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On the Diversity of sexual pleasure that a woman can get, says a lot. Satisfaction in bed - a piece thin, and you can get it in many different ways: if you want, receive clitoral orgasm, you want - vaginal. Some of the women able to get a terrific discharge and anal sex, well it is not about that. Years ago, a 60 commercials German gynecologist Ernst Grafenberg name revealed to the world his discovery: it turns out, on the wall of the vagina is a mysterious female G spot, which when stimulated can get a magical, multiple orgasms. Since then, millions of men (and women too) just lost peace - they are all looking for the proverbial point of pleasure, which is able to bring sexual experience to a whole new level.

Armed bukletik detailing the location of point G, inquisitive partners try to hook or by crook to get their women to experience the hitherto unknown sensations. Some people do it, and someone could not find this tricky point on the wall of the vagina. Yes, completeness, and whether there is this very point ji actually or invented specifically to give women a sense of hope for the eye-popping? And if she is still there, then where to find it?

Point G - Fact or Fiction?

Once, during the medical examination German gynecologist Grafenberg noticed that his patient is experiencing sexual arousal whenever he touches one of the zones of the front wall of the vagina. Noticing this curious fact, he decided to experiment and find out how many women are able to experience an unusually pleasant to stimulate this zone. The result of his pleasant surprise: feeling close to orgasm, experienced a lot of women. So the doctor and discovered the famous point, which was named in honor of his name - Grafenberg point for short - point g. Until now, all over the world being the most severe disputes about whether or not in the body of the girls is a singular point of pleasure or her presence - this is a purely subjective feeling of a small portion of the fairer sex?

A full-scale research on this topic has not yet been carried out - as it turned out, this is not so easy. British scientists conducted the following experiment: they examined more than 1,800 women twins in the presence of the notorious point ji. Their idea was both simple and tricky: if this point - a genetic factor, it must be both sisters as twins similar set of genes. While studies have shown that is not always at each of the twins was detected this zone of pleasure.

After receiving the data, the British announced to the world that the point G - just a myth, and "find" it is only those women that are willing to take wishful thinking. So they wanted to reassure all those women who have not been able to find at this point and seriously worried about this. However, in response to this announcement, scientists from many countries expressed the view that any Englishwoman too asexual or "not there looking." In any case, there are many methods to search for the point G, and many women claim that they regularly suffer with what incomparable pleasure from its stimulation.

There is another version of the existence of the point G on the wall of the vagina of women. Some scientists believe that the G spot - it's just the germ of the prostate! The point is that while in the womb, a baby has no gender. More precisely, they are difficult to observe a certain period of time. That bump on the body of the baby, which is responsible for the appearance of primary sexual characteristics, is the desired point ji. He has a lot of nerve endings that make a grown woman can get great sexual pleasure. All she needed to achieve an extraordinary orgasm - learn to find this mysterious, magical point ji.

 where the point G

How to find the point ji

It is believed that the point G is located on the front wall of the vagina to a depth of 5-6 cm. Therefore, if you want to find it on your own, you must be the owner of a fairly long fingers. Despite the fact that the size of this point is not small (its value varies from size to five-ruble coin desyatikopeechnoy), it is possible to detect not all. First of all, it should be noted that the search for the point G is only when you're a little nervous. In an absolutely calm state, you just do not notice and do not feel it. The best option - is to start the search immediately after orgasm, because at that time the most striking point ji and sensitive. So, how does this look "button fun"?

If you want to find a point of G with a partner, it is best to do it in a prone position. Lift your pelvis tucked under his pillow - so the man will be much easier to explore your intimate place. Partner must carefully enter fingers into the vagina to a depth of 3 to 6 centimeters. Of course, the fingers should be liberally greased or your own grease or lubricant. You have to trust your own feelings, guiding hand of a partner. As soon as he finds the desired point, I noticed that the rear wall of the vagina begin to shrink as it happens during orgasm.

Incidentally, when the stimulation point ji women often can happen spontaneous urination. This is due to the fact that this point is in close proximity to the area of ​​the urethra. Moreover, from the urethra during orgasm comes out is not urine, and the secret of the paraurethral glands. However, such a situation can be avoided by simply loosening the pressure at the point of stimulation ji.

If you want to try to find the point of self-ji, it is best to do it in the bathroom or the shower, when your body is completely relaxed. Sit down and enter the vagina finger. Point is located on the front wall of the vagina is just where it starts ribbed surface. Maybe at first you will feel not quite pleasant, but if you do not stop and will continue to stimulate this area, you will soon feel a lot of fun.

It is always useful to know thoroughly the possibility of his body - it will help you make sex with your partner even more sensual. If you find a magic point on your body you do not succeed, do not worry. In the end, its existence is not scientifically proven and what you do not find it, does not make you flawed. You have plenty of other opportunities to experience stormy orgasms and without the notorious point ji. But if you are lucky and you have experienced previously unknown sensations when stimulated this area, then you are one of those lucky women that refute the findings of scientists and enjoy the most unusual orgasm available to women.

 Where is the point ji women

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 Vaginal orgasm


  • Emotional readiness
  • Postures that increase the chances of getting vaginal orgasm
  • Training the muscles of the vagina

Many women enjoy the very process of sex, but it does not get an orgasm. The reason for his lack of many: self-doubt, inability to relax completely, physiological features, etc. Sexologists are two types of orgasm - clitoral and vaginal. The second differs from the first sensations. Every woman should experience it at least once a pleasant warmth, which gradually spreads throughout the body. But you see, not all of his reach. How to bring your body to a vaginal orgasm?

Emotional readiness

Dear women! Before entering into a sexual act, be emotionally ready to have an orgasm! Do not strain over whether you get it is a delight to know or not. It's okay if the first, the second, even though the twentieth times nothing happens. You reach the peak of pleasure, if you always have to worry about it.

To get a vaginal orgasm, you need to stimulate the point G. It should be noted that penis size does not matter. Here are the leading posture and exercise vaginal muscles.

Postures that increase the chances of getting vaginal orgasm

Before you select a desired position for sex, you need to take into account that contact with the vaginal muscles of the penis should be the maximum. Pick up posture should be so that the tip of the penis rubbing on the upper part of the vagina.

Some poses for vaginal orgasm:

  • girl on top. During intercourse, you can control the pace, depth and speed of entry;
  • Girl on the table. Here, too, you can control the trajectory of the entry term. However, the girl must be higher than the men;
  • girl lying on her back. Under the waist should put something soft to lift your pelvis. This will be as a member of the rubbing of the lower and upper part of the vagina.

Training the muscles of the vagina

To bring itself to the vaginal orgasm, you can open and close with the vaginal muscles inside the penis. This activity will not only get a lot of pleasure, but also the peak of pleasure.

If these exercises do not give any result, do not stop there! Visit the special training "Awakening of female orgasm. Intimate muscles. " With them you will not only reach the vaginal orgasm, but can receive multiple orgasms!

Sign up for training by calling +7 (499) 709-79-14 (from 10:00 to 22:00), or the clock online http://training.sexrf.ru/about/.

 Vaginal orgasm: Myth or Reality?

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