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  • Erogenous zones on the female body
  • How should excite female erogenous zones
  • Factors that change the location and sensitivity of erogenous zones in women
  • How to determine the point where the woman's erogenous

Erogenous zone - a part of the human body when exposed to that cause sexual arousal. Such points are provided by nature. It is necessary to somehow stir them how the body immediately becomes ready to have sex. In women, these areas much more than men. Here are many of them we have a vague idea. A pity ... Because full sex girls only possible after prior contact with the locations of the erogenous zones. And the touch should be correct. If it is wrong, then not only will produce the desired effect, and even can be unpleasant. What is on the female body's erogenous zones and what better to do with each of them?

Erogenous zones on the female body

It is believed that women have one big erogenous zone is her body. Like it or not, it is difficult to say. To claim can be only one thing - a rare man to bother searching for particularly excitable towns with her friend. And especially not engaged in their cultivation. However, it is not so easy. Because our erogenous zones can change the location and level of sensitivity. Their location also affect the nervous system, and the mood and physiological factors, and more. So then try to determine exactly what and when to act, to female erotic excitement reached its limit.

In general, the more girls on the erogenous zones of the body, so it is sexier. Only the need to awaken sexuality using foreplay those areas in the region which are particularly sensitive point. From these endeavors partner every girl gets a lot more fun than from the passionate and crazy sex.

Most rasprostrannёye female erogenous zones are located here:

  • Lips;
  • The eyelids;
  • Language;
  • Forehead;
  • Earlobes;
  • Part of the abdomen near the pubic area;
  • The clitoris;
  • The vagina;
  • Pit above the collarbone;
  •   Center shoulder;
  • The area around the nipple, and the nipple;
  • Over-feeding;
  • Under the breast;
  • Around the solar plexus;
  • Around the navel;
  • On the inner side of the wrist;
  • The waist and genitals;
  • The inner thighs;
  • The outer upper third of the thighs;
  • Neck;
  • The inner region of the ankle;
  • The area under the blades;
  • The area between the shoulder blades;
  • Hypochondria;
  • Spine;
  • Mid buttocks and under the buttocks;
  • The area behind the knee.

All these parts of the female body are erotic stimulants by nature are called primary. Someone of the girls they are in the complex, and someone - only selectively. In addition, there are still areas of primary and secondary erogenous point acquired with the sexual experience. They may be located in almost any location and respond to the same effect in a completely different way. That is to say any area required for driving a feather light touch, and tomorrow she will need a whip. Such is the female body! It can re-adjust the sensitivity of your nerve endings several times. And even orient it on a new sexual partner.

So on what actions often speak female erogenous point?

 female erogenous points

How should excite female erogenous zones

Of course, all the erogenous point react to kisses. It is through his lips touch any body parts girl guy can locate especially responsive to caress female towns. They can be anywhere, even on elbows and heels. And the search for such zones, likely will take at one minute of time. But such efforts are worth it, because they will be the result of a first-class, with nothing comparable to sex.

Erogenous points and responds to the touch of a woman's skin anywhere on the body of the partner. You can even bring a girl in dance under the condition that the gentleman would touch her gently and at the same time passionately. And if a guy will show skill and gentle touch to the different areas of the body of his girlfriend during foreplay, it is likely that her orgasm sexual intercourse is not required. Women's skin is very sensitive and readily responds to kindness male hands.

However, it not only responds to gentle strokes, but also on the tingling, scratching and poshlёpyvaniya. If a man is gently pochёsyvaet, tingling or poshlёpyvaet towns where the erogenous zones, it is able to reach the Lady excitation limit. This action on the skin at the same time connected to light pain and bliss. This combination creates a powerful sexual impulse, instantly transmits to the nervous system. Of course, pinching and spanking should not be very strong. Otherwise, instead of groans of pleasure you hear a cry of pain. However, there are women who prefer a gentle spanking spanked very real. But this is a matter of taste.

Very responsive erogenous zones women and licks. Partner masterly command of the language, can my girlfriend hundred to a frenzy in a matter of minutes. Language - an excellent tool sexy, and if they handle space female erogenous points artfully, the lady will be in seventh heaven with pleasure.

In general, the impact on the erogenous point can be any girl. The main thing that it was pleasant young lady. To do this, man must know the specific towns and to submit his girlfriend, she impressed the most. But before focusing on this specific place, we must remember that the excitation zone in women tend to change their location and the level of sensitivity to the weasel. Not that it can happen that all the efforts of the men will be wasted.

On what does the disposition of such capricious erogenous points?

 erogenous points on the body of a woman

Factors that change the location and sensitivity of erogenous zones in women

Our erogenous zones are very susceptible to external factors and can easily fly away to another place entirely under the influence of anything. By "anything" typically include:

  1. Scents

      Yes, on the location of the erogenous zones, and their sensitivity can affect the smell of eau de toilette men or spirits of the woman. Affecting the emotional and psychological state, his fragrances are able to excite or relax, cause aggression and create a romantic mood. Needless to say that every one of those odors or other erogenous zones respond differently. Some of them cringes and hides. And some, on the contrary, opens and becomes very responsive to the touch.

  2. Environment

      The situation in which there are man and woman, is of great importance in the state her erogenous points. In a quiet, intimate, secluded atmosphere, she is excited by stimulation of some towns. And in the open, accessible to unauthorized individuals or anywhere in nature - from the affection of others. That is why some women do not like sex in the same atmosphere. Change entourage allows them to get a new, more thrills. At the same time there are some girls who are afraid of it. Since their erogenous zones in unusual circumstances, like a freeze and not respond on no impact at all.

  3. Sounds

      Type sounds too much effect on the state of women's erogenous points. For example, loud music can cause sudden and complete loss of sensation rather long. And maybe it significantly increase, spilling a lot of new outlets around the girl's body. Make them work actively or able to sleep soundly any sounds. Until the squeak of a mosquito.

  4. clothing

      Some very excitable erogenous point, if contact with them is through the thin fabric. In the nude body they either become less susceptible to affection (it may even cause a negative reaction) or disappear altogether.

Affect the quality and quantity of points excitable mood, degree of fatigue, the expectation of something, the pain, drunkenness, and many other things. Our cause euphoria of the instability zone as well as the female nature. Actually, nothing surprising in this. Nature took care of the production of offspring and created a perfect body in this regard. He catches the slightest changes in the environment and immediately reconstructed on the corresponding sound.

How do you know what erogenous point ready for instant response at any given time?

How to determine the point where the woman's erogenous

To the guy could find the place on the body of excitable girls, you need to create the ideal conditions for its relaxation. And then proceeded to search through gentle touches and kisses. In fact, the identification of the erogenous zones of this kind - a problem of both partners. The purpose of man - as necessary to examine as many parts of the body girlfriend. The purpose of a woman - told him some of the most sensitive areas. Do not get hung up on those areas that are traditionally considered erogenous. Discover cherished point can be anywhere from the fingertips to the roots of the hair.

All these points are interconnected. If skillfully follow the tongue or hands on such connecting threads can disturb or even create exciting new areas. We only need to pay enough attention to them. Of course, she should agree to such an action her partner and to encourage them, allowing you to stroke and kiss her where he pleases. And then on her body will erogenous points with the host. No, this does not mean that they will only respond to its "creator". But these points will work only if the appropriate handling. Rough, tactless man unlikely to be able to have a girl through such zones.

Most women have their own secret little places, touching which cause extraordinary excitement. Partner on the location of the erogenous zones he would never guess. So she should not hesitate to voice their feelings. After all, only the full revelation allows amazing sex. And only a caress all the erogenous zones paves the way for him.

 Erogenous point in women

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