Why men cheat


  • So why do men cheat?
  • How do you determine whether you change your husband?
  • What do you do after you found out about her husband's infidelity?
  • Our complexes and fears
  • The betrayal of her husband during pregnancy
  • If you dream of cheating husband

What does it mean for a woman cheating husband? How far can people in despair and confusion? It is no secret that most of us can not forgive a man, and the relationship after infidelity are strained by the loss of trust in the partner. Experts say that a person receives from marriage everything you need, I will never agree to such a rash step. But then why married men cheat? And how many people on this planet are 100% satisfied with their marriage, and marriage? It was the whole thing in the ideals that are sometimes unattainable? So, then you learn how to behave after her husband's infidelity and what should be done so that this never happened.

Treason husband - not just empty words. Behind this lies a deep disappointment and admit their mistakes. All we allow them, and the consequences are often very negative. Find the answer to the question: "Why do men cheat and why women? "Is not so simple. Try to figure out what's the matter. Maybe the whole cause of male psychology? Or maybe the problem is much deeper?

All men cheat for different reasons. Someone wanted the novelty of feelings, someone seeks refuge from his better half, and someone does not think at all, why should he need it. Most often, a man directs the subconscious: it tries to find on the side of what he does not have in real life. This is perfectly normal, because the psychology of any person is arranged so that all his life he is looking for something that is not enough.

There is no random or sudden changes. The fact of the betrayal becomes a real reason. Prior to this are added the special circumstances, it is a thousand reasons and think a thousand plans. Just like that change by accident, yielding to an impulse, is quite difficult. After having lived with a man for several years, even a man will think for a minute, before you plunge into the maelstrom of passion. He thinks that if he does not cause the pain of his wife or his mistress, not hurt himself as just such a reckless act: lose the comfortable house that bears his teeth in the slippers his wife and many other advantages of family life, accessible only to men. On the second, by the way, he decided much faster. Alas, it is man's psychology. They no longer appreciate the convenience than feelings.

 Why change a man

So why do men cheat?

Most often, a man changes because of problems at home. Men - very sensitive and vulnerable creatures, besides a very cowardly. As soon as they sense the approach of the problems, they immediately prepared an alternate airfield: first, that would be where to go from a sinking ship, and secondly, in order not to feel alone. In fact, men are much more afraid of loneliness than women. That is why they prefer to frequent changes of partners. Of course, it's not all, but many husbands. Especially if it's a young guy who does not feel more confident in their adult life.

In addition, the momentum for treason can be bulk of life, which eventually turns into a real hell. Yes, nobody wants to love forever unhappy with his salary of a woman with curlers on her head, cucumber mask on the face and pan in hand. Over time, the men begin to perceive it as his wife - as the object of negativity and negative emotions. That's why men cheat favorite. It was at this point may appear "a fairy", promises the joys of life and absolutely free of charge at any time. It is true then, and it will be the savior is not so good and wonderful. But actually it does not change.

In fact this situation has a very vanity, because infidelity means that you have neglected, abandoned and alienated. Psychologist women often start with the fact that all do not forget about yourself and your appearance. Demeanor, keep in society and at home, dress and look is more important than you can imagine. After all, whatever one may say, all relationships and marriages are built solely on sexual attraction and attraction of partners to each other. Of course, in the process of living together as a woman man and man woman may order podnadoest and cause not the most pleasant emotions. Because you need to periodically change something in yourself, in the home life of fellowship and co-host of time. The only way to keep a marriage afloat. We need to bring him back and show that you are better than others.

How do you determine whether you change your husband?

The betrayal of her husband, the signs of which is quite difficult to hide in fact not a complicated thing and determine whether changes you husband is quite simple. The only question is whether you need such knowledge, and how to live after such a discovery? The main signs of infidelity may be traces of lipstick (not necessarily scarlet) on his clothes or his face, long white hair, adhering to a jacket or even a scratch on his back as a consequence of the recent but very stormy passion together with another Themis. But it is visible signs. However, there is important and psychology. The man who went to such an action as a betrayal, simply can not behave as before. Male mind tells him that he betrayed that it threatens to break. And the husband will try not to fall once again in the eye, and can and does withdraw into themselves.

If confirmed by the betrayal of her husband what to do and how to do, you tell only your intuition and heart. After all, the reasons why a man changes, maybe a thousand. And it is worth considering not for his sake and for the sake of yourself that you have done for the preservation and prosperity of the Union? And what they could, but did not? What is your deed or quarrel could lead to treason? Ask yourself these questions, you will certainly find quite an impressive number of responses that might save your marriage.

What do you do after you found out about her husband's infidelity?

How to survive the shame and frustration? Firstly, do not be afraid! At least do not be afraid to be honest with myself. Do not hide, do not lose heart and do not lie to yourself. First of all, answer yourself the question: "Why did it happen? ". And after that proceed to serious disassembly. Do not hesitate to surrender for a short period of depression. Weep and mourn, to admit that you really hurt. You are depressed and resentful, you want a log lying on the couch and absolutely pointless to switch channels of TV, but my head is only one question, well, why men cheat and so offend women? Think, and then stand up and get yourself together. Life After her husband's infidelity did not stop, but on the contrary, you can cook a lot of pleasant surprises.

 why a man changes

Our complexes and fears

While cheating man brought a temporary rest, relaxation and a lot of pleasant moments, his wife receives a portion of the negative choice and reasons complexes. Of course, this is very bad and unexpected event in the life of every woman. Many will be difficult to figure out what to do when the ice broke cheating husband. How to survive the betrayal? To answer this question, remember the five main "not" who should not do under any circumstances:

  1. No need to compare yourself and your opponent

    The woman begins to compare himself with rival and always finds a hundred reasons to consider it better myself younger, skinnier, smarter, quicker and smarter, more corrupt. Yes, plus it can be a lot, but he got married once it is on you, and the fact that he had fallen out of love or just decided to frolic, not diminish your importance and dignity.

  2. Do not look for excuses for the hapless husband and ways to blame themselves

    And it should not do, as the one who found an excuse and reason to change once there is hardly a little love for you personally. If once you have it in front of him is justified, then the question, why alter men will be your eternal cause for depression.

  3. Do not dream to revenge

    Even if you do not change out of revenge, but just to spite apostate make a spectacular career or discover a talent and completely give up working on it, it does not improve the situation, but only worsen the relationship.

  4. NOT to share their problems with each counter

    Believe me, it is unlikely anyone would want to and be able to understand you and sincerely regret. Of course, the first of which is afraid of a woman after the betrayal of a man - of condemnation from others, friends and relatives. As is customary with us - always to blame the woman. Therefore, it has an enormous burden of responsibility, even the shiftless husband. That is why, for fear of ridicule and talk behind my back, we take the time first to have such a conversation, to make sure that does not scoff at us and think we're guilty. And to do this it is not necessary, as you do to attract their problems and unnecessary interest. It is best to keep your thoughts to yourself and to share problems with those whom you really trust.

  5. NOT to throw to the winds

    Random communications, alcohol and dubious acquaintances not only did not bring the desired satisfaction and vengeance, but also will attract into your life even more trouble. Also, do not write to all clubs and for all courses, from macrame weaving, finishing language courses. Too strong desire to pretend that you are all well, but more will delay you into a morass of depression and despair. Such is the female psychology. The more you hide from problems, the faster they will harass you. It's like quicksand. Sometimes it is better to stand still for a short time and allow the case to prompt you in which direction to move better.

  The betrayal of her husband during pregnancy

The betrayal of her husband, when the family will soon replenishment, generally is a special category of change. It would seem that everything should be fine, but then why do men cheat? Why, even in such a touching moment of life, such as pregnancy and childbirth, they manage to spoil life for themselves and their second half, shortening it with the years of his life. In this case, the reasons may be as a lack of the usual sexual activity and desire of man to show women that the expected baby - is not the only child in the house, and that he - the husband, also requires attention and care.

In this case can only be patient and look for a compromise and understanding. They say that a woman becomes a mother at the time when he learns that she is pregnant, and the man becomes a father only when taking your child in his arms. It is not surprising that you may encounter a lack of understanding and even some resentment on his part. Try to convey to him that his place in your life, no one can take. Just now it will be a place for the child. And love you enough for all.

During pregnancy, do not forget about their own sexuality, because you are a woman and can be attractive, even if they are "in position". Take care of yourself and do not lose contact with your man - touch each other as often as possible, feel the presence of each other in life and the imminent appearance of it with your him continue. It often happens that the pregnant wife of a man to become even more desirable and sexy. This is the psychology of perception, and everything depends on the nature of man. But in order to be attractive, you need to give yourself time and attention.

If you dream of cheating husband

And now touch upon a topic that is especially important for highly sensitive and impressionable women. What does the cheating husband in a dream? After reading her husband's infidelity in the interpretation of the dream books can stumble upon a thousand different answers. But not all believe in it. Because let's see what psychology tells us, namely one of the reputable doctors of the souls of men - Freud.

So, how to explain to us, Sigmund Freud, if you see yourself as a traitor in his sleep, it means not implemented sexual energy and strong temperament. In real life it does not mean that you want to change the partner. To dream as you change means that you simply komplektuete about their sexuality or lack of trying every possible way to hide it.

As you can see, all the problems can be solved. But are all men cheat? Is their psychology and nature does not allow you to be faithful to a single? Of course, not all! Moreover, according to statistics only 20% of married men go to the left. The rest are exemplary husbands and fathers. The main thing to remember that it is very important for a man to feel your support in life and to know that you love him. Therefore, do not run relationship, and do not put things take their course, then you will never experience sorrow changed.

 Why do men change their wives and how to deal with the change?

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