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Few people passed this common problem - the pimples appeared, many in their teens, and later - from stress, hormonal failover, if improper diet. In general, the causes of thousands, and the effect of one, and a very unpleasant - pimples on the face. And, unfortunately, it's not so bad. Often, after the successful launch of acne scars, scars, or simply spots. Of course, you can turn to the beautician for the treatment (rather, by the way, not cheap!), Or trust in plastic surgery, but for starters, you can try to get rid of these imperfections the house with the help of folk remedies.

But before you learn how to remove acne scars, and try one of our recipes, you should learn a few things. First, doctors recommend to carry out such procedures in the fall or winter, as some of the home remedies rather strongly weaken the skin, and expose it to intense sun - not too wisely, and in the spring besides it needs vitamins, and any strong impact may it is seriously damaged. Secondly, the really deep scars on your face, you will not be able to remove at home, in such cases it is necessary to seek the advice of a dermatologist.

Do not forget about the risk of allergic reactions; before proceeding to the preparation of a mask, take a small amount of the alleged ingredients and apply to the inside of the elbow a small amount. If after a while you feel itching, burning or see redness, it will mean that the component does not suit you, and you should consider using an alternative prescription.

 how to remove facial acne scars

We remove the traces of pimples

To begin with talk about spots from acne. We must understand that this is healed, but came after a skin inflammation and microtrauma. And since it is hidden under the new, netravmirovannaya skin, to it to "get" lossless, preferably two or three times per week to use sequestering agents. High stiffness scrubs, preferably with natural beads fit perfectly.

Very good on the red spots on the face helps the broth of parsley. Make it easy, it is necessary to take the average bunch of parsley, pour about a glass of water, boil, let cool and then pour it into molds for ice and freeze. Get the cubes in the morning and evening to wipe face, leaning on the places where there are traces of acne. Instead, you can use parsley broth chamomile broth. The same method can in principle work against scars, just requires more patience and persistence.

Another "herbal" method, it is very easy to play at home - a tincture of St. John's wort. To do this, take two large spoon hypericum and mix with a glass of alcohol and leave for ten days in a dark and quite cool. After the expiry of this period the filtered infusion wipe those places on the face, where there were patches of acne.

Or here's another "grandmother" a recipe. One large spoonful of sage (you must take the leaves) must be steamed cup of boiling water, then let stand for half an hour. Thoroughly drain and add half a teaspoon of honey. Stir properly. Doing this warm mixture of lotion several times a day - to soak napkin mixture for ten minutes, and put on the face.

An effective way to permanently say goodbye to the red spots left over from acne, a mask with rosemary oil and green clay. To make it, take a tablespoon of clay powder and mix it with a little water, and three or four drops of rosemary oil. Homogenous mass should be applied to the skin with red spots from acne and leave for ten to fifteen minutes. It should be borne in mind that the oil of rosemary perfectly valid and without additional components, but it must be careful, as it invigorates and can affect blood pressure.

You can try to use white clay to get rid of spots. Dissolve half a spoon of white clay in a tablespoon of water, there is added about the same amount of lemon juice. The mass should be applied on the dotted red spots and keep fifteen minutes.

 how to remove acne scars

How to remove acne scars

If suddenly after treatment on your body or face scars, do not worry, in folk medicine has the means to this case. However, remember that there are no miracles, and for a good result it will take time and consistent use of these funds.

Very good tool is the following composition: mix well teaspoon of cinnamon, and the same amount of honey, the resulting mixture must be imposed on the scars for twenty minutes, in special cases, you can leave for half an hour. This mask should be applied the next day. You can use green or white clay instead of honey, but in this case it is necessary to add water to obtain the desired texture; besides, instead of ground cinnamon essential oil can be added.

To get rid of scars you can use apple cider vinegar. It is an effective and inexpensive tool that is ideal for those who want to get rid of scars in the home without resorting to the services of a cosmetologist. The vinegar should be diluted with water at a ratio of one to three. Wash this vinegar solution should be every day. For a more dramatic effect, moisten a cloth in the solution and apply to the greatest concentration of scars or spots for five minutes.

Even more accessible way - the tomato pulp, mashed with a spoon of starch, the weight should be put on face for fifteen minutes. It is an effective procedure, it should be repeated two or three times a week. Cucumber is a proven tool - mask of grated cucumber, without any additives is extremely effective, it must be applied to the same twenty minutes two or three times a week, and cucumber juice just periodically wipe the face.

There are very simple ways, almost improvised; for example, tar soap. To remove acne, over the past two months, it is necessary to use soap when washing your face every day. Yes, it's quite long, but the result is worth it. Alternatively or in addition can be used ordinary soda and salt at washing. In the end, they just can complement any other recipe. The result did not take long.

For the treatment of the effects of acne on your face, you can use egg mask, or a very simple version - separate the white from the yolk protein and apply on face, leave for ten minutes. Or a little more complicated version of the two masks: the morning - one egg yolk, one spoon of flour and lemon juice mix, apply, twenty minutes to wash off. Evening - yolk, a spoonful of honey and flour. Mix and put in twenty-five minutes to wash off. The effect of this diet egg face will appear in a week and half.

And of course, anyone who has ever searched the web for ways to get rid of acne, finding a recipe masks of concoctions. Undoubtedly, this is a very powerful tool, but it is necessary to be extremely careful. Firstly, this method is to no other relates warning protecting skin from exposure to sunlight, and secondly, using the procedure bodyagi not always painless; Thirdly, it causes redness of the skin.

You must use fresh-water sponge in the form of powder, which can be bought in a pharmacy. Dilute it with hydrogen peroxide in equal proportions. Pre-clean the face, apply mask and gently rub into the very skin of cotton wool two or three minutes. Then leave to dry. Remove the mixture carefully.

Another recipe based concoctions. Mix bodyagi any baby powder in equal proportions, then add half a cup of any lotion for the face, the same amount of tincture of calendula and three percent hydrogen peroxide. This mass is gently rub into skin, then rinse. Or apply on face, leave to dry and then brush off with a dry towel. Note cream after such a procedure can be applied no earlier than twelve hours.

Be careful with concoctions. It is preferred to do the procedure at the weekend, when there is no need to go out in the sun at least a day. In principle, you can buy in a drugstore gel concoctions, but in this case it is necessary to carefully read the composition of the gel in order to prevent possible allergic reactions.

In any case, for the prevention of acne should reconsider your diet - fatty, heavy foods, as well as sugar and cheese is removed from the diet. Or at least to reduce their quantity. Most eat olive oil and nuts, drink plenty of pure water and green tea, lean proteins, not carbohydrates. Moreover, meat and fish is better not to fry, and bake, to cook on the grill, or steam. If the change of power does not work, it may make sense to consult a doctor. It happens that the origins of this problem is much more serious than it may seem.

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