest colors of the world.

 Sex in a woman's life: its importance and improvement

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