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It is believed that every normal woman during sex experience vaginal orgasm. The incredible sensations during orgasm written many books, erotic films constantly flashing scene in which the heroine's experiencing a real euphoria of sexual release. Unfortunately, in real life, not every one of us is able to get the most orgasms. Some stalls boldly states that she did not get to experience this pleasure, and someone is satisfied simulating orgasms seem to death for fear of non-sexual partner. But those and others at heart a glimmer of hope that someday there will come a lucky moment, and they will experience the hitherto unknown sensations. How to experience a real vaginal orgasm and feel like a real woman?

Are you able to experience vaginal orgasm?

According to statistics, as many as 10% of women are not able to experience vaginal orgasm for reasons related to health, and 30% can not do it with your sexual partner. In the light of the full of women who are quite happy with that obtained from the pleasant intimacy and lack of orgasms crazy not bother them at all. But if you feel frustration and despair of the most genuine of the fact that he had never experienced a vaginal orgasm, you should take him seriously.

First, drop the thought of her frigidity or worthlessness. Check whether you are able to experience vaginal orgasm, it is very simple. Any competent sexologist will tell you that a woman is able to experience clitoral orgasm, and can get a vaginal orgasm. Therefore, if for some incredible reason you have never masturbated, it's worth a try. Masturbation - is not just a nice and easy way of self-satisfaction, but also a great opportunity to get to know the reaction of your own body.

It is believed that the experience clitoral orgasm can any woman, unless exceptions are that women with certain abnormalities in the physiological structure of the body. Even in some African countries where girls are still circumcised clitoris, women learned how to get an orgasm psevdoklitoralny - by stimulating scars on the spot removal of the clitoris. So you put all the more delightful to receive an orgasm from stimulation of magic points, and prepare yourself for an entirely different kind of orgasm - vaginal.

 how to experience vaginal orgasm

Let's face

Most women who do not receive a vaginal orgasm during intimacy, do not dare to say it to his partner. If only a few decades ago, among the male population it was somehow not customary to think of the pleasure a woman gets in bed, but now the situation has changed radically. The partner that receives bright, multiple vaginal orgasms, became an indicator of sexuality and masculinity of men. Therefore, fear of disappointing the partner and show him boring and non-sexual in bed causes women to practice simulating orgasms.

Rather than openly admit men for their problems, women perfected his acting skills, trying to portray the colorful and languidly peak of sexual pleasure. Some of the men did not realize about the treachery of their partners, and some not so easy to carry out. You can bend as much as necessary, to shake and scream in ecstasy, but the reduction of the vaginal muscles, and heart palpitations, so characteristic of this climax, simulate not so easy.

And then, consider this: your man is 100% sure that your sex life everything is in order, because you are so authentically portray orgasms! What does it change something and try, if you are so happy? But if you give him hint that something in the intimacy you are not satisfied, it will give him a reason to take a fresh look at the process and try to change something. There is a good joke, which fully reflects the decision with simulated orgasms: "Girls, enough to pamper men and fake orgasms. Let try! "

If you are afraid to honestly say that never in my life did not experience orgasm (by the way, for some men it can be a real challenge!), You can tell your partner that you would like to try something new in bed - as long as it will be enough. Any man would be delighted always the suggestion to experiment in sex, and in the course of these experiments, you will easily be able to achieve this long-sought goal - to experience vaginal orgasm.

Learn to relax

You will never experience this vaginal orgasm, if you do not learn to completely relax during sex. Orgasm does not depend on the muscles and body movement, he - in your head! If during the next to you into my head all sorts of extraneous thoughts, then get the coveted discharge, alas, did not happen. Do not worry about what it looks like your naked body and seen whether the extra tummy fold: Men expect you looseness and passion, and not the "cine" perfect shape. Forget about the problems, children, parents - just be yourself and enjoy moments of intimacy. You have to learn to get pleasure from sex, disabling their intelligence to 100%.

Start sex with foreplay - it will help you relax and additionally excited. Due to stimulation in your vagina will be a natural lubricant that will make the process of intimacy more enjoyable and comfortable for both of you. You can experience some clitoral orgasm before moving on to vaginal sex - this will allow you to prepare to receive the same long-awaited vaginal orgasm.

Also try not to focus on the process and not to dwell on thoughts about orgasm. If every time having sex, you are painfully worry about is whether to reach orgasm, it is unlikely that you have something to work. And of course, do not despair and blame themselves for failure: not work out this time - will turn into another. Instead of painful to think about during sex, cause and effect, included in the process - using the hands, lips, and all his body in order to help you build a partner at the peak of pleasure.

 vaginal orgasm as an experience it


I'm sure many of you have heard the magic word "vumbildingom." If not, now briefly explain what this beast. It is known that men like it when the vaginal muscles tightly grasping member - it gives them great pleasure. Girls and women are involved in sports, good train different muscle groups, and they may not need our advice - and so everything works well. However, even the most trained ladies may come a time when the muscles weaken intimate place - after giving birth, illness, sudden weight loss, etc. Therefore, a good idea to learn by experience how well your muscles.

Make it easy. Wash your hands thoroughly and lubricate them with a lubricant or a conventional oil. Insert two fingers into the vagina and spread them apart. If effort alone vaginal muscles you will be able to bring your fingers together, you - in perfect shape (although the improvement did not harm anyone else). If not, then it's time to do them and begin to exercise. The fact that these exercises are needed not only in order to bestow their man unearthly bliss. Elasticity vaginal muscles will help you learn how to experience vivid, powerful orgasms.

Details about the technique vumbildinga came to us from China. It is known that any self-respecting Chinese concubine could deliver to his master the following fun: grab neeregirovanny member of the vagina and to bring a man to orgasm without any movements, alone vaginal muscles! Surely they themselves received incredible pleasure from these games, and it's all thanks to continued employment and training. We do not promise that you will quickly reach this skill (although who knows?), But some of the exercises will tell us more.

  • Muscles that we train, called pubococcygeal (hereinafter - the PC muscle). The easiest way to start learning - is to try to interrupt urination. Squeeze the PC muscle during the "wet process" if the work - you have all the chances to achieve good results. Repeat these interrupt a couple of times for each urination.
  • For the next exercise, we need 3 jade eggs of different sizes. They can be purchased in a sex shop, and various esoteric shops (attention, do not confuse the real jade stone jade, the latter harms the vaginal mucosa!). Before using, make sure that the eggs are clean and warm - they should be close to body temperature.
  1. The first stage is enough to place a jade egg into the vagina and walk with him. You should begin with the smallest size, gradually moving to the middle and largest.
  2. Once you start to feel comfortable with the subject inside your womb, you can begin to move the egg. To do this, lie on your back, bend your legs at the knees and make emphasis on the feet. Now, as much as possible tighten the PC muscle and try to move the egg up, and then sit back and lower it down. Repeat 5-6 times.
  3. Try to repeat the same exercise, only standing. Sit down and slowly enter the jade egg. Vypryamtes, bend your knees and make emphasis on the feet. In this position, move the egg up and down. Then straighten your knees and place your feet shoulder-width apart. Repeat the exercise.
  4. Using the previous posture, use just 2 eggs. Learn how to move them in different directions.
  5. The following exercise with egg - shot. Try to force to push the egg out of the vagina - to make the "shot". Do this exercise in different poses.
  6. Once you have mastered the previous technique, you can complicate the task. In a medium-sized egg has a special ring to which you can attach a thread. Hang this thread load - for example, a plastic bottle with water. For a start will be enough 150-200 grams of water. Try to squeeze the PC muscle and lift a bottle in a standing position. Take a walk with a bottle, try to shake it. Gradually add water (but no more than 1, 5 liters!). These exercises can be done not more than 2 times a week.
  • Another useful exercise - "a beautiful fountain." Usually men are delighted, seeing his performance skilful woman. Climb to the bathroom or other large container of water. On a good breath, try to get water into the vagina before the end of the intimate muscles relaxed. After this, squeeze the muscles, lift the pelvis of the water and push the water. Received a "wonderful fountain!"

With these exercises you will rather quickly not only pass for the best lover in the world, but also they learn to experience the great feeling during sex. One caveat: this training is contraindicated in women with inflammatory diseases of the genital organs.

 vaginal orgasm how to test it properly

A few good advice

  • The physiological structure of each woman individually, but because you and only you can decide what the best position to have sex. Someone experiencing violent vaginal orgasms just a pose rider, someone - in the "side". Through trial and error you will surely find for themselves the best posture to help you get a crazy feeling of sex.
  • As we remember, in order to get a good vaginal orgasm, you need to relax. And this sex a better deal in a relaxed, familiar atmosphere. If you believe that until now had never experienced an orgasm, then, deciding to have sex on the roof of a house or a public beach, is unlikely to experience pleasure. The idea that all this time you stare curious onlookers does not help you to relax and to experience first orgasm of life.
  • To orgasms become a permanent part of your life, sex should be a regular. If you have too long breaks between acts, the body "forgets" about the desired reaction, and achieve the desired result becomes more difficult.
  • Chances of getting regular orgasms increase if you have sex with a regular partner. Orgasm - it is in my head, remember? A lapping with a new man takes a lot of time, so it is often women, just starting a relationship with a partner complain about the lack of orgasms. If this situation applies to you, then do not worry, as soon as you set with your man trusts to sex, do it!

Many women feel inferior just because never in my life did not experience vaginal orgasm. Watching movies and read a lot of romance novels, it seems to us that the vaginal orgasm - it is a real madness, with convulsive movements of the body and the most powerful discharge. However, different women vaginal orgasm occurs differently. Someone can fall out of bed and make incontinent, while others experience mild pleasant waves radiating throughout the body. And, worst of all, the latter are not even aware that his entire adult sex life, over and over again to experience orgasm, they just do not look at the footage from the films and stories from books.

Lovely girls and women, a vaginal orgasm - this is not an end in itself, but only a nice addition to the sexual life. And if someone would think to call you to reproach or inadequate sexual woman, simply cross out of this man from a number of persons considered close and confidential. There is a whole list of different orgasms, which is able to test the woman: clitoral, vaginal, anal, ejaculatory, cervical, non-genital ... .and if for some strange reason you have not yet learned how to get one of them - which means that the most interesting and exciting sexual life in front of you!

 Vaginal orgasm: how glorious experience pleasure

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