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Often, a woman, a man casually chatting about something distracted, suddenly notices that his eyes changed, and it became not entirely coherent. It happens that the interviewee suddenly for no apparent reason starts to get nervous. He struggled to get out somewhere, all the time looks away, or trying as quickly as possible to end the conversation. She lost decisively without realizing what was happening. But the fact that she herself without knowing it, said exciting phrase that has worked on a guy like an electric shock.

Yes, it is the phrase, and not covered with mold or provocatively seductive naked female body towns, have the ability to instantly turn off the brains of men. And include something else. Underestimating this fact, we sometimes take a lot of effort trying to bring a loved one to the desired condition. But he does not reach it, though burst. No, okay there, if we set out to stick during a soccer match or Formula-1.

Here on the desired condition can not be considered. She fell into a coma, having received from the raging adrenaline powerful shot in the forehead. But when a guy is not very responsive to our efforts, being quite suitable for their condition - it means that something is missing. Often the "something" is an exciting words that can make a man in minutes. What is it, this magic language of carnal love?

What should be exciting phrase

In general, the main secret of exciting phrases lies in their lack of naturalness and fanciful formulations. Such phrases can be passionate, very frank, a little ridiculous, naive, shy ... or a sharp, vulgar, obscene, and even angry. It all depends on the type of buttons with which the mechanism is triggered sexy men.

Each of them has its own style and individual. Because and phrases can be excited very different. You just need them to choose and use the right time with the right intonation. Otherwise, instead of wanting to these phrases will cause laughter or irritation.

Who is the right time and the correct intonation? The right time - is not only a time when the male consciousness is ready to respond to this or that phrase exciting. This is a time when she feels quite freely, without experiencing any fears or stiffness. In order to catch such a state, you need to feel the charm of what is happening, forgetting about everyday problems and fully liberated.

Yes, sometimes enter into it is not so simple. Well, I have to work a little on yourself and learn to disconnect from everyday life depressing. At the end of it all, we have the right to happiness, or not ?! If one cares to live, your happiness is short-lived and miss the bus!

With regard to the correct tone, it must be such that the voice was not felt and notes tension or artifice. The phrases can be pronounced in a whisper, and quite loudly. The main thing that they sounded naturally, clearly and seemingly arbitrary. Most interesting is that the young lady from the inherent nature of the tone of voice often affects men just deadly.

Well, in any case, much more than trying to excite his unnatural murchaniem or deliberate intimate penetration. The main thing that the words had sexual overtones. And our men have such a feature to hear overtones even in the most innocent phrases.

Here, for example, we say to someone without a second thought: "What are your beautiful toes! As if designed to play on the piano ... ". And it seems that in these words there is a hint of spicy. Allegedly, these fingers can be more and caress the female body. Or, in the usual remark "let zaymёmsya affair" a man can detect hidden subtext like "already gone to bed." So do not be surprised that the companion swam suddenly became inconsistent look and speech. We just uttered the words that struck him as ambiguous.

Words winding man can be anything. Even so, by whom and walls blush. Set them depends on the preferences chosen and his subconscious reaction to external factors. Someone turned on by just calling candid conversation, someone quite the same as if a completely chaste phrase.

And some men light up the desire to hear swearing, generously seasoned with strong expressions. Therefore, create a universal set of flammable difficult words. However, many young women believe that it is not. And that virtually all men lose the ability to think sensibly, if quietly tell them something like: "Oh, dear, as I am today without underwear! "Or" I'm so happy with you in bed! You're so sexy ... ".

In the first case, any individual can decide what zaznobushka alluding to the lack of money to buy good clothes. Say, have you, dear, to fork. In the second - he wants to flatter and cajole, because something was guilty.

Therefore, if we are going to institute some favorite phrases, it is necessary to have at least a distant glimpse of his inclinations and character. Some were completely deprives men of reason apparent promiscuity women, other - trusting and intimate romantic sexuality. There are those who served shameless debauchery. Or such that generally require something that is not the banner. In general, all of man's imagination disturbing conversations usually deal with several topics. What is the topic?

 exciting phrase

Topics to be exciting phrases

If we still do not really know exactly what to say to his friend for a man, so that in an instant to ignite the passion in him to answer this question, you can spend a little experiment. The point of this experiment is as follows. We begin to say playful phrases relating to a particular topic, and see the reaction of them men. If his eyes blurred, it has become inconsistent, then we hit the mark. The most effective themes in this case are usually as follows:

  1. Praise physical advantages

    Praises may vary according to the degree of openness. One of the guys got, when she flatteringly about his muscles, and someone needs to do compliment to his buttocks or body that is stronger than the floor like to brag. Here the key must be chosen individually.

    Here are just a praise must be sincere, with genuine enthusiasm. Otherwise, you can not become the object of desire and the object of suspicion. And then take into your head this mistrust goose gripping - is unknown. More decides that it wants to use its mercantile interests! Then proves that it is trying to ... Why bother?

  2. Memories of already happened proximity or dreams about the upcoming intima

    Here, you just say a couple of sentences about what happened before or what we dream to do. And about their feelings on this. Well, something like this: "Do you remember when we had sex in the car when stuck in the woods? Ah, then everything turned out great! ". Or: "My dear, but imagine that we are on the beach alone and you take off my swimsuit. And I am thrilled at the touch of your hands. "

  3. Frivolous fantasy

    Here it is possible to dream out loud about anything - about the new positions, about sex in a public place, for role-playing games, and so on. But, being the initiator of this conversation, the girl need to ensure that it matches the mood of a man and his preferences. Otherwise insatiable writing in it will certainly cause confusion and even anger. Well, who knows how the proposal will concern the favorite to play a strict teacher and obedient disciple? More decides that the girlfriend wants to have sex with his former mentor and current! Go then explain that this is just an improvisation ...

The boundaries of the exciting word must always remain within the framework of what is permitted. Everyone has their idea of ​​sexual manners and treats its own way this or that phrase. Someone can excite only the most vicious arguments, while others hesitate at the mere mention of intimate caresses.

One to initiate it, you need to list all the juicy details vicinity. Others have enough to say: "I am so excited to listen to your heart pounding! ". And something more candid similar type of men blurt risky - confused, experiencing shame and embarrassment.

In general, it is best to have these conversations dialogue. However, if the young lady said, and silent partner, and both feel comfortable, too bad. The main thing is that neither the man nor the woman felt no stiffness. The only way to achieve the desired result. Especially effective is whispering in your ear is not very decent favorite words in a public place. In such a situation unsuitable for sex is quite easy to arouse a man, if he has a good imagination.

However, even the most delicate namurlykivanie juicy details are not always effective. As we said, sometimes a man of extreme excitement needed for rudeness. That's just not everyone will dare to admit. To verify this fact, desirable girl just once to portray psihichku yelling, rude, even using the obscene language. Well, in moderation, of course.

According to sexologists, an angry woman whose sparkling eyes and heaving breasts, can make incredible man. She will only have time to stop and allow it to cool his ardor.

In total, the institute Man may even phrases that do not have nothing to do with sex. The main thing that they were the words that hint at sex. What do they have to be about?

 stimulating words

What words can arouse a man

In order to be associated in the minds of men with a source of pleasure, it is enough to insert into their replica terms, at least in some measure the proximity of meaning. These include such words as:

  • Pleasure
  • Bed
  • Kaif
  • The body
  • Lust
  • Passion
  • Pleasure
  • Bliss
  • Desire
  • Excitation
  • Weasel

Of course, this list is far from complete. But it is enough to have an idea of ​​inciting passion phrases. They can be, in particular, those: "Should I pay so much attention to career if there are things that bring more pleasure? ". Or so: "I am following closely the condition of their body. Continuing to massage with great pleasure holyu it and cherish. " Or, "Oh, how I want to ensure that our desire has always been passionate! ". Etc.

In the case where the relationship still in the stage of recognition and credibility in a couple intimate yet not there, you can play ambiguous phrases, inserting them into the most ordinary conversation. For example, a young man invites us to go to the disco or relax in the restaurant. To which we say: "You know, I'm not turned on by the idea. I do not get pleasure from visiting crowded noisy institutions. " Or something like that.

If the partners have often shared a bed with all the ensuing consequences, it is allowed a frank phrase. At a time when Barysh want to favorite sections of her passion, to tell him something like this: "In your eyes so desire! I want you to caress my body! ". Or: "I was just losing his head at the memory of last night! So I dream to get back to you in bed and repeat the fun! ".

Many young women do not know how powerful effect on men even to hint at the proximity talks. Modesty, humility, especially education does not allow them to avoid when dealing with a guy frivolous expression. I must say that in the early days of dating such behavior is appropriate and even encouraged.

It is not necessary initially to behave too freely. Not every young person will concern to it favorably. But when people have long crossed the threshold of platonic courtship, ignored in conversation erotic expression is undesirable. Since they create sensual and romantic atmosphere at the same time, it could not be more positioning and physical, and spiritual intimacy.

Of course, not every one of us knows the art of intimate conversation. That means we need to study it, because women are able to talk openly about their feelings favorite and desires are much more satisfied with other sexual life. And they reach orgasm faster and freer. It is difficult to bring himself to say quite bold phrase? Well, start with the usual expressions and try to describe what we feel and what we would like. It is quite easy to say, "I like to kiss your shoulders", "I want to feel the warmth of your hands on my body."

Well, when and as innocent speech seem too frank, just try to be during sex as natural. And replace moans of pleasure. And on occasion insert a moan in conversation. Too good way to excite a man. Especially if he knows the circumstances under which a friend utters sounds similar.

 The words that excite men

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