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Besides that, in forty-five women like berry again - had long been accustomed to, it is almost a truism. Therefore, in the forty-five we still consider ourselves to be quite so personal. ... But in the fifty-many give reason begin and the physiological and psychological problems. They are convinced that ceased to be berries, and sexual relations are no longer suitable. Well, is not that strange? It took a total of five years!

No, not strange. Fifty years - the time of menopause. Someone he begins a little earlier, someone later. But anyway, this terrible "beast" prowl always somewhere nearby with age. And each of the women anxiously asks himself: "Is this all ?! Is sex after 50 years, will remain only in memories, and I went into circulation? ". Well, like the way it should happen. From the perspective of twenty and thirty ladies, fifty time to have grandchildren so think of the soul! What's the sex ... But it is from the perspective of the young ladies. And what about that experts tell us?

What happens to women in 50 years

Yes, nearly fifty years in the female body is really starting to happen significant changes. The vagina becomes dry, its walls are made thinner. The woman is now longer excited. To achieve orgasm, she needs more time. Sometimes even that it caused spasms in the uterus instead of relying pleasure pain.

And the lady starts to avoid sex, thinking that now he only trouble. In addition, fifty years reduced production of the female hormone estrogen, and begin hormonal storm. They are constantly changing mood of the ladies, and it becomes a real fury. Like everything with intima over. Well, who is this Gorgon want in bed? And she has something like one, too, do not need ...

I must say that this view is, first of all, most "Gorgon". Because it is currently suggesting that male loves only for fresh and young. In her years of no hope. And it earned in connection with the mass of complexes and neuroses. And then he reached into the sink and old age began to dress up in handkerchiefs. And how! It was time to tinker with their grandchildren, and not indulge your body! As a result, at sixty turned into an old woman. And if the husband and helped, claiming that his wife had aged, lost her looks and generally do not need anyone now, and fifty-five.

And in vain! Because fifty years for women, by reducing the level of estrogen increases the number of androgen. Androgens - a cunning men such gormonchiki significantly increase sexual desire. It turns out that after menopause, it does not pass, but increases. And ladies middle-aged and above are retained almost all sexual functions. They are able to have sex. Often capable of! And still very much like a lot of men can, because this is the age lady becomes truly feminine, and her blossoming sexuality and creativity. After all, it's a treasure!

Unfortunately, only a third of women over fifty years to understand all the advantages of his age. And not only understand, clever, dear, and more and use them so that my mother, do not worry! They manage to write books, to tinker with their grandchildren, without a moment to sit still while recklessly twisting novels.

The remaining two-thirds of mature individuals are beginning to reflect on the meaning of their own and others' lives, come to the conclusion that it was somehow wrong and everything is gone, and fall into despair. And when more and children flew out of the parental nest and departed, and in general - into a deep depression. And hiding in his bedroom from the world and from all male half of its residents. In short, they are set to further life without affection, attention and sex.

But in fact such intima usually quite appetizing lady is quite possible to deal with at least another ten years. And you can not, and need! Because of its lack of harmful effect on the physiology, specifically dynamized the aging process and significantly spoil the nerves. As a result, the woman at sixty becomes a real old woman with a rapidly developing marasmus. Such are the cases. And what is with them now, these will put on a cross ripe berries do? How to pull out of hibernation?

How to overcome the crisis of woman 50 years

Of course, to awaken your libido frightened nervous breakdowns is necessary, first of all, the woman herself. It is desirable to support loved ones. But, alas, they do not support us at all times. So, take the case for yourself and think: what actually happened? After all, if so to understand the reasons for pessimism at 50 bit. Gone are the years? So there is still almost half of my life! Is it worth spending in anguish and despondency?

We are bad because menopause? But she will pass! We just need to get used to new experiences, study them and find a way to adapt. Yes, there were wrinkles. Yes, graying hair. Potyazhelel walk, and there are so many young, energetic, attractive women ... Yes, let them! He also also once banging fifty. And then, at that age it has its own advantages over the young. Woman reasonable that love and respect yourself, be sure to take advantage of it. And then it is able to always look impressive and attractive.

Incidentally, the weight of mature men and not very convinced that only after forty-five ladies are true women with soft rounded shapes. This softness and roundness so exciting! But the stronger sex excite not only them. In fifty years we have awakened a powerful fountain of creative and sexual energy, which is difficult to imagine. His men feel intuitively. And bubbling over flock to the dazzling light of the sexual woman, like moths to a flame.

But in order that they flocked fountain needs to be released. To feel all his natural strength, say "Yes" to a great outfit, cosmetics, active movement and great sex. And allow myself everything that previously banned or considered unsuitable for yourself. We will watch erotic movies, reading romance novels, to learn to drive a car, zavedёm cute animals, let us walk in cheerful company, or learn to belly dance! We begin to write books, draw, sing, and every day looking in the mirror and say to yourself, "Wow, I got prettier!"

Yes, it is not easy. Yes, youth behind. So what? After all, a woman thing - the mystery, intrigue and its true power. And it begins to bubble until after 50 years. Both men feel it very well and quickly respond to a fun, open to the life of individuals. Must demonstrate their sexuality and not hide. Feel free?

Yes, walk to the nearest sex shop, think! We learn that this "shop" and why they are almost on every corner. In general, we pay more attention to this area of ​​life, learning (if you still do not know) what a blowjob and anal sex, and what are the different poses. Oh, it is not necessary? It should be worth! This will treat myself with more than before interest and curiosity. And to understand once that is in our presence not only chair in the corner.

 sex after 50 years

The study of different types of sex after 50 years

Thus, we begin to discover the world together with his intimate side. Buy Kama Sutra and try to explore some poses with her man in practice. Too complicated and does not go? Then zaymёmsya what is available. Let's try anal and oral sex. What an abomination and depravity? Yes, the whole world is interested in it! Missionary position long ago became a thing of the past. And we have it all his life, and one knew nedotёpy. It is necessary right now to explore something new! Especially that the spouse from time to time like hinting.

Do not think that anal sex - the lot alone perverts. Many couples have realized that getting through the anal more fun than vaginal. Those of women who have not ventured for many years together on a similar experiment, most of them probably just afraid of him.

Yes, if men behave rudely, women anal sex really cause a lot of discomfort. But if we believe that everything will come out that way, you can ask a loved one for the first time enter into the anus of the little finger. But in this case the necessary preliminary preparation for sex.

It consists in the affection of women and buttocks massage cherished hollows. Generally, first anal sex in its technique similar to defloration. And the woman men should be treated like a virgin. First of all, the little finger will need something to grease. Then gently put it in the anal to the joint. Then start a circular motion wrist. The finger while moving back and forth is not necessary.

All this is necessary to explain to your partner, if anal sex is the first time. Perhaps these manipulations we did not like. Well, what, then, zaymёmsya something more enjoyable. But it is likely that like! So why not try? After all, we are now free from the conventions, we have good experience and want to improve their oppressed condition!

Various methods of intimacy - a great way to achieve this goal. However, if you have any rectal diseases, anal sex is best left alone. It can provoke them aggravation.

You should not be solved on anal sex with another man. Who knows what he might be sick! And this is a place for women are very susceptible to all kinds of infections. Well, with his even just once, but it's worth a try. If he agrees to experimental sex after 50. In the end, there has to sex in the updated age also upgrade!

 Sex after 50 women

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