how to excite a Man on the phone


  • What you need to bring a guy on the phone
  • What to say on the phone to a guy excited

It is said that men love with their eyes. It turns out, and they can only be excited when they see a woman? Nothing of the sort! Otherwise, I would not use such a popular phone sex. This popularity means that the strong half of humanity is capable of strong winds in the case where only hear the voice of the interlocutor, located outside the instant access to her body. He who asserts that it is not so disingenuous. He just can not wait to put the Lady in bed. Well, let them argues his case. And we in fact seducing men through the ears confident. And it can even use it, calling his beloved. We do not know how to bring a guy on the phone? Well, let's see how it's done.

What you need to bring a guy on the phone

Modern girl enough to understand that they are loved. The young lady just need to feel that the young man wished them always, even when busy with work or is at a great distance. Therefore, they often think about how to achieve Excited man on the phone and trying to find the answer to this question. Well, the girls want to get evidence that the man committed body and soul! And always ready to forget about everything, is favorite to say "I want you."

However, not always the case in the evidence of devotion. Often, she just can not cross the psychological barrier and afford too frank discussions in the presence of Man. Phone - a great tool of emancipation, allowing openly telling his friend about what you want and so that like most about sex. And at the same time and dream about the upcoming night.

But how to achieve the excitation of the man who hears you, but does not see? When he's around - everything is simple. You can caress, kiss, do erotic massage, finally! And here it is necessary to find the words that can get the guy to lose his head at a time when his mind is nothing to do with sex do not have. And when even hug Woman is not possible. For example, a man sitting in the office, focused on solving the serious issues, and then on to you - call with frivolous allusions. So short and rude loved to run, and then, at the meeting, to receive a reprimand instead of the funky sex.

So where to start a conversation that he had given the desired effect? First of all, setting the tone of voice. Without the right tone may say, "I want you to caress", but nothing happens. But if the voice of a sexy man on the way to make even the innocent phrase: "I want to know, how are you doing." And forget what is on business negotiations. In short, we need a low, slightly languid voice with a slight gasp. It is desirable, and more hoarse. Because the sharp shrill voice on the sexual instinct guys depressing.

If we, on our misfortune, have the same shrill falsetto, will have to try it at least a little change. There are many methods of work on the tone of voice. If you wish, you can always choose the best for yourself. Lazy is not necessary. The effort will pay off certainly. Well, is not pleasure - to be able to bring a loved one on the phone just a few sentences? One call - and he rushes evening to you wild with passion! This will be worse than any of the most powerful love spell!

Well, of course, it's great. But how and what to say something ?!

 Man on the phone to excite

What to say on the phone to a guy excited

In general, talking guy sexy voice on the phone can be anything. The most banal words, if they say the true tone, take an erotic tinge and are able to excite and imagination, and the blood of men. However, some young people get turned only after they hear from a girl rather frivolous phrase. Yes ladies and it is often necessary to play such expressions. Such freedom from decency and helps them to be excited, and frankly express their secret desires.

If so, you should not restrain himself. The handset is allowed to blurt any obscenity - it does not blush with shame. Describes the details of the former, the upcoming night or imagined, naming each body part and every movement of their names. Profanity is allowed and even encouraged a man? So we call obscenely. When reprimanded, of course. And do not forget about the moans and sighs. However, if a girl is too excited, she will not forget about them.

Feature seduction of a young man on the phone is that it is deprived of the opportunity to touch the girl. Therefore, the romantic approach to this conversation is inappropriate. No, maybe there is a young man that the plant, when they read poetry. If we got a finished aesthetic, then recite his sexy voice poetic lines. However, such instances are rare. Here are the guys who are confused too candid phrases are there. And in considerable quantities. With these prudes need to act cautiously. Otherwise, you can fight off all kinds of hunting not only sex, but also to the general meetings.

Tipchiki this kind can hint at the lack of panties or that his touch forced to take off into the clouds. For example, "ah, I am now without underwear, you need to wear", "yesterday you so gently stroked my thighs," "I loved your kisses lower neck" and so on. Phrases should be pronounced softly, as if in passing. "I've just come out of the bathroom, not even a dressing gown slipped, and so wanted to call you! "," I do today massages and remembered how soft and gentle in your hands "and so on. Suffice it to mention something erotic, and our skromnik immediately begin to fantasize. Equally awe related to the intimate sphere of relations boys usually overreact to even the slightest reminder of her.

If the relationship with a young man for a long time became very close, and the issue was dropped hesitate, you can give him a real phone sex session. Exciting phrase should contain details known only to the two of them. Moles in hidden villages, especially caresses and kisses, details of sexual intercourse and the situation will create the guy a sense of realism of what is happening. I must say that girls like to describe past or coming too close are amazing. Should the young lady began to whisper into the phone, "you're so gentle kissing my nipples," as her body will respond instantly to an imaginary caress. And the dialogue would be natural that more strongly arouse a man.

 the right to initiate a Man on the phone

Sexy talking on the phone should not last too long. It frazzled guy and can reduce the level of passion at the meeting. Therefore, we must be able to stop in time. Let the dreams of a real touch and caress and is eager to embrace as soon as possible to your favorite. It is not necessary, and too often to bring a young man in this way. He could get used to, which is not very well affect the intimate relationships. It is better to do it from time to time and unexpectedly. Of course, regardless of the attitude of man and environment in which it is located. Then every erotic phone call will be a welcome surprise for him, which breaks the body and the soul trembles.

 How to excite the guy on the phone

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 what to do at first sex


  • How to prepare for the first sex
  • Features of the first sex girl

Well, first kiss with a guy left far behind, and now both clear - the time has come for much more. That is, it's time to move on to closer relationships. For women who already have experience of sexual life, it is not a particular problem. They know what and how to do it. But the chaste girl to have sex is usually the first to start to panic. They have absolutely no idea how to behave and what to do to if not everything went perfectly, but at least good. Three friends who have already had a first sex, smart will not give instructions.

Someone said that it was very painful, but someone - which is quite nice. In some girls deflowering passed easily and very quickly, others do for a long time nothing came of it. In short, all the loss of virginity occurred in different ways. Therefore, intelligible and practical advice to friend and acquaintances can not. What should I do? After deflowering - a very important event in the life of any girl that can both open in front of her all the delights of sexual activity and desire to destroy it. How to do everything so that the first moments of sex put the most pleasant memories for a lifetime?

 what to do first sex

How to prepare for the first sex

When a girl is going to start in the first intimate relationship, its initial task - to think about the safety of sex. Well, if the guy is an experienced and take care of this myself. And if not? So it is better not to rely on him and to purchase contraceptives, the best option which would be the condom. Some would say that it is unromantic approach to such an event. Maybe he's not quite romantic, but necessary. It is unlikely that a pregnancy after the first night someone will please. And this happens all the time. So it is better to err.

The nuances of first sexual intercourse, of course, it is better to talk to the guy. Perhaps such conversations with him have not yet conducted. But this time, nothing to do, to have such a frank discussion to decide. And not only to discuss how to protect themselves. The youth need to explain that he needed to behave very gently, carefully and patiently. After the first intimate contact for women is the basis for the further development of her sexuality. And if a partner will do everything rude and careless, this time of a slow or never come. Remarkably, if the man is aware of. But it happens not always. So the young man, it is desirable to speak frankly. Otherwise, the first night can leave a very bad memories.

Before you go on this crucial date with a guy, you need to give yourself time to calm down and try and calm the fear of the appearance of some severe pain. In fact, most girls deflowering passes not so painful. Too noticeable discomfort occurs at a time when there is excessive fear and her irrepressible excitement. When the lady is even remotely what to do with the loss of virginity, is waiting for the event with joy and given to the young man, without any fear, much pain should not be.

It usually occurs in the case where the muscles of the vagina are highly compressed. This is what happens if a girl is afraid of deflowering or her totally unprepared. Therefore, we should try to forget about the fear and focus on your feelings for your partner, and thinking that sex is beautiful. Does not work? If so, do nothing. We need to give yourself more time and postpone the moment of the first intimacy at a later date.

To the first sexual intercourse left a delightful memories, it is necessary to think about the conditions in which it takes place. That all went without major disruptions, the atmosphere around what is happening to be a romantic, peaceful and relaxing. It is best to opt for this secluded cozy room with a comfortable bed. It is advisable to pre-selected beautiful linens, buy candles, prepare a disk with a soft romantic music. No, the first sex can occur in other circumstances. But it is important because the slowness and psychological comfort. In the tense, is not conducive to relaxation and atmosphere, both excluded. A first sex hastily and somehow is able to provoke an aversion to the intima in the future. Why not risk their own future?

Of course, to the first night turned out to be really delightful, romantic atmosphere alone is not enough. It is essential that more and the sexual act took place as comfortable and easy. What will this be done?

 what to do during sex

Features of the first sex girl

What needs to be taken before the first sex? Of course, everything must start with kisses and caresses, to be enough to excite both partners. Especially in need girl, the vagina is to facilitate defloration require lubrication. However, when the first of her sex, even after the prelude, take a long time, is usually allocated a bit. Therefore, it is desirable to purchase an artificial water-based lubricant to condoms. If the young man does not use a condom (which is undesirable), can be treated with Vaseline head of his penis. Then he enters into the vagina gently and easily.

As we have said, breaking the hymen can be quite painful. This happens most often when the woman too tense or ill-prepared inept partner. Sometimes the pain occurs due to the physiological characteristics of young ladies - excessive density and poor ductility hymen vaginal muscles. And if the introduction of the term becomes unbearable, full defloration would be better not to do right, and wait for a while. In the second and third intercourse hole in Pleven will increase gradually, and the penis enters the vagina without significant difficulty. In the meantime receivable pleasure of first sexual intercourse shall bring mutual affection.

Generally, in order to reduce the likelihood of discomfort from breaking the hymen, it is necessary to choose facilitating the gap position. The most suitable option is to pose as a girl lying across the bed on her back, her legs spread apart and dropped to the floor. A young man stands on the Lady leaning on his hands apart, and slowly leads the penis into the vagina. If the lady will still operate vaginal muscles, deflowering happen quickly and without too much discomfort.

Do not wait for the first indispensable sex orgasm. Of course, there are such cases, but they are quite rare. Actually, this fact is not surprising, because it is a big event in the life of a girl. Waiting for him in any case accompanied by physical and psychological stress, at which attain the highest peak enjoyment difficult. In essence, the goal of a girl on the first night with a man - to discover the door to the world of erotica. And it will be very good if it will open an experienced and caring partner. That is a man who does not need to be taught how to behave and what to do. This guy will be careful, careful and skilful. He will not rush time, the girl will be able to deliver maximum enjoyment and tell her what and how to do it.

If the first affinity is happening with a loved one who is himself still a virgin, and then the boys and girls should be especially gentle. It is likely that at first nothing happens. Nothing wrong. The main thing - to cease to be ashamed of each other and feel the beauty of unity of naked bodies. In a time when the partners in this union a little getting used physiologically and psychologically, everything will happen by itself.

Generally better to give her virginity to someone already well know. And the event is advisable to plan ahead. Otherwise, then it may be a sense of frustration, accompanied by regrets about the frivolous act. However, disappointing after the first night, even with a loved one - a normal phenomenon. Because waiting for something supernatural, but it does not. Never mind, the body will adapt to his new condition and begin to respond to intimate caresses as it should be. The main thing - do not rush the time to give your libido to develop and express themselves passionate desire and orgasm. And then you can do whatever you want.

 What at first sex

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