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Anal sex in ancient times was considered one of the most elegant and refined versions of intimacy. He sings the praises of Plato, and is described in detail in the love of Indian treatises. At the time, anal eroticism very welcomed and was considered the acme of perfection in intimacy. Why is this happening? Is it only because of the more complex techniques and emotional and physical intensity of such sexual intercourse? Not only. Back in those days, people were convinced that anal intercourse is a great advantage for its healing properties over conventional vaginal sex. Modern sexologists, focusing on the findings of numerous studies, too, have come to this view. What is the use of anal sex and how can it be harmful?

Useful than anal sex

I must say that the sex of any kind has a beneficial effect on the human body. It rejuvenates, restores hormonal metabolism, supports normal psyche and improves health. Anal intercourse is superior in all these respects other types of sex several times. On top of that, it is also a power to heal some diseases. So anal sex is useful for women during the early stages of hemorrhoids, with the bending of the uterus, with stagnation in the pelvic organs. The healing properties and it is during the post-partum recovery.

Anal intercourse as the training of muscles of the buttocks and bedёr massage and some problem areas generally have incomparable effect. It perfectly helps to struggle with excess weight and body fat, which are called "ears". And if you rub the outpouring of semen on his buttocks into the skin until completely absorbed it, you can very effectively confront cellulite. With regard to this same ingress of sperm into the intestine, it is also extremely useful. The walls of the colon to absorb the ejaculate very quickly, leading to the normalization of hormonal balance and has a positive effect on metabolism.

And how useful anal sex in terms of rejuvenating the body and is difficult to describe! Our body perceives this penetration as a team to rejuvenate, and immediately begin to implement it. Stimulates all of its systems, increases the overall tone, mood lifted, straightened posture. Even if during anal coitus not come orgasm, we still get a powerful impetus to the rejuvenation. Well, when it came, we can safely say that reset a few years of age.

Anal sex is an excellent remedy for anorgasmia. There are many cases when women did not have fun during vaginal intercourse, extraordinary factories, penetration through the anus and felt powerful and bright orgasm. Sexual perception of many of them, then come back to normal, and to reach the peak of pleasure was already possible in ordinary intercourse.

Love of this kind is very useful for cleansing the body. Enema, which is a must in front of him, are usually made of different herbal concoctions. As a result, the body is cleansed of toxins and harmful substances in the intestine and rectum. In the event that a person is suffering from constipation, such enema combined with moisturizing lubricants not only solve problems with a chair, but avoid them in the future.

Anal intercourse prolongs sexual longevity in the marital relationship. The more the two are married, the more uniform is their intimacy. As a result, interest in it is gradually fading, which often leads to constant quarrels and even divorce. Through anal sex helps to avoid such an outcome, speaking as a completely new and attractive phase of sexual relations. It allows couples to re-experience the whole gamut of already forgotten feelings and sensations and to build trust between the spouses.

Finally, anal sex - an excellent prevention of unwanted pregnancies. They can always be engaged - and in danger, and in the critical days. In short, it is a universal type of intercourse that can deliver unique pleasure. There are many women experiencing multiorgazm only in this way relations. Excitation pulses at these young ladies are at the same time through the anus and the vagina, increasing from this several times.

Well, about the benefits of anal sex, we learned quite a lot. Now let's talk about what is the harm it might be.

 the benefits and harms of anal sex

Harm anal sex

So, what's the harm anal sex? First of all, it is dangerous emergence of infectious and sexually transmitted diseases, if seized clumsily or with a random partner. Through anal intercourse is considered the most dangerous type of sex in relation to HIV transmission. Therefore it is better to avoid this kind of intimacy with a stranger, but if it happens, to take all necessary precautions. Now on sale there is a special heavy-duty condoms created specifically for anal sex. Do not look for ordinary condoms - they can break, because the penetration of the anus is much more difficult than in the vagina.

Condoms must be used and in contact with a regular partner, being even in full confidence that no ill. The rectum many different bacteria whose introduction into the urethra in men can cause an infection. It will give the Lady and when to switch from anal sex to vaginal. In this transition condoms should be changed, or the woman may be caused great harm.

Another harm anal intercourse - the risk of injury vessels of the rectum and the appearance of cracks on its surface. They tend to arise as a result of errors during sexual intercourse such. It may be:

  • Too rapid introduction of the penis;
  • Too sharp frictions;
  • Insufficient or no prior training, because of which the anus is too narrowed;
  • Lack of lubrication of the anus.

It is believed that damage to the anal sex is expressed more in rectal prolapse. However, this occurs in cases where the couple has them very often, and relates more to homosexual relationships - women muscles of the anus are much more flexible than men. If initially examine all the nuances of the anal technology, always adhere to them and to practice anal intercourse no more than twice a week, it is unlikely to cause any harm. And it brings a lot of benefits. So do not give up such a pleasure because of some prejudices. Indeed, in the sexual sphere everything is permitted! And because this kind of sex strengthens the relationship.

 The benefits of anal sex and harm

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 whether to do an enema before anal sex


  • Anal sex: and where he had just come from?
  • Do I need to do an enema before anal sex
  • How to do an enema before anal sex
  • Frequent enemas: Danger!
  • Alternative enema in preparation for anal sex

The theme of anal sex is becoming increasingly popular. It is difficult to imagine that ten years ago, many popular magazines and websites were full of notes on this form of intercourse. Now, however, this topic will not surprise anyone, the public was divided into two camps: some consider anal sex excellent opportunity to diversify sex life (mostly men), the other - a terrible perversion, which is indecent to even talk (mostly women). Dislike many women can understand, after all they are asked to endure the pain and allow man to invade the place not designed for sex. Men are just thrilled by the possibility to get a "forbidden fruit" and experience the full power of the female body.

But those and others have a common argument that anal sex is still inferior to the usual sex, vaginal, - is an opportunity to get dirty because it is located in the rectum partner. Whatever may have been romantically set man, no matter how much he did not want to feel like a master of his woman, but the thought of what might be in recess for a couple of centimeters from the vagina, it leads him into confusion. Perhaps the sight of unpleasant traces of human life any sexual desire, even the most powerful, will fall to "no". As he and she. Hence the question: what should be the preparation for anal sex, to break down the last barrier between desire and disgust? Make an enema? Regular cleaning of the intestine? And whether it is necessary to break this barrier - maybe anal sex - it's just a fashion trend, which is not worth paying attention?

Anal sex: and where he had just come from?

If you believe that a craving for anal sex among men appeared at the turn of the twentieth, twenty-first century, it is deeply mistaken. Anal sex - both the man and the woman, practiced since ancient times. Many modern sexologists suggest that anal sex was familiar with people still primitive. His theories are explained as follows: like animals, the ability to copulate with females was only the strongest representatives of the male population of the tribe. They collected these harems, strictly taking care to offspring occurred only from them.

As with other "losers", in addition to self-gratification, it remains one - to copulate with women via anal sex. In this tribal leaders turned a blind eye, because such an act is not threatened by the birth of children wimps. True or not - hard to say, but this theory has many supporters.

Very loyal to treat anal sex in ancient Greece. Prostitution there was quite a legitimate business, the money from the proceeds of brothels went into the coffers of the state. Naturally, a slave-concubines was vital to prevent pregnancy, otherwise they will lose all their value on the market of such services. That is why they often resort to anal sex with a man - it was a sure way not to conceive a child, and continue their "career".

The Egyptian pyramids, there are drawings, detailing the process of anal sex between a man and a woman, and like in ancient China relations and was considered at all riding refinement. It has survived the famous Chinese treatise "Collection Spring Palace", which is described in detail, how to engage in anal sex.

Yes there in Greece, China and Egypt - even in Kievan Rus' there was such a thing as "sodomy" - the sin of sodomy. And even then anal sex is condemned by public opinion - no matter whether it was between men or partners of both sexes, as was considered wrong and unnatural. On the other hand, church penance for anal sex between men and women was not more severe than usual betrayal of a spouse (from about one year to seven years). It takes account of all age, the possibility of coercion and even pose in which the act was performed. By the way, who are unmarried "sinners" which treated leniently.

In fact, in some parts of the Eastern continent still anal sex between men and women - quite a common thing. Despite the fact that the religion strictly forbids such an act, many young girls decided on this kind of relationship only in order to marry virgins. And given the fact that it is in the culture of masculinity it is considered dominant, and it believes that the husband can force his limp wife to anal copulation. Of course, this is not the rule - true Muslims revere the Qur'an, and not transgress his laws.

So, what is anal sex in ancient times was very popular, we realized, and that the people long ago knew how to enjoy these forbidden caresses - too. But they managed to cope with the issues of health before the act? After all, even in our advanced, the main aversion to anal is that there is the possibility of elementary dirty? Surely our ancestors and others have been less scrupulous in regard to this matter, and no such thing as "enema" did not exist. In the end, remember the pictures and books describing the ancient feasts: the bones rushed onto the floor, spit, and even empty the stomach contents right on the spot, too, is not forbidden. Perhaps the concept of hygiene during sexual intercourse is also radically different from the modern?

It is now we take a shower twice a day - morning and evening, it is now the smell of sweat under the armpits is a sign of bad taste. And as regards the purity of intimate places, both good hygiene before sex, and after it plays a crucial role for both men and women. So let's try to figure out how to ensure cleanliness during anal sex, and whether to make for that intestinal lavage.

 what to do before anal sex

Do I need to do an enema before anal sex

We will not speculate whether or not to engage in anal sex is unnatural or not. Every woman should answer the question itself. In real life, there are many examples of what it is in this form of sexual relations woman gets maximum pleasure. And if you decide on such a move - nothing wrong with that, each of us has the right to obtain sexual gratification. But the question is how to make anal sex possible comfortable and hygienic, we just talk.

The first thing to think of women in anal sex - you need to do an enema or not? In order to answer this question, let's think about the physiology of the human body - or rather, his gut. There are external and the internal sphincter. As you know, the appearance - it's the same ring to which we can touch the outside. Inside, as he expected, as the name implies, it is inside, his average length - about thirty millimeters. The main function of the internal sphincter - a barrier to involuntary eruption content rectum.

That is, if you are in good health, do not suffer from intestinal disorders and do not want urgently to the toilet "in the large", the twenty to thirty millimeters internal sphincter are free from any content. It is quite enough to the male organ is not "catch" something very bad in you.

For some, this fact means that an enema before sex it is not necessary, because the chance to get dirty virtually no partner. But do not forget that if you go to the toilet on the "difficult circumstances" recently, the thin walls of the internal sphincter may remain traces of contamination. Good or bad, but "there" no toilet paper can not reach. In this case, the question enema becomes more urgent. In order to avoid unnecessary worries and the possibility to get dirty, to do a little washing.

In short, control your trips to the bathroom - Healthy people should visit the latrine "is heavy" at least once a day. If after using the toilet took several hours, an enema, and you do not need - in this case will not get any trouble. If your gut "on strike" for a long time and you can not go to the bathroom, or did it just before sex, it is better not to risk it and do an enema.

How to do an enema before anal sex

It would seem that everything is simple: type in a special rubber container of water and make yourself an enema. But no, if all this is conceived not for medical reasons, but for the comfort of anal sex, it is much more complicated! If you just shove the enema tip inward and create a serious head, then easily get severe irritation of the walls of the internal sphincter - about anal sex in this case, you can generally forget. In addition to the discomfort during the actual washing, you still get significant pain during penetration partner.

So, what are the rules of safe use of an enema before anal sex? First of all, you need to lubricate the tip of baby cream or Vaseline. This will save you from injury to the inner walls. Secondly, it is not necessary to use as much as two liters of water, enough to three hundred - five hundred milliliters of liquid. Water should be warm, about twenty-five degrees Celsius, and it would be better if you take it not out of the tap, drinking and using. You can do an enema and a decoction of chamomile - so you not only get ready for anal sex, but will be of use to the body.

The next question is - in what position is best to do an enema. The easiest way - is lying on his side or sitting on all fours. Do not insert the tip too deeply - eight to ten centimeters will be enough. The first few centimeters enter toward the navel, the other - parallel to the coccyx. Do everything slowly and slowly, haste in this matter before a fall.

If you feel uncomfortable or unromantic ask your man to wait while you rush between enema and toilet, then perform the whole procedure in advance (of course, if anal sex is not spontaneous). After the enema is advisable not to load up the blade - try to do an easy, fast utilizable food, otherwise all your efforts will be in vain.

Frequent enemas: Danger!

It is no secret that in order for a woman to learn to enjoy anal sex, it is necessary to deal with it on a regular basis. Optional every day, but at least once a month. She must physically get used to such relationships and take a man without pain. Otherwise, everything becomes meaningless - the constant sensation of pain is unlikely to get any love anal sex with a man.

As it turns out: in order to comply with all rules of hygiene, it is necessary now and then to set themselves an enema? Dear women, frequent bowel lavage get any serious trouble in terms of health! Even with all medical conditions, doctors do not recommend to resort to enemas more frequently than once or twice (or even less!) Per month. The first complication is that you risk getting a too frequent washing of the intestine - is the inability to go to the toilet on their own in the big one. Your intestines quickly get used to the fact that it does not necessarily work to push their content, because you do it without his help.

Another risk - the opportunity to get intestinal dysbiosis. In addition to the wastes, rectum and contains useful microflora, necessary for normal functioning. If you do an enema constantly, over time, and wash away microflora, leading to bowel incontinence, persistent diarrhea, and abdominal pain. Then it will not be before the anal sex - to have time to run to the toilet!

Another unpleasant consequence - a trauma and cracks in the walls of the intestine from the terminal enema. Did you know that the male organ, despite his much indistinguishable from stem dimensions, brings much less the walls of the internal sphincter injuries? What a hard plastic tip enema with frequent use of the process do a lot of trouble for the health of your colon?

So be very careful to avoid the regular enemas and their application. If your man is so fastidious that makes you every time before anal sex to wash the intestines, then remind him in the place he was so eager and that not there are diamonds. And your health is far above such pleasures. A loving partner needs to understand that. In an extreme case, go to the toilet as soon as possible before the alleged sex and limit themselves in power - so you really protect yourself and the trouble.

 how to do an enema before anal sex

Alternative enema in preparation for anal sex

You, like your partner is terribly afraid to "toilet issues" during anal sex? Nothing easier: Use a condom. So his body will remain exactly the "pristine", and you do not survive the unpleasant sensations due to their concerns. Use a condom on a suitable gel lubricant for anal sex - and indulge in carnal pleasures, as you like.

Generally, the use of a condom in such cases - one of the essential rules of personal hygiene. What do you think, why the risk of contracting infections and sexually transmitted diseases in male homosexual couples is particularly high? Because often they practice anal sex without a condom, and rectum - is the place where the easiest way to pick up any disease. And it concerns not only homosexuals but also any couple that wants to preserve their health - wear during anal sex condom, and then you will not get sick.

In addition, many doctors believe that during anal sex, too, can become pregnant. No sperm penetrates into the uterus through the intestinal wall - this is physically impossible. But to emerge and reach the vagina some sperm brisk quite capable. Who knows, perhaps, from such an incredible proof of the sperm, can overcome many obstacles, and the child is born a genius - but are you planning to become a mother now? Doctors lead horrifying statistics: probability of becoming pregnant after anal sex is eight percent! It can be foaming at the mouth to prove the opposite, but it is better to take care of oneself and to use a condom, especially if you do not plan to replenish the family.

So if your gut is quite specific, and anal sex is required before it required washing, alternate this procedure using a condom. It's quite a good preparation towards this intimate process - clean, hygienic, safe for health. And, besides, guaranteeing plenty of inability to conceive. So why do we need to take up an enema, if you can not once again torment yourself and your gut?

By the way, if you belong to the category of women who have rather weak intestinal wall and sphincter muscles, then you do anal sex is contraindicated. Otherwise, you will stretch out as your internal sphincter that the contents of the rectum cease to be held. And then no enema before sex, or other means will not help you avoid serious trouble. Realize is whether you are at risk, is quite simple: if you do not run headlong into the toilet at the slightest hint of "intestinal urgency", then you are lucky, you can indulge in anal sex without fear. If not - you should look for an alternative to this sex, because it is not safe for your physical and mental state.

 Do I need to do an enema before anal sex

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