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  • Realize your uniqueness
  • Love yourself and your body
  • Strengthen intimate muscles
  • Do fitness
  • Eat right and turn in their menu foods aphrodisiacs
  • Use the power of aromatherapy
  • Pay attention to foreplay

In many ancient cultures the art of sexual paid a lot of attention, because it was thought that through intimate man and woman not only enjoy, but also spiritually enriched. Also, sex was one of the most common methods that can cure any disease. Over time, sexual relations lost their special significance, and even became something shameful. The possibility of obtaining pleasure a man still perceived as a fact of physiology, but the sensations that a woman experiences during sex, do not attach importance.

In the twentieth century the female orgasm again began to pay more attention, but centuries of oblivion and prohibition of pleasures for the beautiful half of humanity still left their mark. And it is not surprising that many girls and women today have great difficulty obtaining orgasm. If you know such a problem, then pay attention to our advice, which will allow you to change certain aspects of their lives and experience the pleasure of sex. In addition, you will learn a lot about how some of our actions and thoughts affect the quality of sex and why sometimes difficult to achieve orgasm.

Realize your uniqueness

Very often, she said that those pleasant feelings, she may feel during intimacy, is not orgasm. And so she thinks just because compares them with stories of her friends, the descriptions in various journals or even reactions actresses who starred in erotic films. You must once and for all to remember that the world simply does not exist two identical orgasms, so that every woman will describe their feelings quite differently.

From the point of view there are two types of medicine orgasm - clitoral and vaginal. The first may have more than ninety percent of women, the second - a little less than seventy percent, but the experience the two orgasms at the same time is given only five percent of the lucky. More "correct" physiological vaginal orgasm is considered, however, most often young girls begin their acquaintance with the world of intimate pleasure is a clitoral orgasm. Typically, over time many of the girls are learning and experiencing vaginal orgasm, but for some it is still not impossible.

Realizing what your reaction to sexual relationships are completely individual, you will not worry that experiencing some "not so" orgasm or your feelings at all are not. This item is on the way to successfully achieve climax during sex is very important, because only by taking all the features of your body and individual sensory reactions, you will be able to "let go" to the will of his orgasm.

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Love yourself and your body

Most of the girls desperately complex about any imperfections in their looks and in particular figures, as a result simply can not relax during intimacy and experience at least some pleasure. Many of them often wondered why they did not get an orgasm, but rarely attached importance to the fact that they simply do not love themselves and, consequently, can not immerse themselves in the world of intimate pleasures.

To excessive self-criticism about the appearance did not become an insurmountable obstacle on the road to sexual satisfaction, you must learn how to unconditionally love your body. Your body is totally unique and has so very beautiful, so do not be ashamed of it. If you just can not cope with the excitement, where it appears that a beloved man will see you without clothes, try to get rid of this fear, as much as possible to walk around the apartment naked. Accustomed to his nakedness, you will soon notice that the stop worrying during sex that will allow you to finally have an orgasm.

Love your body for what it is, you should pay special attention to regular maintenance of it, that the skin is soft, smooth and elastic. To do this, it is not necessary to attend the expensive SPA-salons, just need to take it a rule to regularly use a mild scrub or peel, as well as moisturizes and nourishes creams, serums and oils. All of this will not only improve the appearance of your skin, but will make it much more sensitive, which will use a much larger range of fondling conducive to the emergence of orgasm.

Strengthen intimate muscles

Those girls who have had the luck to become mothers, are likely familiar so-called Kegel exercises, are recommended for all pregnant women to perform in preparation for childbirth. Such exercises can strengthen the muscles of the vagina and some surrounding muscle to ensure the correct operation of the entire female reproductive system to facilitate the process of birth and orgasm, as well as significantly increase its intensity.

There are many techniques of performing Kegel exercises, but the easiest way to take advantage of the most simple and accessible, involving the introduction of the finger into the vagina or any other secure object oblong shape and its internal muscle contraction - alternate between tension and relaxation of muscles must be for a minimum of ten minutes. Making such an exercise is necessary every day until such time as you can easily keep your chosen subject two or three minutes. Then make the transition to a new "level", reducing the diameter of the "training" subject to the minimum possible.

"Aerobatics" the Japanese geisha, renowned for their thorough knowledge of all sorts of sexual pleasures, is the ability to break a pencil exclusively using the vaginal muscles. You will achieve the same results are not necessarily, but to achieve orgasm strengthening the intimate muscles still worth doing regularly.

Previously, to use the method described above can be applied only "improvised" means, but present, the range of sex-shop involves a variety of options from a special soft latex products intended for training the muscles of the vagina. Why not try to use such inventions created specifically for women in all their physiological characteristics and is assumed to be effective training? If desired, such movement muscles every girl is able to do, and directly during intimacy, allowing her partner enough to experience the unusual and very pleasant, and she herself - to enhance blood flow to the pelvic organs, and thus greatly increase the likelihood of orgasm.

Do fitness

In fact, whether the woman to have an orgasm, not only affects the power of her intimate muscles but also all the other muscles of the body. So you need to regularly enhance the whole muscular system, with special attention to the waist and a press area, especially its lower part. If you are a normal aerobics or serious strength training in the gym, then it is not enough to increase the likelihood of orgasm. Why are so common types of fitness in this case, do not act? The fact is that to enhance their sexuality and opportunities to experience intense feelings during intimacy necessary to choose the right kinds of exercises that increase was a rush of blood in the pelvic area.

But the girls, which carve out extra time to exercise is always problematic, pay attention to the dance kinds of fitness, suggesting intense pressure under a bright fiery music, as well as the strip of plastic that allows significantly develop flexibility, which, in turn, also enhances likelihood of orgasm. That girl who seeks to spend time more calm and measured, may be happy to immerse themselves in Pilates, yoga or stretching, which are recognized as one of the most effective exercises for full disclosure of female sexuality and emancipation in the field of sex and which greatly enhances the ability to have an orgasm.

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Eat right and turn in their menu foods aphrodisiacs

If you analyze why you can not have an orgasm many girls, it can be assumed that not all of them are properly fed, which most directly affects the sensations during sex. Such unhealthy foods like chips, sausages, food establishments from fast food and, of course, alcoholic beverages, negatively affect the hormonal status of women and, therefore, the fact she can have an orgasm or not. If a woman uses a large amount of fresh vegetables, fruits, grains and low-fat protein foods, then her whole body works in a way that strongly contribute to orgasm during intimacy.

Another way by which any girl can greatly increase the likelihood of orgasm - is the inclusion in their daily menu, so-called aphrodisiac foods, 'fuel' female hormones. The first thing to come to mind delicacies such as strawberries and cream or champagne with oysters, however, all of these products, contrary to popular belief, do not have the body no special effects. If you want to enhance their sexuality and the ability to have an orgasm, lean on fruit, fresh juices, raw nuts and all kinds of cereals, especially buckwheat. Also a beneficial impact on the intensity of the pleasure during intimacy can any natural cheese and cottage cheese.

Use the power of aromatherapy

Most of the ancient treatises on carnal pleasures attached great importance to the various odors that accompany intimacy. Nowadays rarely any girl can not draw a parallel between taste and your mood, as the spirits of today are an essential attribute of women. Just as spirits affect mood, or that the aromatic composition may increase or, conversely, to nullify sexual desire and the ability to have an orgasm. In order to erotic aromatherapy can be used as natural essential oils, and special spirits, which include pheromones.

One of the most recognized oil with which any woman can relax and get a real pleasure from sex is the essential oil of bergamot, has an incredibly thin, delicate and feminine fragrance. Simply add 3-7 drops of the oil in aromalampu to amplify simultaneously desire to relax so that guarantee orgasm. Another oil with a pronounced stimulating effect - is the oil of ylang-ylang, which is the only drawback is that it can cause headaches in people who are sensitive to sweet flavors. To orgasm was stronger, it is necessary to mix 1-2 drops of ylang-ylang any neutral citrus oil (e.g. orange or lemon oil) in an amount of a few drops and add aroma lamp.

Many men can not answer the question why patchouli oil has them literally hypnotic effect and they show miracles of ingenuity in sex. Any girl can easily use this feature patchouli oil for their own purposes, by men seeking attention during intimacy, That, in turn, will increase the chances of orgasm. Similarly, action has neroli oil, but it should be used in minimal quantities, as in the amount of more than two drops of it can cause shortness of breath, and even a slight cough.

A more modern way to stimulate sensory reactions during sex is to use perfume with pheromones - special chemical compounds that mimic the smell of natural selection man arises at the moment of sexual arousal. To the girl is guaranteed an orgasm, her favorite man can advance to put on the point at which the palpable pulse, perfumes with pheromones. However, it should be borne in mind that such spirits take effect immediately, but after a certain time, which is often indicated on the package. If desired, these spirits may be used and the girl herself, to arouse your partner a strong desire to help her get the most orgasms.

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Pay attention to foreplay

Very often to a woman experienced an unforgettable sensation as an orgasm, it is enough just to increase the duration of foreplay. It is also important that during the prelude of the man earnestly sought to deliver your favorite fun and often ask her what she likes and why. If you pay enough attention to foreplay, the duration of the sex may be small, but it will not prevent you to reach the highest point of pleasure.

For many women of great importance both during foreplay, and during sex has a musical accompaniment. For example, light classics in unbanal modern processing can be set to a wave of tenderness and romantic ballads - the lightest awaken love experiences that affect women are sometimes better than any aphrodisiac, and more rhythmic compositions are quite capable to give intimacy a missing drive.

It should be said that not every woman has an orgasm during sex after a long foreplay, because we all have different temperaments and reactions to certain sensory stimuli. Some, instead of gentle foreplay may be required simply enhanced stimulation of erogenous zones, can significantly accelerate the process of achieving orgasm. A similar stimulation of a man should be under the guidance of his lover not to accidentally give her any discomfort that can negate all attempts to reach an orgasm.

In addition, to achieve orgasm also of great importance to breath, which should be as deep and intense. It is also important to the girls learn to breathe a big belly, not the chest. The fact that superficial chest breathing inherent in the majority of the fair sex often does not allow oxygen to promptly spread through the bloodstream throughout the body, which can slow down the process of occurrence of orgasm.

Every girl can take advantage of any of the above tips to achieve orgasm, but in any case it is worth remembering, too standardized approach does not allow to fully enjoy the entire range of sensations during sex. So it is necessary first of all to focus on their own preferences on an intuitive level, and not try to understand why you anything like or dislike in carnal pleasures. This principle of conduct during sex and foreplay preceding it will allow you not to think once again about how to have an orgasm, and simply enjoy the intimacy. And the orgasm in this case, you simply will not go away.

 As a girl orgasm: tips for the fair sex