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What's really nothing to hide, every woman at least once in life, so masturbated. Someone did this quite a young age, with joy and surprise knowing the possibilities of the body, and someone doing this all my life, trying to bring novelty to their sexual feelings. Let's say in advance: nothing shameful and indecent in it, no matter what we called "moralistka" a regrettable pursed lips. They say that all this is nonsense - promiscuity and shame! But if the clitoris exists, then it is for something needed - so you can rephrase the well-known popular expression of the stars. And if a man does not always realize stimulate this magical point on the body of a woman, then why should not she do it herself? The more often there are no men around, and sexual gratification is oh how needed!

That's just one small thing: is it possible to excite themselves during masturbation so as to obtain a truly enormous pleasure, which is comparable to sex with a partner? When we enter into a relationship with a man, then everything is clear: first, straying breath quickens the pulse, and a few minutes later, the abdomen appears sweet languor. Woman gets wet, excited, ready to receive pleasure. Before masturbating all very different: not every lady is able to fall into a trance at the thought of what action is being asked to finger her. So how do you make sure that the process of masturbation simply blown away?

How to arouse themselves independently

Surely you've noticed that masturbation is much more pleasant if you are already a little nervous. If you feel "butterflies in the stomach" and the men capable to satisfy sexual hunger, next it was not, then it's time to self-gratification. Perhaps, for some women abstinence - pretty normal thing, because to do "it" the most shameful, and it seems even humiliating. We hasten to inform you that we can safely discard such negative thoughts and just take care of his beloved. No one asks you to publicize your actions, just indulge yourself and get a normal orgasm avoid nervous breakdowns and chronic headaches.

So, in order to masturbation turned into "academic process", it is necessary to prepare for it a little. We offer you a small overview of those things that will help you come to a "state of readiness", making breathing quickened.

  1. Close your eyes and imagine beside him an attractive man. This can be a nice guy from next door, or the star of English football - it does not matter, as long as you like. Start gently stroking my body, paying special attention to the chest. Did you know that some women are able to get a full orgasm from stimulation of normal nipples? Try it, you certainly get a lot of pleasure and prepare yourself for this masturbation.
  2. Think of your most successful sexual experience with a man, try to reproduce in detail the feelings that you once experienced with him. Pofantaziruet, think of the continuation of some scenes - you will feel the excitement now.
  3. Look beautiful erotic film. No one is forcing you to watch hardcore (unless you are a lover of this kind of films), there are a great many very aesthetic feature films with hot scenes of passion. Looking at the twisted body of a beautiful couple, you may well be able to be excited so that they themselves do not notice, you begin the process of masturbation.
  4. It is easy to arouse themselves by reading an erotic story. Who is full of this kind of literature, where you can choose for yourself any direction: it is romantic, and casual relationships, and student revelry. Do not be ashamed of the variety of stories - you can get away with quite a lot of fun reading naughty erotic stories.

 how to excite

Preparations for masturbation

So you're already excited to begin receiving pleasure. So let's try to figure out how to make the process as enjoyable as masturbation. If the thought of continuing the work of their own fingers on the spot brings you a real longing, then listen to the following recommendations:

  • Before masturbation, you should be completely sure that this is not a pleasant process is interrupted by the unexpected appearance of relatives who live near you. Close the room, dim the lights, and even better - turn off your cell phone: cheerful music ring tone can negate all your efforts to arouse himself.
  • If desired, you can turn a slow beautiful music that helps you relax even more.
  • Undress in front of a mirror and pat your body. No matter what your shape: with yourself can and should admire her body, able to bring you a lot of fun.
  • Lie down in a comfortable position for you. If insufficient lubrication of the vagina, use lubricant purchased at any drug store or sex shop. If this is not available, it is quite suitable and own saliva.
  • Enter a couple of fingers into the vagina and slowly squeeze, and then the muscles unclench its intimate space. Many women are able to experience the rapid clitoral orgasm only if a feeling of fullness in the vagina. From the contraction and relaxation of muscles you get great stimulating effects that help you get a good orgasm.

It is very important not to rush and hurry, otherwise there is a chance to get tired, not having received the coveted discharge. Some girls need a lot of time to bring yourself to orgasm this. Sometimes they feel that during masturbation excitement subsides: mood changes, come to mind thoughts completely non-sexual nature. Nothing wrong with that, do not worry about it. Nobody forces you to give all the best to the full, if the desire to suddenly disappear - just stop. You're not a factory, "to implement the plan," you do not have. Just go back to masturbation at other times, when you're ready. Regular exercise will help you last longer in a state of excitement and learn to reach orgasm from masturbation.

 excite yourself

How can you masturbate

To get started, try to pull the fingers of one hand sex lips upwards towards the stomach. The clitoris at the same time would be outside, allowing you to freely play with it fingers of the other hand. At the same time the vagina can be a dildo or vibrator - so you get a much more complete range of sensations. If such "toys" you have no home, you should know: if you want to build a semblance of the phallus can be their own. Many ingenious girls use condoms for that purpose, filled with warm cooked rice or buckwheat. Do not hesitate and do not be ashamed: about your experiences nobody knows, and you get tremendous pleasure.

Another interesting way of masturbation - use two palms, cupped. Place the palm of your hand between her legs folded and drive them the vagina, lightly touching the clitoris. So you not only prostimuliruete the magic point, but unusual touch and feel around the vagina that will excite you even more. Remember: the more unusual ways of masturbation, the more likely to forget that all you are doing for yourself, and thus the possibility of obtaining a chic orgasm increases sharply.

These methods are unusual, and the use of foreign objects during masturbation. What if it does not stimulate the clitoris with your fingers, but something very unusual? For example, is perfect for this purpose, the downside of the toothbrush (one that is adapted for cleaning the tongue). The rough surface wetted your own lubrication, perfect to get maximum pleasure from masturbation.

Some resourceful women used for these purposes and electric toothbrushes: vibrating wand, stroking the clitoris, will give a full sense of what you touches a skilled sexual partner. The only thing we should not forget in this method of masturbation - this mode of operation of the toothbrush. Excessive vibration may cause you some discomfort.

A great way to masturbation - a jet shower, aimed at your private parts. You can independently adjust the water pressure, and its temperature in order to get the maximum physical satisfaction. Do you want to - leave you selected "mode" unchanged, and you want - change the pressure you wish. You also have the feeling that your clitoris regard to someone able to bring you maximum enjoyment.

Masturbation - is not only a little joy, which shall be made in secret many women. It is also one of the ways of a healthy sexual satisfaction, as required of each of us. In order to excite themselves and reach the peak of pleasure, just love yourself and your body and feel free to experiment with the erogenous zones. Even if you have a regular sexual partner and your sex life you are quite satisfied with masturbation - it is an opportunity to more fully explore your own body and its responses to various stimuli pleasant. Moreover, this method of self-satisfaction will give you more confidence during sex with her man.

 Secrets of female masturbation: how to excite themselves in - the present

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