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The theme of anal sex is becoming more popular by the day. If until recently the desire to do a man with his woman anal perversion of thought and whim, but now many women want in whatever was to try the forbidden fruit. The main reason for the consent of the partner to anal sex was and still is the desire to please the partner, but someone decided on such a move, hoping to get great feeling in bed. After all, if someone from the women's pleasure this kind of intimacy, it is possible that he will like you.

Nevertheless, the issue of the admissibility of anal sex, women were divided into two camps. Some argue that it's painful and unhygienic, the man leaning girl for anal - and selfish monster. Say, would try myself in this place something inserted, I suppose, would have understood, as disgusting and horrible. By the way, many ladies are exactly that argument, trying to resist the demands of partners too pushy about anal. Like, I do not mind to get you is a pleasure, but first let's try it on you. Other women say that anal sex does not entail any unpleasant consequences, it is only necessary to know how to engage in anal sex. Then will all happy - and the lady, and the partner.

Which specifically to join the camp, whether the right to defend the existence of anal sex or not - you decide. We tell you what rules should be followed to this kind of intimacy does not come to you with pain and frustration. After all, if you engage in anal sex while experiencing discomfort, something goes wrong. It is possible that after reading this article, you will no longer be afraid of this kind of sexual relations, because everything is possible in bed - unless both partners are consciously and voluntarily want to experience a new kind of intimacy.

Who can engage in anal sex

Oddly enough, but our conversation we start not with technology anal sex or descriptions of tricks to avoid pain and discomfort during sex. Let's talk about with whom you can engage in anal sex, and with whom it is impossible. If you do not belong to the category of women that are sex lightly, do not worry about their reputation and change partners at the speed of light, you should be very selective in choosing a partner for anal caresses. We all understand that men require their women anal sex not only because there is a narrow and pleasant. The main pleasure for the guy in the process is the awareness of superiority, the joy of complete subordination of women.

If you have a trusting, intimate relationship with a partner, if you have a long time together and are not afraid of his mental conviction, you do not try to prevent this kind of intimate relationship. The more that 90% of success in this business depends on how it relates to you a man, whether he is prepared to be patient and gentle partner. If you meet a man for a short time and already 2-3 intimate date it requires you to anal sex, it is best to refrain from consent. Since there is a strong likelihood that instead of pride and gratitude for this "gift" your man will relish the "humiliation" - a fictional or real. And the chances that he will continue with you a serious relationship, are close to zero.

In order not to be in such an unpleasant situation when, after the consent to anal sex man suddenly stopped to seek your attention, better decide for yourself in advance: it is to decide on the anal or not. Otherwise, bad experience make you once and for all stop trying to enjoy this new, exciting type of intimacy.

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Why is anal sex is so popular

It is believed that people engaged in anal sex at all times. In many countries of the eastern continent this kind of intimacy in their popularity and did exceed the normal, vaginal sex. The reason is quite simple: women who are afraid to lose their virginity before marriage, are content with regular anal intercourse, while maintaining the integrity of the hymen in the vagina. Obviously, aspects of purity and innocence are not taken into account. But in European countries, where women no longer care about the observance of innocence before the wedding, anal sex is gaining popularity.

Men constantly require their women consent to anal sex, because it promotes the most of the media, and even the prevalence of pornography in our day and say nothing. Some guys want to try anal sex out of curiosity, and some - for the sake of a more acute physical sensations. It is known that for vaginal sex rush of pleasure a man gets at the entrance to the vagina, anal same - the entire "route" manhood. But other males (I must say most of them) attracts only the psychological aspect. Capture, enslave, use the most incredible way that part of the body that are not meant for sexual pleasure - is the main desire.

And what about the women? Start with the fact that they also would not mind to try this kind of intimacy. Many of the beautiful ladies get incomparable pleasure of knowing the time of subordination and dependence on male power. And some women orgasm during anal sex getting stronger. Of course, doctors in one voice say that getting a discharge during anal sex only if a woman can stimulate the clitoris and other erogenous zones on the body. But the lucky who managed to bypass all scientific arguments, it becomes more and more. They claim that if you start the process with a long preparation, the fun of this kind of intimacy possible.

Agree to anal sex or not - it's up to you. Especially in the intimate life of two loving people there can be no taboos. Anal sex, like any other, can become a harmonious part of your life. Provided that you comply with certain rules to enjoy the process without any negative consequences.

How to engage in anal sex

Despite the timid desire to try this kind of intimacy, many women fear that the first experience of anal sex will be the last. Of course, the psychological decision to agree to anal - half the battle. But what about the fears that haunt every woman to think about the consequences of their consent? Most often, women are afraid of anal sex for two simple reasons. And that's about it, we'll talk.


The first and perhaps the main reason why women negative attitude towards anal sex - a squeamishness. The thought of what might be on the man's penis after the close, they shudder. We are accustomed to the idea that sex - is something beautiful and romantic, but of a romance may be involved if a partner on the genitals can be seen traces of faeces? There can be no enthusiasm and joy, to know where to hide my eyes with shame and horror!

The fact that a member must necessarily dirty, sure most girls ... .. never have tried anal sex! The rest know something that is not a prerequisite for anal intercourse. It appears, rather go to the bathroom for a couple of hours before the alleged events, and similar troubles can and do forget! Why is that? Let me explain.

The fact is that during anal sex male sex organ is not included in the rectum, as is commonly believed, and the sphincter. Any person of these two sphincters: external (the one outside) and internal. That's just the internal sphincter, a length of 12-15 cm, and serves as a barrier to the stool, clutching exit the rectum. So if your man does not have the advantage of 20 cm, you can safely discard the idea that anal sex - a "dirty" in the literal sense of the word.

And if you are too worried that it will not carry you, do it ahead of time enema. By the way, some couples manage this process to arrange the whole erotic adventure (of course, at the stage of the Gulf and retention). So you may well catch two birds with one stone: to play, say, a patient and a nurse, and relax on the hygiene of upcoming events.

Fear of pain

The second reason, no less important - the fear of physical pain. Once you imagine that in your little hole burst zdorovuschy member, once it becomes ill. Here relaxing, do not relax, and sustain such "violence" over the place, not intended for sex, can not everyone. If you are thinking in the same way, then we hasten to reassure you: it is not always painful. Only if the partner does not bother to properly prepare you for the final stage.

Sometimes men who dream about anal sex, committing a fatal mistake, deters women from this kind of sex. Pursuing the usual vaginal sex, they suddenly lean against eyelet lover and whisper: "But let's try it in the ass? ". Naturally, on the face of the partner at this point it appears a grimace of horror, because she is sure that he will bring this second term in the anus and will "work" out there with the same power and speed as in the vagina. In the end, the sphincter is located just a couple of centimeters below the vagina, and get to work will not make.

Luckily, most men are aware of the fact that anal sex with a "fly" not to be engaged. This porn ladies take anal men with the same ease as in the vagina, and manage to experience stormy orgasms after 2-3 minutes. Real life is so not comparable to similar scenes that those who accept the events of the films "adult" at face value, are experiencing a real shock, I decided to repeat the "exploits" of movie heroes.

The first thing that should make sensible man who dreams about anal sex with a woman - to make the partner to anal caresses. Light stimulation of the fingers, a gentle touch language - and that's the tip of his little finger had slipped into your forbidden place. If you do not mind the invasion of this and continue to have fun, you can gradually increase the load on your anus. As long as you do not deem it sufficient attempts. Once you ask a man to stop, he must obey without any dispute and try another time.

Over time, you get used to such a weasel, they will bring you pleasure. And there is not one little finger, but two fingers in the sphincter will fit, and be aware - without any pain. So, little by little, and you will ripen to the point where no particular problems will be able to take a member of the men. And getting at the same time great fun. Of course, your man should move slowly - at the initial stage of development of this kind of intimacy quick frictions are not allowed. But if you get the hang of and will be sure that the power and pressure of movements of the partner will not cause you discomfort, you can throw caution and engage in anal sex as soul (and body) you want. After all, knowing how to engage in anal sex, you will not hurt yourself either morally or physically.

 anal sex how to

Should we be protected during anal sex

When it comes to protection during sex, most of us implies ways to avoid unwanted pregnancy. The fact that during anal sex is not possible to conceive a child, they know everything. There are, of course, exceptions, when droplets of semen into the vagina sphincter fall, but this can be avoided by taking a bath after sex. And the man you have a constant risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease is not present, so why do we need extra trouble?

Ironically, these efforts are essential to you and your partner. The fact that the rectal mucosa is very delicate, and its microflora can seriously harm the health of men. Even if you are completely healthy and not a carrier of a virus (by the way, are you sure?), Then a partner, not using condoms during anal sex, there is a risk of contracting urethritis.

And if you practice a quick transition from anal to vaginal sex, serious problems may occur already have. No matter what your vagina gets the intestinal microflora, the results can be very unpredictable - from the ordinary to the inflammation of the vaginal yeast infection. If you use a condom, it will be enough to remove it before the entrance to the vagina to protect themselves from the unpleasant consequences.

Believe me: anal sex can be comfortable and safe. The main thing - to observe some rules that will help you to get pleasure from the process. Otherwise - why would they do that?

 How to engage in anal sex