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  • Appearance - the first thing that draws a man
  • What a sign to him to notice you?
  • Excessive obsession to anything
  • Trying to please his mom
  • Trying to please his friends
  • Become soft and fluffy
  • How to win a married man?
  • Cheat Sheet: How to win the man and keep him

And here he is, the prince on a white horse. I wonder if the prince knows he is the Prince? Most do not even realize. But you know it's him, but then you need to convince him and in this fact. And how to do it? How to win a man? And here it is important to understand the "art of war". After all, you're going to win? And that means you need to develop a strategy and tactics of warfare. Although the psychology of women is that it's nice to be won than a conqueror, in today's realities is a woman has to conquer a man.

Any war has a purpose. What goal do you set for yourself? Want to spend the night with him? Would you like to become his mistress? Or decide on whatever was to marry him? On the outcome of any battle affect contributing factors. What do you have available? He's like you, or you're with him not even know each other? He already has a girlfriend or he is absolutely free? It is a confirmed bachelor, and he is looking for its second half? So the outcome of the war depends not only on your abilities and external data, but also on some of the nuances. Determine the answer to all these questions, to win the man will be much easier.

However, there are universal rules that will ensure you have half the success. In any case, your strategy of war - the conviction. You need to convince the man, first of all, that you are - the same one and only, and secondly, that it was he who wins, not you. The tactics of warfare - not that other, as the art of female seduction. How to win the beloved man, applying universal rules? So, let's begin.

Appearance - the first thing that draws a man

Yes, it is your appearance: clothes, makeup and behavior can have on the man an irresistible first impression. All the rest: the wit, thrift, angelic nature then he will appreciate. And to start evaluating your appearance will undergo. And what should be the image of a woman to a man gave him a positive assessment? In an effort to look bright and sexy in the eyes of men, many women go too far. According to the science of psychology clever, ideas about female sexuality in men and women are different. War Paint and too revealing clothes, of course, will make a lasting impression on the man. But you will see it in the most jaunty companion for the night.

So how do you need to look like to the average man? Do not bright. Brightest men are afraid of women. Therefore, make-up in the style of the North American Indian clothes and flashy colors just scare the object of your desire. The same effect will produce too open neckline, skirt length and the microscopic pants - a second skin. Not the best representation of you and contribute nalakirovannye or extravagant hair color, nails like a predator, as well as an abundance of jewelry: rings studded with fingers, dressed in bracelets wrist and neck beads twined.

Where more effective in the eyes of men, you will look in elegant clothes on a figure (but not tight), the woman in the dress he likes more than a woman in trousers. The discreet, yet stylish make-up, well-groomed hair natural color (albeit at the expense of paint), neat manicure elegant decorations in a small amount - this is what will cause a man to see the woman in you. It was a woman, not a female. Do not be tempted by a man and your excessive looseness. Scabrous jokes, sharpness in his movements, laughter, and even more, foul language - not only repel any normal man, but also make you to bypass per kilometer.

However, if your chosen one brutal man, or an incurable romantic, he may have their own ideas of female beauty. But we are talking about universal rules. And any man wants to see next to a feminine companion. Moreover, not only feminine, but also in modest measure, and to the best beautiful. So try to get all you have in moderation - and modesty and beauty. Therefore, to win the man without a corresponding appearance impossible.

 man win

What a sign to him to notice you?

What a sign to him to notice you? That suggests that in this respect our intelligent science psychology that knows how to win a man. We need to start communicating with visual contact: ten-gaze straight in the eyes, the eyes dale, smiling. Psychologists say that this algorithm works perfectly. If the response is no, then you need to engage innocent conversation: "What time is it? And you do not know, tomorrow is not promised to rain? ". For such a question be sure to follow the answer.

And you listen, smile, and do not forget to look in the eye. And if we look with admiration, slightly tilted to one side, and occasionally nodding his head, then your object will feel that they admire, and men are known to be susceptible to flattery. Just do not overdo it with nodding, or become like a Chinese idol. A similar comical sight is unlikely to win anyone else.

And try to throw the man looked over his shoulder in a half-turn. Psychologists believe this view inviting, sexy and mysterious. Is not it a sign? Or throw a leg over the other (do not like doing it Sharon Stone) or casually and elegantly fold hair from her face. Or use the advice of the famous psychologist Alan Pisa and quietly (silently!) Copy the movements of the interlocutor.

Excessive obsession to anything

The conquest of man that focus is not a ride. You can not be annoying, and the more intrusive. If you begin to constantly invite him on a date, to organize "accidentally" meeting "wrong" phone number, and even more to admit his tender feelings in the best case, the object will begin to avoid you. In the worst - deemed mentally defective or mentally unhealthy.

Of course, sometimes the focus can be done. And even better to come along on a business trip, a colleague or if you get stuck in an elevator, if you neighbors. In general, you should not run behind him. Do not forget that he has to take care, not you. And no matter how strong your feelings, do not forget about self-esteem. This quality is very valuable in all people.

Trying to please his mom

His mother in childhood, a lot of things to say and believe, continues to speak so far. But for many men (if not most) mother remains unquestioned authority all his life. And if in your case this is the case, then please his mother - your chance of success.

Of course, you do not like it already in advance: Is there a woman worthy of his beloved son. Still, try to use this trump card. At the first meeting be polite and friendly, with the next - and even docile. Keep the conversation topics of interest to it, agree with everything, no matter what she said (even if it is frank delirium). Only, again, do not overdo it, do not let my mother feel false and remember that it can be very intelligent and perceptive woman (not one you so).

In short, the mask is clever and an excellent pupil, loves her son, for the mother should not be a mask. It should look like a real person in all situations ... And suddenly will not have to wear a mask? You never know: maybe you she really liked and she - you. Still, it merit your lover is a (beautiful, intelligent, unmarried) too. And in another, you would not have fallen in love.

 how to conquer any man

Trying to please his friends

Men value the opinion of not only mothers. Opinion friends for them too authoritative. Especially if it's male-bachelors. So if a friend turns out to you in the same company, in any case, do not try to compete with him. You - it's you and a friend (and even friends) out of competition. And even if your beloved friends cause you only have negative emotions, try not to show these emotions.

Again, clever science psychology, argues that by becoming "the guy" in the bachelor of you repeatedly increase your chances of winning. And how to be a guy? You do not need to turn into mannish creature. But on every occasion to emphasize their femininity, rolling hysteria of strong language and obscene jokes, too, is not necessary. Equanimity, the ability to keep the conversation about fishing, football, sports and cars - that will help you become a "boyfriend." And a man worthy of respect.

However, to completely forget that you are a woman, do not. Do not let the male company completely ignore you as a lady. Do not let the men swearing and abusing men discuss savory secrets. If you can not do it, then accept the fact that such a company would be your man to spend time without you. Perhaps it's for the better?

Become soft and fluffy

"And I actually soft and fluffy! "Try to convince the man in it. And try to actually become soft and fluffy. After all, if you want it like it should fit. Just match. Learn to sincerely share the interests of the elect. Give up bad habits, if he treats them intolerable. Be interested in his affairs. Be attentive and caring. Learn how to cook well (remember how goes the way to a man's heart?). Treat respectfully to his family and friends. And be confident.

How to win a married man?

And, finally, the zhenatiki as Prince. Of course, the love of evil, fall in love and married. Of course, you can start fighting and conquest of the candidate. However, for the conquest of a married man, not every tactic is applicable. Yes, you can charm him, and even fall in love. But this is not enough to win. Yes, a married man has a mother and relatives. Yes, a married man has friends. But neither relatives nor friends he'll never meet you. So by them to strengthen their position in fighting for the conquest of a married man you do not get. All that you can count - is the status of a mistress.

You think you can "recapture" zhenatika? Hardly. For a married man to have a mistress, even prestigious, but his wife for prostitutes, he will not leave. Married men generally peculiar notion of love and fidelity. Having a mistress at beautiful and clever wife - in the order of things. It is even convenient. And if you start to get married talk about the divorce, he just parted with you. And do not believe the stories of the married man about his wife's illness, that he does not sleep with her, that their relationship came to naught. Married men have no other choice - because he must have somehow hold? That's been writing, and you open-mouthed, believe and hope for the best and more.

However, if a married man you choose exclusively for bedding comfort, then the flag in your hands and go ahead - conquer. If you want to win a married man just for fun, you too can try their charms. If a married man you still love the present, then only accept the position of mistress and just enjoy it without claim for more. Although the situation is very fragile lover, and you belong to a man is only partly true. And you need it?

Cheat Sheet: How to win the man and keep him

If you went to school today Amazons, and then take the exam on the tactics and strategy of warfare, then you, like any student would need a crib. And to answer the ticket, "how to win a man," she would look like this:

  • At the beginning of dating longer be silent, let the man talk.
  • Let him decide that finally found the ideal, and will endeavor to carry out more time with you.
  • The man should be the conqueror. But do not overdo it, or he may decide that you can not handle it.
  • "With sweet heaven in a shack" - it's not about you. Just let him understand - know his worth!
  • Learn to cook, because we know that "the way to a man's heart is through his stomach."
  • Try to get to know all his friends and relatives, this will complicate a possible separation.
  • And do not leave him alone for long. Three days - this is too much.
  • Remember that it is very important for men procreation, as if he did not deny.

Well, a guide to action in your hands, so go for the orders!

 How to win a man. Strategy and tactics of modern Amazons

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