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  • The development of sexual relations in marriage
  • How to maintain sexual desire in marriage

Oh, how often we lament over the fact that the marriage over time kills the passion that in the first months of his blazing burning almost unquenchable fire! How sad for the days when we were attracted to each other with incredible force! It seemed that it would be forever ... But as time passed, the passion subsided gradually subside, and then all off somewhere, without even saying goodbye. Is it always the case? Why sex in marriage once transformed into a boring ritual, and then disappears? And can there be a happy marriage without sex?

The development of sexual relations in marriage

In the early years of marriage, when emotions still perehlёstyvayut over the edge, the man and woman do not even bother the quality of their sex. Sex initial period of marriage, as a rule, tireless and extremely entertaining. No wonder - there is a process of knowing each other. And it makes gormonchiki rage. And there can be no reflection on everyday problems, place or time. Life lovers held under the motto: "Sex, sex, sex! ". And the more the better! Otherwise it can not be. After all, here it is, welcome people there, and I want to love him, to caress the undead ... In the first year of life a man and woman only learn each other. They experiment with their sexual interest in mastering space.

The second or third years of married life - a time when people are already pretty well know each other. In normal families, it can be called the golden age of sexual life. Crazy passion subsided, and replaced by a quiet, unfettered love attraction. Husband and wife are no longer ashamed of her body and did not hide any personal habits. Here lies the first stumbling block. Getting used, the couple did not try to embellish his not very attractive features. Basically, it's okay - people become closer to their loved ones and decided to fully trust. However, a husband and wife - still not blood relatives. Some are not too erotic moments of sharing life can play with them a cruel joke in bed. And sex is gradually begins to fade into the background.

In general, it is absolutely normal process of calming down the passions. Nerdy-scientists claim that it, dear, there can be no more than three years. Because it is a period of time, our body is able to tolerate the high content of normal hormones make the heart flutter, thought bunch, and his hands tremble. If everything else - any marriage based only on passion would be doomed. Sex, after all by itself can not exist. It is - only a part, albeit a very important, but only part of the relationship. And if the man and woman nothing else to do there, sooner or later, and shared their bed cease to attract.

However, one day she can become uninteresting, even if they have much in common. Usually this happens on the fourth or fifth year of marriage. Men at this time stage start treating women like their usual supplies. They do not notice the upgrade in its appearance, do not tell compliments, do not try to please. And women do not receive adequate attention from the faithful share, more often there is a desire to find it somewhere on the side.

No, it does not mean that girls tend to have a lover. Most married women it does not occur. It is much more than sex with a strange man, we need new experiences, new atmosphere. This somewhat abstract goal, but she lives in the subconscious, demanding her. Men, too, after five years of marriage, wants novelty. That's just they need a specific object. Therefore, we can pick up signs of attention on the side, ran into the little bed married. And then, having received an advance outside the home, often go back to where these advances distribute. And still do not know what these trips end. After all, everything is new and attractive, but it is more and admires ...

It goes without saying that under such circumstances the sex in marriage becomes dull and rather rare? And he gets a similar quality, even when changing posture, furnishings, apparel. Well, that's not already disconnected consciousness during sexual intercourse! Do not excite the imagination familiar to detail curves of the body partner is not attracted to the smell ... and all attempts to somehow diversify marital sex are often either sterile or simply ridiculous.

In many cases, the family under such circumstances persist. And often even good. Well, give birth to the couple sometimes novels on the side, but these stories rarely suggest something serious. We dared to adultery even where a good purpose - to wake up and refresh your libido so sex marriage. However, it turns out this is not always the case. Because the reception refreshment selected incorrectly. Well, someone on that fiction lacks ...

And then come the ten years of marriage. Oddly, but in many families this period of renewal and revitalization of sexual relations of former spouses attraction to each other. They seemed to wake up and re-look at the relationship. In principle, nothing surprising in this metamorphosis is not. In ten years, people change waveforms to sexual stimuli. And the fact that earlier in the partner turns heads, now attracts and excites. Sex becomes a new quality. Spouses often try to even its diversity, calling for help his ingenuity.

Well, after twenty years of marriage, sex is usually, if not coming off the seventh plan in relations between husband and wife, you are getting somewhere close to it. This is a very dangerous time for the family. The initiators of its disintegration are often men who want to prove to themselves that they are still hoo On some stallions! A gray beard, in a word. This colt can lose your head from any not too concerned about the moral principles of the person. And rushed her to the edge of the world, taking with him a considerable chunk of the family budget. Because marriage without sex he has to be fed, and here - straight from the tin body to which something else rises. And for that you can all (or almost all) give away!

According to this here is not very joyful, live scenario, unfortunately, many families. Yes, we are all convinced that our too-the prospect of marriage And this is not threatened. And then, unwittingly, begin to live according to the general scheme. What you need to do in order not to fall into such a trap?

How to maintain sexual desire in marriage

Marriage and sex, of course, can not be called inseparable things. But the intimate life still is to some extent an indicator of the quality of the relationship between man and woman. And if it gives a failure, it is necessary to begin to establish them out of bed. You can, for example, to find a common hobby to go together on a trip together to study the language and so on. As soon as the common interests, will and physical attraction. But not vice versa. Because the lack of physical attraction says that a family has problems of a different plan.

It happens that the couple, wanting to normalize sex life, seek the help of some stimulants. Like, once sex marriage to resume all at once and come back to normal in a relationship. Will not come. Because if a man has an erection occurred, it does not mean that he wants to bed. Well, there is something ... And on TV talking football! It is much more interesting than the tedious jumps for a moment of pleasure. Same thing with the woman. Befit frivolous faithful with hints, and then phoned a girlfriend, a new collection of clothes for half an hour excitedly rattle. Or show your favorite show. And then - a march in bed! Once! My head hurts…

The point, of course, not in football, TV series and new collections of clothes. The fact that the spouses do not have to have sex interesting. And no wonder, because as usual. What is the conclusion? It is necessary to come up with something unusual. That is, diversity is not only a bed, but also sexual behavior in everyday life. For example, the trip suddenly dragged his half of a nearby hotel ... No hotel? Well, then in the bushes! Or do not wear underwear at a party and whisper as if by chance this half. Surely immediately fussed and pulled her to the ladies' room. Order a spouse does not suffer sclerosis and clothed there in all that is necessary. But do not forget about the indecent incident the evening. And then…

Do not hesitate to such outrageous? Then, quite frankly often try to caress her husband in the most inappropriate places. No, I climb into his pants in front of a stunned audience, of course, not worth it. So it is possible to make expensive and impotent. But the reward of his sensual kiss - well, it is! Yes, if you still make it the way it was at the beginning of family life, but not once ...

In the end, you can just once to meet your soul mate from work apron, put on the naked (or nearly naked) body. Say, did not have time to get dressed, right up to the plate. Or get him to the bathroom would also like to swim. And the prohibition to touch yourself. Lay somehow on the floor or on the table ... In general, fantasize, fantasize, fantasize! The main thing that the habit does not become a constant companion, and the relationship did not kill the desire to know each other again and again. For the sake of marriage is to try and diversify posture, places, gestures, sounds, colors, smells.

Someone might say that sex in my life - not the main thing, and the family may well exist without it. Absolutely. There spouse-friend, there spouse companion, there is even a wife-workers. But in these, so to speak, family communities, people are unlikely to be truly happy. The idea of ​​marriage is based on human happiness. And it implies a full life in all respects. Well, if she can be happy, if there is no normal sex? No. Hence, it is necessary to support the family at an appropriate level. Not allowing the intima become familiar and monotonous.

To diversify sexual life of the spouses may be any surprise. Sometimes shy-wife is to steal one from the wife of boxers - and all! He is ready for use. Or always observe the rules of decency in society husband throw any trick. The wife, if she is not quite frozen, certainly zavedet. Be of good cheer! Our life depends on us.

 Sex in marriage: its meaning and features

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