how to surprise a man in bed

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Many women complain that sex with her husband recently became a real chore for them - either you delight, or faery orgasms. Lay down with her husband in bed after work, tired, angry, and even if you will be engaged in something, then without much hope for a lot of fun. Everything as always: a familiar pose, short sniff of her husband, thinking about business instead of driving. But it was all once very different - and the passion and the desire crazy and blessed discharge after sex. What to do, really nothing can bring back?

Of course you can, you just try. The first step is to remove from the minds of the belief that man was to blame: either you caresses, no foreplay, no hot sex. Sometimes we women do everything to bed was boring and monotonous. And instead of wistfully remember how great it was in bed before, let's take the initiative in their own hands and fix the situation! What do you understand that your sexual relationship is something wrong - is the first step to success. Well, the second step - a thought: how to surprise her husband in bed to regain his former ardent feelings and desires?

Begin with yourself

Often we women are finding a permanent partner, just forget about their appearance. Ceases to be painted, style your hair, nice dress. And if still at work or school, we try to look your best, then do it for the sake of the beloved force no longer remains. And why he is a native, saw us in sickness, and in a bad mood, and in the morning with swollen eyes and bruised face? He loves because where he go?

Here lies the main mistake women: first of all a man loves his eyes! And if at the beginning of your relationship you have tried to conquer it, and then tried to be for him irresistible and sexy, then you just do not wish to sample more than now. Not every man can excite tired unkempt slob in a bathrobe with curlers on her head. But you must admit, the girl, and many go through the house, did not hesitate no children, no husband.

To a man desired to you with the same force, just try to be transformed for him. Believe me, he deserves it! There would be surprised if you meet him after work is not in filthy old clothes, and in a pretty short dress. And late at night, lying down in the marital bed, hit him in the heart (and not only!) Sexy underwear. Select any unusual set: that you do not normally wear. For example, if you're used to black underwear, buy anything pink or red, with lace and ruffles. You yourself feel in a special way, and so did my husband and speechless lose. Tested!

And another thing. Forget their eternal excuse that you have a headache that you have a critical days, and you're tired at work. Commercials her husband's desire to have sex with you, and may disappear altogether. Well even if you just turn away, offended against the wall and fell asleep, and that in fact may be to his head and get crazy idea: instead of whether to find the one that will be glad he molested and sexual harassment? Sad but true: for some couples agree to the most common physical intimacy - it is a way to impress a man to such an extent that he was poor, head of happiness lose. Besides, dear women, remember, the less a man has sex, the faster weaken its ability in bed. Do you need it? So throw away your eternal excuses and enjoy mutual pleasure as often as possible.

 in bed surprised man

Try striptease

Imagine a light dinner, a bottle of wine and passionate sex in the marital embrace! To the last point has become a must in the program, it would be nice to dance a striptease for her husband. If you have never before did not do it, then do not despair: all when something happens for the first time. Perhaps a passionate dance before the eyes of a happy man - this is just what you need for the passionate night of love! He must have seen many times in the movies erotic scene, where a woman seduces her partner's sexual striptease. What he was thinking? They say that luck also to some, they are passionate, sexy women! So to convince him that he himself - is the very lucky winner of superseksualnuyu, superstrastnoy partner.

Striptease - a great way to impress a man in bed, or before you go into it, but many women are embarrassed to find her own husband minor flaws of the figure. Well, if a girl is slender and sexy striptease dance and then not be a problem. What if during the marital relationship 44th clothing size changed to 54th, in the folds of the stomach appeared, and the pope - cellulite? Undeterred whether this striptease and gentleman if he did not run away in terror into the other room to sleep? No, do not run away. If you do everything right. First, remember that your fat folds and lead her lover to great discouragement - it is not so. Of course, if you feel uncomfortable in this title, it does not hurt to lose weight, but rest assured: during sex husbands expect you looseness and fiery passion, not timid attempts to cover up the hanging belly.

The same is true in a striptease. It does not matter what your figure, the main thing - it's languishing eyes, sexy smooth movement. And it is not necessary to undress to the end. If you want to hide minor flaws of her body, then leave for yourself translucent fabric and adjust the lighting so that the room was pleasant shade. Then nothing would distract the attention of your loved one from contemplation dance. Do not forget to pre-choose to pleasant music. It would be better if it would slow melody without words, let nothing interfere with the guy just focus on you.

 surprise the man in bed

Sexy games

The best way to impress a man in bed - is to invite him to play sexual games. And not necessarily to whip each other and whip handcuffed to the bed (unless you're a lover of "hot to"). There are lots of other opportunities to excite each other to the point that every second delay sex seem torture. Try it, you will not regret!

Playing in an interview for a job

Dress poseksualnee, take up any folder with documents and a timid knock on the door of your bedroom. To the surprise of her husband's answer the question that you want to get a job, but do not know how to win it (the boss) Location. "Read" your resume, vividly telling about what you can do (the intimate details - a must!). On probing questions embarrassed favorite answer, constantly blushing and stammering. A few minutes shy offer to give you a trial period ... and in fact, proceed to "work."

Believe me, every man secretly wants to be on the site of an unscrupulous boss, standing in the face of a shy, half-naked employee. The main thing is that he felt a thrill of its own government, from your "helplessness" and a willingness to carry out his sexual whims. If this game is you against the grain, it is night hot sexy you provided!

The game "Hands! "

The essence of this game is to have sex without touching each other's hands. I agree that it is rather unusual when instead of the usual touches have to operate shoulders, cheeks, hair. It is best to tie his hands before the game and himself, and the guy - even at this stage of the game you will feel the excitement of something new and unknown. Of course, this is not easy - to caress each other with their hands tied, but worth it! Suffice aroused and finding the right position, you will feel a shock of unusual thrills during penetration.

Moreover, almost any woman dreams at least once, but to have sex with their hands tied. So it does not take any responsibility for what is happening and can not afford to relax for real. Men also excites the opportunity to make their own, despite all the obstacles that prevent copulation. Suggest this idea to his beloved, he probably wants to proceed immediately to its implementation.

Erotic Video

Try to remove erotic videos with you in the lead role. You can slowly undress beautiful, take a shower, masturbating - in short, to do everything that can excite your favorite guy. This interesting video would not be indifferent to a man, especially if he did look to the future a dream. Surely all the "dream" as a hand lift, he is excited and will offer you to spend the night quite differently!

This method has many advantages: you can remove yourself from the best angle, to show only those parts of the body that you want. Remind him that you are beautiful and sexy, let them know that the longing for hot sex. However, it should be careful: shoot a video for a guy only in the event that you are absolutely sure of its quivering relation to you. After all, if such a record falls into the wrong hands, the trouble can not be avoided! You do not want to become a star of erotic site in the category "Home Video"?


Here is another interesting way to impress a man in bed. What if you play a good old forfeits? To do this you need to write as much as possible with the wishes of briefs erotic and put them in a basket. After that, each of you in turn pulls forfeit and carries out the task. Certainly, and you and your husband has a secret sexual desires, which we would like to implement. The game of forfeits erotic - a great opportunity to realize that dream, which you did not dare to say before.

"Kiss me here, and then undress and gently bite at ...". Do you think it will make your partner's blood leaped really? It will be more interesting if your inner circle will be one (friend) that you fully trust and that can lead frivolous conversations about sex. Entrust him writing notes, sometimes other people's fantasies can surprise and excite. If the forfeits are written by a stranger, then thrills at their performance will increase several times.

The game "in the dark"

You tie a your partner's eyes and to substitute for a kiss different parts of his body. His task - to guess what he kisses. And by the way, your lips and breasts - are not the only places that can participate in a game, you is full of other interesting erogenous zones requiring affection. You have to know how good partner knows your body as much fun and excitement you can not escape! In order for everything to be honest, after a while swap places with him: Now you sit blindfolded and guess that kiss.

The game "Sexy tour of the apartment"

Tired of sex in the same position on the bed? Then this game is for you: Try everything place in your home, even in the slightest degree suitable for sex. Start at the kitchen table, move to the washing machine, and then check the floor space between the refrigerator and cupboard. And that's just the kitchen! It is not necessary to bring the sexual act to its logical conclusion in any particular place, the main thing - to try to catch as much as possible "unknown" areas of your home. Each "work" little town placed its assessment, the best place - a prize! Namely - crazy sex in the "winner"!

So, if you want to really impress a man in bed, then discard unwanted complexes and surrender to passion hundred percent. Never upbraid his beloved that he is unable to give you pleasure: a man when it comes to sexual failure, too vulnerable. Just over again continue its efforts to bring to your love life is something new and exciting. He will be happy to have what you seek to please not only themselves, but to him. Maybe your partner will be initially a little surprised and confused by your pressure, but you really try to dispel the doubts of his passionate, unbridled behavior during intimacy. Become for him the embodiment of the dream of sexy, uninhibited partner - and you'll not regret it!

 How to surprise a man in bed

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