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  • Why do some women can not get an orgasm
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Not every woman can get a vaginal orgasm. In this respect, men much more fortunate than us - their physiology makes it easy to reach the top of enjoyment with every act of sexual intercourse. A few decades ago, no one gave much importance to the fact that many women do not experience violent, vivid orgasms during sex. Like, our share - give birth to children, and even enjoyable for us the process of intimacy or not - is not so important.

With the arrival in our country all the sexual revolution has changed significantly. Erotic, ladies' novels with sex scenes, programs about sex on radio and television have made the business: our women suddenly realized that with them "something wrong." In the movie, the girls experience the stunning beauty of orgasms for some 5 minutes of sex, but in reality, ordinary women can not achieve the desired climax, and for a much longer time. Moreover, if the orgasm happens, they do not resemble those explosive, emotional distress that "feel" of the heroine films. And while most of us understand that the real orgasms little reminiscent of the "cinematic" concern does not become smaller. Because too many of us do not experience sexual discharges at all. Why do some women can not reach orgasm and can you learn it?

Actually orgasm can reach absolutely any woman, if you contribute to the circumstances. And the most important of them - is the presence of a loving, patient man nearby. If the partner is a gentle, caring and skilled enough in a sexual relationship, he will do everything to reach his lady very bright orgasm. And when a woman is valued and loved it just blooms and sexually - including. Of course, today there are ladies who prefer short-term sexual relationships with different partners. However, they are not so much compared to those who wait on the men of real feelings and relationships. Moreover, deep down, these ladies are not as happy as it is trying to show others.

Why do some women can not get an orgasm

Women's psychology is very different from men's. If you guys have sex purely for physical sensations, women often seek intimacy in love, tenderness and affection. Girls are enough to feel masculine touch and feel desired, loved, about orgasms, many do not even think. And absolutely nothing!

Love is love, and the benefit of sexual gratification for the female organism has not been canceled. If a woman has long had an orgasm, then it is a stagnation of blood in the pelvic organs, which entails a lot of unpleasant consequences. Here and gynecological diseases, and problems of the cardiovascular system. Yes, and the mental state of unsatisfied women is poor. Having one orgasm, a woman can fully take off the accumulated stress, improve health and gain new strength.

But why do many of us did not manage to get an orgasm in bed? Often the blame is inexperienced partner. Or his unwillingness to make sure that the lady had time to enjoy. However, if a man is all right and he strives to bring you maximum enjoyment, it is due to lack of orgasm quite different reasons.

Unfortunately, most women in bed ... prevent extraneous thoughts and emotions. It is ironic, but most often the orgasms get those ladies who during sex is able to completely turn off your brain from any information. They do not think about the love of a partner, do not remember the family problems and did not plan to gluing the new wallpaper in the bedroom. These women are given the power of animal instinct, and nothing but the bodily sensations, their brain does not take.

Another fairly frequent reason for the lack of sexual discharges in a woman's life - a habit fake orgasms. How many men do not have joked about these women, whatever their denounced - they do not become less. The reason for this behavior is understandable - somehow did not want to admit the beloved is that you do not pull on the title of a sex goddess.

But imitation orgasm causes many problems. First, a man can not guess what you do not meet his caresses. So, he will not try to change something in their tactics to bring you closer to the dream - the production of vaginal orgasm. Secondly, the acting required for the simulation, causes the brain to work completely in the wrong direction. Rather than sit back and enjoy the sex, these women are thoroughly think through the details of the game: no time to scream, how much to bend the back, you scratch the partner's shoulders. All this only postpones the women of this full orgasm.

What do you do, you can really live life and not learn from their own experience what an orgasm? In fact, learn to get a good discharge during sex can be just need to do some work. In order to learn more about the female orgasm and understand the reason for his lack in your life, let us remember how proceeds sexual life of a woman.

 as a woman to have an orgasm

At what age a woman can experience first orgasm

Many young girls are very worried about the fact that never in my life experienced this orgasm. Men expect their girlfriends sverhseksualnosti, now they have to be able not only to cook and raise children, but also to behave in bed like a porn star. Unfortunately, not always possible to impress her man - to say nothing of myself. Achieving orgasm for many of the girls became an end in itself.

Instead of simply to enjoy sex, they are waiting for the moment when the will unearthly bliss. And if this does not happen terribly upset and feel like a failure. However, the positive thing in all this is: any woman can learn if you want to experience the real orgasm. Let not those read about in books (for the most part this is a fantasy), but quite bright and durable.

Studies show that between the beginning of sexual activity and the achievement of the first orgasm takes some time. Young girls are not well aware of their body, they do not manage to achieve a trusting relationship with a partner or embarrassed to ask him about the relevant caresses. Furthermore, the first orgasm in life, usually not a vaginally. According to statistics, about 47% of women reach orgasm first through clitoral stimulation, 32% - during vaginal sex, 20% of the usual caresses and 1% - in a dream. The same statistics show that the earliest age of the women of the first orgasm - 18 years, but in 40 and 50 years old can learn to reach climax during sex.

Age group 20-30 years

Even in such a flourishing age is 20-30 years, women complain that they can not achieve orgasm. They try different poses, learn to contract the muscles, but the result, alas, is the same - no climax during intercourse. Most sexologists believe that if at this age she can not reach orgasm, she should try to engage in self-gratification.

It would seem that talking about masturbation is no surprise, but many women still feel ashamed of this action and believe that it is beneath their dignity. But the reality is that through masturbation, you can find out what the rate of movement, a pressure zone of pleasure should be used to achieve orgasm. And in order to learn how to masturbate, you have to know and love your body.

We should not only feel the body, but also learn to relax during this enjoyable process. You can do it in the bedroom, in the bathroom, in the shower - the main thing that no one distract you, appearing at the most inopportune moment. Masturbates when homes no parents, no husband, no children. After experiencing clitoral orgasm by yourself, you will be able to explain to a partner what kind of affection bring you pleasure.

Of course, not every woman can find the strength to talk openly with a man of such intimate things. But if you love your partner and trust him, you can not be afraid to surprise and condemnation in his eyes. Many women believe that the main reason for their failed sex life - it's impossible to open the discussion with a partner on issues of sexual theme. If the words you choose can not, do not worry, you can cheat a little bit. Just in the process of intimacy quite "accidentally" put his hands in the right place and let them know that you are enthusiastic about the new caresses.

Some women accidentally discovered that can reach incredible orgasms using a vibrator. However, the majority of the fair sex is quite difficult to experience sexual pleasure with the help of an inanimate object, they need contact with the mandatory tender, loving man. In addition, at the thought that you need to go to a sex shop and the seller admit that you need to buy a vibrator, women experience the real horror. For them it's like a declaration of women's insolvency and worthlessness.

If you fall into this category will give, then we hasten to reassure you: now in sex shops sellers consultants work only women who do not think and feel sorry for you or condemn. You can go to a store when there will be no men, and buy products.

Age group over 30 years

Around the age of 30, 40 and 50 years, women are usually easy to achieve orgasm, especially if they have a trust relationship with a sexual partner. But noted that the ability to achieve climax depends on the period of the menstrual cycle. Most often orgasm occurs in the middle of the cycle, but some women are receiving the most acute sexual feelings only at the beginning of the cycle. Generally, the mood changed within a month, and there are days when you do not want to engage in sex. This is perfectly normal and should not worry about it.

However, if for some reason, and for 40 years you have not experienced a single orgasm, or be reduced, it is very difficult, it can and must turn to the sex therapist. And nothing terrible, horrible and shameful about it. Unfortunately, in our country it is not accepted to discuss intimate problems with strangers, even if they do - doctors. But if you're reading this, then you are seriously concerned about the lack of orgasms in their lives and want to change something. So why not get the assistance of a qualified professional who plead your case individually?

If you are brought up in a strict framework, and until recently were convinced that "in the Soviet Union no sex" and it was not necessary to reconsider the views on life. Every woman deserves to enjoy the process of intimacy, so why not start now? No matter what you have grown-up children and her husband have long used "low cost" in bed. The main thing - is to want to change something in your life, this could be the beginning of a new era of your sexual relations.

 Why not a woman has an orgasm

Different types of orgasms

It used to be that the clitoral orgasm - the lot of girls are sexually immature, and that this may experience vaginal orgasm just experienced, knowledgeable woman her body. Modern experts do not think so. Sexologists assure women and girls that clitoral orgasm perfectly replaces the vaginal, and that we should not worry too much if the last to achieve and failed. In the end, much more important to get sexual discharge, and what it will be - clitoral or vaginal - anyone but you, is not concerned.

Most women are able to experience vaginal orgasm coveted only if during intercourse along with vaginal penetration is stimulated clitoris. It is very important that you be relaxed, and loved to "play" in bed. If the distance between the clitoris and the vagina no more than 2-2, 5 cm, the stimulation of the "magic point" can occur by means of male sexual organ. In all other cases, you have plenty of options on how to involve the clitoris during intercourse: his fingers stroking itself or ask your partner to rub them the body of a man, etc.

In addition to vaginal and clitoral orgasms a woman can get a discharge from the stimulation point g. It is on the ribbed surface of the anterior vaginal wall at a distance of 3-4 cm from the entrance. Precise scientific evidence for the existence of this point is still there, a few decades, scientists argue in a row about it. But thousands of women claim that this point exists, and its stimulation can give a memorable, lasting orgasm.

We talked about the vaginal, clitoral orgasm and the pleasure that a woman can get when stimulation point g. However, there are other classification orgasms. I'm sure many have heard of such a miracle, like multiple orgasms. Until recently, many doctors believed that only a small percentage of women able to experience multiple discharges per sexual act. But medical and statistical studies have shown that many women can experience multiple orgasms at once - just one after another.

This occurs most often in couples where the woman's relationship with a regular partner calm and happy, where a man is ready to stimulate the private parts favorite several times for sexual intercourse. It should be noted that the ability to receive multiple orgasms comes with age. What is difficult to be achieved at 20, may become a reality in 40, 50 or even 60 years.

Among other things, we all heard about the simultaneous orgasm, when a man and a woman get a discharge at the same time. It is believed that the walk with a partner to a climax in sex - this is the height of bliss, both physical and moral. Maybe it is, but very few people manage to achieve this. As a rule, the woman has time to get multiple orgasms before discharge get the man. However, if you are excited about the idea to get a simultaneous orgasm, you can try to achieve their goal. If vaginal discharge at a crucial moment does not work, then try to stimulate the clitoris.

A few tips for women

  • Do not forget about the importance of foreplay before sex. The excitement of foreplay can do to your body wonders: you relax, your body will provide lubrication and prepare your body for a comfortable sex.
  • Remember that for the first orgasm in a woman's life often requires stimulation of the clitoris. On the significance of the clitoris can be equated to the male genitalia, so avoid it stimulyatsiivo during sex - is just silly;
  • Do not rush and adjust their emotions, wanting to quickly get an orgasm. Best not to think about it, then a great discharge will surely come;
  • Do not hesitate to ask your man to fondle your favorite erogenous zones. The more you are excited, the better your chances of a vaginal orgasm;
  • During sex, you can take the initiative and propose a partner or poses any games that you plant. The man will be glad of such looseness, and you get the maximum pleasure.

If from the beginning of your sex life several years have passed and you have not experienced a single orgasm - do not worry. The main thing is that you get the pleasure of sex and, therefore, intractable mental or psychological problems you do not. It is necessary to work a little on himself and on the relationship with a man, like a dream come true about orgasm. And then you finally taste the joys of sexual life in full.

 How does a woman have an orgasm at any age

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