how to prepare for anal sex


  • How to avoid pain during anal sex
  • Hygiene anal sex
  • Is it possible to enjoy the anal sex

Many girls and women dread the thought of anal sex. Because it is painful, unhygienic, shameful. Perhaps they would have tried this "forbidden fruit," if you knew how to avoid all the hassles associated with it. But friends and acquaintances eyes filled with terror because of the only memories of a personal experience of anal sex, nullify all timid intention to try a new kind of intimacy. Can it be so terrible and there is no way to make the process of anal sex comfortable and pleasant?

You will not believe, but it's actually possible. This is not to say out loud, but many women are happy to engage in anal sex without any negative consequences for themselves. Perhaps, in the circle of your friends have young ladies who get vibrant, long-lasting orgasms just from this type of sexual relationship, but keep their secret in fear of being condemned by public morality. How do they manage to overcome all fears and avoid pain during anal sex? Yes, they just know how to prepare for anal sex, and to overcome all the discomfort.

It just so happened that the rectum is not designed to obtain sexual pleasure, and know it all. But for some strange reason it is anal sex was the dream of thousands of men around the world. They demand that their women consent to this kind of intimacy, not paying attention to all the fears and worries of her friends. But not all women are ready to give their partners on this issue, because the concern for their own health - physical and emotional - is greater than the desire to please a man in bed. How to properly prepare for anal sex to avoid unpleasant consequences?

How to avoid pain during anal sex

"Anal sex - it is very painful," - perhaps that's what you say every girl, you dare you talk to her about anal sex. Indeed, if we begin to anal without any prior training, the pain can not be avoided. Moreover, it can hurt and the sphincter, and the inner surface of the rectum, which is not only unpleasant, but also dangerous to health. But the fact that we can not begin to anal sex without prior preparation.

Maybe your man has seen enough movies "for adults", where young beauties anal embarking upon request of their partners without any foreplay, but believe me, these films are lying. Before each shot the girl-actress massage sphincter, preparing for the trial. And if your man is not willing to spend time and energy on something to properly prepare you for this kind of sex, it is not necessary to agree with him on this experiment. Note: if during anal sex woman is very sick, it means that something is wrong!

To avoid the pain, you can not just pick up and start to anal sex. Especially if you do it the first time. In the first phase of training your partner has to give you unexpected sensations, just massaging and caressing your sphincter. There are many erogenous points stimulation of which will give you great pleasure. Once you get used to the new tender and learn to enjoy them, the partner can go to the next step - to get into your ass with one finger. This should be done carefully and cautiously at first your requirement, he must immediately remove his hand. Your goal - to overcome the embarrassment and begin to experience the pleasure of stimulation of the sphincter, his goal - to get you to relax and overcome their fears.

As soon as you will not experience discomfort from the caresses of your anus with one finger, the man can enter the second round, then - the third. This should stop, since three fingers - it is enough to properly prepare your anus for painless entry of the male member. Note that this whole process could take days, weeks or even months! Nobody has the right to force you to go through the preparation of one hour in order to begin immediately to translate the dream of male anal. You and only you can decide when your body is ready to accept the male organ in a forbidden place, the man also has to be patient and kind.

 how to prepare for anal sex

Hygiene anal sex

If the thought of where it is injected male sexual organ during anal sex, many women wrinkle their noses in disgust. And there is nothing surprising in this: after all, we all know what it should be in the rectum. But the trick is, what specifically to the rectum male member, as a rule, does not reach. And it's not in the size of manhood - just a few people know about the physiological structure of this part of our body.

So let's look at how we all arranged in this mysterious place. We all know what a sphincter - a ring of the anus, which is outside of our body. And it's called "external sphincter", simply because there is also internal. The length of the internal sphincter is about 12-15sm, its purpose - to compress the output before the rectum to avoid involuntary fecal output. And in this place is a member during anal sex, but not in the rectum. Therefore, the chances of a man to get dirty, and you - the minimum. Especially if you take care of to go to the bathroom for a couple of hours before the alleged events.

You can make a cleansing enema before anal sex, but do it too often is not recommended. You easily injure your sphincter hard core of the enema, but in addition will break the natural microflora in the body. And it does you no good. Another thing, if you belong to the category of ladies who have muscle internal sphincter of the nature of an illness or due to the weak. Such women are quite difficult to keep the contents of the colon, at first desire they rush to the toilet to avoid trouble. If you belong to this category of women, anal sex to you, most likely, is contraindicated. There is a chance that you will stretch already weak sphincter muscles, and all the horror stories that after the anal sex, a woman can not hold feces, become a reality.

 how to prepare correctly for anal sex

Is it possible to enjoy the anal sex

In preparation for the first ever anal sex, the girls are wondering: Is it possible to get pleasure from the process? The fact that men enjoy anal sex with a woman - this is understandable. Login sphincter tightly covers the male member, thereby bringing great pleasure to the partner. And the moral aspect of men do not seriously exciting. How invade "holy of holies" in the forbidden place! Well, what do women receive from the anal caresses?

According to scientists, a woman can not experience orgasm during anal sex for one simple reason: in the sphincter no one erogenous zone, stimulation of which leads to a pleasant feeling. But what about gay men, you ask? If an orgasm during anal sex was not possible, the male homosexual couples would not exist at all! The fact that the guy is completely different physiology. They experience multiple orgasms from anal sex because during the process there is stimulation of the prostate. And for women, as we know, nothing like that in the physiology there.

However, scientists are willing to bet hundreds of thousands of women who claim that they get an incredible, bright orgasms during anal sex. Perhaps the whole thing here in the physiological structure of the personality, and perhaps tempted give moral and ethical side of the question (why not feel a dissolute and accessible?). However, the fact is that many women welcomed anal sex and gets great pleasure from it.

Each woman getting ready for her first anal sex, laughing experiencing anxiety. What if it is painful, messy and nasty? However, there is one little secret that will help you overcome your fears and get quite successful experience of the first anal sex in their lives. The secret of this - to trust your partner. If a man really loves and appreciates you, it will never allow you to suffer because of his sexual whims. He will do so, and you've got a great pleasure from anal sex and were not afraid to continue. And if such is your man, then otrinte doubt and try to enjoy the new and unusual views of pleasure in bed.

 How to prepare for anal sex and avoid discomfort

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 learning how to get an orgasm


  • What is an orgasm
  • Why men do nothing?
  • The main secret of vaginal orgasm
  • What else are orgasms

Many women complain that they do not know how to learn to have an orgasm. They enviously listening to the stories the more fortunate friends about exciting orgasms during sex, while they themselves can get a light pleasant feeling during intimacy. What is this injustice, the ability to feel really strong shock during sex, is available only to the chosen lucky? Maybe the talent to get an orgasm is transmitted genetically, or it can be learned?

What is an orgasm

First of all, let's understand what is this "beast" is - an orgasm. Any orgasm (and there are many kinds of them) - a purely physiological phenomenon, but it takes its beginning in the head, I mean, a woman's brain. Here, everything is important - a sense of your partner, trust, willingness to relax and have fun. More often than not accompanied by an orgasm muscle spasm of the vagina and uterus, or other parts of the pelvis. Moreover, the more developed muscles a woman (especially in the right place), the more severe cramps (and hence orgasm) she feels. It pleases her pleases and partner, as during the female orgasm is experiencing moral and physical satisfaction. It is believed that vaginal orgasm makes the female curved arc, eyes rolling and publish inarticulate sounds, some even falling out of bed or commit involuntary urination (rare, I must say!)

Unfortunately, few women can boast of a similar experience euphoria during sex - often they just feel sweet, pleasant, but without any "bang" at the end. And the idea that the inability to get a vaginal orgasm puts them on a par with frigid loser, does not give them rest. How is it - it's so beautiful, seductive and sexy, and suddenly - such incident! Numerous publications and TV programs with leading sexologists in one voice repeating: vaginal orgasm is accessible to all, and only lazy can not learn how to feel. And if you have 10-20 years of marriage, but have no idea how to reach the coveted discharge with wild shouts and involuntary spasm, what do you do?

I must say that all of the above physical manifestations of orgasm is quite conventional. Just like during a snowfall is not identical snowflakes, and is not identical orgasms in women. Someone is really manifested vividly and rapidly - even in the erotic movie shows and someone - quiet and smooth, a light, pleasant waves throughout the body. And if the latter painfully affected by the fact that the manifestation of their feelings is not spectacular, which means that orgasms are not considered, then it makes a great mistake. So you can live to old age, experiencing 5-6 orgasms per sexual act, continuing to be a "frigid"!

The famous Sigmund Freud believed that clitoral orgasm may experience any, even the young immature girl. But at present only able to vaginal, knowing your body a woman. All other "losers", he says, simply asexual, and no matter what will not do. Modern sexologists and psychologists boldly reject these statements, because, in their opinion, any woman capable of a clitoral orgasm, can test and vaginal. This means that the chance of proslavennoe pleasure to have virtually each of us! "Almost" - that's because there are women who suffer from serious psychological or physiological problems, they really need a lot of work for the desired goal. All the other roads open to pleasure - just to get the necessary knowledge and the desire to receive the same vaginal orgasm!

 how to learn to have an orgasm

Why men do nothing?

Most of the women in the absence of their orgasms just blame men. And in truth this really is. Some husbands do not disquiet by their wives get any pleasure in bed: did the trick, turned to the wall and began to snore. A woman lies in tears and wondering why this happiness again "passed by." If the whole point of callousness and neprobivaemosti partner - is easily remedied.

Most likely, you are taught him to such behavior, accustomed to be content with little. Once you begin to demand "their" and forced her husband to care about his feelings - and moral, and physical - it will begin to move forward. Perhaps the root cause of this behavior husband in bed covered in something else - in the family can be full of unresolved problems that could interfere with sexual life as well. Think, talk with her husband, try to correct the situation - it will help not only in sex, but also in family life in general. But more often the cause of "nestaratelnosti" male lies entirely different.

I agree that some of us for too long and successfully imitate orgasm. Holders of all sorts of "Oscar" and "Golden Globe" tearing their hair out to vexation, they knew that the usual unsatisfied women can outdo them in acting. Languor in the eyes, soft moans, groans, jerky movements of the entire body - such professionalism in the field of make-believe actors can only envy! Never mind that during the simulation time to the girl to the smallest detail to consider the details of the repair and the guest list for the coming holiday - the main thing, the husband is sure that it is - the most sexy, passionate, sensual woman in his life!

Only if the goal is reached? My husband, seeing your efforts are very pleased with himself and feels like a real macho, able to bring to mind his girlfriend in bed. The next time he may even give yourself some "relief" - not to spread the same every time the full ?! And you and will continue to hone their acting skills rather than learn to experience vaginal orgasms are real. First of all, a man must know that he is doing something wrong and try to change their behavior in bed. If you trust your partner, then why not try something new in sex - other weasels, poses the game. Perhaps you are missing some small to get my first vaginal orgasm!

The main secret of vaginal orgasm

If you think that the secret of vaginal orgasm is hidden behind seven seals the secrets - you are mistaken. In fact, all brilliant - easy! The main thing you need to do to have an orgasm - learn to relax during sex. Get out all extraneous thoughts and words out of bed, turn off your brain completely. No exercise vaginal muscles, reading Kama Sutra and the erotic fantasies will not help you to experience vaginal orgasm, if the head is occupied by thoughts. Any.

If you during sex, watch out, and when that moment comes, and scroll in his head: "Well, that's it, now needs .." "Oh, again did not work, but why? "" Damn, again this cat shat ... ", then a chance of getting an orgasm is reduced to zero. Do not think about anything, just enjoy sex and listen to the sensations of the body - this is total relaxation in bed. Learn to enjoy the process of intimacy, and do not bother no orgasm.

Another simple way to relax - experience clitoral orgasm during foreplay to sex. You will be soft, moist, languid and all extraneous thoughts themselves will disappear in an unknown direction. You will be prepared for the fact that quietly surrender to the power of pleasant feelings during vaginal intercourse, and experience orgasm still awaited. The main thing - not to think about it and do not wait for a miracle, then it is sure to come.

 learning how to get a vaginal orgasm

What else are orgasms

Most of us believe that a woman can only receive 2 types of orgasm - vaginal and clitoral. However, picky scientists sexologists brought several types of orgasm that a woman can experience. Here's a quick list:

  • Cervical orgasm

    To achieve this orgasm is not so simple, because it happens as a result of massaging the head of a member of the cervix partner. First, you need to have a partner with sufficient long term, and secondly, very few people from the women's accumulation of sensitive points located precisely on the cervix. However, lucky, able to receive such orgasms, say that their feelings are unforgettable.

  • Ejaculatory orgasm

    Despite the tricky name, it's simple. Everyone remembers what ejaculation? This is the output of semen in men during orgasm. It turns out that not only are able to ejaculate men but also women. There is a small percentage of fine ladies whose physiology allows to produce during orgasm a small amount of the liquid substance. Moreover, to the normal lubrication it has nothing to do. Scientists still have not decided where fluid flows: from the urethra or vagina.

    However, from ejaculates women out of about 5-8 teaspoons of the liquid itself. Once the orgasm is called "squirt" - from the English "spray", and he becomes more popular day by day. You can achieve this orgasm during stimulation point g (if any find), while sensations are promised extraordinary: the darkness in his eyes, cut off from the world, unearthly bliss. But not every girl or woman is given to experience this joy, because the presence of the notorious point g - the phenomenon of whom not proven, and it is possible to find a few.

  • Non-genital orgasm

    Unfortunately, this happiness is available to very few women - to experience the most powerful orgasm without touching the genitals. Imagine, there are women who can reach the peak of sensation alone stroking his chest, passionate kiss on the lips and caressing whisper in your ear. Such a woman may experience a single sexual intercourse orgasms as much as the fingers on your hand. Or two hands.

  • Anal orgasm

    Here opinions bifurcate: doctors believe that anal orgasm is not possible simply because the rectum of women does not have any erogenous zones. They are on the sphincter, yes, but inside - unfortunately, have not been found. However, numerous women's stories about the downright crazy anal orgasm refute all reasonable arguments scientists. Maybe get an orgasm from anal sex is indeed real, and maybe girls "PR" own sexuality, trying to please your partner.

If you have never experienced a vaginal orgasm, it is not too late to learn how to do it. There are no age limits (excluding early youth, of course) to explore the possibilities of his body. Do not get vaginal - try another benefit, there is plenty to choose from. Many women have learned to receive this joy than you worse? As soon as you push yourself to relax and fully trust your partner, the long-awaited orgasm is bound to come, and you will join the ranks of happy women receiving a complete pleasure in bed.

 How to learn to orgasm: all brilliant - easy!

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