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  • How to prepare for the first sex life
  • In what positions are best to lose virginity?
  • Should there be blood after sexual intercourse?
  • Whether it is necessary to protect themselves during the first intercourse?
  • The best age for losing virginity

So, the long-awaited and important moment in your life: you have decided to say goodbye to virginity and become a real woman. Despite the joyful anticipation, anxiety compresses your breasts: it is the first time? Numerous stories girlfriends completely confuse you: someone talks about heavenly bliss, and someone remembers with horror the first night of love. How to prepare for the first sex in order not to regret any single second of this magical process?

Well, first of all, do not listen to all of her friends and acquaintances - a strange experience you are unlikely to be useful. Rather, you are intimidated with stories of pain and blood, instead of reverent expectation happy moment you will feel fear and stiffness. Can not believe it, but the pain - not a prerequisite defloration, many girls become women without experiencing any discomfort droplets. How do they do it? Of course, here everything is very individual, but yet a lot depends on the girl, and the degree of experience of its partner.

Foreign sexologists even revealed a portrait of the man best suited for such a responsible matter as partner deprivation of virginity. So it must be a man of 30 years, is quite sophisticated in matters of sexual relations. In bed he likes to take care first of all about the state of the partner, and only then think about yourself. His sexy psycho referred to as "man-father" who tenderly and lovingly refers to his girlfriend.

If the guy who will be your first man, though somewhat resembles this ideal "defloratora" - perfectly. But if not, you're madly in love with his classmate or neighbor on the porch - do not worry. What matters is that he treats you as tenderly and gently and responsibly reacted to the first act of love with you. After all, if during the first sex you will not think about the fear and pain, and the love of his handpicked successor, and the discomfort does not appear.

How to prepare for the first sex life

From how to pass your first sexual experience, largely depends on your attitude towards further intimacy. Long gone are the days when it was thought that a woman should not get pleasure in bed. A couple hundred years ago, the most usual advice for English mother-daughter of the bride before the wedding night was: "Close your eyes and think of England." It was believed that a decent girl should be given to the partner dutifully and unemotional, everything else - the fate of the fallen women. Thank God, now the attitude toward the role of women in the process of intimacy changed dramatically. And on the first night of love your man has to do everything possible for you to experience sexual pleasure.

So, how to properly prepare for his first sex in order not to experience the frustration of intimacy? What is important in your situation?

  1. Complete relaxation

    Relax you need not only to remove the emotional tension, although this is important. If you stiffness and scared, then during intercourse your intimate muscles will be greatly strained, making it difficult to include members of the vagina. This means that in such a situation, you really will experience quite uncomfortable feelings. In order to completely relax, drop the constraint, the thought of the pain and the responsibility of the moment. It is better to think about the feelings of his handpicked successor, and that this is the happiest moment in your life.

    To select the first sex familiar, relaxing atmosphere. Let plays slow music, burning candles. In short, try to create the most romantic setting in what could. After all, this is your first sex, which you will remember for the rest of life.

  2. No alcohol

    Many boys and girls believe that alcohol helps to further relax and dull the sense of pain possible. In fact it is not so. Drink before the first sex is better not to drink neither you nor your partner. Why is that? Let me explain. Most people believe that the spirits - the best and most available aphrodisiacs that contribute to sexual arousal and getting more pleasure in bed. Maybe some truth in that statement is, but if alcohol is taken in very small doses, and certainly not at first sex life. For example, beer contains hormones which reduce the intake of testosterone, and hence reduce the sexual desire partner.

    Gin and tonic due to its properties lead to the rapid human intoxication causes some aggression, which should have no place in the first sex. Your partner must be very patient, gentle and affectionate, and a desire to rip your clothes and "get down to business as soon as possible" here is absolutely unacceptable. Champagne and wine contain substances that can cause weakness and dyspnea even. Is this state of your dream in his first night of love? In some people, strong drinks act as a catalyst, repeatedly reinforcing the sensation of pain. Drink alcohol or not - to solve each pair independently. But do not you want your first sexual experience to spend on a completely sober, remember every exciting moment of intimacy?

  3. First - Prelude

    Do not hurry. We can not allow a man to try to get into you so long until you're quite excited. Foreplay before sex - it's not just extra fun for the partners, but also the opportunity to relax and get ready for the main act. Your body has many erogenous zones stimulation that will bring you great pleasure. Your lips, neck, breasts, clitoris - all waiting for loving caresses, gentle partner. To learn how to bring the girl to multiple orgasms without penetrating into her term, entire treatises written erotic literature. And if your partner is not enough skilled in the art to give a woman pleasure, it is well prepared theoretically.

A virgin vagina is very little natural lubrication, but it certainly will if you will experience the pleasure of fondling a man. Also, do not be ashamed to use special water-based lubricants - they are more sparing in the microflora of the female vagina and are ideal for a first sexual experience. Do not hesitate to invite the young man to take advantage of additional lubrication - it will help you to minimize possible discomfort during sex.

 How to prepare for sex

In what positions are best to lose virginity?

In the world there are a myriad of poses for sex, most of which you will have time to try, but it will be later - when you join the ranks of the women's long enjoying sex life. The first experience to get better in the prone position. In principle, ideal for defloration - it 2 pose in which you feel most comfortable.

  • The first pose. You lie on your back across the bed so that your knees hanging from the edge. Man stands between your legs and rests his hands on the bed on either side of your body. In this position the angle at which the member enters the vagina, the most comfortable for the woman.
  • The second pose. Girl lying on her back, buttocks tucked under a small pillow (roll of towels, blankets - if only you feel comfortable). The legs bend at the knees, she and most strongly pressed them to his chest. Through these actions the hymen strains that facilitates the process of defloration (her break).

If you are properly prepared for the first sex, the pain will not at all, or will be, but very little. However, in some women the hymen is so tight and dense that break it right the first time - hence cause sharp, intense pain. In such cases it is better not to hurry and move the process of defloration next time, as long as you can gently stretch the hymen. It did not happen this time - do not worry, try the next day. If tight hymen aggressively expands its partner, taking breaks only for a few hours, the girl will fear and uncertainty that does not contribute to a successful outcome of the case. It is better to move his attempt the next day, and then once again - in this case the final break occurs much less painful for you.

Should there be blood after sexual intercourse?

You scared the stories that after the first sex is sure to blood? Do not worry. Firstly, the blood is very little - only a few drops. Second, about 10% of the girls after the first sexual experience no blood at all. Or is that some blood is allocated after the second or third act of love. Public opinion imposes the idea that the lack of blood after the first sex means that she is not innocent, but this is not so.

Some African nations are still not aware of the concept as "hymen" and no blood after the wedding night they do not happen. Just the girls this nation from infancy tempted so deeply and thoroughly that by the age of maturity thin film is completely erased. Many ancient peoples believed that the blood of virgins brings evil and misfortune, so in order not to bring evil upon the house of the newlyweds, the difficult fate of the bride's deflowering entrusted to someone stranger. Now, however, the presence of blood after the first sex somehow attach paramount importance: a man eager to see proof of innocence, the girl scared to death that the blood would not be at all.

Nowadays, many men believe that the blood - a mandatory feature of any girl's innocence, although the barrier at the entrance to the vagina would have to convince them that the partner is a virgin. In any case, the relationship between man and woman must be built on trust, and then there will be no suspicion on the part of the partner and experience on the part of the girl.

Whether it is necessary to protect themselves during the first intercourse?

The chances of getting pregnant in the first unprotected intercourse, even if interrupted - not less than 25%. Modern teenagers do not wish to burden themselves with protected because they believe that it is not so often have sex, to use condoms. However, according to statistics 200 thousand young girls, but the onset of sexual life, become pregnant within the first month, and 500 thousand - within six months of sexual relations. Are you willing to risk your future and so unplanned become a young mother?

In addition, there is always the risk of getting a sexually transmitted disease. Particularly it hurts when she becomes infected during the very first sexual experience. Partner may not be aware that his or her body is infected, but the flora of your vagina, are not familiar with the charms of "adult life" easily "catch" a nasty disease. Therefore it is better perestrahuytes and use protective equipment. Believe me, sex with condoms or other means (special ointment, cream) can be very romantic and enjoyable.

 how to prepare for the first sexy girl

The best age for losing virginity

We're not going to talk about morality, although more recently it was unthinkable shame to lose her virginity before marriage. Times have changed, and changed customs. Now, few people are surprised when a girl loses virginity at 15, 14 years, and even earlier - after the arrival of the first period. Each woman decides for itself the question of when it's time to give up her virginity, but doctors in one voice say: the best age for this - 18-19 years. Why is that? Consider the following facts:

  • In adolescent girls is not seen their own grease and lubricants of the existence of their partners, peers often do not suspect. Hence - the pain, the discomfort, the terrible memories of the moment of loss of virginity. We have already said that the sensations derived from the first sexual experience, largely determine the ratio of women to further intimacy. And if the first time was painful and disgusting, then it is possible that this girl will never know the real joy of lovemaking.
  • Nature is conceived so that the sexy girl disclosed over the years. You can lose your virginity at age 13, but it is impossible at this age to experience the whole gamut of feelings, which is capable of your body. At such a young age to sex are treated as proof of growing up, and they are engaged in "for fun." A girl from a young age teaches herself to simulate stormy orgasms to prove their sensitivity and sexuality. But there is a real danger that such behavior will be delayed for a long time, if not forever. Because, as an adult, she was used to such behaviors, and can not completely relax during sex.
  • This was discussed above, but it is worth mentioning again. Teens rarely bother means of protection during sex, and one of the main reasons - lack of good feeling with a condom. Probably, the responsibility and the ability to think not only about themselves but also about the future partner, comes only with age. From horror stories of young girls in hospitals or offices Venereology.

Every woman remembers the day when she lost her virginity. Someone thinks about it with an easy smile and a sense of gratitude to the first man, and someone - with a shudder and hostility. So, what memories will you - depends on how well you and your partner get ready for this moment. Be gentle and patient with each other, and then you easy and pleasant to enter the adult life when sex brings only joy and pleasure.

 How to prepare for the first sex

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