Tips for how to remove belly fat after giving birth


  • Proper food - the first step on the road to success
  • Motivation does its job
  • When you are ready to exercise?
  • How and where to start training?
  • Options exercise
  • Folk remedies to help
  • Useful articles
  • Invisible exercise
  • The result will not wait

The question of how to remove belly fat after giving birth, many women are concerned. The stomach can not "get away" with the birth of a child, because, firstly, all healthy expectant mothers during pregnancy in the abdominal wall is delayed a lot of fat, which is after the birth of the baby takes slow recovery of the abdominal wall and takes a long time. Secondly, the uterus in the postpartum period is reduced gradually, the process can last about 40 days, respectively, and the stomach is not in good shape.

The amount of time and effort required to achieve a beautiful shape after childbirth, depending on the age of mothers, from prenatal muscle tone, the design of the body and of other equally important reasons.
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Proper food - the first step on the road to success

During pregnancy, the child receives the necessary material for the development of the mother's blood, and in the event of insufficient power supply creates body fat, so fat deposits on the stomach has a deeper meaning. It is natural that after the birth of the baby belly is suffering the most.

Balanced nutrition - the key to rapid weight loss. The food after birth must first be beneficial for the child and for nursing mothers. It is necessary to eliminate foods that can cause allergic diathesis or manifestation. There must be frequent but small portions, while it will be useful to have a habit of snacking on walks, it may be nuts, apples, sandwiches, but bananas and grapes are high in calories.

In order to quickly tone the abdominal muscles after childbirth, it is necessary to adhere to basic principles:

  1. to minimize the consumption of carbohydrates;
  2. contribute to the acceleration of metabolism in the body.

Do not be amiss after delivery to keep a diary food. It helps to balance caloric intake clearly nursing mothers and watch for potential allergic reactions in infants.

 proper nutrition
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Motivation does its job

The set a goal and work plan, which will adhere to the woman to help her get rid of excess centimeters in the abdomen.

The desire to wear a favorite tight figure things back tone the abdominal muscles, which could boast of a woman in labor before the pregnancy, to revive the intimate life - good arguments to desire good shape. Their role is very great, because they can lead to the correct answer to the question, how to work on yourself and how to remove belly fat after giving birth.

Can serve as a great motivation to pregnancy photo or poster of a girl with a perfect figure, hung near the mirror. Looking at the photos, you will strive for excellence, strive to look good and do them.
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When you are ready to exercise?

The muscles of the abdomen after delivery in time come to normal tone, but the resilience they will not be able to please, if you start up the recovery process take its course. Exercise here play a very important role not only for beauty but also for a healthy well-being.

When to start to normalize "muscular corset" after childbirth depends on the complexity of the exercise and the physical fitness of the young mother. If the birth took place in a natural way, then remove the belly exercise can be a month. But if it was a caesarean section or difficult birth, then the answer is the beginning of training to be recognized at the attending physician. Only he will determine the load and the start of gymnastic exercises. As a rule, their use should be at least two months. Acutely get hung up on the question of how to remove belly fat after giving birth, you can not, because the most important thing for a woman - her well-being and a healthy baby. Training in the early stages after pregnancy can lead to a number of troubles:

  • increased intra-abdominal pressure;
  • drooping vaginal wall;
  • open seams after caesarean section or after suturing of the perineum in the event of rupture.

Perfect being a woman - a sign of readiness to form a flat stomach.

 drill press
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How and where to start training?

Elementary slopes from left to right, using the rope workout or morning run - is, of course, good and useful. These actions accelerate the metabolism and improve the blood circulation well, but on the condition of the abdominal muscles much influence they do not produce. To purchase a beautiful belly, you must perform a separate set of exercises.

Ideally, if a young mother has the opportunity a couple of times a week gym. It constantly monitors the effectiveness of the coach and the exercise load, so slender form is simpler and easier purchased.

Not every woman has the opportunity to attend specialized training, as is often no one to leave the baby. In this case the exercises at home - the perfect option.

Training on the press, it is desirable to carry out every day, at least - two times a week. The effectiveness of the exercises will be more complex if you do them one after the other without interruption. With heavy exercise do not need to begin, as with any load body should be taught gradually, gradually increasing the number of repetitions and intensity of the session.

You should not eat for an hour before exercise, and after an hour, so you need to choose a workout, so it was convenient not only to the young mother, and well-fed baby. Before you begin exercise you should do exercises:

  1. The woman lies on her stomach, bend as much as possible and commits itself in this position a few seconds. Such approaches 5-6 15 times.
  2. Take more convenient, breath - the maximum round the stomach, exhale - press it to the spine. 5-6 also approaches 15 times.

Now you can proceed to the main complex employment.

 Varian drill press
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Options exercise

How to remove belly fat after giving birth without exhausting diets or surgery? Only with the help of exercises:

  1. Lie on your side and slightly bend your knees, while the shoulder is on the floor just in front of the torso. Woman lay on the right side - the case on its own axis "twists" to the left. From the starting position to stretch the heel and at the same time pull the blades off the floor. In this position, spend 30 seconds to a minute. Repeat the sequence of exercises, lying on my left side. Then, throw your hands in the same direction, and the knees - in another, twisting the body in the opposite direction and pulled, thus making stretching obliques.
  2. Lie on your back, hands clasped behind his head. Then lift your upper body and bend his legs, his knees drawn up to her chest. Abdominal these actions need to draw. The knee of the left leg to pull to the opposite elbow and right leg at the time left on the weight in the rectified state. Inhale to do when semicircle change legs.
  3. Lie on your back, lower back pressed to the floor with your legs slightly bent and place the shoulder-width apart, place your hands along the body. With this position as high as possible to lift the pelvis up and draw the belly. So hold out for half a minute. You can use the obliques, straightening one-by 15 seconds feet and holding them suspended. Work to eliminate the buttocks to the minimum.
  4. Lie on your back, put your hands behind your head, bend the legs. Stops at this position are flat on the floor. Then, tearing shoulders off the floor, pulled his hands back and stay so, how much have the strength. To stretch the muscles of the abdomen rather than the neck, try not to move your head back and forth.
  5. Lie on your back, pull your knees to your chest to dissolve hands apart and palms pressed to the floor. From the initial position to lift the buttocks and hips move aside, but the knees hold together without dropping on the floor. Repeat the exercise in the opposite direction. For the effectiveness of the exercises the abdominal muscles do not take your shoulders off the floor.
  6. Lie on your back, raise your legs and bend at the knees, hands pressed against the body. In the future, to increase the load leg to straighten up. From the starting position raise your pelvis, but in his hands, which remain on the floor, try to rely on a minimum. During the exercise, you need to make sure that it is strained abdominal muscles, for which account shall be lifted pelvis. Most women make the mistake of helping to raise the pelvis using swings down.
  7. Sit on the edge of the couch and then lay down on his back, put his hands behind his head. Bend your knees, pulling the abdomen. Pull the legs, then tighten again. Knees in the course of the exercise can be diluted. If done correctly, the lower part of the press off.

Exercises that help remove the stomach after delivery, very much. Every woman in the right itself decide which ones she liked, but you should start with light, gradually increasing exercise. When fully configured lactation and young mother got used to the new rhythm of life, it is possible to switch to more stringent forms of exercise.

 Complex training for the press
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Folk remedies to help

Folk remedies alone will not bring the desired results to eliminate sagging belly. They should be used as a supplement, in conjunction with exercise and healthy eating.

Skin elasticity inherent nature, it is very difficult to influence. But special homemade masks in the composition of which necessarily includes honey, make the skin more elastic. They enrich the skin with mineral compounds and accelerate metabolism. Improve the skin tone of the abdomen can be smeared with honey mask its warming effect. Belly plaster hydrating mask and wrapped up at a certain time for a polyethylene film products.

Many medicinal herbs has unique properties. For example, burdock, horsetail, bear ears and leaves cranberries are able to deduce the excess fluid from the body. They welcome a positive effect on weight loss, minus - too much can disrupt water and salt balance in the body. For herbs, suppress appetite include: flaxseed, algae Spirulina, marshmallow root. Abusing their use is harmful to health.

During the period of pregnancy, a woman in gaining an average of about 12 kilos of extra weight. How to remove belly fat after giving birth, the expectant mother if the power is not controlled, excess weight increased a lot? It needs only a comprehensive approach is well-chosen.
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Useful articles

In order to remove belly fat after giving birth, there are very useful things demanded:

  • About 30 weeks after the pregnancy to restore the abdomen, doctors recommend wearing a bandage postpartum. This special product is aimed at tightening the abdominal area. Postnatal bandage is very popular among women in childbirth. But if mothers have problems with the cardiovascular system or kidneys, it can not be used because of the possible swelling.
  • As soon as the woman allows the state of health, you need to start wearing corrective underwear. It serves as a great helper in the tightening of the abdominal muscles and helps the uterus shrink quickly. Modeling lingerie is not expensive, and you can use it in later life, wearing a tight-fitting dress.
  • Many of today's young mothers to lose weight in the waist and strengthening the abdominal muscles use electronic minostimulyatory. With their robot muscles contract and relax thanks to safe health electrical signals neurostimulation. Minostimulyatory available and easy to use. They can be used not only to find a flat stomach, but also to pull other parts of the body (legs, arms, buttocks).

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Invisible exercise

To train the abdominal muscles can be in everyday hustle and bustle, or on vacation with friends.

For example, on a walk with the baby in the shop queues or standing in transport, easy to make invisible to the surrounding abdominal exercises: turn draw on the exhale and relax on inhalation abdominal muscles.

It is useful to take a contrast shower. It is useful for the human nervous system, and greatly helps with weight loss. Regular use will help to keep the soul of the youth and beauty of the female abdomen. At the time of its adoption have to massage the abdomen in a circular motion clockwise hard sponge.

Bathing in the river, the sea or swimming in the pool, no harm will be a few minutes to massage the belly movement of water. For exercise you should throw in the palm horizontally and drive them up and down in the distance from the abdomen about 4-5 cm. In this case, the woman should feel the strong waves that impinge on her belly.

Go to constantly embroiled stomach initially difficult, but over time it may develop into a useful habit.
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The result will not wait

Subject to the recommendations of a couple of months will see the obvious result. Besides working on the abdominal muscles, a woman not only to acquire a flat stomach, wasp waist, but will also enjoy themselves. After all, sport and good nutrition - a pledge of health.

Having achieved the desired result, it is not necessary to score on training and a balanced diet, they must become part of a woman's life.

 Ways to combat sagging after childbirth belly