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Oh, these men - Give them to anal sex, and that's it! And I can not understand that we, the poor, and the scary and painful to even think about it - not what to do. Of course, there are lots of girls who have from this process really blows the roof, but the majority is afraid to even try. It is quite clear that anal sex for the first time - it's like bare feet on burning embers run (although in this case is not affected feet, and completely different, more intimate place). But if you do decide to try this 'forbidden fruit', then let's try to figure out how to make the process more comfortable and painless. And at the same time try to understand why men require girlfriends anal sex and the reasons for it girls agree.

Why do men want anal sex with women

If you are naive to think that the whole thing in some special physiological sensations, you are far from the truth. Perhaps some men who have problems with potency, and like to move in a more narrow than the vagina, the place, but even for them this argument - not the most basic. Even the assurance that they just want to diversify sex, having tried a new pleasure, a little untrue. The desire of anal sex - is not physiological, but rather the psychological aspect.

The main reason for which a man entices a woman to anal sex - the desire to completely subdue it and invade the forbidden area. It just so happened since ancient times, when our ancestors lived in the stone caves: shaggy uncle just had to dominate women, subjecting them to their power. And, despite all the technological advances, coupled with the development of nanotechnology, in our time in the brains of men has changed little. After all, if a woman is allowed to invade there, then it is completely conquered, enslaved, conquered. You know the saying: "Who will saddle, and he goes on"? This is exactly the case.

And all the arguments that men who want anal sex with a woman, latent homosexuals - no proven theory. According to statistics, about seventy percent of men between the ages of thirty-five years have tried anal sex with a woman. But believe me, it is necessary to offer them to do the same procedure with a representative of their sex, their outrage and disgust just will not be boundaries. They strictly distinguish where anal sex with a woman, and where - unnatural sodomy. After all, most of the guys looking at the girls stare at her charming ass, secretly hoping to get back as soon as possible (they are unlikely to experience the same feeling, getting into their field of view of men's skinny ass).

 anal sex for the first time

Why do women agree to anal sex

Almost every girl received an invitation to anal sex, there is plenty of excuses: embarrassing, uncomfortable, unhygienic, hurt in the end. But there comes a moment when she hangs out the white flag and says, they say, well, let's try. What motivates her, and why she is still losing ground?

The most common reason - a desire to be sexy and desirable to your partner. "Okay, so if you're asking ...". Familiar? After all, if you do not give him what he so desperately wants to, there is a chance that he would find another, more tractable and uncomplexed individuals. Here too, in addition to the women's pride humbled, may suffer feelings - very few people able to forgive the betrayal of her man.

The second reason - is, oddly enough, PR. All around is just kind of propaganda anal sex among women. You can look at any male forum dedicated to this issue - the guys a really sympathize with the "losers" whose girlfriend abandoning "anal pleasures." One gets the strong stereotype: if you do not let your man anal sex, then you are not sexy.

I'll tell you a secret: there are many males who are in the head would not come to ask for anal sex from women, if it was not so popular and fashionable. Not surprisingly, many of the girls, gritting his teeth, going to a similar contact with a partner in order to reassure him, and myself in the fact that they - sverhseksualny and looseness ...

Well, the third reason - the girls really want to have fun, unlike the usual vaginal or clitoral orgasm. They involve new, unknown sensations with which they want to diversify their sexual life. Despite the fact that doctors believe the female orgasm during anal sex impossible, many brave young lady happily argue the opposite.

There is still no clear statistics on what percentage of girls really enjoy and discharge from such intercourse, and some - just gets used to it and suffer for the sake of her husband. But many stories readers forums that with skillful and attentive partner during anal sex, you can get a huge pleasure, reassuring.

 first experience of anal sex

Anal sex for the first time

Well, so if you decide to let her boyfriend to taste the "forbidden fruit", it is necessary to properly prepare for the process. After all, almost all the girls, never tried this kind of sex, worried about the same things. About them we'll talk.

Fear of pain

I must say, that this concern justifiably. Remember how you lost your virginity? Probably few of you that moment seemed the most enjoyable moment in my life. Of course, the pain is inevitable, but most often it happens in the first few times and when the partner is not bothered to prepare you for the act itself. So listen carefully to our advice - they will help you minimize the discomfort.

If you want to do like sex, never in my life without trying to light caresses in the secret place, it is likely your first experience of anal sex will be the last. You can not just go and start the process without preparation. If your boyfriend wants so "hot to", he would have for a long time (days, weeks, months - it depends on patience and your wishes) to allow you to experience the erogenous zones on the circle of the sphincter. Believe me, they're there. Gentle touch, light massaging - is all that is required of him in the first stage.

Once you get comfortable and start to gently enjoy the process, your man could afford the following liberties - phalanx stick your finger in the little hole. Do not hesitate to remind him that in addition to the coveted place where he breaks on your body there are plenty of other, no less pleasant areas: the mouth, nipples, clitoris. Let them try not to forget about them, stimulating your sphincter - so you get a lot more fun and will get used to a new affection.

It will take quite some time, and "there" without much pain will have two fingers (but no more give a man to understand: it is enough). If you have a gentle, caring partner, he would never rush things, preparing you for the most important, the final stage - enter you for real, their reproductive organs.

After a while, you feel ready to take the risk and let this exciting news to her boyfriend. Hint that to facilitate the process it is best to buy a special lubricant gel for anal sex with a cooling effect. Surely you do not just looked at with interest the battery of multi-colored tubes with different lubricants at a pharmacy or a sex shop. Well, now you need them. Thanks to this anesthetic Lubricant first anal sex would be much nicer.

Put your man a condition: you have the right to stop it at any time, and he meekly obey you. It is possible that you are not ready and need to postpone this action until later. Any normal man would agree with this condition, glad that you do not refuse, and prepare yourself for anal sex with him, dear. It did not happen this time - it will later.

The fear of getting dirty

What can we say, the rectum is not designed by nature for sexual pleasure. For this there is a vagina - a place from which to start the process of conception of children - the main, by the way, the function of women. And in the gut is what it should be there - waste of our life. And certainly every girl, which launched a man for sex in non-space horror thinks, and suddenly he's hooked something that is not very romantic! A nightmare, and more! How then to look him in the eye?

Well, firstly, if you recently went to the toilet, then this problem should not be. Secondly, no one bothers you prepare and make a small enema. So you not only protect yourself from possible trouble, but will be a couple of hundred grams lighter (though small, but still positive). Tummy just subsides, the body - a pleasant lightness and you are ready for anal sex, knowing that will not see the grimaces on the face of hostility partner. Although, frankly, men know where to climb, and most of them are mentally prepared for the unexpected. So do not worry so sharply - following the simple rules of hygiene, you'll be neat and ready to try anal sex without unpleasant consequences.

The fear that after the anal sex rectum cease to hold the contents of the

The network is full of horrific stories about what amateur anal sex is so stretched rectum and the sphincter, which ultimately often do not have time to run to the toilet. Someone says that this is nonsense, while others believe that such information is logical and correct. In fact, everything is very individual. This nasty situation can happen to those girls who have the sphincter muscles of the nature of the weak. Think about it: if in a public place you ever wanted to use the toilet in a serious way, you immediately run to the ladies room, or wait until it is able to return home? We are not talking about the poisoning, upset stomach or other exceptional cases; and just when you feel the urge.

If you're rushing headlong to the bathroom at the first hint of the difficult circumstances, it is possible that anal sex - is not for you. Typically, in such a situation, those girls who have great sphincter squeezes out, no problem get to the house and already there to solve their problems. They should not worry too much if they engage in anal sex without fanaticism, then the fear of disgrace they are not threatened. Otherwise, think twice before you decide to try anal sex.

Fear that man will cease to respect

Many girls are seriously worried that, having received the coveted the forbidden fruit, their men will cease to treat them with the same reverence, seeing them available, all consonants girls. After all we have been taught from childhood that a woman should be a mystery, but a mystery which can be discussed if it is allowed even "it"?

They taught us quite correctly, but do not forget: clever girl will not cease to be a new man, thrilling and desirable, even if he will overcome the last frontier - consent to anal sex. For the most part, all depends on the man and of its relationship to you. If anal sex - it's just a way to humiliate you and to "put in place" - that is, your fears are not groundless, and it may stop treating you like a decent person. But why let such a person go so far if you suspect the real cause and effect?

If you are the man of the road, which is going to take anal sex, he never would not hurt you for what you have given way to him. Rather, he will be pleased and proud of what beautiful, sexy and understanding woman he got. So, the conclusion is obvious: it is not necessary to do it with those in whom doubt or distrust. Otherwise, he can not just change your opinion about, and talk about their "exploits" common friends. So why take the risk?

By providing these details, you may well be able to become a full party to anal sex without suffering severe pain and painful experiences. Who knows, maybe you think of it in those women that are experiencing the wild orgasms just from this unconventional sex?

 Anal sex for the first time: how to survive this experience, so that it did not last

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