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  • What are the exciting kisses
  • How to excite a man kiss the erogenous zones

Oh, those kisses ... Even official, welcome, friendship or just air, they in themselves are an expression of the special relation to man. What to say about kissing tender, hot, passionate, in which basis - love, lust, desire to cuddle. Some of them, soothing, relaxing. And some may well irritate the person that he just lost his head. That's just exciting kisses - they are special, unlike the ordinary.

And it's not just in some specific technology, but also in the emotional connection between partners. If there is something, and another man is able to fuel a slight touch of his lips. Of course, for such an effect you need to know some of the secrets. This simple wisdom, and master them if desired, any girl, pondering over how to bring a guy kiss. What are they?

What are the exciting kisses

Lips - one of the most sensitive erogenous zones of men. However, they respond to different kissing. Someone breaks already from light touch to his lips, and someone is not enough. Therefore, the specific techniques of sexual kisses no, because it depends on the individual preferences of Man. But there is a universal, time-tested methods, operating flawlessly on virtually all men.

The main condition of excited man with a kiss is what initiated it certainly must be a woman. She should be leading up to the end. Let the guy after answer exciting kiss, is a slave. A girl can start with gentle touches lips to the neck or a loved one to the field behind the ear, a little closer to his lips. And then to do mouth Man changing assertive kiss and adding to it various movements of the tongue.

Before the loss of self-control often inflame guys teasing action girlfriends, which is necessary for this first passionate kiss a man, and then to pretend that keen on something else. For example, the kettle must urgently deliver. If you do this trick two or three times a night, the young man certainly blur in my head. However, there are some individuals that this behavior hurts women. Like, if it comes to the so-lightly caresses, consequently, to a man of deep feelings does not feel. Just having fun.

Well, that's the nature of the property, which is quite possible to cope. Just wait, when the partner is in the mood, and a little play with him, and then surrender to the loved one. Most likely, then it will cease to react negatively to tease girls.

If a girl wants to quickly excite a man, she should try to gently press his lower lip with his lips and slightly pull yourself. Or spend some time on the tongue palate favorite. Usually guys like it a lot. Like many of them, and when a girlfriend kissing, runs a hand through his hair and a young man stirs them or slightly pull. It is extremely exciting to be an alternation of deep, full of passion with kisses full of tenderness with light touch of lips. It turns our choices and fast, as if gliding strokes tongue on his lips.

In short, the options sexy kiss Man exists a lot. It all depends on the willingness of the young lady and her imagination. However, the most efficient on the part of seduction Man Kiss - one that is accompanied by an additional caress erogenous zones on his body. Why then must still touch lips girl to a young man completely given up his mind?

 exciting kisses

How to excite a man kiss the erogenous zones

We are accustomed to the fact that in the foreplay before sex need mostly women. I must say, it's not quite the right idea about the excitability of men, which is usually considered too fast and does not require much effort on the part of women. Young people are just thrilled when the Lady begins to caress their erogenous zones. And if she does it with his lips and tongue, and even fly to the clouds. What place in the male body most sensitive to kissing?

  1. Neck

      This place is incredible men responsive to affection area. In order to arouse a guy strong desire to kiss the side of his neck, starting from the ears up to the beginning of the shoulder. Particularly effective are the alternation barely perceptible touches her lips tingle with them. Not bad to add more and biting with polizyvaniya;

  2. Ears

      On the ears is a lot of erogenous points particularly susceptible to kissing. To make these points to respond, you need to first slowly, bit his lips, around the ear to hold the guy and then go down to the tip, gently grab her little Zubkov and pull yourself. If you repeat this several times, the man will be slain;

  3. Hands

      Not many girls are aware of the fact that the fingers of the young people - the only erogenous spot, from kissing guys who just creepy. There is a similar, if you touch the tip of his tongue and lips of the skin between the fingers, and then, acting in the same way slowly up to the tip of some of them. And a little tip to suck it first, and behind them - the rest of the tips of the fingers. No less sensitive to kissing and back of the hand;

  4. Nipples

      Nipples men, too, are very sensitive to the touch of the lips and relaxed or tense tip of the tongue. Most men are excited by these caresses friends in an instant;

  5. Stomach

      The area on the abdomen, located between the navel and the groin, very responsive to affection. Pay attention to her best immediately before intercourse. In seconds Man zavedut few touches his lips to this part of the male body. It is - like a secret buttons, including the mechanism of male sex at full capacity;

  6. The knees and popliteal depression

      Kiss these areas need to slowly, gently. To heighten the effect can be at times a little blow on them;

  7. The region of the spine

      To excite the guy that zone must first massage the tongue, and after kissing slowly, starting from the nape and sinking lower and lower. Then just as slowly go back to the back of the head;

  8. The inner side of the thigh

      The guy could easily lose your head if a girl will touch his lips to the area, slowly rising from the knee up.

 how to excite a Man with a kiss

Trying razgoryachit young man with kisses, do not forget that the sounds are also able to kindle in men erotic flame. And if a girl, kissing, sensual moaning, she must lead her beloved in a state of euphoria. There is another method to bring a young man crazy. To do this, slowly, gently touching, carried out dry lips on his forehead, cheekbones, cheeks and temples. In these parts of the face have hairs, a touch which is exceptional sensations.

Some men prefer to kiss with their eyes open. They want to see how a woman responds to the kiss. And when there are two views, it generally gives the guy a lot of fun. If our young people refers to the type of men, it is necessary to give him eye contact. Let the soul enjoys the kiss.

Of course, all the advice on how to initiate a man with a kiss can not be universal and suitable for all the guys in a row. Therefore, experiencing a particular method of working lips and tongue, young lady have to watch how it reacts to the young man. And determines that it is fun, and that leaves almost indifferent. And sometimes, that's annoying. For example, there are men who can not stand when related to their ears. It does not matter if is touched to him or her fingers gently touch his lips.

So each person must be approached individually. Otherwise it may happen that the guy is not excited, and enraged. Especially when his relationship with a girl just beginning. It can not be said, in this case the young lady that her affection trouble! Certainly not a little offended.

To kiss became really exciting, when it is necessary to be seductive. To do this, it is not necessary to dress in sexy attire and tempt the young man's defiance. Is seductive and sweet image of a girl home, if it comes from the love and warmth of a gentle pure aroma. Everything, again, depends on the inclinations of men. Excite some very sexy lady vamp, another feminine Give a cozy establishment with no claim to exclusivity and sophistication.

In principle, any kissing women, to which a man indifferent, anyway, his concern. Because it is proof of reciprocity and its commitment to deliver a favorite treat. That is only if they are monotonous, then sooner or later cease to evoke any special feelings. People quickly get used even to what was initially considered lucky if everything is repeated every day. To avoid this, a kiss must be constantly experimenting, picking up the key to his beloved. And then it will have to be got from one sight to the lips of the girl.

 How to bring a guy kisses

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 how to breed male sex


  • Do I have to persuade Man of the girl for sex
  • Features image of contributing to seduction Men
  • How to behave in order to persuade the guy to sex
  • How to lure a guy in the bedroom

More recently, routine was a situation where the guys were trying to seduce girls in every way. The young lady also had to be impregnable and cautious with such cunning men. Because they "pomatrosil and throw," and you then tears Lei flammable and burn with shame. Reputation tarnished, brand pripechatat fallen woman. Surrounding look at you as a person of immoral and men perceive only as a lustful female. In short, female sensuality society had not been welcomed.

Today, everything is different. Sexy young and not very persons are no longer considered something immoral and purse every girl has a decent pack of condoms. It would seem that a man should rejoice in this state of affairs. Not a bit of it! Paradoxically, the question of how to separate male sex has become in our days almost did not notice the time. Often it happens that you're here all izgalyatsya, this way and that suitors showing their charms, but he though henna. And like, there are indications, not gay or impotent ... What's the matter? Why does a normal man today is not so easy to drag in the bed? Is it worth a woman to do it and how to behave, so that he did in the bed turned out to be?

Do I have to persuade Man of the girl for sex

Whatever it was, but the woman - not a powerful creature and person. Naturally, the sex, she even sometimes, but he wants. That's just the man for it is not always possible to find a suitable. After all, with anyone going to bed will not become. Firstly, little pleasant, secondly, it is not known what the consequences. And then, even if there is a love girl decent guy, she will not declare his forehead that he wants to close? Most young ladies like hearing, indignantly exclaim: "Yes, so I bred guy for sex? No way! ". Because they prefer to be chosen from many, but not to choose your own. Parenting is.

True to this approach to gender relations or bad, hard to say. One thing is clear - if the young lady with a high libido will burn with desire and thus wait for the man to take the initiative, it surely will sooner or later osataneet. Because the initiative, it may not show up to the end of time. The reasons for this lack. The young man may be timid, inexperienced in these matters, or is not very persistent. It is likely that its principles do not allow young lady to persuade the intima. Yes, after all, why would a guy simply be asexual? These days, this happens almost every turn.

In short, when a girl is dreaming about sex, but it does not push him, must itself take the bull by the horns. Otherwise, one day it may happen that it will convince yourself in the lack of demand for the male sex and put an end to personal happiness. And this is unacceptable. So, young lady must learn to see themselves not as a sex slave, but as a facilitator. Otherwise, waiting for someone who would take the initiative, you can easily kill self-esteem and do all possible to lose attractiveness in the eyes of young people.

In order to make someone have the impression that dreams about sex in my head spun, and day and night, and the girl will have to change their views on some things, and their behavior. What is the tactics and strategy of seduction Man?

Features image of contributing to seduction Men

The young ladies who have bred men for sex, argue that it is necessary to initially create a custom image. It is the original image of the girl acts on guys, like a red rag to a bull. Usually young ladies try to look in line with fashion trends. And that somehow makes them somewhat similar to each other. In addition, today's designer outfits from many ladies are like a cow saddle. But it is fashionable!

That climb vobshchem sexy pretty face in ridiculous attire, disfiguring themselves for the sake of fashion. And then puzzled - why would this man suddenly became shy away from intimacy with them, as the devil from holy water? Do not give birth to boys showcases mannequins with expensive boutique! They are warm, lively, unusual Woman Give. Then something starts to move down there.

In a word, to a man kerf program procreation, it must be seen in gorgeous woman female, not overdressed, in accordance with the rage doll. No man feels sexual attraction to this tense person, just think about that in her appearance and behavior were not any flaws. Do not take it the instinct of reproduction fifu such as an object for the rampage. He is absolutely on the drum, in which a lady dressed in clothes from there Cardin or kombez painter. He needs the natural sensuality and naturalness!

Therefore, you need to seduce the young man, feeling as comfortable and free. And let the outfit will be even in the style of great-grandmother, and haircut - the fruit of his own free-style fantasy, if the girl is organic, independent, cheerful, the breath of a guy in her presence certainly begin to stray. Provided, of course, that he is all right with potency and orientation. Then, sooner or later, to drag in bed can even be adept platonic love. Just for this we must behave accordingly.

 Man as a breed for sex

How to behave in order to persuade the guy to sex

As we understand, the male potency - a piece capricious and unpredictable. No sooner something to manage it was pretty simple. Yubchonku brief allotment, summed up the eyes, lips and has made up - oops! One hundred males flutter in your networks - choose, do not want to! Today, everything is different. Today, young people not so many of these that remind cocked gun. Only touch the trigger, and then rrraz - shot. No similar guys charged Berdan rifle and now missing. Here are just a triggers them tight, or to stand guard. And with the fuse removed only if there is an appropriate goal.

This goal should match the appropriate sexual demands arrow around. Suffice it to have not the smell or coloring, and Amba. Schёlk - rifle on guard again. To avoid this, the young lady should be very careful in choosing the flavor and try not to overdo it with make-up. Since and excessively nashtukaturennaya face and suffocating odor to some sharp perfume can completely deprive Man of ability to potency. Exactly the same reaction and causes an outgoing girl from tobacco smell. In general, most sexual is natural, coming from clean hair and body odor of the young ladies. Because it is unique.

Of course, a skilled makeup and choose the right fragrance still not enough to ensure that all the thoughts of a young man melted in an erotic haze. Girl should put himself in the best possible sexual aspect. This in no case should not be left to languish with desire to portray lustful nimofmanku or even just too temperamental lady. Who knows how to respond to such a female image male sexual instinct.

It is likely that the frightened and clogged in the farthest corner of consciousness. Try it and then pull it out! It is better to be a young lady to look closely at their own manners and habits, pick out those that are not at least demoralize libido Man, and adjust them at the appropriate style of the situation.

This means that the gait, gestures, postures, movements should be viewed sensuality. Just do not try to wag with the hips as the ladies are not too severe behavior Tver. Do not matzoh provocatively and chest in front of the guy, languid sigh and rolling her eyes. It is unlikely that the young man if he had not finished dork, zavedet from such vulgarity.

However, if a dork like this, you and wagging her hips swaying to the amplitude of a meter, and to tear to pieces the chest and eyes bulged madly. And when more and fasten black stockings with garters, but a couple of them in the tight red dress up to ... Well, twenty centimeters below the navel, the effect is simply stunning. Most likely, the young lady immediately dragged into the nearest bush.

If this turn of events suited the question of seduction men do not. But we do not need it, right? We need sex and passionate, and tender at the same time. Such that emotions splashes out over the rim, and the soul soars above the seventh heaven. In the bushes of the sex can not happen. It requires a different setting. And suitable for superintima atmosphere at the event can be for diversity and a red dress to wear, combined with black stockings. But it will be a very different sexual history.

The approach to the creation of such a history should be thin. This means that the girl should be before the meeting with the object of seduction carefully rehearse their movements and postures. They need to make the most graceful transition smoothly into each other. It is impossible to overlook the view. A look at the young man should be a little hazy, deep affectionate gaze.

It is desirable that it flashed quite frankly call. But only flickering, but not like a whip lashed young man. He - not riding the horse. Could easily reared and get away, or take alarm and get into a quiet place.

Once the desired image is created in the proper form, you can develop the future strategy of behavior. What should it be?

 how to breed for sex Man

How to lure a guy in the bedroom

Not every man, even burning with desire, dare to invite a woman to itself or to some secluded spot. Therefore, it is necessary to do so itself. But it is hard to call the gentleman, a clear allusion to the pursuit of too much contact with him, not worth it. People have a feature of nervous waiting for anyone, even a very enjoyable event.

It may be so that excessive anxiety negatively affect the potency of Man. And it will be for him tremendous stress. The consequences of such stress is difficult to predict. It is likely that a man will cope with it, and then everything goes like clockwork. And if not? Then he will certainly try to stay away from the girls. So that she reminded him of his own shame.

In a word, to lure a guy in bed, it is necessary to delicately. You can, for example, to ask him to help hang a shelf in the bathroom, change a light bulb, fix the tap or iron. Classics of the genre! And especially to invent nothing. What self-respecting man would refuse to take part in solving these problems? Even if he has no idea how to fix shelves and dismantling cranes ...

Go as pretty, will not go anywhere! It will only make it appear that the iron is not heated, and light stubbornly refuses to be included. In an extreme case, something really can be broken. Just not too expensive, and then you'll have to splurge on the master.

As soon as the man stepped into the apartment, we can assume that the fish on the bait he was commanded. Now you have to deftly cut off, that's for sure to catch it on a hook. On the threshold to drag a man in bed hardly worth it. More jitters and hooks somehow frustrate! Guys, they are certainly of a higher-people ... But these fearful! So summing up the young man to the little bed roundabout routes. Slowly, not right off the bat.

Please let puzzled aid. And then sit down at a table covered in gratitude for his efforts. Tasty snack, drink a little, relax. And here it will be the place nice music, muffled light, heartfelt conversation, slow dance ... and getting closer and closer to the bedroom. And then - hap, and on the bed! It seems to be inferred. Well, on a bed a man with a woman known to do that.

Basically, put the guy in the bed is not too difficult if you have between the two of sympathy. Usually men do not mind to have sex with seductive girlfriend. Here are just a lot of young people are hesitant to take the first step. Someone shy, someone is not enough experience, and someone is afraid to offend the girl by his actions. Yes, most women want to be conquered and tried to seduce all the forces trying to create all conditions for intimacy. But what can you do ...

A good part of our suitors today is not like the old macho assertive. They are afraid or embarrassed to be frank in their sexual activities and desires. And the girls have no choice, how to be active in sexual matters. In general, this is not no trouble. The woman and the woman out to help men get rid of the different systems.

 How to breed male sex

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