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First sex - is always a very exciting event, delivering a lot of anxiety and boys and girls. He argued that the boys treat it more quietly. This is not true. Moment of loss of virginity scares male sex, no less than women. Young people are afraid, and that they did not work, and that they would be ridiculed, and that the Lady will not like ... So often they prefer to get their first experience with a woman, competent in intimate matters. In principle, it is not bad. Sexy "teacher" will be able to understand everything correctly, explain, show. And even if the guy just will not work, it will concern to this indulgently.

Well, young people have had a chance to find a young lady having a sexual experience and openly offer training to do it. None of this will not condemn. What do young ladies who go on such a step is extremely difficult? But when the first sexual intercourse has to happen! And because, as it happens, the future depends on the quality of the intimate life of a woman.

If this happens too painful sex, rude, he's only cause shame and disgust. What kind of desire intimacy with a man then can we talk? Therefore it is necessary to first sex was the most romantic and enjoyable. How this can be achieved and what advice to help make the first night with a man close memorable?

As the girl prepare for the deprivation of innocence

The girls decide to loss of virginity, for various reasons. Someone does not want to be the black sheep among his already quite experienced in the intimate sphere girlfriends. Someone gives insistent demands for a Man. Someone so falls in love with a young man just wants to give him innocence. Whatever the motives are not guided by the girl, in any case, it is desirable that she was aware of how best to prepare for his first night with a man.

Of course, trust your body to be an acquaintance. Ideally, this should be your favorite young man, with whom sex is a legitimate step relations. It should be remembered that sex can lead to unwanted pregnancies and to take care of the precautions. The most common of these measures - the use of a condom. Think about it man or not is unknown. Therefore it is better to purchase a means of protection itself. So it will be safer.

Many women say that their first sex was painful and accompanied by bleeding. This happens quite often. But not always. It all depends on how much and how excited she gently works its partner. If he himself still quite inexperienced in these matters, it is necessary to hint youth, that this day he must be gentle and patient. Foreplay allow both relax. And then deflowering happen quickly and without much pain. As for the bleeding, it is normally not so strong. However, in the next two or three days after the loss of virginity on the proximity will have to abstain. Let healed fractures.

I do not think that the first sex must necessarily be accompanied by orgasm. Preliminary tension and excitement because of the extraordinary event may reduce the chances of its occurrence to a minimum. No need to get upset, it's just the beginning. It is frustrating to many. Men, too, are no exception. The most common problem with their first sex - premature ejaculation. Therefore, the girl to bring to orgasm is not possible, and feel the charm of intercourse is impossible. If this happens, the partners just need to continue to caress each other. And then they will have a new opportunity to get maximum pleasure from sex.

For the first sex is better to choose the missionary position or posture, "the girl on top." The missionary position is that the lady lies on her back and spreads her legs apart. The boy goes down on her. In the second embodiment, the guy is on the bottom, and the Lady sits on his haunches on him or on his lap. And she and the other girl's position allows to control the time of entering penis into the vagina. And if it will cause a lot of pain, to suspend its actions and those of the young man.

First sex leaves a trace in people's memory for a lifetime. Therefore, it is desirable that it not occurred spontaneously, as planned. To prepare for the loss of innocence, it is necessary to very carefully - take care of the place, where no one will interfere, to make the bed linen clean, hang in the bathroom a fresh towel. If intimacy is planned not in the apartment, but in nature or in the car, you need to stock up on a damp cloth. And when everything is as it should, proceed directly to the next stage of familiarization with the sexual sphere of life. Will this issue the following tips.

 Tips for first sex

First sex virgin: advice of experts

As we have said, for the first sex (and not only) are important foreplay. Boys and girls need to relax as much as possible. Haste in this case irrelevant. Otherwise, an attempt to sex can lead to very negative consequences. Partners need to learn each other's erogenous zones, so it is important to talk during foreplay, explaining which of touch like, and what - not.

If anxiety or embarrassment over the edge, it would be better just to lie there and is calm with the help of kissing or petting. This girl should try to forget about that first sex can hurt. Fear causes stress vaginal muscles that contribute to increasing discomfort of a broken hymen. Proceed directly to sexual intercourse is possible after the outer lips of the vagina become moist. This suggests that it is sufficiently lubricated and ready for the intima.

If during commissioning the member there was a pain, it must be said about this man and ask him not to do while frictions. You can complete the process, stimulating each other's hand. And then after two or three days to repeat the attempt. Next time have certainly become more successful, after all, boys and girls will feel more liberated.

After the first sex lady will need to see a specialist, who will give advice on how to engage in sexual activity further. Often the young person embarrassed to see a doctor and act, guided by the opinion of girlfriends. However, their advice can hurt. Everyone has their own view of the intimate sphere of life. And that suits one girl often does not fit the other.

For example, someone is sure that the first sexual partner plays a crucial role the fate of women. And believes that it is necessary to keep all the forces. But if a young man with a young lady has managed the first night unceremoniously, he is unlikely to ever become something it considered! As a result, sex for a girl becomes a torment. A must be a source of pleasure!

First sex with a man can be expensive in the world of family happiness, and may result in life tragedy. What you need to take that trouble did not happen?

 Tips for first sex

How to make sex the first door to the world of love

Of course, to always remember the first sex with a sense of satisfaction must be very serious approach to the selection of a partner. That is to know about the man all that is possible. And find out how he did for coexistence. Sometimes a girl loses her head and gives an innocent man unworthy. And then life regrets what happened. Can you protect yourself from such situations? Well, completely unlikely. But you can at least partially, if:

  1. Do not forget about the first rational approach to sex, and kept him as long as man is not studied well enough. In the end, the girls falling in love is expressed not only in the fact that the young man is allowed to deprive her innocence. You can make a young man delicate SMS-ki, you can kiss him in nooks and publicly, you can coo all night ... But you never know romance is in the ordinary walks, and even in private meetings? Not necessarily for the first time to go to bed to bed with a man, which does not have a complete picture.
  2. Always remember that when sexual desire becomes too strong, it is always better to masturbate than to meet it with anyone.
  3. Do not be alone with those who do not trust completely.
  4. Carefully think through his actions before deciding to have sex with a man.
  5. It is reasonable to approach the necessary prelude at first sex and given the opportunity to realize their foreplay and the ability to take another person as part of the self.

Of course, all these tips do not guarantee that the first sex would be amazing. But they somehow protect against a complete disappointment in intercourse with a man, and by the associated frustration errors in the future.

 First sex: tips for beginners

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