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More recently, you were happy with her beloved man were together day and night, enjoying every moment of intimacy. You overcome the difficulties together, they quarreled and reconciled, and were convinced that your relationship will never end. But one day your boyfriend announced break and gone from your life, leaving only the pain in my heart and tears. You can suffer silently cursing the fate of the villain, and blaming the injustice of life, but you can think about how to return after leaving Man to be happy again.

If you do not intend to give up and what you want at any cost to return his love, then we must act immediately. Give yourself a little time away from the stress and start to implement a plan for the return of the man you love. To cope with this situation, we offer a short list of mistakes that should be avoided, and actions that will help you all to return to their seats. If you do not sit back and wait for your man to the hands priberet another girl, then you may well be able to return his love and live as happily as before.

 Man how to return after leaving for a long time

Attempts to return Man: basic mistakes

Most of the girls who are trying to regain her boyfriend after breaking up, make the same mistakes. In his quest to prove his love to please and they loved even more push him away and make it clear that not worthy of his partner. Sometimes it is very difficult to resist the order to once again not to redial a loved one, just to hear his voice. I want to be with him, look him in the eye and explain that life without him is useless. Alas, all these actions only aggravate the situation and make a man think that, having gone from the girl, he made the right decision. In order not to commit follies and do not miss a chance to return a loved one, try to avoid the following errors:

Do not humiliate

As hard as you may be after parting, never humiliated and pray for the return of her boyfriend. Once and for all, remember what phrases you can never say, not only beloved, but also all other people:

  • "If you do not come back to me, I will commit suicide";
  • "Come, I will forgive everything! ";
  • "If you want, I'll be in front of you on your knees? "

No sane man would want to be with a woman who has lost the last crumbs of self-esteem. If you will be humiliated and grovel before the guy, instead of thinking about the return he can appear a strong desire to run away from you on the other end of the world. How can you love a woman who does not respect himself to such an extent that it continues to kowtow to the guy, even when its cast? No blackmail, no humiliation and no obedience will not help you to get back the man she loved - only pride and dignity will make it save you respect. Where is the respect - and there is the opportunity to try again to get back.

Do not let him to bed

Sometimes girls who decided to return for a Man, agree to a sexual relationship with him after the ruptured relationship. They aim to please a loved one, translating into practice everything his imagination - even those that were banned during their life together. Unfortunately, this method is virtually impossible to return man. He may visit you for the comfort of bed, knowing that you will not refuse him, but on love and mutual respect here it goes. As much as it may sound rude, but in such situations, the guys just use girls for normal sexual gratification. What strain and looking for a suitable partner for sex, if there is always at hand, you - obedient and reliable?

Do not throw him with gifts

If you are to blame for the rupture of relations, it is your desire to apologize quite understandable. But if in an effort to atone you start to shower him with flowers and gifts, the attitude you will only get worse. Signs of attention in the form of gifts from the girls are good only when she is sure to love and devotion to their partner. As you know, love can not buy all your offerings can be perceived as a simple lack of confidence. Man can decide what you think of yourself as valuable enough for him without all those gifts that you want to appease and bribe him. In any case, bestow beyond measure a man who wanted to leave - not the best way to improve relations.

Do not change the meeting

Once you start to watch it before going to work and "accidentally" fall into his eyes ten times a day, he immediately wants to become invisible and all you lose sight of. Obsessive women who continuously adjust the meeting, have never aroused the desire of men to win their love. Men by nature itself created so that they just need to achieve, to conquer women, overcoming all obstacles in its path. And if you give to understand that they are ready to run after him day and night, nothing but anger and disrespect, this behavior does not deserve. Of course, in order to return to Man, you just need to see him occasionally, but it should be done wisely. Otherwise, he decides that you are not worthy of his attention.

Do not attack its sms-kami and messages on a social network

Even if you lose your head in frustration after you threw the guy, do not attack him love declarations and requests for a meeting every five minutes. Perhaps the words of love - this is not what you expect from a man in such a situation. People do not leave just like that, and if he left - it is a good reason. For example, you could push him precisely because of its persistence, demanding tender confessions of a hundred times a day. Men do not understand our thirst constantly hear these words, they believe that love - it is not words, but actions. And, incidentally, is largely right. And your constant sticky messages mad love after he put an end to your relationship, perceive as boring and self-abasement.

Do not despair

It is always difficult to survive the separation from a loved one. It seems that the whole world has collapsed and there is no reason to live on. Every day you look at the overall picture, listening to his favorite music, go to bed with a toy that he gave you. And every day - tears, hurt, pain. If you fall into the trap of self-despair, then you need as quickly as possible to get out of it. Parting - this is not the end of the world, the more so that we can endeavor to ensure that a loved one to return.

The longer your depression, the more miserable you look in the eyes of her boyfriend. Men appreciate the strong and self-sufficient women, your long mourning over the gap is nothing but pity, not cause. In order to quickly calm down and recover, cease to surround themselves with objects reminiscent of your beloved. If we do not throw out, then at least clean out of sight, you will be able to them. Otherwise, you will suffer and cry every time when things remind you of your love. Nobody prevents you cry a couple of days, but do it so that the man and did not think about what the storm is raging in your soul. Otherwise, it will be harder to return.

 how to get the right guy after parting

How to return a Man: step guide

Your guy might be a dozen reasons why he does not want to continue the relationship, but if you love him, you will be able to overcome all obstacles and bring him back. If you are sure that your beloved - is the person with whom you want to go in life, and that separation - is really a mistake, immediately take himself in hand and begin to act.

Cause and effect

Surely your guy you all expressed their claims before leaving. Even if most of them seem unfair to you, then seriously think about these causes. Perhaps you are to blame for that prevented the rupture of relations? What if you paid little attention to their needs, interests? Or maybe you are constantly drove him "to handle" his unfounded jealousy? Drop habitual thoughts that you are in no way to blame and that it is the behavior of Man has always been the cause of your quarrel. In any conflict always involves two parties, and not a fact that was to blame only one of them.

Realizing what were your mistakes, start working on them. If you really are guilty before man, then it is useful to apologize. If all the fault of the bad side of your character, try to correct them. Even if you fail to return the guy back and you start to meet with another young man, similar problems may arise in the new relationship. Therefore, an urgent change in itself that pushes you to the opposite sex.

Take a

Alone, you can find the time to do their appearance. Make a new hairstyle, learn a couple of new techniques of makeup, bought some stylish, fashionable things in your wardrobe. Even if you do not want to change radically, then you achieve that all have noticed that you are "light" inside - that will be enough. Let your guy sees that you do not die without it, and right before your eyes prettier. This is sure to make him think about such a metamorphosis, and allow much if you do not come back, then re interested in you - that's for sure. In addition, the change in appearance to help you personally to overcome the internal crisis and raise self-esteem. It is easier to start "fighting" for the return of a loved one, when all sides showered compliments on you, not sympathetic, pitying looks.

Friendly relations

Once you have recovered some of the gap, try to establish a friendly relationship with a guy. Do not show the form that doing this in order to come back, just continue to communicate. If a man feels that you are aiming to put pressure on him and manipulate his behavior, immediately disengage from you even more. Sure, it's very hard - to settle for an ordinary friendship with a man who is still strongly dislike. But the best way to approach him after breaking up - this is easy, friendly relationship.

In no case do not throw at him pitiful looks, do not try to make him sympathetic. On the question of how to live without you, answer: that the beginning was hard, but now everything is fine and you can even see the pros in your parting. It is not necessary to specify exactly what the pros - just smile enigmatically. This will intrigue him and allow for a fresh look at the cause of the rupture of your relationship. Perhaps he will realize that he was not an angel, and hurried to bring you back?

Meeting in a large company

It will be nice if you can get to a party, a picnic or a walk where he will attend. It is very important that there was a large company who you and your presence does not arouse suspicion. If he decides that you will pursue it, then it can appear ambivalent: on the one hand, it will flatter your desire to get it back on the other - will cause a slight irritation. Neither one nor the other will not get you closer to the goal. Try to look your best, behave with ease. Be that beautiful girl you once loved your man and let his heart eknet.

Certainly after you broke up, the guy was expecting negative reactions from you - tears, tantrums, requests to return. But if you have done everything correctly and behave with dignity, then you have every chance to back their favorite location. Note that you are surrounded by attention, and male, including that you are also interesting, beautiful and sexy, as in the beginning of your relationship, it certainly will not resist and want to bring you back. Your basic rule should be that the pressure does not act, flirting with him recklessly. It is easy enough hints and promising smiles. Let him be sure that you are not trying to get it back, that he has decided to resume relations.

If he invites you out on a date, try to create a romantic atmosphere, which will help both of you to remember the old feelings. In no case do not bring up his past faults, live only the present. And having reached his goal, try to avoid past mistakes that led you to a severe parting.

Return Man after parting is difficult, but possible. Try to avoid major mistakes women who repel men. Humiliation, intimidation, compulsion and trying to evoke a sense of compassion - these are the things that will not help you to revive the relationship. Even if such attempts because of the guy comes back, it is unlikely that you will be living with him happily. Self-esteem, willpower and a smile on the lips - that's what the guy will admit your mistake care and make it back to you. In general, it is best to avoid discontinuity in principle, and work relationships is constantly, day after day. Then you will not have to puzzle over how to return the guy after parting. Instead, you'll be glad that were able to preserve and maintain their happiness.

 How to return after leaving for a Man: A Guide to Action

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