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  • What is useful for blow physiology and psyche women
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Oral sex is not all perceived as self-evident in the intimacy. Someone finds it unhygienic, someone shameful, and someone, and perversion in general. Meanwhile, in ancient Egypt was called a good blowjob lot of gods. And not to attribute it to some exceptional erotic caresses. Oral sex was the Egyptians almost a mandatory element of sexual intercourse. Well, the dog with them, with the ancient Egyptians. There were his troubles. Nowadays blowjob is not a mandatory element of sexual intercourse, but men are welcome. And what about the women? A woman can get from it except the satisfaction of enjoying your favorite delivered. No special psihoemtsionalnyh ups such action it is not promising. And much good for his ladies like no. But this is not the case. Use of oral sex was proved long ago, and refutations such evidence has not been found. In what does it consist?

What is useful for blow physiology and psyche women

So, what is useful for women oral sex? First of all, oddly enough, it helps them to achieve orgasm in each case intimacy with a man. And regardless of their skills and status. While the young lady doing blowjob, it can self-excite yourself if your partner is not occur. Yes, even when it comes, too. Stimulation of the erogenous zones, masturbation, nipples touching the thighs loved - all it is able to bring the one whose tongue caressing the male member to a full orgasm. Besides, there are lots of women who excite a certain posture. They have enough, for example, to kneel, to push the legs wider - and voila! Butterflies fluttered in the stomach ... In short, blowjob is even possible to reach the peak of pleasure. Or at least, well prepare yourself for it.

Secondly, fellatio is an excellent antidepressant. When the female partner squeezes the penis lips, their nerve endings are activated, resulting in the body begins to vigorously produce hormones oxytocin. This is the main "love hormone", a beneficial effect on the nervous system. Sexologists argue that women who regularly engage in oral sex, less than those who neglect them, prone to stress.

Third, blowjob (who would have thought ?!) helps to become pregnant. The reason for this - the dose of DNA, which she receives from the partner. This dose strengthens the fetus in the uterus. Sometimes after fertilization because of the fact that a woman's body does not recognize proteins partner, the fetus is rejected. However, in constant contact with the sperm protein recognition mechanism adapts its structure and no longer perceives the fetus as a foreign body. As a result, there is a conception and the fetus begins to develop successfully. And pregnancy in mothers actively practicing oral sex before fertilization, subject to complications less likely than women to reject it. So often those who want to have a baby, gynecologists recommend for normal conception first three weeks deal with blowjob, swallowing sperm men.

Well, here we come to the next part of the benefits blowjob - to the use of semen. We talk about it more.

 the benefits of oral sex

The benefits of semen during oral sex

Sperm can be called priceless gift that is swallowing her a woman receives during fellatio. It contains an equally unique set of vitamins, hormones and all sorts mikroelomentov. And it is the male hormones that stimulate the metabolism in the body and cause it to counter the production of hormones in women already. This ensures the attractiveness of the young ladies, freshness, skin elasticity and high spirits. By the way, this is why sex without a condom is preferable - the vaginal walls to absorb nutrients from the sperm that has a beneficial effect on the general physiological and psychological state of the woman.

An absolute benefit of sperm and its external application. No wonder it is used in the most effective cosmetic products for skin rejuvenation and nutrition of the hair roots. Oral sex - an excellent way to save money on such facilities! If after partner got blowjob orgasm his semen evenly on the chest, face, neck and hair roots for fifteen minutes and then rinse with warm water, do not need any expensive cream. Small wrinkles will smoothed, the hair will begin to shine, and the skin is elastic and smooth.

Men's sperm and helps in the fight against cellulite in women, if you do it from rubbing. It restores the tooth enamel and gums strengthens as it contains zinc and calcium. According to experts, if you do blow at least twice a week, the risk of caries is reduced by almost half. Sperm even increases the breast, as it contains the hormone prostaglandin, which stimulates the production of estrogen in women. Estrogen, in turn, promotes the growth of breast tissue. And at the same time it reduces the nearly forty percent chance of cancer of the breast. According to recent research, women have to swallow sperm even if there are tumors of the breast, usually they do not turn into incurable malignancy.

It is believed that the blow could be an excellent alternative to classes at the gym. If within half an hour the woman engaged in oral sex and achieve orgasm, it burns a lot of calories. By the way, cunnilingus positive impact on the health of men, no less than a blowjob. During his partner gets a lot of nutrients, improving the process of blood circulation and strengthen the immune system. Furthermore, they increase the erection and slow aging. Anti-aging properties have pheromones women who generously allocated under such caresses.

Psychologists say that couples who practice oral sex, less arguing and more eager to always be together. Divorce happens in such families are seven times less than in the "cell of society" where a husband and wife choose to only the traditional sex. We can say that this kind of sex promotes marriage. If the pair felyatsii are not normal action, men often dream that the blow did extraneous lady. And often it happens that among other women is a lady.

Seksolgi generally advise any sexual act to start with oral sex. Not necessarily at the same time bring a partner to orgasm. Enough for a few minutes please him lips and tongue. This is doubly beneficial for women. The first blow will reach fever pitch and relax as much as possible. Secondly, a member of the men will be cleaned and lubricated with saliva, which has disinfectant properties, so easier to go down into the vagina. In short, the use of fellatio is undeniable. Do not ignore this fact. After all, the fact that both pleasant and useful in our lives so little! Why give up such a wonderful gift of nature?

 Use of oral sex

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 Art of Seduction


  • What is the art of seduction
  • Secrets Adult Men

The art of seduction and seduction of men - an extremely powerful tool in relations with the opposite sex. Befell its nuances as if a woman has in her hands the magic wand, performing almost her every desire. And no matter how beautiful she is. The main thing - skillfully use this stick when required. Actually, when you do not need - too. In the end, it is necessary to improve the skills! So how do you get it, that magic wand?

What is the art of seduction

Just to clarify - seduction and seduction is not quite the same thing. Although dictionaries and interpret the two terms interchangeably, but they involve several different goals. Seduction - a way to drag a man in bed. Well, or at least force him to dream about it. Seduction is designed primarily to encourage men to take action, corresponding to some target women. Of course, such actions can be erotic. But in general, the art of seduction, in contrast to a simple seduction is aimed at someone to become a higher-manageable. And what is really there from him in the future need to issue individual.

So, seduction and deception, we decided. And where it is possible to deceive men? Discos, clubs, bars, restaurants? I must say that the use of the techniques of art spicy acceptable almost everywhere - in public transport, in the street, at work, during a conversation with the boss or potential employer .... After all, the skill of seduction - a great thing, allowing the ladies to get from men almost everything they want. And do the opposite sex treat him very, very supportive and did not object to their ohmuryat almost twenty-four hours a day. So use your skills to deceive when he wants. There is nothing improper about it.

In general, men can turn heads and to achieve short-term goals, and to maintain relations in the future, and even just in case. It is always nice to know that there is someone ready at any time gladly respond to your call. Men's location - a wonderful thing! Then you and the help of some sort, and the ability to listen to whining and tears to wipe away, and the willingness to cuddle if necessary. Why not anchor for all occasions? The fact that for such a man, and you can easily get married and say no.

Okay, well, tell someone! The fact that the art of seduction and seduction - magic box, it's understandable. But what it is, at the end of it all, is it the most art? Excellent question. Let's move on.

 Adult men

Secrets Adult Men

What is the purpose of seduction? The fact that the man looked at us admiring eyes and was ready to fulfill any request. So? So. How to do it? To begin with, it will demonstrate that the most sincere location. That is, give the other party to understand that we first met this amazing person with a truly masculine qualities and simply amazed by its perfection. To do this, you must first see a few minutes into the eyes of a man surprised and happy. Then look at the moment, seems to be lost in the way and to revisit the man. Only this time, he should express tenderness, enthusiasm, kindness and desire to communicate. Add another bit of guile and shyness, and a seductive look ready.

Of course, only one view for a stunning effect on the young man would not be enough. Connect it to a friendly smile and rapid breathing, as if being a sign of strong emotion. Expression when it should be a little embarrassed, and even puzzled. Say, such a great meeting was totally unexpected! No longer believe in the existence of such men. And then - you ...

In a conversation with the subject of seduction should be too deeply and happily, making it clear that he, in our view, is unique. It should be from time to time to hint at his dignity. It is possible to note in passing that a man amazing eyes, shining smile, good taste, good knowledge in some area and so on. This should be done sincerely and naturally as possible, choosing the qualities that a person actually present. Blatant flattery few people of the men pulls as soon arouses suspicion. Like, this flirty toady clearly something you need, so it's best to keep away from her.

Seduction men, of course, must include the demonstration of a lady's own advantages. Eyes, voice, smile - everything is wonderful. However, the young man must thoroughly realize that we deserve the closest attention. So, we must give him the opportunity to see themselves from all sides. This should be done carefully and very organic. Visual attack might look like. Graceful passes in front of a man, turns, and then come closer and sits down gracefully. It is desirable to throw a leg over the other, and in time to swap them. We turn the head, correct hair and breathe deeply and smoothly, so that his chest rose and fell.

Speaking to the young man, do not go on a serious topic. Better twitter about something fun and enjoyable for the interlocutor. But it should be remembered - the phrase should not be extremely foolish. Blatant stupidity women are usually repulsive acts on men. Voice necessary to make the most intimate, soulful, warm. When communicating smile, wonder and laugh to the site, including a dialogue expressions like: "I have never seen such a good company! ". Well, or something similar, containing the admiration and praise. But just remember - you can not go too far in any case! This usually immediately kills all interest of men to women.

In conversation accidentally cant (it is desirable that the clothes were neckline), we take positions, in which the well looked feminine form figures from time to time looks away. These tricks will add to the image of seductive, and will work as an additional means of influence on man. This will help strengthen the impact of subtle smell of perfume. To the young man felt a flavor, a little closer to him or defiliruem next.

It is a powerful factor in the art of seduction are light touch. You can touch a man's hand or make a lock of hair seems to be accidentally slid down his face. You can even, if the situation is right, like a chance to pull over to the other party, or to lean on his shoulder. It's great to sit around a young man and touch his thigh. Incredibly tactile contact between the people and extremely captivating men.

Well, perhaps, and all the major secrets of the art of seduction of men. What matters is that the actions of the woman was not a compulsive sexuality and promiscuity, nor arrogance - the stronger sex can not stand this. And then she will be able to quickly get the attention of someone who needs it and cause a young man to think of myself during the day and at night.

 Adult men

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