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  • Orgasm is one, but people are different
  • Tricks of the female orgasm
  • Tune success - half the work is done
  • We are learning theory and practicing, practicing
  • Healthy sport = happy sex
  • Medical treatment: treatment the most advanced cases
  • The pursuit of orgasm is successful - the goal is reached

The sexual revolution as a phenomenon has long lost its relevance. Sex for us now - it's quite a natural attribute of life, which is firmly entrenched in our everyday life, becoming a familiar part of it, like food, sleep or rest.

That sad fact that, despite widespread information content and more than a healthy attitude to the intimate side of life, some women still find it difficult to get an orgasm during sex, it is a wonderful feeling, discharge, release of endorphins. Of course, remain indifferent to the ongoing situation, few people can, especially since this is not a valid and appropriate. What should help us cope with what is happening and always get pleasure from sex life? Let's try to figure it out together.

Orgasm is one, but people are different

What are the reasons why this can happen to me? From time to time a similar question asked by all the girls, even those who could not get an orgasm just a couple of times in his entire sex life. What can we say about the young ladies, who for the time of the intimate life in general have not experienced a single orgasm, or those who need a lot of time to get it in the end?

If this does not happen on a regular basis, then it is appropriate to individual episodes attributed to the accident, and not dwell too much attention: the female body is in fact not a computer program, where anyone can set specific settings. But if an event is repeated from time to time, it is just right and really begin to worry and alarm.

Physical intimacy with a man should and can delight, because we want to have sex not only for procreation, as it was accepted earlier in ancient times. Why do some women quickly get an orgasm during sex and the other ladies of this perspective is a dream? It may seem trite, but that each person is a unique creation of nature, a unique, single-a-kind creation.

Therefore, our reactions, feelings, thoughts, too, are unique. The venture let them down with the same brush, build on one line, it is doomed to failure. No one knows the rules to achieve orgasm, their number, the depth of the reaction - each charming young lady they own.

One woman feels during sex, feeling like she says in the explosion, fireworks, powerful emotions. Another woman feels during sex that she likes, and nothing more. If taken as the norm, and the only true sense of the ideal just one of the girls, the prospect buy a complex about it becomes very real.

To do so with self dealing unreasonable. It is better to try to explore your own body and its reaction to the actions and touching a partner during sex. And most importantly, that sex - it's not a duty or obligation and the opportunity to relax. Do not forget that the right attitude when making love greatly increases the chances of getting an orgasm. The fact that we can adjust to the desired wave, we will tell you now.

 how to get a girl to orgasm

Tricks of the female orgasm

Most women agree with the statement that the most stunning emotions they experience sex with a beloved man. Then the orgasm comes quickly, and even several times, and accompanied by such "special effects" that I want to repeat it endlessly. Until one fine day not too did not fail.

She discovers his acting, even before its presence is not suspected, and continues to depict the heavenly bliss. From time to time, this trick can use any woman without fear of being detected partner, but deceiving itself.

Nature has given women more subtle psychological structure as compared to the male psyche. We are a quivering and gentle creatures, in order for us to reach orgasm, the necessary special conditions that will please not only the body but the soul. If our mind wandering thoughts, far from the bedside comfort, we can take some time out to switch between them.

If we are exhausted physically and mentally hard working day, then we need a whole range of relaxing treatments - aromatic bath, massage, nice music. Without climbing the idea that it is necessary to cook dinner for a week and pay for internet, otherwise it will remain hungry and dissatisfied.

If women experience such stress for a long period of time, the accumulated fatigue is increasingly interferes enjoy sex. Tired of the cares and troubles lady already perceives physical proximity is not an opportunity to have fun, but as a routine obligation to be performed, and preferably quickly. If orgasm does not happen, it may even leave us indifferent: it's done, put a tick, let rest.

Do you recognize yourself in these lines? It was not by yourself? Great, you understand. Little positive can be found in the fact that we will lose the opportunity to receive physical and psychological recovery through sex. Of course, a modern woman can find some alternative to relieve fatigue and stress, visiting a sports club, a psychologist, more devoted himself to his career.

But is this an adequate way out of this situation? If you ask your partner what he thinks everything is happening, what answer he can give, in your opinion? You have arranged a deal with tender love with customized indifferent to sex partner? Not pleasant in this perspective, agree.

Leaving the situation as such should not be: in the name of himself and for the sake of relations with sweet heart. We must learn to adjust to sex: can any of us is to create a working mood, friendly and fun atmosphere? Not only when the soul asks, but when you realize that there is an urgent need or necessity. Why not apply the same tactics in this area? I do not know how? So learn! For the sake of fun and good try, lovely ladies!

 how to get a girl to orgasm

Tune success - half the work is done

Day squeezed the last juice out of us, the body, as it seems, can and wants only one thing - to lie motionless in bed, and that no one touched. If it were not for one "but" - in bed we will have a man who has to face in large letters written by the desire to have sex with us. To refer once again to the tired already borders on mockery against him.

After all, he works too, is tired, but is always happy to take part in the battles of a bed. What's his secret? The point is this: a man thinks about sex all the time, his willingness to make love is a hundred on a scale. If a member of the opposite sex there is a possibility of intimacy, he will agree to it joyfully, without hesitation or looking for reasons for the refusal.

Maybe you should adopt this approach? Think of the craziest intimacy with your partner: What happened when you orgasm, even still comes from the heart of memories. Urgent need to be repeated to get the same result again. Therefore, in the direction of thinking about the bread and eternal: no washing, cleaning, cooking and call parents.

Tonight you're the goddess of sex that can have an orgasm in the arms of her lover at any moment, and not an ordinary girl who experiences only one desire - to sleep well. Take a relaxing bath, quench a little hungry, drink a glass of wine, turn on the music for the future of debauchery - and begin to indulge him, falling in the widely outstretched arms of men.

We are learning theory and practicing, practicing

So far we have considered the situation as a girl can get an orgasm with a loving and beloved man, if this is not happening because of fatigue or failure of the mood. How to act in cases where the partner is the young lady is not constant, but she wants to reach orgasm just as much as a unique and tenderly loved, which is for some reason in her life there?

Then it is necessary to improve the technique of sex, study the slightest reaction his body at the touch of a lover, to experiment and to remove its different complexes that prevent us women to live a full sexual life.

Try new positions, find a variety of places to make love, stop thinking stereotypes. Many girls think they are perfect, if for some reason do not get multiple orgasms or not experience peak pleasure at the same time with a partner. Or that every man wants to see in his bed analogue porn star that does not suffer from excess weight and cellulite can be sex day and night.

Debunks these myths in themselves. We are all different, and these thoughts harm us, making it difficult to obtain the desired, because the more we think about what prevents us to have sex, the less likely to reach orgasm at all. Among other things, some of our ideas in general have nothing to do with reality.

If you are a man in bed, it is in you he sees now the most coveted sex object, that you are willing and able to make love. On the "orange peel" He must have heard, but he thinks of this orange. And the prospect of having sex 24 hours without stopping it more alert and perhaps even frightened.

After all, a man sensibly weigh their own capabilities and understand that they are not limitless. For a moment, let us remember that the length of sexual intercourse an average male is around 11 minutes. Count how many times it according to your ideas, you will need to do you love?

Men like sensual girl, but not "sex machines". Become a sexy cat can absolutely every girl, if you put yourself this purpose. There are plenty of options for the development of such personality traits: read the literature on relevant topics, watch movies, sign up for belly dancing and striptease lessons. You can even visit the training of sexual skill.

After such events every lady wants to use this knowledge in practice, backed up by an internal confidence that you are now a real guru of love mysteries. That's just from these men and women lose their heads most. Excessive activity and passivity in amoebic partner for sex - the two extremes of the same repel and prevent women enjoy the process itself is happening.

Any woman is important to remember also that the suspense of the moment when the time comes, and come the long-awaited orgasm can lead to the opposite result. Technique sex with your lover and your own knowledge of it may be at the highest level, but in this case an obstacle in reaching the climax will not focus on the process, as a result of obsession.

The ability to relax and just make love, enjoying what is happening, if it is, of course, sincere pleasure - that's what will be the key to ensuring that elusive pleasure peak still caught gentle girl.

 why she does not get an orgasm

Healthy sport = happy sex

Due to various scientific studies, which became engaged scientists around the world have been established some interesting facts about the relationship between physical exercise and frequency of orgasm in the fair sex. As it turned out, the girls who are addicted to sports, often take pleasure in bed and have a greater chance of multiple discharge.

If you've never visited the walls of a fitness club, then why not do it now? After all, so once you catch a lot of hares. In the future you expect tightened figure, confidence in their own visual appeal and the fact that you can now get your orgasms are guaranteed, but still not one, but it is possible that more than one. It's not your imagination - these are the words of scientists of world renown.

Not entirely to sporting activities, but to strengthen certain muscles of their own business have to do all the exercises known Kegel exercises. A huge number of women precisely because he learned how to quickly get an orgasm during intimacy. The great thing is that these exercises for training the young lady does not have to specifically allocate any time, any place.

They can be practiced even in the workplace, combining multiple affairs. The effect of such training will not take long, as you can see for yourself, once you start to practice them. Make it a rule systematic and regularity in employment, to continue this, even when the first results have shown themselves and make you happy.

Medical treatment: treatment the most advanced cases

Trite but true: if a woman has some health problems, the question of whether she could experience pleasure from sex during this period, will likely have a negative answer. It is not just about these diseases, which excluded the very possibility of intimacy with a partner. Studies have shown that compared to most diseases the level of hormones responsible for sexual desire is greatly reduced.

That is why it is so important to monitor your own body and listen to its signals. Sometimes the reluctance to make love and get pleasure from it due to not banal fatigue or stress. Just the body gives signals about some fault in it. Catch the call sign on time and quickly consult a doctor, to restore health to the previous level.

There are several reasons of a medical nature, giving explanation for the lack of orgasm in the sexual life of women. Each of us have heard of this disease as frigidity, which manifests the absolute lack of sexual desire on the part of women to the opposite sex, indifference to the field of human relations.

If a certain proportion of suspiciousness, such a diagnosis quickly can not afford to put any person at least once has not received the expected result from sex. To do this in any case is not necessary, despite the fact that in most cases the disease is curable. Let these experts are engaged, but we hope that such serious problems in intimate life does not threaten you, ladies.

In addition, the peak highest peak of sexual activity, sensuality and desire is achieved close to 30 years. Of course, thinking about the fact that immediately after the next birthday, you'll always have an orgasm, do not.

Just keep in mind the fact that an inexperienced girl who just started to live a sex life, enjoy sex is somewhat more complicated than the more mature lady. It is not only the lack of practical experience, and particularly that she has given us Mother Nature. That's why many health experts advise young virgins to take the time to the beginning of sexual life.

The pursuit of orgasm is successful - the goal is reached

We hope that the reading of all the advice and tips in this article contributed to the fact that you got the answer to the question tormenting you could eliminate an annoying problem. Output can be found from most unpleasant situation for us, the main thing is not to deviate from the intended plan of action and to try to apply this knowledge.

Especially that attract to this issue, you can always successfully your sexual partner. What a gentleman refuses to help a charming young lady in distress, it is in this situation topical?

Do not be discouraged, do not be discouraged and do not attribute themselves disadvantages and diagnoses that you have no relationship. Sexual life should be fun, and it will happen to you, be sure of that. After some time you will remember with a smile while thinking that they are in trouble, and it was only a little difficulty to decide which proved not as difficult as it seemed at the beginning.

We hope that in future the sad thoughts about the problems concerning the sexual life of pleasure in it you will not be attending.