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  • When it is worth considering the question of excitation of husband
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All of us, when she married, convinced that marriage and the perfect intimate life - one. Yeah ... Not a bit of it! It takes several years, and the quality of sex in the family is becoming increasingly rare event. And nowadays the culprit for this situation is not the proverbial headache woman. On the contrary, it is now for some reason often tormented men.

It is they, our dear husbands shirk execution of conjugal duties at the time as all such erotic wife is trying to coerce an expensive half to sex. A "half" comes up with a lot of excuses. But even if it agrees to the bed, somehow without much enthusiasm. It turns out that today, married women in the fifth or sixth year of marriage puzzling question - how to excite her husband so much that he was only about sex with my wife and thought? And in fact, as his institute when the old methods do not help?

When it is worth considering the question of excitation of husband

In general, the fact that a few years of marriage, passionate sex out of it practically disappears, a particular problem is not. This is normal - people can not remain for years on an emotional peak. Then a short time and become a regular customer of the psychiatrist. Healthy human psyche vigilant so that this did not happen. And the original fiery passion with time acquires a different, more peaceful form. So what have lived together for five or six godochkov wife did not rush to embrace each other almost at the door, it can be considered absolutely normal.

Then what is abnormal? Well, actually, the exact answer to this question can only provide a specialist dealing with the problems of a particular family. Because each individual union twist. The two had a fight among themselves, swelled at each other and sleep in separate beds for a year. Then he put up, and get up to six months is that the cloud of dust from the neighbors is.

And then again, arguing for a year but for a variety of scatter their beds. And someone in the family like the peace and quiet, and with intima somehow not very ... So give some general definition of abnormality marital sex life is not easy. However, there are some signs by which you can judge whether there is any deviation in it. What are these signs?

  • Sex rarely occurs eight times a month;
  • More than a year in the intima is not practiced is nothing new;
  • In bed apply no more than three key;
  • For a long time sex partners does not give very great pleasure;
  • The mood in the vicinity of her husband is always the same;
  • Blessed are reluctant to perform some of our bedding requests or does not fulfill them completely;
  • Husband have to almost be forced to non-standard types of sex. For example, sex outdoors, in a car in an unfamiliar place, on the floor in the bathroom and so on. Over the last year he agrees to sex only at home in bed, and that is excited at the same time is not much;
  • The husband obviously afraid or embarrassed to do in sex is what happened in the beginning of a relationship with him. And achievements in this field is gradually eroding;
  • Sex happens in almost the same time and only when it wants to her husband. And when we begin to hint at the sex on their own, he refers to fatigue or bad mood;
  • In bed, the husband became completely inactive;
  • Intimacy, before bringing a lot of fun, turned into mechanical activity in which none of our desires are not taken into account partner.

If we find confirmation of this list for less than seven points, still not so bad. Just the intimate sphere of family life should pay more attention to and talk with his half of the souls. Perhaps it is something very concerned about, and the internal alarm does not allow to fully relax. Often in this case, it is enough to frank talk, after which everything will fall into place. When such evidence is more than seven, then we must seriously attend to. Since this network is a real problem to be solved as quickly as possible. After a long absence of sexual gratification creates psychological stress. And in this state for long, and mangled wood.

How can you make a difference? As you wish, but most importantly - without hysterics and highly exaggerated claims. Ways to do without them - the mass. However, if the spouse belongs to the category of men who, like the behavior of a woman gets, why not poisterit? Maybe he was just that and waits. And from any "syusi-Musi, my cat," and so its potency just running without looking back. Sometimes it is, but admit it to her husband shy.

Or himself did not quite understand what he wants. Well pokrichim little from us not lose anything. And we shall shout pogrubee with vulgarschinoy. It is likely that in ten minutes we ulepёtyvat from the crazed passion spouse and eventually find ourselves under it somewhere on the floor. But it does not, so be it. So do not let us make trouble. Let's go the other way.

Paths are many. Do not choose any one. Even if it is initially very effective, in the time still tired. Therefore it will be better to experiment by changing the different approaches. But be careful! Not that there is a risk not to arouse loved and greatly frighten or shock. A fright consequences difficult to predict.

So, how much you can and at the same time the right to initiate a husband and get a great result?

 how much to excite her husband

How to bring her husband Tips sexologists

Wise sexologists who try to solve the problem of loss of interest in her husband to his wife intima give on this issue a lot of advice. They believe that men are suitable for driving methods that can shake the imagination of the faithful. That is, it must be highly erotic acts, sometimes even bordering on vulgarity actions wife. Well, for example:

  1. Try to make her husband a blowjob, when he is driving. I must say that this is a very dangerous advice. So after a short post and slapped! And in reality - not porn. Hardly a man at the wheel is very overjoyed when a spouse rasstegnёt his pants. So if also try to seduce the wife in such a situation, it is better care. For example, putting a gentle hand on his knee and offering to remember how hooligans earlier. Let will look for a suitable hiding place for repetition;
  2. Meet dear husband to work in a transparent robe over his naked body and master it right on the doorstep. The Council is not bad, but banal. Although if you have a loved one is in the right mood, then effective. Just because the mood to guess! And suddenly he heads scolding and arranged it all so angry and vzerepenenny? And then his wife in peignoir with their sexual kooky and under the hot hand ... No, in principle, can be attacked and, in order to throw off steam. But it may be sent to the given exorbitant;
  3. Going to her husband in his pants while watching a movie in a movie theater, the play in the theater, and so on. In short, in a dark crowded place. A method of driving an acceptable husband. That's just unlikely he will risk having sex in such a public, albeit a dark place. In the meantime, it will reach up to the house, already fervor may disappear. However, if you hurry up and on the road more to heat their precious some obscene story, it may very well be that he will fly to the bedroom by a bullet;
  4. Suddenly appear to her husband to work at lunch or at the end of the day and anywhere to lock it. In general, this can throw. If the spouse is not necessary at the machine and does not work in an office close to twenty colleagues. Well, maybe in the bathroom close ... Location, however, is very specific. But it happens that such specificity very exciting men is their extraordinary, not intended for sex atmosphere. So try this trick, you can rotate;
  5. Book a room at the hotel, but better - in a sauna, buy yourself sexy lingerie and invite her husband to relax in an intimate atmosphere. The idea is good, but it can work only when the husband - not the cheapskate. Not right at the doorstep of the hotel sauna, or begin to count all the costs and greatly upset. It is unlikely that in this case it will be capable of stunning sex;
  6. Offer your spouse to develop a kind of erotic schedule in which sex techniques and postures will be changed weekly. Well, in this method, seducing his half of something to eat. But he looks like a bit of a marriage contract;
  7. Suddenly the climb to her husband in the bathroom when he bathes, and to invite him to bathe together. This advice is a great expert in sex work only if such earlier or hardly ever, or never happened. Otherwise, it may happen that it really end only hygienic procedures;
  8. To put on naked body shirt spouse and invite him to her after the shoot. Maybe, maybe ... In general, men have at the sight of women, robbed in this way. But, of course, should look like respectively. That is, to and prichёsochka and manikyurchik with pedikyurchikom were in place. Then it is very likely not really stand faithful. However, this method can be effective once or twice. Then it just becomes habitual and cease to bring a spouse;
  9. Offer your husband go to sleep and while walking all the time to remember the details of what had been gentle and passionate night before. Moreover, it is desirable in this case all the time to talk about their feelings and amazing how they would like to experience again. In general, this method of setting up favorite sex is good by the fact that he is able to generally update its intimate relationship romance. So it is worth paying attention;
  10. To arrange a threesome or swing with a suitable for this pair. Nuuuuu ... Tip questionable. Firstly, not every woman voluntarily agrees to put her husband in bed with another. And not every man will perceive the desire of his wife to have sex with one man more favorably. Quite the contrary. Although the new kind of sex could surpass all expectations. But in the marital bed to let strangers can only rare pair. If you are able to, well, then all roads are open;
  11. Reserve a table at a restaurant with exquisite food, and then returning home, to light candles and drink a glass of champagne and make love. In general, good. But every time he wants to close, make reservations, light candles and drink champagne are not going to. Especially, if you want it quite often. Because there is also a domestic concern, and work ... And the children finally! However, throw a beautiful romantic dinner worth, and more than once. It's a true celebration of two! Why not arrange time to time?

Here are here are advised to do things to excite men sexologists. I must admit that almost all of them may well lead to the desired effect. So the risk is worth it. Well, when all of the above seems to be something out of the ordinary, you can apply and folk remedies.

 how to arouse her husband

Folk remedies institute husband

We are in no way right now we will not talk about omens, lapels, conspiracy, drugs and other magical mystical widgets. It's about very real things. Or rather, about the gifts of nature, significantly increasing the male libido. Or an aphrodisiac. We used to think that this is a special oil and the special kind of spices. Not at all. It turns out the most exciting fragrance for men is a scent of pumpkin! He is able to for a few minutes to get her husband to attend to the desire of procreation. So we buy a pumpkin at the market and cook it in the presence of the Blessed lint. Surely stand at the stove, we do not have long.

In a flash ignites the opposite sex absinthe. But it must be careful. This drink excites not only sexy, but also the psyche. And if it iterate over the road, it is likely that will begin to work miracles not only in bed. Then parses that he have screwed! Therefore, absinthe should be served in small doses. A glass or two at dinner, and that's enough.

Significantly increases male potency garlic and onions. However, for fast driving, they are not appropriate and are effective only when used regularly. Of course, if our spouse works with people to feed him all day garlic and onion somehow not comme il faut. But in the evening, then add a little food can be!

Heighten passion almost all spices, especially cardamom and cinnamon. Adding them to your daily diet. Well excite men nuts, honey, raisins, mushrooms, caviar, asparagus, celery, rhubarb. To this list we can add the trout and salmon, along with oysters, bananas, figs and caviar. Of course, not every family can afford often eat salmon, oysters and caviar. But asparagus, rhubarb, celery, honey and nuts - foods that do not require extra costs. They may be present in any house.

But in general, to excite the faithful really are best essential oils. For example, if you mix Thirty milliliters of almond oil with four drops of lavender, adding to four drops of sandalwood, two drops of ginger oil and one drop of fennel, then make her husband a massage with this mixture - uuuuuu !!! Just hold on!

The same effect of essential oil of patchouli, the fragrance of which greatly increases a man's sexuality. It causes strong desire, with the most liberating, and cedar oil. However, the desired effect, these oils will have only if they like a man. So you need to choose exactly what suits her husband. Otherwise, there was no response from him you will not wait.

Enhance male libido many herbs, fruits, vegetables and even trees. For example, the smell of pine can cause a man insatiable desire to go to bed. But it is not to hard to sleep there. So what are conducting husband in a pine forest and walk there as pleased. It is desirable that in any case take the litter. What if your favorite right into the forest and feel an urge to make love? Lying on tenterhooks uncomfortable ...

In general tips on how to revive the sex life in the family, can be given indefinitely. The main thing - to choose their most appropriate and most effective both. It is important to understand the husband - wife is ready to give him in the intima much more than anyone else. And I wanted to accept it.

Of course, to take something that has meaning when the husband does not show a clear aversion and run hither every evening to Natasha, Lyuda, Glafira Ivanovna or even Genochka. If he is strongly attracted Natasha Lyudochka or Glafira Ivanovna, all attempts to look erotic wife will look ridiculous. Even when passion and fifty kilograms of excess weight, and the wife is like a model on the cover of a glossy magazine. The veil of love distorted perception of reality. But if the faithful began to make friends with Genochka closely, it is a hopeless case at all ...

In general, sexual adjustment in the family, it makes sense to carry out when the need for it to understand the two - both husband and wife. And both want to get to another level of intimacy. In addition, each of them blames the situation mainly myself. Only then can we talk about finding some methods of driving her husband. And before you look for them, it is advisable to try to talk to him frankly. And still! Rushes to half way with a rolling pin at the ready, demanding to admit why he was the legitimate wife does not want, in any case impossible. Do not recognized.

However, and intimate conversations are not always easy to figure out the problem. Because the husband often did not understand what was happening. Like potency order. But there is no desire to have sex. It is likely that he has psychological problems. We'll have time to see a doctor. But before that, it's better to go on a journey together, unwind and remember the days full of romance, passion and love. And it will be very correct!

 How to arouse her husband

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