anal sex after childbirth


  • The recovery period of the body
  • The dangers of anal sex
  • The conversation with her husband

Birth of a child - is one of the most important events in the life of any person. To prepare for it, waiting for him. But after the child's birth and life does not stop, sooner or later comes into its channel, of course, radically different from what it was before the baby's born. It does not become an exception and intimate life of parents.

And here there is a lot of questions. When can I have sex? Is anal sex after childbirth? Incidentally, anal sex, many young parents prefer to replace vaginal, not to wait for the allotted time. But is it always safe? Whether it is harmful to the health of young mothers? This is what you now know.

The recovery period of the body

In that case, if the birth was normal, without any complications, the uterus returns to its normal state within 4 to 6 weeks - in this period is its purification and reduction. In addition, the normal state of the uterine mucosa, because immediately after birth it is one continuous wound.

That is why doctors and prohibit sex in the period, while continuing spotting - the first six to eight weeks after birth. But after that, you must first visit a gynecologist. It was only after his permission, you can start having sex.

Especially if the delivery was not quite so rosy and a young mother were perineal tear or episiotomy was performed and, as a consequence, there are seams. In such cases, the period of abstinence can greatly increase - as long as the joints are not fully healed.

These limitations did not arise out of nowhere. Doctors explain the ban as follows:

  • The probability of infection

There is a very high probability of falling into the vagina, on the cervix or in the uterus itself pathogenic organisms. And as a result it can develop a strong infectious inflammatory process, fraught with serious complications.

  • The possibility of renewed bleeding

Because punches penis of the cervix may occur separation of blood clots are formed in the injured vessels during childbirth. As a consequence, possibly renewed bleeding.

In addition, many women complain of pain that occur during sexual intercourse after childbirth. In some women, these feelings disappear very quickly, while others are stored for a long time.

 anal sex after childbirth danger

The dangers of anal sex

Fortunately, most new parents are aware of the dangers posed by the earlier resumption of sexual activity after childbirth. Often, however, these same prohibitions husband and wife are trying in every way to get around - for example, practicing oral and anal sex. And if oral sex is completely safe and there is no threat to the health of the woman is not, then anal sex is much more difficult.

Even if a woman giving birth to a loved anal sex, there is no guarantee that after delivery, this trend will continue. After birth, the perception of women is changing entirely, including the perception of sexual contact.

In addition, there are several physical factors that put anal sex under the strict ban:

  • Break the third degree perineal

All perineal tears, depending on the lesion tissue, divided into three degrees. And if the young mother had third-degree tear - damage to the rectum and the sphincter - anal sex is strictly contraindicated.

  • Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids - a phenomenon very unpleasant, making it virtually impossible to anal sex. First, the sense of a woman will be very painful - no anal sex, she really does not want to. Second, the high risk of injury to hemorrhoids, so that may also start bleeding, sometimes very strong. And finally, thirdly, possible development of inflammation of hemorrhoids. A significant inflammation of these nodes are often leads to the need for surgical intervention.

What have hemorrhoids, you ask? Most new mothers know the answer to this question. Unfortunately, about 70% of women experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy. A further 10% are introduced to this phenomenon immediately after birth. And in order to cure hemorrhoids, you will need more than one or two months.

  • Cracks rectum

Very often after childbirth appears not only hemorrhoids and anal fissures. Moreover, they may be either by themselves or together with hemorrhoids. And anal sex can only aggravate the situation. First, as in the case of hemorrhoids, avoid the pain you can not. Secondly, cracks due Anal may at times be increased in size.

And, thirdly, the very high probability of infection of most anal fissures. As a result, developing a strong inflammatory process, characterized by severe pain, fever. In severe cases, anal fissures may abscess requiring surgical intervention. A inflammation - is usually a course of antibiotic therapy. So, there is a possibility of termination of breastfeeding. Think, is it worth it?

As you can see, the outlook is not very bright. But how to be, if no complications after the birth was not? But in this case the doctor is not recommended to practice anal sex for the first two months after birth.

Do you remember about the negative consequences in the form of bleeding, which can lead to vaginal sex? But the rectum and uterus shared only a thin partition. And even during anal sex frictions with high probability can lead to uterine bleeding. That's why it's worth to be patient and not to engage in any kinds of sex for as long as a gynecologist will not give it his approval.

 anal sex

The conversation with her husband

Typically, in most cases, a few months after the birth is absolutely not to sex. And the main initiative comes exactly from the spouse, which is not surprising - nature still requires its own. But if a woman refuses to have sex, the man feels unjustly offended, if not forgotten. Of course, the young mother has every right to be indignant - after it, and so have a hard time: feeding, washing, sleepless nights, chores around the house. But if one will be offended and hysterical, to no good it will not - constant scandals are not conducive to a favorable atmosphere in the family.

So the best way out of this situation would be a frank conversation with her husband. Tell him how you now is not easy to ask for help from her husband. Just a few days active support and your spouse will sleep sweet dream baby at every opportunity. Moreover - sure to experience all the delights of fatherhood on yourself, your husband will appreciate and cherish you.

In an extreme case you cope with a situation you can not, ask for help from family psychologist. Do not be shy - family well-being is much more expensive than any constraint and doubt. And in any case, do not go on about the spouse - your health is much more expensive. Lose it very easy, but then the treatment will be long and difficult. Good luck and let your joy of motherhood nothing mars!

 Anal sex after childbirth. "Pros and cons"

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 preparation for anal sex


  • Features of preparation for anal sex
  • Poses for anal sex
  • Advice on anal sex

For anal sex people are treated differently. Who finds it unhygienic, someone is convinced that this kind of sex refers to the distortions, someone is afraid of him, and someone takes one of the ways to diversify their intimate life. Whatever it was, but there is anal sex. And deal with them in fact, many do not mind. That's just not everyone knows how to do this kind of sexual intercourse as painless and enjoyable for both partners. Still, this is not just a kind of intimate pose. This penetration of the anus, the consequences of which are unpredictable. It may result in injury to women, and even cause some estrangement between her and the man in the future. How to protect yourself from these troubles, or at least reduce the risk of their occurrence to a minimum? The main role in this issue plays a proper preparation for anal sex.

Features of preparation for anal sex

Women who are not averse in principle to try anal sex through usually afraid that they will be the penetration of a man hurt. In part they are right. First members in a narrow passage gentle priests, can really hurt. However, if you spend a good preparation anal sex, too significant physical discomfort will not cause this point. It starts with hygiene procedures, during which the best to do an enema. Still, in this form of sex will take a direct part rectum, and may give an unpleasant surprise. Besides enema helps to relax the muscles of the anus and anal sex preparation process go faster.

Intimacy in any form, it is desirable to start with foreplay. In our case, this is particularly important. Women need to relax as much as possible, but this requires a prelude. You can drink a little alcohol to relieve muscular and nervous tension, and begin to caress. This man, it is desirable to know that it is better to stimulate the Lady gently inserted into the anal finger or a sex simulator. Perfect for the occasion and annilingus (tongue caress the anus). If he does not have representation, we should at least hint to partner on what action is required of him. Otherwise, everything goes wrong from the start.

To facilitate the introduction of the term, it is necessary in the preparation of anal sex to take care of its lubrication. On sale there are special funds for water-based. You can buy one of these resources or use hair gel, but you can take what is at hand - Vaseline, baby cream, and more. But remember - fatty lubricant is not suitable, if the partner uses a condom. Because such lubrication increases the likelihood of rupture. A soap and natural oils to prepare for anal sex does not suit.

In general, the male anal sex is always advisable to wear a condom. First, it will protect against all kinds of infections of both partners. Secondly, sexual intercourse of this kind may lead to the formation mikrotreschinok anus. Sperm getting into them, can cause severe burning or irritation. And then, and another is hardly pleasant.

Before you begin to enter as a partner member, you should try as much as possible to relax the muscles of the rectum. To do this, just a little bit tighter. The penis is introduced gradually. It is advisable at this time to help a partner hand, because he can do it too quickly, or not at that angle and cause this pain. If it is still there, no need to immediately compress the anus. Muscle tension will only increase the pain. It is better to be as much as possible to relax the buttocks with a force tighter while leaning forward, and remove from the penis. An attempt can be repeated again later. And in order to make it more successful, you must first little caress each other again preparing to make anal sex and to add more lubricant.

I must say that the men in such a close, very excited, sometimes begin to act too actively. And thus become completely deaf to the requests of women who are sick, stay. To herself in this case could as easily as possible and will interrupt the sexual act, it is necessary to choose the most suitable for this position. Generally, positions for anal sex do not have some of their features. However, when choosing them must take into account the specifics of penetration through the anus.

 preparation of anal sex

Poses for anal sex

Many of us think that sex - is simple enough. Say, for centuries people copulating, and none of their first and subsequent sexual acts in particular does not teach. However, this is not true. Copulate copulating something, but at the same time you get real pleasure? Well, with men more here and there. And women? No, not all. The reasons are plenty. One of them - wrongly selected pose. But if the usual kinds of sex wrong position just reduce the pleasure of sexual intercourse, in the case of anal sex through it can cause a very unpleasant girl. Therefore, prior to the preparation of anal sex that question should immediately discuss with your partner. And to choose a pose, arrange both.

What are the most appropriate posture for sex through the anus?

  1. If a man has a member of a rather long, it is better to use the following position. Lady is lies on his stomach, legs slightly apart. Man falls at her and gently enters the anus of the girl on top. In this position his penis penetrates shallow and does not cause women pain anus. Of course, guys like this situation is not always. But it can be used before moving to another position. It is important to prepare for that partner.
  2. This position is suitable for any penis size. The man lies on its side near the girls in the same situation, but with his back to him, and introduces her penis. This option is good in that it is not tedious, it allows partners caress each other's hands, and women are able to remove the thigh if necessary.
  3. This position is more suitable for couples who already have experience of anal sex, or in the case of a small penis in men. Lady is based on the elbows and knees. Partner kneels behind her, hugging her waist and introduces the penis between the buttocks. It is not necessary to practice this pose, if a woman is the first time anal sex. In the heat of a partner can strongly pressed her to him, and to free themselves from his grasp will be difficult.
  4. This option is good posture so that women have the ability to control the speed of frictions and the depth of penetration of the penis. It looks like this. The man lies on his back and lowers the woman's thigh, as if putting it on the penis. She is spreading her legs, sits down and helps him a hand. And then, when the penis enters the anus to a certain depth, it begins to move.
  5. This position is suitable for a passionate girl, who wants to receive from the maximum pleasure of anal sex. The woman lies on her back, lifts his feet and puts them on the shoulders of the partner. A man stands in front of her on his lap, rests on the outstretched hand and lead member in the ass woman.

In principle, any position to choose for this kind of intimacy, each couple decides according to personal taste preferences. The main thing - to discuss this option in preparation for anal sex for the first time. And then you can experiment, to invent, to try. In fact, such a sexual act is no different from other variants sex. Is that the preparation for anal sex more specific. Well, it's when a woman has a desire to try issues are resolved! It is likely that this kind of copulation takes more pleasure than the traditional. And for this to happen, it is advisable to follow a few tips.

 Anal training

Advice on anal sex

As we have said, anal sex - is one of the variants of the sexual act, which is the same as the others, is aimed at getting an orgasm. Moreover, it is desirable that the maximum enjoyment experienced by both partners. Otherwise it may happen that such a man would be willing to stand, and the woman starts to avoid him. And between them will arise a problem that can not be, if you follow these tips:

  1. For the first sex through the anus is better to choose an experienced partner in these matters. Very well, if it is even a long but thin penis. This will reduce the likelihood of a woman of considerable pain;
  2. Anal sex requires foreplay and stimulation of the anus. Therefore, they need to engage with those who you trust and with whom you can discuss these issues;
  3. Copulation must occur after the pre-lubrication and in the position that is safe for most women at this time. It is not necessary to the choice of the provisions of the new partner lightly, even with the experience of anal sex. First you need to study a little bit each other anatomical features.

If the man had stepped inside and it does not cause some discomfort and even pleasant for a woman, you can work with a passion for what is only desirable. Let the body does everything that pleases, and consciousness is carried away into the sky, to the delight. In order to attain its peak, it is not necessary during intercourse discuss some technical details of proximity. It is best to discuss all of this in advance, or detailed instructions will not allow to relax and feel the charm of anal sex. Yes, not all the women he eventually satisfied. But it's worth a try!

 Preparing for anal sex

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