what to do if you want sex


  • Do not be afraid of their desires
  • Option One: very fast
  • Option Two: requires some training
  • Option Three: a long-term

You agree that in every woman's life there are moments when I feel like sex. I would like to pain, to dizziness, cramps in the abdomen before. And how annoying it is at this moment it does not appear next to the man that can satisfy this passion. The reasons for this can be a great number of: someone's husband on a business trip, someone had quarreled with his other half, well, someone just out of luck, and it has not met the same one only. We women, in contrast to many men, along with the physical pleasures and spiritual closeness, Bring, otherwise it loses its meaning.

And how difficult it is sometimes to cope with your body, get him to calm down and cease to torment their desires. What to do? Some would say that you can find on the side of short-term hobby to relieve tension and restore the balance of mind. That's just to many girls and women of such advice is not acceptable, they are drawn by the morals instilled in us since childhood: a love and sex, or anything. Well, or at least love, trust your partner. And what if there is no this?

Do not be afraid of their desires

The first thing to do - to realize that your sexual desire - not shameful folly, and the real needs of the organism. So we are organized: our reproductive function gives the time felt, and sometimes at the wrong time. Well, and in addition, the use of sex for women's health has not been canceled! This rejuvenation and body, and the absence of headaches and relief of premenstrual syndrome, and reduce the likelihood of stroke. You can continue for a very long time.

So, if you want sex - then you are a normal, healthy woman with her very human needs. And frightened, ashamed of them - to go against his nature. If you are one of those women who were born at a time when "in the Soviet Union there was no sex," you must understand that times have changed and the needs of women, no one is looking wide-eyed amazement. So understand that your desires no laxity or vulgarity, and start to search for solutions on how to help his beloved. The main thing - do not suffer and suffer, reproaching himself for immodest desire, and do something for themselves, not to stand still.

It is not necessary to run headlong into the street to catch the right man for the first carnal pleasures. Doing so - so jeopardize their health - both mentally and physically. If you are very much like sex, but are hesitant to frivolous actions, it is for you, we will try to make a list that can help solve your problem.

 when I want to do sex

Option One: very fast

For starters, you can try to do self-gratification. According to statistics, most of the women have never in my life experienced vaginal orgasm, but it just gets crazy clitoral orgasm during discharge. Why do not you join these lucky, regularly receives such pleasure? You're not going to advertise their employment - and to do it in secret like so many women. It does not matter what will be next to no man who affectionately and tenderly regard to this intimate space - you may well come up with it yourself.

Just relax and try to establish in my mind the most unattainable sexual fantasy that you have ever visited. Or imagine the most ardent, the most magnificent lover in the world. This may well be your friend, or a superstar of the popular television series. It does not matter who it is, because of your secret thoughts no one will ever know, right? So safely located in a convenient place for you and start getting pleasure. You will do so regularly - frequent headaches disappear and aggressive, disturbing live peacefully.

By the way, do not have to do it with your fingers. If you belong to the category of women who are self-satisfaction when you need to see the presence of a partner, try to do it in the bathroom or shower with a jet of water. You will be able at will to increase or decrease the pressure, being in the full sense, it's not your fingers work their magic, and the attentive and gentle man.

Option Two: requires some training

In this case, all the preparation boils down to in order to go after all the sex shop and choose the appropriate "toy". When meeting with a man, we can never know for sure what shape and size of his dignity. Often at first sex occurs awkward situation when our expectations are far from reality. In the sex shop that will not happen. The sex industry, aimed at creating a variety of accessories for the pleasure to work, as they say, "on the conscience": the selection of dildos of all sizes, colors and textures can only wonder.

Moreover, a dildo - is not the only item presented in any self-respecting sex shop. The number and variety of goods can be a long time to be surprised, because sometimes a glance and do not understand, why this or that gizmo. But if they are on sale, then such a thing to someone really need - it certainly helps a huge number of women or men to overcome his loneliness.

For so many women regular masturbation is not able to satisfy the brutal famine, when it is very much like sex. They require the entry of - deep now. What is the nature of the female body! And even if men have for some reason did not work out, you should discard the false shame and go on a trip to the nearest sex shop. There's certainly find something that will help to cope with the desire and survive hard times.

If you're too shy, then come to a counselor only when the cabin there are no other customers. You do not have to explain anything seller, or to pretend that went there by accident. The friendly consultants without question all show, explain and give even touch. Sellers themselves have long been accustomed to the specifics of their work, and would not condemn you for your interest. No one will take you for destitute alone, "has come to such a disgrace." After all, there are so many couples who buy sex toys almost wholesale only to diversify your sex life. Who knows, you may be one of them?

If you just can not imagine a situation when you can talk to a stranger about such intimate things, and then you have a way out: make a dildo or any other "toy" on the Internet. Thanks to the many online services to do it quickly and easily. Sitting at the computer in the evening, you can calmly look at absolutely all the products that are available in the online store. And even, if necessary, ask a question that will answer and advise, providing all the information you need. These sites provide complete privacy, so that no one will ever know that you got in the mail banderolku (including postmen themselves).

As much as you may seem absurd to engage in "this" is not a man, but with rubber device, but if you really want sex, you should use this option. By the way, the era of rubber dildos for a long time has passed, and now they are made of materials that feels just as indistinguishable from the originals. Spitting on his natural modesty and shyness, you may well get a real pleasure, which had not experienced.

Did you know that during orgasm in women allocated special agent in charge of her charm? This is a completely accurate scientific fact needs no proof. You will not only feel better, but it is finally done with a lingering depression that constantly tormented you: will shine in the eyes, a good mood - and who knows, maybe that's when you pay attention to the man of your dreams?

 what to do if you really want sex

Option Three: a long-term

The third option is to get you to still pursue his personal life. Otherwise, you get tired samoudovletvoryaetsya all possible and impossible ways, and you just give yourself a vow of chastity. First, the wood will begin to crack as Celentano in the famous film, then work from morning till night - only to forget what you really want sex.

In fact, many say that if you surrender completely to some cause, the passion in the body poutihnut and eventually forgotten. Someone runs into work, someone - in the business. That's just to help this method can only be for those who have a temporary respite in the relationship with your partner and just ride out hard times. But what about those who have no clearance, and the man in the next hundred years is not expected? And they need to urgently address in order to learn how to build relationships with the opposite sex.

First of all, you need to tidy up their appearance. Until now, women "meet on clothes," and yet nothing has changed. It is then he will appreciate and understand your fragile, delicate soul organization. At the first stage, you should be interested in it as an attractive person with whom you want to spend the time and are not ashamed to present to friends.

If you for some reason, there is no ability to transform yourself - get a professional stylist, makeup artist, hairdresser. Carefully study the fashion magazines - there is a lot of advice for those who can not pick up clothes and dress up. Perhaps you have already got used to him to for what you have, and you absolutely do not want anything to change in yourself. But try to ask your friends and relatives very people who want only the best for you: Is your appearance attractive and whether it is time to change something in your appearance? Because it is often women, exhausted domestic life and everyday activities, just stop paying attention. Especially if there is no order, for whom wants to be beautiful and sexy.

Of course, your transformation will require some cash outlay, but if the issue got an edge and you want to close with a normal man, the funds do not spare themselves, favorite. Otherwise, it may be a situation: you are old and lonely, it is provided by a lady who has the money and time to ensure that their waste. That's just, unfortunately, some time will be lost. So mobilize their finances and change your appearance for the better, so that no man worth your attention past failed.

The second paragraph of your search for the ideal man: less sitting at home and often Happen in public. Of course, you can find a soul mate, and the Internet, but only painfully such unions are rarely successful and long-lasting. Walk in the park, go to a meeting with friends, visit the restaurants - in short, it happens everywhere can meet OH. If you want to change your life for the better and stop constantly tormented in mind what to do with their moaning, begging sexy body - do not wait for the sea weather, and start to act themselves.

Of course, you can tell your friends who have wonderful husbands around, none of this is done, and happiness itself came into their hands. But this is not always so, sometimes you have to take the initiative. And who knows what dare your friends to pick the right man - usually, such information is held in deep secrecy.

If you spend a lot of time at work, and in your old company still the same familiar faces, most of which have been happily married - do not hesitate to change the environment. Let not fully, but the new find and circle of friends. Rather unpleasant to listen to stories of friends rave about their sex life when the most strongly want sex.

Thanks to new acquaintances, well-groomed appearance and ability to communicate, you finally meet a man who will not only solve your physiological problems, when really want sex, but will be faithful support and support. And is not this woman's happiness?

 What to do if you want sex: a guide to action

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