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  • The images they are juicy stsen.Kakie
  • The most frequent subjects of sexual fantasies
  • The classification of sexual fantasies
  • The use of sexual fantasies

Sex fantasies ... What is it - a perversion, the need for additional stimulant for driving, some mental disorders? In fact, they are to some extent inherent in virtually every human being. But not all of us perverts or mentally ill people! So any special deviations in most sex visionaries not?

Of course not. Experts investigating this topic, argue that more frequent fantasies about sex tend to those who have a well-developed emotional imagination. That is, people are creative. Content submitted by them depends on the sex, age, temperament, his intimate life satisfaction, education and others. In general, our erotic fantasies - a characteristic feature of the natural and human sexuality. No, maybe, in the animal world, they are also present on this ... However, we can not know. So let's talk about intimate grёzah children of Adam and Eve.

Images of juicy scenes. What are they?

So we already know that the mental representation of juicy scenes on "forbidden" theme - this is something that is inherent in all people. Especially during puberty. It may be accompanied by masturbation and even occur during intercourse. For example, having sex with a partner of the unloved, the person imagines intimacy with someone else, more attractive, with a favorite - some have not yet been tried with him sexy games and so on.

Someone script and content are unchanged erotic dreams, and someone they change frequently. The sex fantasies men often present the supervisory aspect. That is the stronger sex prefers to dream about the role of the viewer in the process of sexual intercourse. But in the female sex fantasies picture is somewhat different. Our ladies see themselves as participants in the process, with it comes not with abstract and specific people. The female sex fantasies usually present friend, boss, neighbor and so on.

Species erotic stories on the topic that arise in our minds, a great many. And somehow it is impossible to classify them. However, the most common still manages to allocate. What are they?

The most frequent subjects of sexual fantasies

Sexologists, doing psychological research fantasies about sex among people of both sexes, have found that the most common ones are:

  • Threesome. That is the act of taking part in a couple of women and one man or two men and one woman;
  • Rape. In this case, there is an idea and a person that raped him, and the dream is as if he rapes;
  • Erotic Greuze, in which sexual intercourse takes place with a neighbor (neighbor), Head (boss), popular person, and so on;
  • Sexual role-playing games of disguise and using crude methods of influence;
  • Fantasies that sexual intercourse takes place on the beach, in the sea, in nature, in the elevator, and so on;
  • Fantasies of sexual intercourse in a public place;
  • Romantic sexual fantasies.

That's about the overall scenario looks erotic images of men. If you separate them to belong to a particular sex, in their sex fantasies man often imagines such variations:

  • He did not have sex with his partner, and with another woman;
  • He oversees the lesbian caresses of girls;
  • He raped a woman;
  • He raped a woman or forcing her to do blow against their will;
  • Threesome with two women or two men;
  • He oversees the sexual intercourse between a woman and several men;
  • He has sex with Lady, whose huge bust;
  • He has sex in public;
  • He meets a stranger, he had sex with her in a romantic setting, and then parted forever.

Female sex fantasies manages more vigorous imagination ladies. In such scenarios are observed:

  • She has sex with another man, but not with a partner;
  • She imagines sexual intercourse in an exotic atmosphere;
  • She has sex with a woman;
  • She was raped;
  • Her partner plays the role of a slave;
  • She plays the role of a slave;
  • Threesome with two women or two men;
  • She - a prostitute;
  • It is engaged in anal sex with a stranger;
  • She watches as someone has sex;
  • She has sex in front of other people;
  • Romantic encounters and casual sex.

 fantasy sex

The classification of sexual fantasies

Enumerating the previous erotic scenes, we mean people with traditional sexual orientation. The other part of the world's population, respectively, and a few other fancy. But we are not talking about them. We're talking about how many sexual dreams are similar, quite different from each other between men and women. After all, if so understand, they may well be divided into several types. It:

  1. Submission

    That is an imaginary erotic images in which there are certainly methods of force field. And they can be different: the command, forcing a partner to have sex by using physical coercion or subordination of his rudeness ... In general, it does not matter. The most important thing in the sexual act of this kind is always involved as if the ruler and his servant.

    The variety of roles in such fantasy has no limits.

    The chief and his subordinate, the king and his servant, the jailer and the prisoner, teacher and student ....

    In a word, the man seems to everything they take into your head. The key in such acts grёzah theme in which one partner makes the second sex. The second can not resist. Sexual arousal also appears here, based on humiliation and unconditional submission to the authorities.

  2. Presentation of the other partner, instead of the now present

    In principle, this is probably the most primitive and common sex fantasy. And we often imagining during affinity constant lover or spouse that make love with someone else, even feel a sense of guilt.

    Well, like as such a fantasy is similar to treason. And for good reason. Because almost everything (well, at least, many) who have sex with one and the same person has been going on for a long time, one day begin to dream that the next - a neighbor, friend, boss, a celebrity or even do not know who . And this may be of both partners simultaneously.

  3. Group sex

    Sex fantasy of this type very much looks like dreams of the other partner. The mental orgy can participate, and three men and five, and ten ... And it is not necessarily familiar to people. Engaged in group sex in our minds the Romans, film stars, politicians - anyone. Sometimes in such fantasies are present and not specific people, and their entwined hands, feet, genitals. In other words, everything on that lack of fiction and that excites the most.

  4. Watching other people having sex

    It includes the contemplation of another's proximity, and the possibility of getting your own intercourse with someone in the field of view of outsiders. And sometimes an observer, in the end, is attached to two, and sometimes - not. These types of images are common in couples who have lived together for more than a year. In this case, male sex fantasy is a picture of his wife intercourse with someone stranger, sex fantasy women - sexual intercourse with her husband another. Or even another.

  5. Experimentation

    This kind of sexual fantasy is rather peculiar. Its content includes any sexual act in a completely new circumstances or unusual forms of sex. Exciting factor here is usually the desire to try the forbidden fruit, or the desire to experience something unique and unknown. Such dreams hardly anyone dares to make a reality. They are used primarily to exclude sex boredom.

  6. Romantic meetings

    In such a scenario, erotic grёzah usually similar. Two casual acquaintances somewhere on a moonlit beach, in a beautiful garden on a beautiful deserted island, and immediately ignited. This is followed by a frenetic sex, after which the couple breaks up, nothing to each other are not promising.

    In these fantasies dominated mysterious, pure eroticism, freed from any obligations and bonds.

    No one seeks to get something or to prove. This free, no act of intercourse peculiar ochernёnny more female sex fantasies. In general, it is - a dream very romantic natures, in which the representation of ordinary sexual intercourse certainly connected with some vulgarity.

  7. Hard Sex

    Such dreams are present in a woman's mind, and in the sex fantasies men equally. And it happens that they, at least partially, so try to bring to life. For some people the feeling of pain or causing it to someone is a source of sexual arousal.

    So imagine the person that he or someone to beat, whip lash, slaps, pinches, or someone doing it with him.

    The fantasies when such actions are always dreaming seems as if they cause severe bol.V reality, these methods usually only depicted without causing much physical discomfort. They are used to enliven sexual desires.

Well, that such a classification ... Fantasy in the intimate world enough, and many of us use them to diversify their intimate world. Is it good or bad? Normally, if all does not go beyond the limits and splashes out, turning some sexual perversion. Needless to talk about their fantasies favorite people? Well, it all depends on the degree of raskompleksovannosti partner, the quality of his character and the type of erotic dreams.

For example, if in your head all the time there is sex with men disguise a Roman toga, and women - in princess attire or uniforms, then perhaps you can and tell. Just think, dress up in costumes, and the bed ... It's not even interesting. But if we share a fantasy about having sex with tanned macho, the owner of a large member, the case could end anything. From thunderous storm from the man and ending with a complete rejection of his sex. With us. But not with another woman ...

In general, sexologists claim that the imagination in the sexual sphere to include not only necessary but also useful. What is expressed in its use?

 female sex fantasy

The use of sexual fantasies

So what's the good of male and female sexual fantasies? Well, first of all that in them we can be of any sex you want, in whatever form and with anybody. And then we get the right to release a cascade of feelings without fear of condemnation from the outside. Our imagination owners only us! And no one has the right to something in it reordered, restrict and organize in their own way.

Erotic images confronting the mind's eye, is controlled not only psychological, emotional, and physiological side of human sexuality. They allow you to focus on the sexual act and extremely excited, getting the most out of the vicinity. We can provide any picture! Who prevents that?

They include male and female fantasies of this kind and another valuable function. They help people who do not have sufficient experience in the intimate sphere, it can rehearse in the mind of different types of sexual intercourse. This allows them to get rid of a little embarrassment and a sense of embarrassment when meeting with a new partner. Yes, and partially liberated in the vicinity of the already familiar.

Sex fantasy men contribute to the sexual activity, and a more powerful experience the moment of orgasm. Fantasy women make them less shamefaced and love game - richer and more colorful. In fact, they control the behavior of intimate partners. And more and help realize the sexual needs with a deficiency or complete absence of a sexual life.

Intimate dreams increases self-esteem of man and give him the opportunity to remove the psychological stress of everyday worries. This is a very favorable factor for the strengthening of relations between people who have found a common language in the world of sexual fantasies. They not only are communicating less conflict and more understanding. The consensus in the mutual recognition and acceptance of fantasy allows even apart great feel close loved one. Enough details whisper their fantasies with each other over the phone or talk about them, communicating on the Internet.

But the total absence of some imaginary images or scarcity impoverishes people love life, reducing it to the level of trivial physiological needs. So fantasize on your health! Let our intimate world will be multi-faceted and joyful. Nothing terrible, and this is not forbidden. The sex fantasies a man expresses his inner world. We will not resist it!

 Sex fantasy: what it is and what they are

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