how to bring a guy on the Internet


  • How to bring a guy through a video camera on the Internet
  • How to bring a guy through correspondence on the Internet

It seems to be easy to excite a man. It is enough to look languid, seductive smile, slightly ambiguous phrases so slightly parted seductive forms - and he can not take my eyes off you. But in this case, if a young person is nearby. And here is how to initiate a Man on the Internet when it is at a fairly great distance? After all, the network does not allow the man to smell emanating from the woman and her fluids charm. And see it all entirely really through the monitor screen is not so simple. No, you can, of course, to parade naked in front of this screen. However, not all are capable of it. And the man can perceive such actions are not as we would like. And what do you do?

How to bring a guy through a video camera on the Internet

Communication through the network at the guy and the girl is different. They can talk by connecting the camcorder, or may simply write through a dating site, e-mail or ICQ. In that case, if young people see each other, the young lady should try to create a relevant and sexy image. To do this, you can make a light make-up and wear something erotic, but not too challenging.

Let the man dorisovyvaet in mind the image of his companion. These techniques give birth to young people is much more than trying to seduce frankly naked body parts. Therefore, you should not choose to drive the guy in the network blouse with a deep neckline or too general to remove them. Necessarily it is necessary to decorate the neck thin or delicate chain necklace. Jewellery of this kind will add the image of femininity and attractiveness. Internet often distorts the appearance and makes the face grayish. To avoid this, you must give the eyes expressiveness using shadows and eyeliner, and lip pencil to circle.

Well, the details we worked appearance. Now think about how to bring a guy in dealing with them online through the camera movements and talk. During the conversation with the young man a girl should from time to time to give your look a certain amount of passion and calling. It is better in this case as it stealthily eye contact with the man, and then take them away. Man helps bring a mysterious beckoning smile, as if showing the secret desires of the young ladies. As for movements, then let them be the most spontaneous, but hints at intimacy. For example, you can put a glass in front of him and stroked his finger edge, occasionally licking the fingertips or sexual conduct tongue over his lips. This should be done gently, as if by chance, not forgetting those moments to maintain eye contact with the guy.

With regard to the conversation on the Internet, which can initiate Man, it must be quite frank. Subtle hints of virtual sex work badly. It is real communication with the woman's sentence "I want to ride a banana boat," a man will surely frivolous thoughts, because he feels the erotic power ladies. On the Internet the same feeling of energy are excluded. Everything is perceived only through the eyes and ears. So there needs quite shameless exciting words. Interfere with shyness and modesty? We'll have to overcome them, or to create a sensual atmosphere will be very difficult.

Do not be shy. This sex talk online, where all things are called by their names, it helps to establish a very trusting relationship. Moreover, it leads to severe agitation both buddies. Erotic Game Boy through the monitor should kindle a desire not only to him but also to the girl. Yes, sex is only to be imagined, but it's enough to appear attracted to each other.

Prerequisites for such attraction may arise, and when young people are familiar only through correspondence via the Internet.

 how to bring a guy over the Internet

How to bring a guy through correspondence on the Internet

How to bring a guy if he can be on the Internet only to send the letter? Actually, in this case, the rules are almost the same as when communicating via video camera. An exception is the inability to send sexual signals eyes and the impossibility of influence on him seductive looks. However, there is an opportunity to send a young person seductive pictures. It is desirable that they belonged to the girl, not a photo model of the network. It is always a probability of meeting two after meeting online. Why advance to prepare the ground for further disappointment and distrust?

Stimulating a letter or a photo sent in the correspondence, must be sufficiently indiscreet. More precisely, immodest to the extent to which a young lady can afford. No, in no uncertain filming nude poses unnecessary. This picture is likely to be able to bring a guy. However, it is likely that it will treat the girl as a consonant on all person. And these photos on the network a dime a dozen. However, if the young lady is amused and loss of interest in the young man does not grieve, and can demonstrate, let's ICQ in all its charms in a variety of poses.

The correspondence is permitted everything. Let the letter will be the most erotic, the most inflamed imagination. There suit any words that come to mind only. Passionate phrases with obscene epithets, the description of the secret sexual fantasies and how to bed to dream about sex with a guy - all suitable. The letter should contain the dreams of exciting kisses, male caresses, moans, excited breath. All correspondence should be to present the details of the alleged sexual act and that any sex would love to. After such message all night guy probably will not be able to sleep.

Excited man in the distance - not a simple task. Not every woman is able to overcome the barrier of embarrassment and send the young man to a frank letter. Then it is better to start from a distance, at first simply hinting at intimacy. And then to gradually liberated. In any case, the main thing - do not rush things. As it is better to start gradually dosed tossing tidbits slip of the tongue, and gradually increasing their number. This will intrigue a man and forced him to fantasize and look forward to when in correspondence or through a webcam companion again nameknёt sex.

In short, in order to tempt Man via the Internet, you need:

  • Take the initiative. The initiative, coming from the girls, gets incredible guys. Realizing that they want young people rapidly adjust to an erotic wave;
  • Be spontaneous. Do not just blurt out the man all his secrets and fantasies. It should take breaks between the exciting conversations. And not every letter must be sexual content. From this man will burn more and more;
  • Sex talk on the Internet it is necessary to establish the presence of their own desires. Otherwise, it will turn out unnatural, and the man will certainly feel it;
  • You can not openly show the guy through the camera or photo all its charms. Such a spectacle is now easily in a variety of open spaces can be found on the World Wide Web, so they have many simply are not interested.
  • To the young man on fire with passion, you must remain mysterious. Zavedet way to finish his imagination much more than the bare private parts ladies;

Well, perhaps, and all the most important moments of seduction men through the Internet. Everything else depends on the imagination and the nature of the partners. For some, it's just a very nice game, but for someone and the commencement or continuation of serious relationships. One way or another, but you can try. After all, it's absolutely no danger!

 How to bring a guy on the Internet

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 stimulating massage


  • What is exciting massage
  • Accessories for exciting massages

The sexual life of any person should be bright and varied. A wonderful tool to paint it the color palette - stimulating massage. It will be the most pleasant prelude to pair with any sexual experience. And not just the prelude. Erotic massage contributes to the intimate life of romanticism, which in the presence of habit, she is often deprived of. Some would say that there need to be mostly women who infest much slower than their partners. Nothing like this. Men need a massage, no less. It is not only exciting, but also relieves stress, relaxes you, makes you forget about the problems, finally. And if the girl knows the art of massage, it can bring a guy to the extent that he forgets about everything. What it is also a skill?

What is exciting massage

Which massage can be considered exciting? Yes, in principle, anyone, if it consists of gentle strokes, light pressure and touch and is able to bring the guy to drive. Painful twisting, stretching and strokes in this case is not suitable. They are unlikely to excite young man with normal sexual needs. Quite the contrary. It is believed that sexuality is a Thai massage. However, it is not. Thai massage is aimed at general health and includes a lot of not condusive to caress erotic techniques. Although some of them (for example, foot massage) can be fully applied in the exciting massage.

In general, in order to make a good intimate massage, you need to know the erogenous point man. But first you need to help him relax. If a guy is tense or concerned about any problems, even the most skillful touches unlikely young man will set to the desired wave. Therefore, entice him into the bathroom with warm water, three loved back, with light movements rub into the hair shampoo fingertips while massaging her temples and face.

You can then go to the acupressure palms and toes Man. Toes - generally one of the most sensitive erogenous zones of men, so certainly the favorite will be a treat after they made pliable. It was then a good idea to turn it over on his stomach and changing light traffic on the more intense massage the area above the coccyx and the area between the shoulder blades. Such actions are best alternated with gentle kisses. Otherwise, there is a chance that a man does not become excited, and fall asleep. You can kiss her neck, earlobes, areas behind the ears - all the places at a gentle touch to the guy who shudder. Well, then, when almost every millimeter of the male body will be treated kindly, come the turn of touching the genitals favorite - to the head of the penis and scrotum. There is already a need to act according to what a man likes. Some people prefer soft touch, and some squeezing harder.

Arouse a man can not only arms, but also some massage tools.

 how to excite a massage Man

Accessories for exciting massages

Massage tools for intimate massage - this is not the whips and handcuffs. However, it all depends on individual preferences. Like the guy whip - think of it, a piece of cake! Take a whip. But generally there is a traditional set of erotic massage accessories, the use of which will probably greatly help excite a man.

One such tool - Herbal ball. This widget resembles a mushroom with herbs in a hat. The ball is first heated and then used to massage. It is advisable to wash the man massaging the feet with warm water into it drops of essential oils and flower petals.

For massage in the bathroom using special brushes with soft bristles. These brushes can be treated with a foot guy walking up to them gently on each finger. Thus it is necessary to alternate inseparable and gentle movements with strong claws and assertive. Remarkable in the exciting massage and a wooden hammer, designed for the back. Hammers should be gentle and easy to tap on different parts of it, achieving total relaxation favorite.

Erotic massage is possible with alternating heat and cold. It stimulates blood circulation and makes the skin more sensitive guy to touch. Beginning in this case, a light massage with warm towels lower body partner located around his genitals. Then a piece of ice to hold fast to the legs of men and inner and outer thighs. Such touches are able to initiate an instant favorite because he lost his head.

In addition to hands, erotic massage and nice to use other parts of the body, elbows, chest, knees and so on. Of course, touching at the same time the man should be gentle, caressing his body, and without exposing painful torture. It should be remembered: the exciting massage is necessary to change the strength and pace of the pressure. This prevents receptors adapt to touch and make them more responsive to the touch.

Many men feel the love of a woman is not through a delicious dinner and a virtuoso sex, but through the kisses and gentle touch. Therefore, erotic massage should not be neglected. And if we do it with pleasure, which passed a partner, do not worry - the guy will always strive for a treat. And it will be possible to initiate a proposal to make a massage. The main thing - do not stop there, constantly experimenting and fantasizing. Each person, in addition to traditional erogenous zones, there are a lot of their cherished intimate tochechek. Sometimes we do not know where they are. So why not look for such dots practicing erotic massage? After such a fascinating and extremely enjoyable process is able to give the pair a lot of unexpected discoveries.

 Exciting massage

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